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Miley Cyrus Gets Raunchy At G.A.Y.!

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She's just being Miley!

Miley Cyrus was in full force at London's famous nightclub G.A.Y. Saturday night, performing a steamy set and leaving little to the imagination!

The 17-year-old singer (yes, she's still 17-years-old) groped her dancers, even simulating another kiss with a female dancer…or should we say "rocking out" instead?

We're sure she'll deny that too!

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

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342 comments to “Miley Cyrus Gets Raunchy At G.A.Y.!”

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  1. 201

    Somebody call Miley and tell her that she looks ridiculous. She looks like a kid who went out after grabbing slutty 70's clothes from her momma's closet.

  2. 202

    Re: fan4lyf – duh. miley lip syncs. that's why she sounded good. any idiot can pretend to sing on stage while shaking their ass. miley has no talent and the critics trashed her acting in the last song

  3. 203

    And she looks like fucking GLORIA TREVI! Gross

  4. 204

    Is this any worse than what the 16 year old Dakota Fanning did in the Runaways? And yet she's not getting nearly as much sh!t over that as Miley is over this??

    Bottom line: they're both performers. This is a costume. The dancing is choreographed. Stfu and stop saying horrible hypocritical things about Miley.

  5. 205

    P.S. Joan Jett was 17 when she started the band the Runaways with 16 year old Sandy West.

    Rihanna was 17 when she did Pon de Replay.

    Britney was 17 when she did Baby One More Time.

    Miley thinks she's the next Joan Jett; hence the reason for the COSTUMEs and the fact she sings Cherry Bomb in concert. Leave her alone; she's an icon in the making

  6. 206

    Re: fan4lyf – wow another idiotic post from u. miley is more famous than britney? u need to shut up cause ur stupid

  7. 207

    So sad she is tryin to be gay to sell records… hurry up and O.D. already!

  8. 208

    That just shows you what kind of person her Parents are raising…
    Whatever it takes to get the attention and make the money, who gives a shit how old you are……………
    It's sad, another Lindsey Lohan ….
    When you don't have PROPER PARENTING with DICIPLINING, this is where it starts and Lindsey Lohan is how it ends..

  9. 209

    fucking dumb whore i hate her stop talking about her perez

  10. 210

    Re: Garrett – And how have all these people done? Too young for this, and puppets for the music industry!

  11. 211

    Hm. Well okay then…

  12. 212

    Re: mma2942 – I agree.

  13. Laury says – reply to this


    Yeah, well that's what happens when Disney forces you to have a squeaky clean, family-friendly image for years. She was bound to become "edgier" and sexier sooner or later. She's just growing up. Not in the best of ways, but she's growing up. We all did stupid shit at her age.

  14. 214

    Re: karnipa – Uhh dude, my biological dad is a musician and i think i have a pretty good musical ear. Miley is far more talented than britney spears. All britney ever did was lip sync and go completely nuts.
    So quit acting like you know what you are talking about, k?
    And it's funny that you avoid fan4lyf's comment about you being obsessed with Miley. Haha

  15. 215

    it's pathetic how people hate or love her. she's nothing special. the sad part is, people who call her a slut probably dont pay much attention to the unfamous slutty teenage girls who need the wake up call! miley obviously doesnt care that shes a slut!

  16. 216

    Re: miley stinks – Are you fucking kidding me?? She never lip syncs. You need help with music, obviously.

  17. 217

    You Americans are such hypocrites! Guys can fuck who they want, even underage guys, but girls? No way they have to be virgins gfor their husbands. Fuck!!!!!

  18. 218

    shes gonna end up like lindsay lohan before we know it people.

  19. 219

    i have always stuck up for miley and i'm not even a fan, but these pictures, i can't defend her, she does look like a whore. it pains me to say it but its true. she should really wait untill shes 18 to do this, then she has an excuse.

  20. 220

    Re: curiousred – It's a Puritanical Society, haven't you heard?

