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Jennifer Love To Bring Her Desperate To The Great White Way???

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Ugh! God, we hope not!

With her TV show FINALLY cancelled and her only future prospect being playing a prostitute on Sunset Blvd in an upcoming TV movie, Jennifer Love Hewitt is looking for her next big break.

She is hoping someone will cast her in a Broadway play! She recently admitted:

"I'm looking at possibly doing Broadway. To be able to sing and dance will be fun."

It'd be more fun if you just disappeared, like for a long time. A decade or so will do. No need to fug up 42nd street!

[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Jennifer Love To Bring Her Desperate To The Great White Way???”

  1. 1

    "It'd be more fun if you just disappeared, like for a long time. A decade or so will do." - OMG MARIO - 95% OF THE PPL ON HERE FEEL THE SAME ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    I love Jennifer Love Hewitt… I don't understand why Perez hates on her so much… She has been around for a long time and has been able to have a sort of clean career… except for the guy stuff she seems kool…

  3. 3

    What a douche. She's actually very pretty. As a homo, you only like the tranny look, like Lady GaGaG. JLH a woman, with curves(i.e. doesn't look like a 12 year old boy like you like) so you don't like her. Stick to rating young boys looks, leave the ladies to us Hetero's.

  4. 4

    PEREZ! What's up with you?! Are you on the rag or something? Why are you always bashing on this girl? She's just trying to work… I'm surprised you're not a little more supportive seeing as she's always lived a relatively clean life. Get off her case already!

  5. 5

    Re: karrbl2005 – It's always easy to spot who's dissed Mario….

  6. 6

    well at least she is gorgeous

  7. 7

    Can you please remind us why you loathe JLH so much? I for the life of me cannot figure that out. She seems completely innocuous. And, for the record, I think she's one child star that seems to have always kept her cool, and her panties on in public. You seem to want to call her "fug" at every opportunity, but you drool on the feet of one Lady GaGa who, despite being very talented, isn't winning any Pretty Pretty Princess pageants anytime soon. So… chill out a bit, Perrez, eh?

  8. 8

    wow who really just finds reasons to hate on JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT forever lol'ing

  9. 9

    What did she ever do to you? Would love to know the answer to that. Or is it that she is a straight women?

  10. 10

    Can't understand why you hate this girl so much? She seems to be nice and, rather, charming and she is attractive. Oh, that's why you hate her — because she is everything YOU will NEVER be!!!

  11. 11

    You are a disgusting man.
    Jennifer Love Hewitt is an amazing actress! I don't understand why you hate on her all the time. Its fucking rude.

    Get punched again please Perez, that would be something worth reading about instead of this hate.

  12. 12

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is a good actress. She's pretty, she's got an AMAZING body, and she seems like a genuinely nice woman. She seems like the kind of person you would want as your best friend! What is your problem with her?

  13. 13

    Dude..you're still on the Hate Jen FEST.?…stop it…it's growing old like you. Grow the f..uck up and give me what I come here for…juicy gossip.

  14. 14

    People People….Perez hates all the Jens of the world..especially the ones that dated John Mayer. Perez can't get over the fact that although John would kiss him, John would NEVER EVER bed PEREZ. Perez can't stand that these ladies got a taste of John's DISCO STICK…..

  15. 15

    JLH is fug?!

    What planet do you live on? Go and shove your head back up Chavvy Cole's arse and leave the talented and naturally attractive girls alone for a while.

  16. 16

    I don't get you Perez you used to be sarcastic and a little bit snappy and snide — you were just poking fun at people, but in the last 6 months you've just become mean. Like why are you hating so hard on people who are trying to do their jobs (like I don't mind when you call a trainwreck a trainwreck, but come on–)

  17. 17

    You really should stop picking on people Perez.

    All that negativity will start to show on your face.

  18. 18

    R.I.P Perez Hilton.


  19. 19


  20. 20

    Obviously JLH had the balls to speak out against Perez at some point and now his vagina is all bent out of shape. Go stick you head back up Gaga or Madonna's ass.

  21. JoeyW says – reply to this


    What the fuck is your beef with her? Jen is a lovely person and has a very successful career, you may not like her show, but hundreds of thousands of people worldwide do. She never falls out of parties drunk, she never has a bad thing to say about anyone, you should take a leaf out of her book. Because face it Mario, nobody likes you!

  22. 22

    only celebs can get in the door for broadway.
    they only do it for FUN and don't make it a life-long career.
    that's why they always go back to acting in movies/television.
    they're no longer in the spotlight anymore.

  23. 23

    Mario = typical woman hateing homo, spit the d*ck out a**wipe

  24. 24

    How can u speak about some person like that. I mean gossip's are OK. But tell for someone to disappeared… I think u have some psyho problems.
    JLH is a good actres, and whol Balkan love's her.

    It's important that u love that bitch Snooki??? U have ugly taste…

    Leave JLH and mind your own bussines (make fun of u)!

  25. 25

    Wow, Marie, I mean Mario, you have some real issues! Why do you hate pretty, girly girls so much???? Jealous???

    And Jennifer…you do seem like a lovely person who just wants to settle down. Look outside of the celebrity gene pool and find yourself some nice , regular type guy who will adore you…you deserve to be happy and loved. He doesn't have to be an actor or singer to give you what you need.

  26. 26

    shiz honey, jealous much ???

    how they canceled a tv show that EVERYBODY was watching ?, and when EVERYBODY got shocked when EVERYBODY discover that the show was a no go anymore, a mister NOBODY finally found his GAP to try to trash jennifer LOVE-DIVA around, but why ?

    her big-big knockers pherhaps ?
    she nailed some teen crush of pipi-hilton ?
    she is one of the MANY that thinks that lady gagitta is only a xerox-girl ?


    but one thing a DO KNOW, i just hope she got another tv show, and be around for more ten-twenty ears, that will KILL YA>>>>THAT WILL KILL YA PI-PI HILTON

  27. 27

    Why are you so mean to JLH? So unnecessary and undeserved. Hope she doesn't read this column. I like reading juicy gossip… not screwing with someone's self esteem for fun.

  28. 28

    I hope she has a wonderful career. Who gives a damn who she dates??? I enjoyed her show.

  29. 29

    My wife Zsa-Zsa loves her show and never misses an episode of it. I like her a lot too. She's beautiful and sweet and always very well-behaved, a good role model for young women these days. She's the opposite of those horrible girls like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton who are without any talent and will do anything (usually something bad) to get their name in the headlines.

  30. 30

    Why does Perez hate her so much? She seems swwet.

  31. 31

    OK,I like Jennifer, i think she is a fine actress, a good singer (better than others in the top 10) and a nice person, i dont know why you hate her so much, maybe they dont want to pay you to talk nice of them? i dont want to fall into your negativity, but a big FUCK YOU for this