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Van Der Sloot Now Also Accused Of Extortion!

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This man is disgusting. We can't wait to see him get locked up forever!

Joran van der Sloot was apprehended by police yesterday in Chile for allegedly killing a young woman in Peru. This is the second time Joran has been accused of murder. Famously, he was charged, but never found guilty of the murder of Natalee Holloway, the young girl who went missing in Aruba in 2005.

However, this morning, new charges were filed against van der Sloot in Alabama in relation to the Holloway case. The Dutch man is being charged for extortion. Apparently, van der Sloot had agreed to disclose the details of Natalee's death and the location of her body if he was paid $250,000!

Appalling! Let's hope they nail this guy for all the horrible things he has done. We want to see him pay!

[Image via AP Images.]

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57 comments to “Van Der Sloot Now Also Accused Of Extortion!”

  1. 1

    I bet if you look into his history he has gotten away with a lot of other crimes as well.His dad's a judge and his uncle is a police chief apparently. Don't tell me we can't blame the parents-they're the ones that created this monster.

  2. 2

    ironically, they detained him on the 5th anniversary of Natalee's disappearance………the Peruvians will give him what he deserves, without a doubt!!!!

  3. 3

    that guy is a 1st class piece of shit. Enjoy taking a shit in a hole in the ground and sleeping with giant bugs and rats in your Peruvian jail cell mother fucker

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Re: zsa_zsa – YES..I bet he's at least raped 50+ girls in his lifetime. I always thought he was praying on the young girls coming to Aruba on vacation long before Natalie got there. I bet he's raped his way through most of Europe…he makes me puke

  6. krn says – reply to this


    Here in Holland, there had been a lot of shows about him, he tells a different story everytime. People will probably never now what really happend. Which sucks for closure for a lot of people.

  7. 7

    Karma, baby!!! Hopefully, this will be the end of his life as a serial killer.

  8. 8

    .I'm with ya on this one

  9. 9

    This guy is completely disgusting. He shows no remorse or sympathy or any expression of life in his face. I hope he gets locked away for life.

  10. 10

    what a piece of garbage! I hope this guy stays in jail in South America where the prison system is a lot worst where he will be rapped and beat up and starved to death.. This scum bag is the lowest of low .. there will never be word for people as low as him. He isn't human.

  11. 11

    Snotty stuck up spoiled little prick,why doesn,t this kid have a job like the rest of us stiffs.Hes free to travel the world and pick up gullable chickas.Them Peruvians don,t mess around,this little feller is going to have a real sore butt pretty soon.

  12. 12

    his dad is dead. i saw him in aruba when i was visiting recently. hes a douche.

  13. 13

    Whoa what are the details of him being accused of killing this other girl…. That should be the headline not extortion.. I mean he already pretty much confessed and said what he did to the body when he was recorded undercover by that one journalist… Hopefully he gets convicted of this murder and gets life …. let him suffer before he dies! A rich boy like that will neva survive in jail.

  14. 14

    I can't WAIT for this jackarse to touch down in Peru… I'm going to go out on a limb & say that the Peruvian judicial system & prisons aren't as relaxed as ours (for extortion) & the Dutch would def slap him on the wrist. This guy is a monster. Monsters deserve no compassion, so Perez, go make me a tee-shirt that says Team Peru & I'll buy it.

  15. 15


    (a) i'm sure he's killed plenty others, and just has gotten away with them or we've never heard about them
    (b) the fact that he killed her so violently, i'm just glad he's been caught because that boy is a monster… vicious
    (c) he might as well confess to the natalie holloway murder because, if i'm not mistaken there's surveillance video of him and this new girl going into his room and only him coming out… c'mon… he can't get out of this one so might as well 'fess up

  16. 16

    I can't believe it took this long for him to get caught doing this again. It is about time. I hope the Holloway's get some peace knowing this P.O.S. will be going to jail. His daddy ain't getting him out of this one. I know it isn't bringing Natalee back and it's horrible that another girl was killed; but how many more were in between but we never found out?

  17. 17

    Daddys not here to protect him anymore….

  18. 18

    Can't wait for HIM to be behind bars and have to be the vicitm! I hope the nastiest, dirtiest MF chooses him to be his bitch.

