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Kate Pimps Out Her New Show

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She's loving this!

Kate Gosselin appeared on The Today Show to talk to Meredith Vieira about her new TLC special series Kate Plus 8, the state of her relationship with ex-husband Jon and how she feels about being a celebrity!

She spews the same BS about doing everything for her kids and we think she's enjoying the fame a little too much — but we will say that she looks great!

Suck it, Jon!

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40 comments to “Kate Pimps Out Her New Show”

  1. 1

    what an evil, evil woman

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. 4

    i cant stand her.
    and it seems no matter what the girl does to her hair..it looks horrible.
    maybe she needs to lose the extensions

  5. 5

    She is filth. She hasnt moved on because no other man on Earth would touch her with their friends dick after watching her on that show. She is a nasty vile woman. And she is a horrible parent.

  6. 6

    SO EXCITED! I'm looking forward to seeing the premiere this Sunday! She's a great mom, strict, but loving and she strives to be an anchor for her children. I admire that. I'm a stay at home mom, and I can empathize with her transition from home all the time to time away from your kids working. Team Kate all the way.


  7. 7

    She clearly is a bad mother and I'm sure all 8 of her kids will write a Mommy Dearest book. However, she was really looking depressed and tired for the last two years of her show and that had to have impacted her kids. At least now she's not in full-on bitch mode 24/7. I'm just happy she didn't kill herself and leave those poor children with their dipshit father.

  8. 8

    You have GOT to be PAID to promote some of these very hated "celebrities". I would never watch a woman who whines about having too many kids to pay for, then throw them under the bus for her own greed

  9. 9

    Who cares what she looks like. She is a fame whore who lives off the backs of her children. You would think that after all of the interviews she has given, she would learn to speak without saying Ummm, and give completely stupid answers.

  10. 10

    Why is your reposting this gossip? Do you ever print real exclusives anymore?

  11. 11

    She is trying so hard to become 'likable' but she's just not. She is pathetic.

  12. 12

    Her own new show? Noessss….D:!!!

  13. 13

    I wonder how many of these kids are going to grow up with issues from an absentee, borderline verbally abusive mother with stars in her eyes–and a douchebag father.

  14. 14

    who cares what she does. I hope there is a big trust fund set up for the offsrping's counseling. If she hadn't moved to a multi milion dollar house she wouldn't need so much money!

  15. 15

    She looks great??! Are you for real? That fake smile wanted to make me slap her every time she flashed it. She is a vile, horrible mother. She plays the victim while whoring out her children and making millions from them.

  16. 16

    she's the bestt….. take it Jon you are the looser with no money living in an appartman and looks shos keeping the house and still have 2 jobs???? hahaha TEAM KATE ALL THE WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  17. 17

    her hair looks better longer.

    has she been able to move on???
    i think she's DAMN well moved on from jon!

    i definitely agree with trying to help out other young women to be very very sure about marriage.

    Re: jeanmarie – agreedher

  18. 18

    I am looking forward to her show. And why is it that she is, in your words Perez, "pimping" her show and when you do it for yourself, or who you think is going to be a major star, as promoting?? And if she enjoys what she is doing, why not? More power to her. I watched previews and those kids showed genuine joy at seeing the crew again. The look happy, healthy and excited. SHE's working. How does that make her evil?? I do not get some of the nasty comments towards her..

  19. 19

    She's just MEMPHIS. Can't hate a mother for that…

  20. 20

    i might watch an episode now that idiot Jon is gone

  21. balls says – reply to this



  22. 22

    I'd rather have a nasty hemorrhoid than watch 5 seconds of that woman spew her verbal diarrhea.

  23. 23

    i kinda wish Jon would make a show called "Jon dates 8" lol

  24. 24

    that's hilarious, less in shamles. probably because she is never home to take care of her kids. in the commercial for her show she says, I am down one helper. yikes! chaooooooossss! she'll actually have to take care of her children. if she does all this for her kids, why is she away at every opportunity. I knew of a man who raised his 14 kids by himself, working and being home every evening for supper. They all turned out great. Poor Gosselin kids.

