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Khloe Insists She's Not Sperminated

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Although several reports claim that she is preggers, Khloe Kardashian was the first to put rumors to rest.

"No, I'm just fat," she said.

Ha! Real nice.

"If Khloe is pregnant, I would be the first to yell it. So, no, she's not — unless they're holding out on me, in which case they're both grounded," added Kris Jenner, who said Khloe will be a great mom when the time comes.

And just like the Kardashians, the whole family is getting in on the action.

"She's not pregnant. I live with those two, and I would know if she was pregnant," sad her brother Rob.

Khloe insists, "We're just being a healthy married young couple. I'm not sitting here staring at an ovulation calendar. I'm not saying to Lamar, 'Okay, it's time, let's go!'"

Uh, no. But we know you're not on the pill. So…any day now!

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “Khloe Insists She's Not Sperminated”

  1. balls says – reply to this



  2. 2

    I'd like to know how you know what method of birth control she's using.

  3. 3

    Why does he always have that stupid fuckin look on his face. Every pick he has taken, he looks like that. Anyway, her procreating should be outlawed, that's all we need, to carry on the Skankdasian blood line. Fat whore.

  4. 4

    There's no way she's pregnant. I would know.

  5. 5

    just because she's not on the pill doesn't mean she'll be pregnant any day now. chances are higher but not definite. if she's not "staring at her ovulation calendar" chances are even lower. you know nothing about women, pregnancies or babies mario so stfu………..
    yeah kris, khloe will be as good of a mother as you were to all your little famewhoring sluts……including the up and coming ones……..

  6. 6

    I love Khloé and LaMar, and I wish them a very happy life together.

    Babies have a way of showing up on their own schedule. :-)

  7. 7

    Who really cares. Famewhore!!!

  8. 8

    I LOVE KHLOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    Thank gosh, that baby would be so fug.

  10. 10

    funny how she said, 'no, i'm just fat'
    & real funny what kris jenner said :)

    i've gotten that before
    "r u pregnant"
    i was like MORTIFIED

  11. 11

    LOL No I'm just fat! You tell them Khloe. Why doesn't the media just relax and not worry about it! When Khloe gets preggers we will all know!

  12. 12

    Um isnt' she a QUIKTRIM spokesmodel?…FIREDDD lol

  13. 13

    hey Rob…how do you know she's not pregnant? by the taste?

  14. 14

    Why do you continue to "report" on this no-nothing?

  15. 15

    Re: Perflictionist

    Love her for what? What does this girl do?

  16. 16

    haha oh man Khloe is great. best quote ive read in awhile

  17. 17

    1st. he's smirk..laughable
    2nd why does the brother live with them?
    last. I didn't know Khlobaca was a woman? oh yeah that quick-slim sh*t gives you the quirts!!

  18. 18

    why does rob live w/ them? that's just weird…

  19. 19

    I bet she actually is pregnant but its way to early to say anything.

  20. 20

    Re: lifesaabeach
    hahaha That's what I thought, too. Can't Rob afford his own home?

    There is also a good chance Khloe is lying about not being pregnant. Maybe she just wants to reveal it on her own terms.

  21. 21

    He is so ugly…even black women don't want to fuck him.

  22. 22

    i've totally read this somewhere before. like months ago.

  23. 23

    "healthy married young couple" the male of which has already created three children. cretin.

  24. 24

    He needs hair on his head.

  25. 25

    Khloe is not fat! She is beautiful!!!!!

  26. 26

    bof um look creepy

  27. 27

    maybe the fat ass bitch should quit wearing clothes that are 4 sizes to small and her fatness wouldn't show so much??? either that or pay her photoshop/airbrushing people alot more money?? they better hope for a boy when the time does come…..that would be one UGLY girl!!!

  28. 28

    little early. dont they have to wait until k and k take miami season 2 premiers? lol

  29. 29

    The kid will be atleast 5 feet tall when it slides outta her big hole, and Lord knows, fugly as all get out, I hope it doesn't have Lamar's fuked up smirk, good gosh! Kourtney's kid looks like that dik boyfriend of hers, ugly!

  30. 30

    oh, and Rob is such a loser mooch! I hate that boy, he jumps from house to house to live off others, he needs to get a effing job and grow up, he's such a puzzy

  31. 31

    perez u cant say something is confirmed if its not confirmed. how am i supposed to respect your page if one day u are saying confirmed an the next ur like no shes not pregnant.

  32. 32

    They look exactly the same - ugly. I hope they don't have a child.

  33. 33

  34. 34

    Hey Perez…. do you use spell check?

  35. rpt23 says – reply to this


    um if she is not on the pill and has been trying to get pregnant for months and months and isnt pregnant then something is probably wrong with her. so sad. and stop saying preggers you moronic fat fuck

  36. 36

    aww what do you mean your fat honey? U were so quick to pose for ur stupid quicktrim magic pills and all those stupid covers for a quick buck ….i hope they come out with kardashian lube next so perez has something for his sex encounters with travis gayland…

  37. 37

    lol thats why she's the best sister, she has a good sense of humor!

  38. 38

    baby chewbacca on hold!

  39. 39

    I think she is pregnant but trying to let the news out on her summer show instead of the media releasing it.

  40. 40

    WTF Rob needs his own place, hes mooching off of them now,sad.