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Fill In The Blank

| Filed under: Katie HolmesFill In The Blank

Katie Holmes announced the new partnership between the Dizzy Foundation and Hit Entertainment and poses with Hit's character Angelina Ballerina in Las Vegas.


While embracing a fictional character, Katie Holmes is thinking about _______________________________.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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61 comments to “Fill In The Blank”

  1. 1

    which dildo she'll use on tom's ass

  2. 2

    how she finally has a friend.

  3. 3

    how much it sucks that the fictional character has more personality than she does.

  4. StayC says – reply to this


    how brainwashed she is (she looks OLD)

  5. 5

    how come angelina ballerina is going to be on dancing with the stars before her

  6. 6

    She looks beautiful just like GaGa

  7. 7

    Her next hit on the crack pipe.

  8. 8

    …what's under that little pink tutu

  9. 9

    she is actually looking like her old (before Tom Cruise) self

  10. 10


  11. 11

    this ballerina is as tall as her husband.

  12. 12

    Is that Angelina Ballerina?

  13. 13

    ….how she fucked up her life the day she married Tom Crazy?

  14. 14

    is thinking about whether this large white gerbil will fit in Tom's ass

  15. 15

    Ur just a knock off of Hello Kitty!!!

  16. lobri says – reply to this


    She'll be thinking how nice it is to hug someone who is more relevant than her husband…and probably much cuddlier! LOL

  17. 17

    She'd make a great Jackie O. if her biopic is ever made.

  18. 18

    OMG she looks young and pretty again. She used to have such a cute face…the last few years she's look dead in the eyes. She has a sparkle again. Much better!

  19. 19

    Re: hamnip – You made me howl. Too Funny!

  20. 20

    How this is the first time in years she's been this close to another full sized human.

  21. 21

    How cute, cuddly, and innocent her life was before she became a victim of an alien abduction and probe (shame on you, Xenu and Tom Cruise!)

  22. 22

    How much better her marriage would be to that instead of Tom Cruise.

  23. 23

    about her mother's little helper
    u know rolling stone style

  24. 24

    Nothing. Its against the rules of scientology for a woman to think. Duh!!!!!

  25. 25

    my husband looks amazing in this costume

  26. 26

    the paycheck

  27. 27

    While embracing a fictional character, Katie Holmes is thinking about, damn I should've just drowned in dawsons creek….. lol

  28. 28

    Well, it's more than I get from Tom..

  29. 29

    clouds & valiums…

  30. 30

    …moving to Chipping Cheddar to dance with Angelina.

  31. 31

    The soon to be end of her "marriage" contract and pending freedom.

  32. 32

    Please save me Angelina Ballerina from Les Grossman!!!

  33. 33

    Scientology kills!
    Remember Lisa McPherson

  34. 34


  35. 35

    thinking??? ya'll know thinking ain't allowed in the cult!!!!

  36. 36

    how she wishes that her marriage was as real as that mouse

  37. 37


  38. 38

    …how much this "restimulation of the ballerina mouse incident" will cost her in auditing!

  39. 39

    Suri's tweed is better than yours biznach

  40. 40

    How she just wants to scream… TOM IS GAY DAMIT!

  41. 41

    she looks like she really doesn't want to hug that fictional character.
    but feels like she HAS to.

  42. 42

    She is thinking of a way to steal the costume and use it to escape…

  43. rvb says – reply to this


    how she can't wait for the nanny to go down on her when she's done with pics

  44. rvb says – reply to this


    if the mouse is wearing panties… she hopes not…

  45. 45

    … that she should get that dress for suri …

  46. 46

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  47. 47

    how that mouse got past security and stole that outfit from Tom's closet…

  48. 48

    . . . . . . when will she be returned to the mother ship and how unfair it is that she lost out to Morena Baccarin for the part of Anna in "V".

  49. 49

    Tom Doing Ron Hubbard

  50. 50

    Absolutely nothing. She is not allowed to think. Her brain is blank.

  51. 51

    I dont know what shes thinking but she is looking great and pretty!

  52. 52

    about how many more years she is stuck in her contract with gross Tom Cruise before she can be free- and if she will have any life left in her when it is all done
    she used to be sio cute now she looks like someone took her soul and her body aged 15 yrs

  53. 53

    she hates her life

  54. 54

    Hey wait! This is not Suri.

  55. 55

    the fictional life of the shell formerly known as Katie Holmes.

  56. 56

    …how to escape…

  57. 57

    How much taller the mouse is than Tom.

  58. 58

    how much it reminds her her husband

  59. 59

    …her next photo op.

  60. pinki says – reply to this


    she's thinking of putting on that costume, slipping out to the back corridor and climbing out the ladies toilet window to escape from the evil clutches of Tom's SCIENTOLOGY CULT! run Katy run!

  61. 61

    yup, that was a shart