  25. 25

    Every time I see this woman or read something about her (and what I read about her is usually negative) I'm inclined to not like her and I'm looking for more reasons not to like her because she does seem to be enjoying this fame a bit much. But she is so well-spoken, composed, a really smart lady…I can't hate on someone who is smart and successful and has this many kids. I believe that she is doing all this for her kids, but of course she's doing some of it for herself too. Why not? Those kids do look happy. They don't look hungry, they have nice clothes, nice house to live in and what seems a dedicated mother. Why does everyone hate her I don't understand.. Perez became popular for trashing people and not doing anything noble, and now everyone likes him. Why can't a mother of 8 have a show and stay in lime light. It's paying the bills and allowing her and her kids to have an amazing life. So stop the hate people.. she's smart and successful and she knows how to play the game, so hate the game not her.

  26. 26

    I'll be glad when her 15 minutes is up. I'm SICK of her and her kids and her fame whoring desire to be famous. she has not talent so why is she taking up air time. She is about as facinating as watching ice melt. In fact, ice melting is at least pretty to watch. UGH

  27. 27

    this is funny because i dislike her a little less then her ex, whatshisface =/

  28. 28

    i hope NO ONE watches it and she's gone forever with her narley looking children.

  29. 29

    OK I thought that the kids couldn't be in a show anymore. I thought that Jon put the kybosh on the show. What happened all of a sudden that they can do another show. He's not on it and so I am guessing that he is getting paid something under the table for his permission for them to do the show or he wouldn't agree to it. Right?? Don't watch ppl unless you want to see more and more and more of Kate. I have a feeling that the majority of ppl that cut her down and say they don't like her watch the damn show anyways.

  30. 30

    Pig Face…famewhore enabler 24/7. Enabler and hypocrite!

  31. 31

    Katie Kreider is a phony compulsive liar. No TLC is this house!

  32. 32

    B - O - R - I - N - G

    no one cares

  33. 33

    and you never promote "pimp" anything you do? i don't get the hate for her -

  34. 34

    Re: tamarafromvanbc – You are being fooled by the Hollywood machine. Kate's new "well-spoken"ness comes courtesy of HOURS of PR coaching. The woman is actually a raging narcissist as evidenced by her prior interviews and multiple seasons of her show. She's a true "mommy dearest". But that's not even why everyone hates her. This is a woman who thinks she is above others…special…even though SHE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT. She couldn't even get pregnant on her own (with Jon, obviously). She had to get ARTIFICALLY INSEMINATED for the second time knowing full well she was at a risk for multiples when she already had twins at home. She also knew full well she could not afford such a large family. But she didn't care. She was shopping the show the MOMENT SHE FOUND OUT SHE WAS HAVING A SECOND SET OF MULTIPLES. She is being rewarded for being irresponsible, greedy, and overpopulating the earth with her genes (which she thinks are superior to others).

  35. 35

    Stupid bitch is so selfish. I'm so sick of her saying that she "does everything for the kids" and her dumbass fans actually believe that bullshit. She always plays out the victim when she gets slammed. So sick of these women who have many kids to then use them as a career to get fame, money, reality TV shows, be on magazine covers, ect. She should be ashamed to be riding in the coattails of those brats. Hope her 15 minutes of fame are up soon.

  36. 36

    Cannot stand that women! Phony! Phony! Phony!
    Such a sad comment on our society that a women who has this many kids is gloried and made a celebrity! Sick!

  37. 37

    Would someone please put an end to this famewhore's 15 minutes? She was annoying enough before the break up.

  38. 38

    has no one fucking noticed that at the 2:00 min marker meredith says "september 11th, im sorry june 12th…" WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?

  39. 39

    Truly hope for a seriousl health issues for her - the rotten inside needs to match the rotten outside.

  40. 40

    Re: NatalieC – Agree.