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Snow White Remake With Brett Ratner???

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This could be a real disaster!

Brett Ratner is sinking his artistic chops into a reimagination of the classic Grimm's fairytale, Snow White. The movie will be shot for 3D (of course) and is said to be a darker, more violent, dirty and "edgier" version of the story so many Disney generations have grown up with.

The actual concept for the story is being kept under wraps, but some significant changes to the story will include switching the dwarves out for robbers and adding a dragon.

Oh boy! You know, just because it worked for Tim Burton, doesn't mean it will work for you!

But if you are looking for an "edgy" actress to play Snow, how about MileyBird???

She is all about the edge these days!

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51 comments to “Snow White Remake With Brett Ratner???”

  1. 1

    i'm sick of people remaking awesome stuff! Please no one let Johnny act in this one he messed up Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland!!!! leave classics alone, come up with a new idea! is that so hard?????????

  2. 2

    Ugh. I dislike Brett Ratner and 3D. He's all explosions and shaky cam.

  3. 3


  4. 4


  5. 5

    WHAT!? Nooooooooooo. Why does Hollywood need to mess with classics.

  6. 6

    so the guy behind rush hour is taking on snow white?… huuge fail

  7. 7

    They are slowly ruining the DIsney classics! Worst idea ever.

  8. 8

    the idea of making a remake of snow white is just stupid. Tim burton mess up good by making alice in wonderland and now this asshole is tryng to follow him.

    Anyway you are a dick perez, miley to play snow white?your such an asshole, and wait let e guess the music should be from Gaga right?

  9. 9

    I'm really sick of all the classic's being remade.. it really makes me sad very sad! Nothing like greedy hollywood people who all think their a genius when they are just nuts! I'm really not into the whole 3-d thing anymore it's over the top.

  10. 10

    What ever happen to original ideas?
    I won't be seeing this.

  11. 11

    If any of you had ever read the original Snow White, she WAS involved with seven thieves. Disney changed it to dwarfs to make the store more "Family-friendly." In fact, Snow White ends up with one of the thieves instead of a Prince, and her stepmother is violantly killed by her own magic.

  12. 12

    so he's gonna stay true to the original fairy tale? kewl!

  13. 13

    if they're going to make DRASTIC changes to the original, like the dwarves into robbers, then it's not snow white anymore.

  14. 14

    can they just stop remaking (AKA DESECRATING) classics? Alice in wonderland was "OK" and if Tim Burton pulls it out of the bag with Maleficent (and with Angelina Jolie he's bound too) that would be great but can Disney think up some new idea's?
    p.s follow me on t w i t t e r my names FUTURESTARdelux thanks :) x

  15. 15

    too bad they leave thousands of good, original ideas in the reject pile. They truly do think that making something nasty equals giving it more artistic merit. This is what comes of the last couple of generations purchasing entertainment that went for shock value instead of a well-written story. The immature assholes that run hollywood are incapable of enriching our culture - their films defecate in the cultural waters that we all swim in.

  16. 16


  17. S86 says – reply to this


    The real fairytales go like that. Tim Burton didn't "mess up" Alice in Wonderland; he based it on the books. Go read'em, then go see the movie.

  18. 18

    there's already a 'darker' version of snow white, how many snow whites do we need?

  19. 19

    Why in God's name would anyone want to taint a classic story into such a tacky, shitty and pointless remake? Why are people so stupid??

  20. 20

    Oh boy… How nice to see people without any form of creativity of their own to ruin Classics like this (al though, I've never liked Snow White that much)!

  21. 21

    Megan Fox should play snow white. She's pale and has beautiful black hair.

  22. 22

    Lindsay Lohan could play Snort White!!! THAT would be seriously edgy.

  23. 23

    why are you being such an kissass to miley cyrus? what happened to calling her slutty cyrus and hating everything she does? i really don't get how one day you hate a celeb and the next you love them

  24. 24

    i dont think people will pay to see a movie about snow white even if johny depp is in it…

  25. 25

    3D glasses pass around "hygiene risks" if not disinfected between screenings and we know they won't be……ALSO a study found the effect of 3D glass causes headaches and blurred vision because it forces viewers to focus on things in the foreground and distance which causes eyes to converge and sepaarate simultaneously. It's called "vergence accommodation conflict" and it effects younger people the most.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Brett Ratner = FVCKTARD if he does this. Go get an original idea Brett.

