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Heidi Montag Files For Legal Separation From Spencer Pratt!

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Another publicity stunt???

Heidi Montag JUST showed up at the Santa Monica courthouse and filed for legal separation from her husband, Spencer Pratt!

Dare we say that this whole split could be legitimate?!


[Image via WENN.]

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78 comments to “Heidi Montag Files For Legal Separation From Spencer Pratt!”

  1. 1

    yeah yeah yeah just gving her even MORE publicity by posting this

  2. 2

    YAAWWWWWNNN!!! These people need to get a life. A life somewhere far, far, far away.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    lol this could be real :x

  5. 5

    It must just suck for her to look in the mirror everyday and know that she did that to her own face. No fixing that mistake such a shame.

  6. 6

    and mann i hope so, this is ridoculous

  7. 7

    Anything to get attention, just because she files somethings doesn't mean they will take it one step further this is just to show they aren't faking but they are their sick she's just as sick as he is. Stop reporting on those idiots

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Mmmmright. The fact that you and/or anyone else is reporting it pretty much answers your question about legitimacy….

  10. 10

    Losers! who cares!

  11. 11

    NOOOOOOOOO! They're my role-models for what a healthy, functional relationship should be!! What will this do to the institution of marriage?! If they split up I'm sure the public will start letting gays get married too!


    This is what's wrong with America. Seriously. Drown these people.

  12. 12

    How many famous people do you see walking out of a courtroom after filing for a divorce or seperation? ZERO! This screams Publicity Stunt.

  13. 13

    *For the record I'm totally Pro Gay Marriage.

  14. 14

    Not even! They did that to throw off the public.

  15. 15

    They realised no one was buying it so they stepped it up a notch…


  16. 16

    Was there ever a question that this "marriage" would end when their show and storyline did? IT IS 100 PUBLICITY, PEOPLE! Not the drama, but the whole thing.

  17. 17

    It's one of those things you hope is real, for our sakes and Heidi's, but you know it's a lie.

  18. 18

    They'll end up getting divorced during her show. Then they'll get back together, to later remarry, and it'll all be on their new show. Fame whores!

    Can we please stop reporting about these fucktards, so maybe they'll disappear?

  19. 19

    so true…as if she would go down there herself to do it…

    such a publicity stunt.


  20. 20

    I call BS. There is nothing to a legal separation, I'm sure she is just doing it because everyone is calling foul.

  21. 21

    Yawn! Stretch. Scratch—– next

  22. 22

    It isn't real, They know people are on to the crap and they want people to watch her next crappy show. If she really wants to be an actress she really needs to do a better job.

  23. 23

    It seems impossible in a way, they were so madly in love and all of that, but maybe they wanted us to buy that. OR maybe this woman is really tired of her husband.. who knows what's going on in her mind?

  24. 24

    Its still fake, things dont add up. And a legal separation is not filing for divorce, legal separation is her trying to make this look real even though its basically nothing more than a restraining order (which she needs from him) Sorry Heidi, 5 years down the road and you're still being mentioned in the media and your not with the little boy, i'll believe it, till then you've done nothing but lie to everyone to keep yourself famous. And no, its hard to believe those pics of you looking sad when your face barely moves and you shoved your ass at the camera.

  25. 25

    Total publicity stunt. No one wants to watch this fake, busted, 47 year old retired porn star looking, dumb ass bitch on any tv show.

  26. 26

    I believe I smell the pungent aroma of bullshit

  27. 27

    legal separation my ass, if she were really trying to get away she would have filed for divorce! GRADE A PUBLICITY STUNT

  28. 28

    playing the part……

  29. 29

    WHO CARES?! If it were real, her attorney would discretly file it for her, but since it's fake like her, she invited the paps to witness her filing her documents

  30. 30

    Please PLEASE quit posting about these two. PLEASE!

  31. 31

    Well of course, damage control for all the headlines stating they are laughing and the whole thing is fake. I mean they need a premise for her new stupid reality show and they blew it before it has even started. I don't care if they even get a legal divorce, it's still all for publicity. Don't they realize, together, apart, we DON'T CARE!!!!!!

  32. 32

    I truly don't think anyone cares except stupid tabloids like this.

    Most of us are so sick of these two people being shoved down our throats day after day after day.

    They're both messed up. THey are not deserving of any attention. They need help; not being glorified all over in the press. It's so stupid.

  33. 33

    Ugh. They married for money, she fucked up her body for money, they'll legally separate for money, they'll divorce for money. They're not right in the head.

  34. 34

    Heidi is busy licking Neil Fifer anyway. HAWT!!!

  35. 35

    She has the whitest teeth I ever came across.

  36. 36

    Montag = PORN!


  37. 37

    Re: redmond – lol great use of words!

  38. 38

    Fucking losers

  39. 39

    wow she needs help. they seriously aren't going to get more "famous" by letting people sniff them being so desperate.

