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Fox Sued Over False Accusations!

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A Chicago affiliate for Fox Television is in big trouble after reporting an inaccurate story that claimed several local judges were slacking off on the job and still getting paid for it. Those judges were later fired because of the report.

James Ryan, a Circuit Court Judge in Cook County, is fighting back though, saying he was falsely accused for leaving early while still on the clock and now he's suing Fox Television for $7 million.

The report showed his car parked in the driveway of his home during working hours, but the problem is, Ryan says the footage shows someone's else car and even worse, someone else's home!!

Fox took down the video of the initial report, but they still have the follow-up investigation that's still falsely reporting the story! Check it out.

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14 comments to “Fox Sued Over False Accusations!”

  1. 1

    This is not the first time they have made this mistake it!

  2. 2

    Oh shit. Not good at all. Poor James Ryan. Hope he gets that $7 million sweet.

  3. 3

    FOX stinks

  4. 4

    Local Fox news stations are completely different and separate from the national Fox News. Why do you hate Fox so much?

  5. 5

    shocker. fox/fox affiliate NOT doing any actual investigative reporting with backed up facts? hope this 7 million teaches them a lesson. i'd like to sue them for all of the idiots walking around comparing obama to one of most abominable people in history- as if.

  6. 6


  7. 7


  8. 8

    "Local Fox news stations are completely different and separate from the national Fox News"

    Perez is a moron. And he's hoping his readers are too.

    I bet Perez wasn't so critical of the Dan Rathergate.

  9. 9

    After reading the posts so far, I guess Perez is right about hoping his readers are retards.

    Some people need to learn how affiliates work.

  10. 10

    I hope he gets every penny! Because they should have checked their facts!

  11. 11

    as a resident of chicago, cook county is so fucked! dan placko has investigated so much shiit that has turned out to be corrupt. hes an amazing investigative journalist and has cought so many court officals, cops and cook county workers fucking up in this city. he once reported that the red light cameras that are up EVERYWHERE dont even work. the only person he wont dare to fuck with is daly and i think the motherfucker should get investigated.

    also, robin robinson is the shiit!

  12. 12

    GET OUTTA HERE faux news lying???

    this cant be right

  13. 13

    fuck fox news in the ass

  14. 14

    Yessss more people shoud sue Fox. I hope he get his 7 mill.
    It looks like both Fox channels are not worth shit.