  28. 28

    for all the morons that think perez was actually suggesting miley for the role HE WAS BEING SARCASTIC! idiots

  29. 29

    Hollywood please get some new ideas. I will not be watching this nor did i watch the alice in wonderand or choc factory remake

  30. 30

    Did you say "artistic" chops. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  31. 31

    Re: backfire – I agree. Avatar was nothing but a $500M publicity vehicle for 3D. I will not effing pay for another 3D movie unless I am certain it was designed to be 3D (like Avatar), unlike those POS Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans. A decent plot would not hurt either. Plus, what if Rihanna watched the movie before me and I get her 3D glasses? Could I get herpes? Food for thought.

  32. 32

    There is a very interesting SNOW WHITE starring Sigourney Weaver as the wicked stepmother, Sam Neill as the father, and Monica Keena as Snow White. It was nominated for several Emmy's but critics didn't rave over it. However IMHO it is well worth a look see if you like gothic type movies.

  33. 33

    Eh kids, Disney didn't invent Snow White! Wake up! Read books sometimes, it's painless. The original Snow White was, like all fairy tales, very darks and violent. They are going back to the roots.

  34. 34

    This is hands down one of the best Disney movies ever produced. It has exceptional music and was charming and quite faithful to the Grimm story. Why tinker with this classic?

  35. 35

    I want to see Angelica Huston as the witch!

  36. 36

    Re: GOSSiP__xo – Disney classics, my ass. Disney ruined a lot of these fairy tales by sugar coating them for kids.

  37. 37

    "You know, just because it worked for Tim Burton, doesn't mean it will work for you!"
    Uh Perez, I hope your not talking about that horrible acid trip of a movie alice in wonderland 3D, because it didn't work for Tim Burton at all. Actually, I think a creepy fucked up version of Snow White sounds much more appealing.

  38. 38

    No, no, no, no, no. Poor Snow White. Walt Disney would be rolling over in his grave.

  39. 39

    can't hollywood do something original and stop with the re-makes already?
    snow white is a classic, leave it as it is!

  40. 40

    Idk if I like this idea but if they do make it my friend wuld be perfect as snow white becuz she has short black hair and pale white skin and is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!!

  41. 41

    oh nooooo….!!! Please I hope they don't do this!! No one in hollywood is original anymore…. so sad…

  42. 42

    the original Grimm story was dark, bloody and violent. so maybe they want to make a movie closer to the original story.

  43. balls says – reply to this



  44. 44

    urgh they're gonna ruin it!

  45. 45

    Re: canderson – agree, they just want more money.

  46. 46

    Miley playing Snow White?

    I suppose that's a joke, Perez. Mostly beacuse Miley acting IS a joke.

  47. 47

    Wow…Disney is not the end all BE all of movie making. They've changes sooo many original "fairy" tale" stories, making them "wholesome". Snow White…if anyone ever READ the original was VERY dark. And there is a Snow White movie with Sigourney Weaver that is just that. "Snow White: A Tale of Terror".

    It's a shame to see so many ppl commenting their opinions based on Disney. Maybe ppl should READ more.

  48. Eve29 says – reply to this



  49. 49

    Re: buttercup00
    Agreed. It's really ignorant of people to say that 'Disney classics' are being ruined while it is not originally written by Disney..
    Heck, I would even dare say Disney ruined these dark twisted stories with their sugarcoating.

  50. 50

    You know, when you really look at the original fairy tales they have very little in common with the whole Disney thing… They are much more violent and much darker. That being said, this is bound to be a failure and I think we can all agree on that. I'm so over this 3-D thing. And I'm over these shiteous movies becoming so popular. If this shit happens and it becomes a huge success, I'm sticking to REAL classics and never setting foot on a movie theater again.

  51. 51

    This is a disaster, and if they cast Miley, it will be even WORSE