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Housewife Harassed!!!

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Did you have something to do with this Bethenny? It's not very nice!

Over the weekend, Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin took to her Facebook page to vent about being "harassed and threatened" by haters. Apparently, some unknown source (Bethenny) posted Jill's address online and told people to send her threatening mail after viewing the season finale of her Bravo show. (You know, the one where Jill and Bethenny have it out!)

Jill contacted the authorities about the threats and then took to her Facebook to talk to her "fans." She wrote:

"We are being harassed and threatened by a family from Chicago and Alabama. We have contacted authorities. I will block anyone who is linked to them per postal service law enforcement until they finish investigation. This is a serious crime and all evidence has been handed over. If you are involved in anyway. I suggest you stop. Enough is enough. It is NOT funny or a joke…I will not tolerate haters on my Facebook and Twitter accounts anymore. The show is now OVER. I will be blocking anyone following the serious haters as well. Dina gave me good advice. You know who I mean. Haters come with being a celebrity. We all have them, but I will do my best to block them and their followers. Peace and Love. Not hate."

Aw! Must suck being so famous, having all of maybe 50 people in the general population hate your guts! If only you hadn't signed on for a reality program that thrusted you into the spotlight! How your life would have been so different! You could have a Facebook page that wasn't monitored by lawyers and Bravo execs, for instance. Then, you wouldn't have to name drop another housewife from the installment that is still on Bravo, acting like you are friends and secretly suggesting others to watch her show.

What a thought!

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49 comments to “Housewife Harassed!!!”

  1. 1

    These fuckin bitches are legends in their own minds. They are NOT celebrities, they never WERE celebrities, and they never WILL be celebrities. They're on tv because some stupid network decided it would be interesting to to a reality show on a play on Desperate Housewives and this twat was lucky enough to be found bitchy, rich and catty enough to land a role. THAT'S IT, THAT'S HER ENTIRE CLAIM TO FAME…get over yourself Jill, and go back to your fabric store where you belong.

  2. 2

    Just another PR stunt to increase shows decreasing popularity!

  3. 3

    Bethenny wouldn't do that-it's a trick your friend Shrill Jill has done before though. To reviewers on Amazon & party planners in the Hamptons, who knows how many other people she's threatened when they don't do what princess wants. This is probably just a new lie by Jill A Princess- her new way to get attention off of Bethenny & Alex.

  4. 4

    GO TEAM JILL ZARIN! I adore her. Not so much of a Bethenny fan and certainly not an Alex fan tat all!

  5. 5

    PS Save Ginger!

  6. 6

    Jesus, even Perez Hilton can handle the haters!! Jill Zarin needs to get over herself.

  7. 7

    I'm thinking she might actually be talking about Dina as in Dina Lohan. That's why she said "You know who I mean." On the show she has explained that she is friendly with Dina Lohan. Any ways, she is a wacko, having people say things about you is going to happen when you join a reality show. At least she's not blaming it on the editing…right now at least.

  8. 8

    Ugh, she's far from a celebrity. D-list she means if she were one.

  9. 9

    Re: My pajamas are BigFeetPjs – Sorry but it's far from decreasing. NY's finale last week was the highest ever for the series. It's one of the most watched shows. Maybe u outta know what u talking about first.

  10. 10

    This bag of wind needs to put a cork in it - she's the most annoying beast, sense of undying entitlement and just an all-around embarrassment to housewives everywhere. GO AWAY.

  11. 11

    Bitch or not, they should not have given out her address like that for her and her family to be harassed.

  12. 12

    Jill did that to herself for publicity because Bethanny is having her own show.
    Team Bethanny

  13. 13

    I might be crazy..but I think she's referring to Dina Lohan, not Dina Manzo. Remember Perez, you posted awhile back that Dina Lohan and Jill hung out?? I think that's where she's getting her "advice" from.

  14. 14

    I cannot stand this stupid fucking bitch! She is NOT a celebrity.

  15. 15

    You can't accuse Bethenny of this. Let the legal system run it's course. Bethenny isn't this mean or stupid, and I'm sure she's too busy being a new Mom.

  16. 16

    Jill can't go five minutes without name-dropping. She was referring to Dina Lohan.