  19. 19

    This guy has no respect for women. He treats them like disposable sex objects and he's like a fly on s h i t when it comes to sex, drugs and money.

    If the dumba-ss had done his homework a little better then he would have known that his money would have bought him escape in Bolivia, Ecuador or the Peruvian Amazon, instead dipsh-it went to Chile where you can't bribe the police, judges or politicians.

    For as little as $5 USD Joran is "Sicario" meat in Peru! I pray he never sees a single day of U.S. Federal Prison, he's as good as dead in Lurigancho.

    Now with the extortion charges, the U.S. can likely freeze his bank accounts, which leaves him with no money left to bribe his way free again or keep himself alive in Luri.

    He must get a hard on from all this negative publicity and from the wake of destruction he's left behind. He's a pervert and so are/were his parents.

    Let this be a lesson to ALL GIRLS that a guy with a foreign accent can be a Jack the Ripper and not the Prince Charming he appears to be. Moral of the story: Don't slut it up with random foreign dudes!

  20. 20

    The dude is a straight-up sociopath. No conscience whatsoever. I sincerely hope he is made to pay dearly for all he has done.

  21. 21

    Finally he got arrested…He is SUCH a sick and spoiled douchebag.And gets away with it, but not this time: I hope they will treat him sssooo bad in jail.Let him suffer big time!!!!!Poor families….!!

  22. 22

    Ya'll think they can hold him this time???? Wonder how many young women fell prey to him in the past five years. Sorry for his mother, but you raised a monster

  23. 23

    This guy is a piece of shit. He needs to burn in hell along with anyone else who helped this guy get away with killing Natalie and this girl.

    To anyone who doesn't know he confessed to the murder of Natalie Holloway in an undercover tape.
    1) He was never officially charged with the crime Perez, he was a prime suspect but he wasn't charged. The only reason why he wasn't charged is because of how powerful is family is, his father (now dead) was a big time lawyer. His family most likely paid off the police in Aruba.
    2)He confessed to the murder to anyone who hasn't seen it look it up on youtube and check this son of a bitch out. He not only admits he killed her but that he threw her body into the ocean WITHOUT NOT EVEN KNOWING IF SHE WAS DEAD! the court ignored it and threw it out.

    You reap what you sow. This guy thought he was going to get away with murder like O.J. did. But he strikes again and this time your done, south American jails are 100X worse then Americans and Canadian ones even Aruba ones.

    His dad is dead and most of his family and locked him off, your time is up mr. Joran.

  24. kuku says – reply to this



  25. 25

    This guy is a complete Douche Bag as far as I am concerned he can ROT IN HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26

    Put this motherfucker to DEATH already!!! Waste of space! DEATH!!!!!!!

  27. 27

    Can we say PSYCHOPATH???? What a freak…lock him up, for Pete's sake, and throw away the key. He's clearly a serial killer. I would BET that Natalie and Stephany were not the only ones. Hopefully, Peru won't drop the ball the way Aruba did. Execute the f-er. Hand him over to Stephany's family, and invite Natalie's to join in.

  28. 28

    What a sociopath. I hope authorities in Europe look at any open homicide cases there as well.

  29. 29

    I just watched a special on him and the Natalee case on lifetime. He is such a failure as a human being. He deserves death. An eye for an eye.

  30. 30

    quarter of a million.
    greedy bastard.
    it's like he has NO remorse.
    lock him up and throw away the key.

  31. 31

    Let's see DADDY get you out of TWO murders!!! They say, "money talks"…and that was proof-positive in the Holloway case… However, there's only SO much that MONEY can cover up… I hope he's disposed of in the Country in which would be the most uncomfortable to serve time, and possibly a death sentence… He doesn't DESERVE to have ANY comfort during HIS last days… And you'll be sorry when you get to the gates of HELL… That'll be discomfort for ETERNITY…S.O.B.

  32. 32

    Daddy's not here to bail you out this time, fuck-stick. Don't drop the soap….

  33. 33

    Let's hope that the Peru government has a better legal system than we do here in the US otherwise he will be out in 6 months.

  34. 34

    He seems nice to me,maybe he has multiple personalities,sad for the family,they are in my prayers,but im still behind him,hate all you want.

