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Gary Coleman's Ex Kicked Out Of The House!

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Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price has been locked out of the family home due to the battle of Gary's assets getting ugly!

Coleman's ex-manager Dion Mial has been revealed as the executor of Coleman's estate and the will written in 1999 gives Gary's remaining assets to him!

But Shannon's agent says they will do everything they can so it doesn't happen!

Sheila Erickson explains:

“Shannon cannot even get into her own home now… even though she is on the deed to her house She doesn't want everything to go to Dion. We have a retained a high-profile attorney. We have enough documentation that shows that everything will go to Shannon.

“Shannon gave Dion the money to pay for his attorney. It was all the money Shannon had… she wanted to make sure that Gary's wishes were respected. She was hoping Dion would be able to assist in keeping Gary’s body here [in Utah].”

Instead it appears Dion has turned against Shannon! Erickson continues:

“Gary made a statement about Dion less then 24 hours before he fell. He said that he had not been friends with Dion for years. When asked why, Gary said: All good things come to an end.’

"Gary was stating that he had a falling out with Dion and did not wish to be close friends with him anymore.”

It honestly doesn't sound like Gary had many positive people in his life at all…

Maybe it should all go to Todd Bridges? He seemed to have Gary's best interests at heart!

[Image via AP Images.]

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19 comments to “Gary Coleman's Ex Kicked Out Of The House!”

  1. 1

    Here's the truth: Gary Coleman did not have many positive relationships because he was a very unhappy, stubborn, angry, vengeful, bitter person. He lived a mean, miserable life and never got the chance to see just how bad it really was to turn it around. Sad but true.

  2. 2

    I hope this young woman has someone on her side
    this is terrible

  3. 3

    So sad but yet I get negative vibes from his ex!!! Hope he is at peace now!!! LISTEN TO JEAN-LUC KING BROWN ON MYSPACE

  4. exBFF says – reply to this


    what time does Gloria Allred arrive?

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Bull this money grubbing whore is looking to get rich off Gary. May be she should not have pull the plug on him because he might have recovered. She should stay out. Go find another man to leach off whore. Bet not one dime of her money went into that house. I hope this lawyer help Gary.

  7. 7

    you think as the person who gary loved and trusted the most that she would respect his privacy and not do tell-all interviews and take death bed photos of him. but i guess shes just another gold-digging hoe who only stayed with him to get money. really sad.

  8. 8

    While I think she is a nutjob, I don't know how legal it is to kick someone out of a house that belongs to them per a deed. It doesn't matter if Gary was paying for it or martians were - if she's on the deed, that house is her property too.

    As for Gary not having many positive people in his life because he was an unhappy, angry person… I believe you have that backwards. I think Gary was unhappy and angry because he had the negativity around him. From the get go - with his parents - people did not have Gary's interests at heart and that only spiraled out of control as he got older, and his life was a result of that. Not to say that he couldn't have turned things around for himself, but still… I think the negative environment came FIRST.

  9. 9

    What took them so long?

  10. 10

    She looks like one of the Duggar kids.

  11. 11

    exBFF: If Gloria Allred shows up, I'm killing myself. Her fame-whoring makes Lindsay Lohan's dad look like an amateur.

  12. 12

    crazy girl

  13. 13

    I live in Canada so the laws are probably somewhat different, but here the executor of a will can legally only be entitled to 4.5 % of the assets or estate. Isn't there any law in the US that prevents the man entrusted with distribution of property from just keeping it?

  14. 14

    Re: cdowb021 – totally agree!!

  15. 15

    Good now that the bitch has been kicked out maybe we can get the Peruvian authorities to beat a confession out of this golddigger!!

  16. 16

    Holy shit! She could eat an ear of corn through a wood picket fence!

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Settling estates is not about nebulous things like who was on the ins with Gary in the last days and who wasn't. It's about that final piece of paper that has his legal signature on it, period. This mess is just another bunch of reasons to ensure that your affairs are in order.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    When one's affairs are in order, then remembering CAN be all about those nice spiritual things, rather than scrapping over who gets to do or have what, and what Gary might have wanted.

  19. 19

    I don't believe in theories but I think someething amiss here.