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Miley Cyrus Gets Raunchy At G.A.Y.!

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She's just being Miley!

Miley Cyrus was in full force at London's famous nightclub G.A.Y. Saturday night, performing a steamy set and leaving little to the imagination!

The 17-year-old singer (yes, she's still 17-years-old) groped her dancers, even simulating another kiss with a female dancer…or should we say "rocking out" instead?

We're sure she'll deny that too!

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

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342 comments to “Miley Cyrus Gets Raunchy At G.A.Y.!”

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  1. 301


  2. 302

    Dude has a huge boner! LOL

  3. 303

    WTF is wrong with this girl? She's becoming such a skank. She's heading down the wrong path.

  4. 304

    And how can you wear that skirt without your V showing?!
    I used to like her…I'm starting to hate this "hooker" image she thinks that is okay.

  5. 305

    As people we have the decision to llive our lives a certain way. I do feel however when a person is only 17 and they are making decisions that I feel they are not mature enough to make. I also thought I was so wise at 17. Well I am now 37 and boy was I stupid. Children who are 17 should not be allowed to make adult decisions. I do not care what they do for a living even if they are entertainers. Look at Taylor Swift Selema Gomez. They have decided to leave there clothes on and it is not affecting there career. I f she were older I would feel different.

  6. 306

    I would be shocked if she didn't act like a total whore.

  7. 307


  8. 308

    Re: SummerSet – Totally agree .

  9. 309

    err. the male in that photo that she is..groping? has a hard on. how precious

  10. 310

    I knew something bad was going to happen at that nightclub; after all, it is called G.A.Y.

  11. 311


    Where are her parents???

    Does this chick have any idea the influence she has on young girls??

  12. 312

    Re: #1mileyfan

    Because that is the point of this site, my dear.

  13. 313

    shes gross and sweaty. what a wannabe!! sorry miley you're just not hot enough to pull this off! still has baby fat! hahahaah

  14. ambb says – reply to this


    Re: liisu – haha, that's what i was thinking!!

  15. 315

    God Perez, this is just getting ridiculious! It's like everyday you post things about her and call her a slut no matter what she does. I know girls her age who do worse shit than this at school dances. People are blowing everything she does out of proportion.

  16. 316

    I am so disgusted with young people like her.Why do young teens like her want to emulate strippers??
    Look.. if the name of the game as a performer is to see who can be the most shocking and sexual, why don't these performers just do the sex act on stage and get it over with already! Then they can moan and groan and we can see how truly sexy they are. Then we can rate the sex act of all these young Britneys
    and Mileys who so desperately want to be seen as what? Sexy? Shocking? How about pathetic??

  17. 317

    omg she is so crazy lol

  18. 318

    She's Such a SLUT

  19. 319

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! This girl is sooooooooo full of herself! She is not even pretty! She has bucked teeth the corners of her mouth turn downward And if I'm not mistaken isn't she all gums!!!!!!!!!!! She really needs a dose of reality. It's almost like she has body dysmorphic disorder the other way! She's fugly and thinks shes hot.

  20. 320

    i dont think she's a slut. i just think she's trying too hard.

  21. 321

    Re: mma2942 – that is so true!

  22. 322

    Re: meagannicolee – no decent teenager wears that!

  23. 323

    She is such a nasty whore.

  24. 324

    Sorry to say this, but I called this years ago. Ever since I first heard about Miley Cyrus, I just predicted she would take this path. My next prediction –> she is either pregnant or has a sex tape by age 20. Miley, please, I don't even like you and the above is the main reason why (not to mention I don't think you can act or sing worth a damn, but that's besides the point). You try way to hard to be "sexy" when you are actually still a baby. I don't care what anybody says, a 17 year old girl is still a CHILD. She can't even make a legal decision without her parents. Stop trying to grow up so fast. Enjoy your youth. You'll regret it when you're older. I understand she wants to change her fan base, but trust me, I am an older fan base, and this is definitely not going to make me like you or your music/acting. TALENT would make me like you, which you lack.

  25. 325

    Miley is shit.

  26. 326

    ok so what if she simulated a kiss? so WHAT if she even did kiss a backup dancer? girl on girl kissing is catching on like swine flu nowadays and i would think YOU of all people would refrain from bashing on homosexuality lol wtf?

  27. lakta says – reply to this


    The American Board of Accredited Psychologists (ABAP) have officially released a study which claims that 20 billion American men are said the be “huge perverts.” The ABAP released their findings earlier this month at a press conference at the organization’s national headquarters in New York.The study surveyed 2,000 men between the ages of 30 and 40. During this process, we attached images of Miley Cyrus from her recent tour. Under the picture, the men were asked if they found 17-year-old Miley Cyrus ‘hot,’ ’smokin’,’ or ‘other’ with the option to write in comments.Some who have taken the test had no idea that Miley Cyrus was under the age of 18 and therefore feel tricked.

