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Thank You For Being A Friend

| Filed under: R.I.P.

In remembrance of icon and comic legend Rue McClanahan, who passed away early this morning in New York of a massive stroke.

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41 comments to “Thank You For Being A Friend”

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  2. npc25 says – reply to this


    first and slow as always perez.

  3. 3

    there is thi fucking little window on the first page almost obligating people to buy fucking tickets. that shit doesn't go away, it's not possible to close it. do something about it, Mariuó!

  4. 4

    SO SAD

  5. 5

    It's the rule of 3 at work! Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, and now Rue McLanahan. RIP Blanche!

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  7. 7

    REST IN PEACE, RUE MCCLANAHAN! You have brought countless laughs to my life, which will continue for years to come. You will be a forever classy, witty, and truly golden woman! THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND!

  8. 8

    she was one of my favs on the show… rest in peace Blanch, u will b missed :(

  9. 9

    Re: alexie silver – This shit site is one of the many reasons I use firefox and it's addons….

    The piano scene is hysterical one of my fav moments… watching episodes now :-(

  10. 10

    RIP RUE!

  11. 11

    She was so good!!!

  12. 12

    Blanche Devereaux: This whole fantasy about Bob Hope is sick.
    Dorothy Petrillo-Zbornak: Sick.
    Blanche Devereaux: I mean, if she's gonna have fantasies, they oughtta be the normal, healthy kind, like… sweaty Argentinian cowboys whippin' things while they ride naked on the back of Brahma bulls.
    Dorothy Petrillo-Zbornak: I have to remember to stop using your towels.

  13. 13

    Oh, NO!! She will be missed. You are in the arms of the angels my friend. I will always remember you my golden girl!

    Thank you for being a friend
    Traveled down a road and back again
    Your heart is true,
    You're a pal and a confidant

    I'm not ashamed to say
    I hope it always will stay this way
    My hat is off,
    Won't you stand up and take a bow

    And if you threw a party
    Invited everyone you knew
    You would see the biggest gift would be from me
    And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend

    If it's a car you lack
    I'd surely buy you a Cadillac
    Whatever you need
    Any time of the day or night

    And when we both get older
    With walking canes and hair of gray
    Have no fear even though it's hard to hear
    I will stand real close and say thank you for being a friend

  14. 14

    That sucks! She was awesome! I met her on the street once and she was so nice! So, so sad.

  15. 15


    betty white better be careful

    RIP Blanche u rock

  16. 16

    Re: lau115ren – Actually she's number 4. The former leader of the Temptations died a day after Dennis Hopper.

  17. 17

    RIP Rue.

  18. 18

    Thank you

  19. 19

    She was always my absolute favorite. Love you, Rue.

  20. 20

    I wanted to cry…but this made me laugh and remember how happy she'd make alot of people feel from her performance as Blanche. I love her so much, i hope she is in peace.

    Thank you for being a friend and making us laugh Rue. We love you.

    R.I.P Rue McClanahan

  21. 21

    I remember watching that show as a kid and I loved it then and I love it now. It gives me warm fuzzies of nights with my grandparents. That show is still relevant and funny. RIP Rue, Blanche Devereaux.

  22. 22

    aaawwww RIP Blanche!!!
    Just watched you this morning and had a great laugh as usual.

  23. 23

    Thank you for being a friend. R.I.P.

  24. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: lau115ren – wrong art linkletter died with this group too.

  25. 25

    RIP to the human mattress

  26. 26

    Oh no! The Golden Girls is and always will be one of the best programmes ever made. Very sad about Rue. R.I.P Rue, you will be sadly missed.

  27. 27

    My mother loved her and I was forced to watch the program. Now it only brings fond memories of my mother and grandmothers laughter through the whole house. Rest in peace sweetheart!

  28. 28

    this was really sudden and sad news, she was a very funny lady and will be missed

  29. 29

    Aw, goodbye Blanche Deveraux! I still watch reruns of the Golden Girls on WE TV almost every night. RIP…

  30. 30

    thanks PEE PEE for bringing that to us. i know i know im being nice. i still catch the GG on Hallmark M-F nights. Rest In Peace Rue. Now Sophia and Dorothy will have another friend to help them watch over Rose till she comes home.

  31. 31

    Rue dies on my birthday??? Great…3 of my ladies have gone on to glory. Hang on for dear life, Betty!!!

  32. 32

    RIP Rue. You'll be missed by many!!

  33. 33

    That was perfect. I couldn't stop laughing. She was amazing.

  34. 34

    This is just unbelievable. I am at a loss for words. The Golden Girls were the Grandma's I never had. I'm going to lose it if Betty White does the "d" word in a matter of months. :(
    I won't be able to take it.

  35. 35

    LEGEND! LOVE that woman!

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  39. 39

    Re: douseekamy – haha that was pretty funny.
    especially when she fell backwards

  40. 40

    Thank you Blanche Deveroux! U were my favorite! I have all seven seasons on DVD and have been watching them every morning! Love my golden girls with my coffee in bed! R.I.P.

  41. 41

    so sad.grew watching the golden girls.she s my favorite..thx for all the laughs.R.I.P.