  17. 17

    "Haters come with being a celebrity"

    that's a wise phrase, i just don't get it how it applies to her, she ain't shizz!, just because she show her disgusting a-s-s face in a lame TV show, doesn't mean the world got who-is-she-and-who-cares-FEVER!

    stop creating fuzz that DONOT exist just to get atention, the NY PD is not in your housband paycheck…………..


  18. 18

    Perez Bethany has a whole lot more class then to do shit like that.. JILL Loserin is hated by SO many. She is mean,. rude, ignorant and out of control. It things dont revolve around her she starts shit. It would NOT surprise me ONE BIT if she did this herself. Face it loser JILL NO ONE LIKES YOU… ( spoken in her high pitched ole Jew bag mother tone )

  19. 19

    Did you have something to do with this Bethenny? It's not very nice! Nor is putting this out there even in the "guise" of a question. You think we don't know you want to make people think she did. You are as low life as your friend Jill. Ask her to show you the report that she filed about these "threats". I don't believe a word either of you say. Bethenny or no Bethenny, Jill has sunk as low as she can and will do/say anything to get sympathy. It's too late Jill…you made your bed now read your failed book and take 2 sleeping pills…see I SAID TAKE 2 so that is not suggesting you kill yourself…just stay home in bed and off of our TV screens. Thank you very much, and thank you Perez for being such a tool.

  20. 20

    Anything for publicity

  21. 21

    I love that she thinks she has "fans". Fans of what, listening to her horrific nails on chalk board voice? Hearing her name drop? Watching her be a jealous addicted to attention famewhore?

  22. 22

    WOW Jill, maybe there really is a backlash when you act like an entitled, self absorbed, GOSSIPY witch to people. Not that I condone the harassment, but she needed to be called out for behaving like a snotty self absorbed teenager. I am looking forward to the reunion show this Thursday night Andy said it was the most explosive reunion they have ever taped. He showed a previow on his Watch What Happens Now show..Jill walks out…

  23. 23

    OMG are you people seriously believing this crap? Perez doesn't know who did what to whom anymore then I do. And for him to "suggest" that it was Bethanny is so irresponsible and childish beyond belief. Where's the proof Perez? Put up or shut-up!
    And as far as Bethanny having all but 50 people hating her guts you haven't done your homework lately have you? She's the most liked of all the housewives out there so you better recheck your facts.
    You my friend are the laughing stock of the country and no one believes half (if that) of what you say.
    Gee, now I'm wondering if this will even get posted. I'm betting not.

  24. YUCK says – reply to this


    JIll ur an idiot and trust me I like bethenny even less than you, but all of you women with the exception of sonja act like realy idiots. I like kelly but only because shes pretty and because shes a nut and I get her or what shes trying to say but the rest of you can go the fuck away.

  25. 25

    Perez, you and Jill make great friends, you both need to get over yourself. Bethenny has a life….Jill is the one in need of a hobby, looks like she found one and fed it to you. Jill, go away and no one will care. TEAM Bethenny!

  26. 26

    I don't believe bethenny had anything to do with it. What would have been the point of that? She doesn't seem bitter and hateful, just done with it.

  27. 27

    Shame on your Perez! you are publicly blaming Bethenny for the threats? Jill did not portray herself well and if the viewers do not like her.. well that is part of the game.. Same thing happened to Vicki on the OC season.. if you are a bitch then people will not like you.. oh well.. get over yourselves.. and Perez.. we all know Bethany thinks your scum.. that's why you write such nasty things about her.. grow up..

  28. 28

    Hell is not flames and fire. If you die and go to hell, you just hear this horrible woman's voice over and over again. Karma is a bitch, bitch. I hope you get what you deserve!!!

  29. 29

    Re: YUCK – um, sonja wasn't being an idiot when she was driving drunk?

  30. 30

    The Countless Countess is rubbing off on someone.
    She has let Luanne controll her into some feelings of self importance.
    Jill, no one cares about you or your whiney voice.
    Bethenny was funny as hell, and the show will totally suck without her.
    How much can you watch a woman that looks like a Man the She/Him (luanne)
    A OCD freakazoid (Ramona)
    A winey voiced totally controlled by luanne Yenta (Jill)
    The gayfaced gay pride flag waving husband and his string bean weirdo equally pompus wife and the two obnoxious kids without american names.
    No Bethenny means the show has totally jumped the shark

  31. 31

    I think she meant Dina Lohan

  32. 32

    This woman is horrible. So I hope she stays on the show because it's so much fun to hate her. I really can't wait for the reunion - I hope Team Bethenny makes her cry like the idiot she is.