    “What the [expletive],” said Frank Turp, 32, a systems analyst in San Jose. “I got this poll in the mail and it had these pics of some chick showing off awesome legs and cameltoe. Hell yeah, that was some hot stuff. [I] sent it back in and said ‘thanks.’ It made my night if you know what I mean.“Now I feel kind off sick. I had no idea she was 17. What the hell? Does she have parents?”

  28. 328

    Re: marciepink – since she is not homosexual or even bi as far as well know it's frankly offensive. she's doing it for the shock value and because she can.
    it's offensive because she is so young. it's offensive because she's making a spectacle out of same-sex sexuality (and sexuality in general). it's offensive because thousands of her fans (mostly very young girls) will see her recent behavior and not be sure what happened to their idol, Hannah Montana.
    if that answers any of your "so what"s.

  29. 329

    Re: candycaynegirl – she didn't even kiss the girl. and pretty sure no one said anything about sandra bullock doing it over and over at every award show nowadays as well as so many other artists.

    and by the way… i am very close with my 9 year old cousin who used to worship the ground she walked on and not to say that my cousin represents all 9 year olds out there but she and her friends have moved on from miley to people like selena and demi so i wouldnt worry too much about that.

  30. 330

    Re: #1mileyfan – How would YOU know?

    She LIVES with her twenty-year-old boyfriend. Need I say more?

  31. 331

    that is so sad, what a pity, she should be ashamed!

  32. 332

    omg just realised your just like hannah montana prez
    pretending to be some superstar who knows all these celebrities when your perez
    but infact MARIO your just a bitch

  33. 333

    Seriously? Wow this is disgusting. I'm sure other 17 year olds are doing this but she is someone that 8 year olds look up to. She can't be doing this. (Yea yea typical teenager..) I like some of her songs but her preformances are a bit too "mature" for someone her age. Plus she can't pull off sexy like Britney or someone else older can. Where the fck are her parents to discipline her? And who the hell dressed her…? She looks like some garbage diving hobo…

  34. 334

    i think she likes all this attention cuz if she didn't, she would've stopped by now….ha who am i kidding, she'll never stop being Slutty Cyrus.

  35. Kakia says – reply to this


    It would be nice to say," well she's a teenager" and chalk it up to that, but she is a role model to the thousands of little girls who put here where she is today. Unfortantly, she doesn't have the luxury of being a regular teen. Miley needs to remember who her fans are and straighten herself out!

  36. 336

    You people are such retarded hypocrites. Since all of your are so fucking pure and your not human and never did shit when you were 17, let me explain something to you. When a girl reaches a certain age, she needs to, wants to and will explore herself and her sexuality how she feels needed. How do you call someone a "slut" when you know practically NOTHING about her??? Shes a slut because shes performing a sexy song in a sexy outfit? Gimme a fucking brake. What the fuck were YOU doing at 17? And what do you think your daughters are doing?? Im sure MUCH more than Miley Cyrus. This chick is a performer, this is what she does. Dont blame her because your dumb ass cant raise your own kids properly. Why do all of you have such a hard time accepting that these little pop stars GROW UP??? Because, reality check…they DO! They grow up and wanna explore what its like to be sexy, they grow up and start having sex…OH NO, how could they??? :O Then they marry and have kids, get divorced, go though personal issues and problem just like the rest of the fucking world. Yet when your a pop star, its not ok. Has it ever occured to any of you that shes not trying to "act like a slut", that shes just dressing and doing what she wants to do??? You sit there behind your computers, judging a rich ass pop star, because YOU are perfect. You have never done a thing wrong. Im sure all you have, except you didnt have the whole world judging you. Take a look at your own self FIRST, hypocrites.

  37. 337

    gross. but America is a land of pedophile men who like young jail-bait ass…

  38. 338

    So she's a Christian? WOAH! Job well done Miley! What about your purity ring? Oh yah you don't need it anymore!

  39. 339

    This grown up act is getting old. Miley, you will always be the chipmunked face idiot with the stringy blonde wig we saw on Hannah Montana. I just don't understand why people still like her. She seems like such a slutty bitch. Do her parents know about this? No pants? She needs military school.

  40. 340

    Re: ChantillylaceO – That doesn't give her, or any girl for that matter, a right to dress and party like a whore, get knocked up and pass out on a random person's stomach. Today's teenagers are sluts, this girl just represents everything wrong with the world.

  41. 341

    woa boner much (3rd pic) lmfaooo. my mom wud NEVER let me leave the house like that. even if i were 'performing' :p lol

  42. 342

    that guy has a boner!

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