  21. 221

    Re: SummerSet
    it makes me lol when i read comments like this. Perez says how much he loves miley because of her ho bag tendencies. Also because she has tried so desperately to ditch her disney image and show how "unique" and "rock n roll" she is that she just ends up looking incredibly foolish and slutty (e.g. the photos above). i guess some people aren't intelligent enough to read past the face value of the comments Perez makes.

  22. 222

    Billy Ray probably picked out those outfits for her to wear!

  23. 223

    The whole point of her doing this is to get attention, and it did. I don't know why people are so shocked though- remember Britney on the cover of Rolling Stone in a bra when she was 17? The bisexuality that she is implying bothers me because she is not bisexual. To me this is another sly homophobic stunt she's pulled to gain a gay audience. Us gays can see through that bullshit. Madonna, Britney and Katy all pretended to be bisexual on stage and it's so weird. Does anybody know of any straight male that pretends to be bisexual on stage? If so please let me know because I find it strange. That said, it's the way she dresses that is wrong.
    Some record companies market under age females in a sexual manor to sell records and concert tickets. It's disgusting but nobody ever confronts them so they're just going to keep on doing it.

  24. 224

    Haha, just let her do her own thing. If this is a mistake for her to do what she wants then she'll learn her lesson soon enough. Get off her back. Personally I don't care what she does just as long as her music is good.

  25. 225

    Leave Miley ALONEEEEEE. you think just because she came out of disney she's suppose to be a sweet angel. she's being her own person. and i HATED her for 2 years, now i love her because she's being who she wants to be, and not what everyone expects her to be.

  26. 226

    Re: liisu – Haha, you noticed that too.

  27. 227

    Her parents should be ashamed. Complete FAILURE of a daughter. And it's only gonna get worse.

  28. 228

    What a slut. Performer or not, at 17 my parents would NOT let me ho myself out like that in front of the world. You can be 17 and sexy without being trashy. Trash, trash, trash.

  29. 229

    Re: twistedwords – Exactly! A previous poster mentioned Joan Jett and Sandy West, who were marketed as "jailbait" by their manager Kim Fowley, and paraded around stage in lingerie. I'll say it once again, puppets of the music industry.

  30. 230


  31. 231

    I'd hit that. i do her sideways.

  32. 232

    Look if her 9 year old sister is wearing fish net stockings and a mini skirt and showing her midriff whatever Miley wears is normal, i blame the parents who think they are religious and stable yet they are clearly not. dont forget Miley has been taking questionable photos since she was 13

  33. 233

    she loves bi cock. that model ex boyfriend of her's was hung like a horse. and I think he spoiles her for regular guys like myself. she is wickedly looking at that dancers package like its an early christmas present. i have to admit i love women who love dick. they are the most trouble but the most fun!

  34. 234

    Re: fan4lyf – a unique voice as in…..sounds like strep throat?

  35. 235

    i dont think shes acting horribly for her age. What did you do when you were 17? seriously. The only thing im concerned about it is this: Is her jayjay hanging out in the last pic????

  36. 236

    I was there and she was AMAZING!!!

  37. 237

    Re: Sylvanas
    lol!? she wore a purity ring!?

  38. 238

    how skanky

  39. 239

    Oh Wow…

  40. 240

    Her face is so jacked up.

  41. 241

    Miley wants attention….you don't pretend to kiss a girl for the hell of it! That means your looking for media attention. She looks trashy and like a whore and she's doing it because it gives her press. If she wants to seeme edgy then she's got to be a big girl and say "Yes, I did do that and I meant to! I'm making a point with my actions." That will make it look like your doing it for a reason instead of how she handles things by doing them and then denying it. I personally like Miley but she looks like she belongs a street corner and she thinks this is mature? Well hun, its not!

  42. 242

    Re: karnipa – HM has been ended. They finished filming their final season, which airs over the summer apparently, a few months ago.

  43. 243

    Re: karnipa – He stuck around because she's MILEY CYRUS not because she had sex with him! He used her. And it worked, because he sang onstage with Brooke White on American Idol and has gotten his name around after dating her. Poor girl probably realized he was using her and that's why they broke up.