  33. 33

    She meant Dina Lohan not Manzo. She really isn't a celebrity but she is semi-famous and I doubt Bethenney did this. She just had a baby why would she waste her time. You are the one making Bethenney a celebrity because you talk about her ALL THE DAMN TIME! I thought you were in bed with Jill the whole time but after reading this I guess not.

  34. 34

    Re: MissEvonne – agreed!!

  35. 35

    Oh please, Bethenny is married has a new beautiful baby and a new show coming up she could care less about Jill anymore. I know that you are friends with Jill which would explain your clearly biased blogs but I am shocked that you have never mentioned all of the horrible PR moves that Jill has gotten herself into this past year. You would have crucified Bethenny if she even did just one of the things Jill has done like write her own book reviews for one, her apparent affair…? The tide has turned (against) Jill Zarin and she has no one to thank but herself. She made her bed now she must lie in it.

  36. 36

    celebrities? Since when? She screwed herself this season, made herself out to be a villain! Then in the end she realized to late what she was doing and by then it was to late Bethenny had enough and pretty much said fuck off! Oh well to bad so sad!

  37. 37

    Seriously dude, pull your head out of Jill Zarin's arse — she is not as much of a victim as you would like to believe. Bethenny is the only "real" one of the bunch and didn't cause any of this. Jill has done this to herself. Period.

  38. 38

    i wish every single one of these pointless twats would spontaneously combust. do any of them really believe any of us give a damn whether they live or die? this shit is the worst thing to happen to television ever.

  39. 39

    Jill got exactly what she had coming. Over the season she was so fake with all her antics of please for sorry for me and join my team like Luann did. Jill is so self centered that she is truly sickingen. She is mad Bethanny got her own show and she missed out on that money because now she won't be asked to make an appearance.

  40. 40

    Jill is a lying bitch… publicity stunt! GO Bethany!!!!

  41. MUNON says – reply to this


    There Perez Hilton's everywhere hating people.

  42. 42

    I seriously don't understand why you dislike Bethenny so much. Why would you speculate that she was the one who would ask people to harass Jill? I've never understood how someone can just 'hate' another person they don't know. Even if you did meet her and she was rude why aren't you adult enough to let it go or is that part of your whole sassy blogger act? I COMPLETELY agree with what you said in your second paragraph, though, because none of the house wives on any season would have meant anything to me if you told me their names before they were on a show. They're all a bunch of older women who you'd THINK wouldn't act so childish, but apparently still haven't grown up.

  43. 43

    Stop blaming Bethenny, I know you're up Zarin's ass and hate Bethenny because she called you a termite (which you are!)… but she isn't behind this. People have known her address on the forums online ages, it sucks she is getting harassed but stop blaming Bethenny, that's what got Jill into this whole situation in the first place.

  44. 44

    lwave B out if this. Jillzilla did it to hers. Get a grip.

  45. 45

    her page is all ME ME ME. She's a yenta.

  46. 46

    C U Next Tuesday…I am surprised she didn't say,"I's in the booooook."

  47. 47

    Re: piratecookie – I did not right the comment about,"lwave B out if this. Jillzilla did it to hers. Get a grip

    Don't know what the deal was, but I Definitely did write the above comment.

  48. 48

    Re: piratecookie – Actually pirate cookie did no write some of these commemts:i.e. lwave B out if this. Jillzilla did it to hers. Get a grip
    Not sure what the deal is, but I did not write the first comments. Trolls…

  49. 49

    Jill is a dumbass for even mentioning it! She has no shame and just airs all of her dirty laundry to the public! She's a famewhore cuz she has LOW SELF-ESTEEM. It isn't like she's an esteemed brain surgeon who's saved countless lives or like she's won the Nobel Prize for anything! Nobody cares about her second-rate, airhead, brainless, washed-up, fake, hair-dyed, middle-aged, dumpy, fire-crotch self! And there are lots of people right there in New York who can't stand her, let alone strangers who live way out in Chicago and Alabama!