  35. 35

    "Urine" looks disgusted and inconvenienced here.
    What an angry-ass jerk.
    Hope he becomes someone's girlfriend in Peru prison.

  36. 36

    Man, this mo-fo is goin' DOWN!!!

  37. MP says – reply to this


    I think someone should have paid him 250K, gotten the info and then had him arrested. I really hope for closure for Natalee's family.

  38. 38

    I hope they fry him

  39. 39

    @CanadianBacon-I hate to correct people who misspell, but it's PREYING!!! NOT PRAYING! Sorry, I cringed when I saw that

  40. 40

    I hope all the Jail Peruvian men gang bang him !

  41. 41

    Re: zsa_zsaRe: zsa_zsa – Sort of reminds me of Sarah Palin's kids and what they've been involved in. Cutting brake lines on school buses, drunken break-in vandalism, general sluttiness.

  42. 42

    Spoken by a true dutch woman: Dutch prisons are to kind for this piece of !@#$% hope he spends the next 50 years in Peruvian prison, if he survives ;-)

  43. @v@ says – reply to this


    High price lawyers helped this waste of flesh slip away the first time. Apparently his wealthy father passed away playing tennis three months ago, so it might not be such an easy escape this time. I hear Peruvian jails are no club fed.

  44. 44

    hope he gets raped and murdered in prison, just the way he likes to do things. call it karma asshole !

  45. 45

    &^%$#@! Off with his 'NADS!!!!! >:O

  46. 46

    Isn't he the scariest looking thing?? :( *shudder*

  47. 47

    I was shocked when i heard this news but not surprised. I'm soo happy they got him this time. I am of course sad another girl had to die. he is disgusting and a monster and needs to be put away in the worse jail you can find to be hurt the way he hurt those girls. He probably did kill more girls. we will never know. but i hope he confesses to killing natalie . at least to give some closure for her family. Also these stories should be a huge wake up call to girls everywhere. not saying what these girls did got them killed> hes clearly a monster however stay with your friends. dont travel alone. stay away from strange men! dont leave with them! ever! I dont care if youre looking for fun on spring break.. you just cant trust anyone these days. the minute they get u alone. thats it. its so scarey. i wouldnt go with any guys ever, not in their car, not ina club or a walk on the beach.. nothing!! never be alone in another country or even in your own town. always have a friend get u home safe. and stop the binge drinking!!!!

  48. 48

    Jordan is fucken hot ohh I would sex with him all day no matter what his intentions will be at the end of it lol .. he is HAWT!!!

  49. 49

    Since there is no exchange agreement between Peru and The Netherlands he wont be able to sit his punishment out in The Netherlands! I really hope his ass rots away there in jail, litterely! This killer got already away with to much, coz his daddy was there to save his ass, but since his daddy passed away there will be (hopefully) no one to get him out this time. Luckely, for the females in this world.

  50. 50

    Re: kitkath – LOLOL…dude …I noticed it after….I cringed at myself..

  51. 51

    Re: ViewFromHere – You're comparing Sarah Palin's kids to Joran???

  52. Llinx says – reply to this


    @ MP –> Even if he was paid the 250K he wouldn't have told the truth…besides the Peter R. de Vries undercover video footage, he did at least 3 other shows here in Holland and he has written a book about the Holloway case. His statements never add up, he keeps changing them. He has even confessed he wrote the book for the money and he has also submitted numerous claims for damages over the years. In Aruba everyone knows he did it, they just cannot prove it. It's so sad…
    Apparently, if he is found guilty in this Peruvian murder case, he is facing 35 years in prison. Finally!

  53. 53

    Isn't THAT called a confession??

    IF NOT, our justice system is REALLY broken.

  54. 54

    Awful prayers for the families. Whats sad is that he does not seem to know what he has done wrong!

  55. @v@ says – reply to this


    The real irony here is that had he confessed and done his time for the first murder, he would have spent minimal time in a good jail and might be out now, or soon enough, for good behavior. Instead, Big Karma has him facing 35 years in a nasty Peruvian jail.

  56. 56

    Piece of shit! I hope he's tortured in the Peruvian jail.

  57. 57

    Re: kitkath – Me too!!!!! Glad you said something….it makes me crazy!!!!!!!