  44. 244


  45. 245

    I cannot believe that she's my age.

  46. 246

    she sucks get ready for sky ferreira she is going to blow her out of the water she can sing and her hair is real>>>>>

  47. 247

    I HATE when people use that "she's 17, all girls her age do that" excuse.
    Don't even try that.
    Here's one 17 year old girl who wouldn't do 90% of the stuff she does. And if 17 year olds DID act like that, they'd be called all sorts of names too. It's not just her.

  48. 248

    Re: #1mileyfan – STFU

  49. 249

    I wish she would wear clothes.
    And I wish she would realize that acting like…that does not mean being "mature"
    And I wish people would stop saying, "every 17 year old acts like that" I'm sorry, I never see girls at my school wearing stuff like that and flouncing around school dancing like a stripper. But maybe that's just me.

  50. 250

    Re: jessie_jealousy – Your 17 year old friends probably don't act this way because they're not performers and aren't paraded around by the media who shows only Miley's bad images and bad sides. Because this IS normal for 17 year olds. Maybe not in this exact way, but they are extremely sexual and trying different ways to find themselves. Some dress for attention, some just have sex. She's the former. BTW, your caps lock key is broken. In case you didn't know.

  51. 251

    Re: Antoinette64 – She clearly was NOT ;ip synching so nice try you can tell this is her live she doesnot lip synch like the other disney star… But if you think she only sounds good because she lip synchs then you must like ehr singing since shes not lip synching at all. ROTFL Actually listen to her perform there is no denying she sings live.

  52. 252

    Re: lovers – a uniwue voice as in original Powerful and the ability to sell millions of records.

  53. 253

    Re: jessie_jealousy – are your 17 year old friends popstars?I dont think so. SO STFU

  54. 254

    Re: Ashesss – I know that girl is scarily obsessed with Miley she needs help. She claims to hate her but yet she knows everythng about her.

  55. 255

    Cut her some slack beezys, seriously shes smart doing this, who really is going to be in disney and play hannah montana for the rest of there lives? no one, exactly. She's getting older and eventually that whole disney shit gets old, she's smart transitioning into a sexy pop sensation, of course theres always cons to it, but people are obviously giving her a ton of attention, good and bad, either way its making her more famous. i give props to her, shes .gorgeous, sexy, talented, peace & love.

  56. 256

    I'm surprised she is not already knocked up …

  57. 257

    As a Britney fan I feel ashamed of this because Britney paved the way for that when she came out in a short skirt and blouse in the 90s. Even Macdonna was older when she did what she's famous for lol.

  58. 258

    she's just being miley… scratch that!!! she's trying to be britney!! you will never be missy. britney wasnt a slut at 17 and will never be.

  59. 259


  60. 260

    Some of these fan girls need to stop defending her, what Miley is doing is inappropiate. I would go crazy if my 17 year old daughter was dressed like this. And why does Miley keep touching boys and girls on the stage? It justnot make her look like she's trying too hard to be'sexy' and it doesn't fit her at all. She just looks more trashy and slutty Just like Kesha.

  61. 261

    16 is legal in the UK so it's no problem for us Brits!

  62. 262

    hugh hefner's gonna get his wish soon. once she turn's 18, she's gonna be naked front cover in a playboy magazine. i just know it, and she does as well. just the next step to becoming the "more mature miley".

  63. 263

    she gets trashier everyday.

  64. 264

    and okay, the guy in the third picture soo has a boner! XD

  65. 265

    She's such a hypocrite! She looks so trashy.

  66. 266

    whoever the hell is defending her must be a little girl themselves so STFU

    this is CLASSLESS!

    shes just getting worse and worse

  67. 267

    and she doesnt even look GOOD o.O

  68. sav says – reply to this


    Re: #1mileyfan – She's not gaining an older fan base. The older audience she's trying to gain thinks she's a joke and they're not taking her seriously. If she had done her research then she'd know that the older fan base she's trying to gain have already been through this. We've seen the exact same thing with Britney, Christina, and Lindsay and we know how the story goes.

    Shoot…if she wanted to gain an older fan base then she should have stuck with Party in the USA. That song was played at my college basketball games. Everyone around my age (i'm 23) thinks she looks like a little girl playing dress up.

  69. 269

    Are you retards actually surprised by this? Britney did the same thing. Pop has always been about using sex appeal, Weird attention whore costumes to sell records…

  70. 270


  71. 271

    I would personally like to thank the few (you know who you are) for the entertaining quips back and forth, they are hilarious make you sound your age, VERY YOUNG.

    That being said;

    I believe (this is my opinion after listening to her music and knowing something about music) Miley is the most computerized/ digitally enhanced singer in the industry today. I have listened to several of her songs and she never has the same overall vocal sound, no base sound that you can hear. She basically sounds very different in each song. Like a different person almost. This is totally my opinion after listening to her music. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but from my experience with her music this is how I feel about it.

    She was marketed to little girls between the ages of 8-12 year olds. I can totally understand her wanting to break away from that age group at her age. But I think she is totally going about it the wrong way, jumping right into the sexual edgy stuff and she looks sort of uncomfortable doing it, and she looks awkward. Maybe a couple years in obscurity then coming back as an adult would have been better than jumping right into it

  72. 272

    Re: Sylvanas – I just looked then, nope, no purity ring in sight. Thinking about it I haven't seen it on her hands for months. We shouldn't be surprised though.

  73. 6one9 says – reply to this


    LOVE “““““““` all the fucking haters.
    I think deep down “` You all are jealous!!
    Miley will make more in ONE year than most of you l`o`s`er`s will make in a life time.
    At the end of “` the day ““““` does it really matter what Miey is doing with herself now that “` she's growing up!!
    Get OVER it already!
    I do think the dude with the boner and Miley “ totally looking at it “` is funny!!

  74. glo92 says – reply to this


    get it Miley. I love the new Miley. I used to hateeee her, but now that she's becoming more sexy and not so disney I fucking love it. More power to her. Im 18, just graduated high school today and news flash people, this is how 17 year olds act. they dont just sit around at school and then go home and stay in and watch shrek while they do their homework. no, the real 17 year old is out there drinking and smoking pot and having sex. its happening. leave Miley alone, she's being a normal 17 year old( about to be 18) girl. This is what people her age do. they dress sexy, go to the clubs in skimpy outfits and drink and party. im telling you, if anyone doesnt party at that age then they arent normal. I hate when people get mad at these young stars for doing shit that allllllll high schoolers do, even back in the day. Why are people so shocked that a 17 year old is dressing sexy and dancing provocatively? its fucking normal people!! leave her alone shes doing nothing wrong, its called growing up!!!

  75. 275

    Oooooh! I love me some G.A.Y.!!! Always have a fun time there.

  76. 276

    Miley, it's OK to be Gay. Just come on out honeybunch!

  77. 277

    She looks hot !

  78. 278

    WHERE are this child's parents??
    Yes, I said CHILD.
    She is 17. Go ahead and bash me but she is a teenager. I don't know what fucking planet you people live on that "most 17 year olds" are doing the same things, but no 17 year olds should be.
    Same as before, her fanbase is pre-pubescent girls and creepy old men.
    My 4th grade students love Hannah Montana. I have a feeling they will be confused by these pictures. Simply irresponsible.

  79. 279

    Let Miley be Miley. She is like any other 17 year old - curious and whatnot but she is also a "performer" - she's not supposed to be dressing like she's off to the supermarket. People should stop picking on her. She's got her head screwed on better than some adults out there. End of story.

  80. 280

    miley is disgusting

  81. 281

    LOL if she thinks this is what normal teenagers do.. then I guess Billy Ray taught her just that ;) Because this is definitely not what 'normal teenagers' do. *cough* more like hookers and strippers *cough*

    She does have nice legs though? ;D

  82. 282

    She is quickly turning into a slut. i guess it's to be expected, since she hasn't been taught values.

  83. 283

    hey that dress is totally hot! I WANT IT!! but i would only wear it INDOORS for my man!

  84. 284

    She is such trash. She, apparently has no parenting.

  85. 285

    Re: #1mileyfan – haha STFU…are u stupid? we are commenting because this is a website where you can comment things and get news! i don't like miley she is like a horny freakshow!

  86. 286

    only "performers" who can't sing, like rihanna and britney and miley, have act like whores onstage to hide their total lack of talent. miley is a disgrace to music

  87. 287

    Re: Antoinette64 – 17 is not young for losing your virginity , the average age is 16, look it up

  88. 288

    Here's the problem-the media completely SHOVED the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana squeaky clean image down our throat-Hannah Montana is still on tv-and kids are still watching it (including my 5 year old)..you can't escape Hannah Montana-its everywhere. So the kids get hooked and then in no time, she is coming off like this..ppl say "rhianna did this-britney did that" but neither were cheesy ass pop-stars on the disney channel beforehand (sure britney was on MMC-but half the ppl that listened to her when she grew up even remembered that). Miley needs to give it time and if she wants to look and act like a whore-at least let the Hannah stuff die down. I am not sure why anyone would find any of this sexy anyhow-I've always thought she looked/sounded like a man..and those teeth…woo!

  89. 289

    nice boner dude. he should be called boner dude from now on. or at least semi dude.

  90. 290

    She is acting like a hoe. I bet Disney is proud to be supporting her know. I also cannot believe kids are supposed to look up to her know. Also, she is becoming just another washed up individual.

  91. 291

    Slutty Miley… Nice. But I'm not sure why you're taking it so hard, Perez. Maybe it is her past as a Disney princess, but I can assure you 89% of 15 to 17-year-old girls are doing the same thing. Maybe not up on a stage, but they certainly are. We really need to understand that the real exception are people like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. They are adorable, it's true, but that's not usually how it goes. That being said, I do seriously hope Miley keeps her clothes on though. But that's all. As far as I'm concerned, she's just being a regular teenage girl, as opposed to the Disney puppet she used to be.

  92. 292

    I was at Heaven (G.A.Y.) on Saturday night and Miley Cyrus was AMAZING! Yes she is a bit of a diva and dresses slutty but I believe she will settle down once she is no longer thought of as Hannah Montana. She is a great singer and seems like a good (gay friendly) person because she says 'I'm not here to…tell you to go to hell' in 'Can't Be Tamed' and SHE asked to perform at Heaven, they didn't ask her.

  93. 293

    Where the fork is her dad? :S My mum would kill me if i did this… jeez! She can sing…yeah…she doesnt have to do all this crap. Thumbs down…wayyyyy down. Mess?

  94. 294

    She looks gorgeous! again another nice Performing outfit, its not like she wears that out in the streets.

  95. 295

    Re: blubabiecutie – Apprently, at least one did. And he posted an up the skirt shot of an under-aged girl…AGAIN!
    Perez is a fucking freak of nature.

  96. 296

    Hah! she is wearing julia roberts' old whore dress from pretty woman!

  97. 297

    Billy Ray is probably jacking off to these pictures as we speak LOL

  98. 298

    Re: Prince Von A Hole – agreed. if she came out as lesbian he'd probably support her.

  99. 299

    She whores herself around like a fuckin' rag doll.

  100. 300

    Re: fan4lyf – 'Your entire comment is invalid.'
    I think not.
    The fact that the 17 year olds I know are not 'popstars' doesn't make them any different to her.
    I had nothing against Miley, until she started dressing like a whore to receive more attention and to 'break out of Disney', who she is still with. And lets not forget that despite the fact that her performance was aimed at an 18+ audience, kids use the internet and the majority of her fans are still pre-pubescent. Therefore the behaviour she is displaying is completely inappropriate.

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