  40. 40

    Every time ANYTHING comes out of either one of their mouths (or, mouth pieces) it sounds like an adult on a Charlie Brown show. "Blah blah. Blah blah blah blah." Don't care. Stop giving them so much print space.

  41. 41

    legal seperation, reality show where she lives the "single" life, she and spencer "hook up with other people" on the show (aka paid actors and actresses to pretend), they get in a fight over it, realize "they are meant to be", "renew their vows", new reality show about them reconciling and trying to make their marriage work. so obvious and typical of those famewhores. they are just trying to get more money since they are broke from buying things they couldn't afford trying to act like they are real rich celebrities.

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Spencer, for real this time!! And I know you read this comment sections!!! Kill yourself!! Most of the problems you have all go back to your miguided fondness for being alive. In fact, I would say that if you're Mother had the God given sense to have an abortion, none of us would be put through the pain of having to read bullshit stories about you. Let's be honest here for a second my friend…..you look like a gay Grizzly Adams. That alone should be enough of a reason for you to at least TRY to drown yourself! Is that really asking to much? Think of your fellow man instead of yourself for the first time in your already to long life!! I would even go as far as to say that you throwing yourself in front of a plane that's landing might even cure cancer and AIDS….or at the very least stop world hunger! And even with Heidi always having that vacant and ignorant look on her plastic face….she was still too good for you! Tell you what, I live in Chicago and I will take you out and hook you up with some crack whore who will no doubt at the very least give you syphilis, if we're lucky it'll be AIDS, but we'll start slow. If that doesn't work, we have all kinds of really tall buildings you can throw yourself off of! Look at it this way…..you'll one of those E True Hollywood Stories out of it!

    Just something to think about………………………..

  44. 44

    seperation… she wanted it to look real, but it's not so she's not filing divorce papers. duh.

  45. 45

    She probably started panicking that she hasn't been in the headlines for like a week and needed to do something again. But yeah I agree, she and Spencer have gotten married twice already, both on camera, so why not do it again?

  46. 46

    Thank Goodness, Spencer was really becoming irrational. It was truely an unstable realtionship and I'm happy she's getting out of it. I was so scared he would end up murdering her. :( I just hope she stays FAR away from that man.

  47. 47

    Who's Heidi Montag? What's a Spencer Pratt, that she would want to leave it? I thought they were dead. Didn't she do Red Barn ads? Wasn't he in Surf Side 6 as an extra? "Man with goofy look" or some credit like that?

  48. 48


  49. 49

    heidi - number one waste of air right now

    wax doll frankenstein whore

  50. 50

    I used to feel really bad and scared for heidi but as time progresses i wonder if she was in on this circus the whole time! This seperation doesnt mean crap… ppl can seperate without doing some legal crap to ensure the whole world will know. I think they are both just playing games and if noone watches heidis new show they will just have to go away.

  51. 51

    this wont last long. they are just doing this cause their income has dried up from the hills and nobody wants to hire a plastic bimbo or her psychotic husband. so they have to resort to breaking up to get news. they are both pathetic losers.

  52. 52

    Is she cast as the love interest in Code of Silence? I'm not sure it is legit or not. The director tweeted Pratt and Heidi regarding it. Don't want to blog about it if its bullshit.

  53. hebe says – reply to this


    Awh geez! Why do you even bother giving them attention? They need some serious smackdown

  54. 54

    One stupid fucked up plastic bitch…a.k.a. HORSEFACE!!!
    One stupid fucked up plastic bitch…a.k.a. HORSEFACE!!!
    One stupid fucked up plastic bitch…a.k.a. HORSEFACE!!!
    One stupid fucked up plastic bitch…a.k.a. HORSEFACE!!!
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    One stupid fucked up plastic bitch…a.k.a. HORSEFACE!!!
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    One stupid fucked up plastic bitch…a.k.a. HORSEFACE!!!
    One stupid fucked up plastic bitch…a.k.a. HORSEFACE!!!
    One stupid fucked up plastic bitch…a.k.a. HORSEFACE!!!
    One stupid fucked up plastic bitch…a.k.a. HORSEFACE!!!

  55. StayC says – reply to this


    desperate much?

  56. 56

    may be she went to court and changed her name to Titi's St. Claire?

  57. 57

    Another stunt from a very sick, desperate girl. The lengths she goes to for attention is really sad. She needs mental help.

  58. 58

    I was back and forth on believing them. But since reports came out that they were laughing at the sham, I'm not believing this for a minute. I'll believe when Heidi is pregnant by another man lol.

  59. 59

    Re: rineybeany – totally true

  60. 60

    I read that she tried to file in Malibu, but they don't even do divorces there. Plus, she turned in the papers in her own handwriting - it doesn't appear she has a lawyer. Stunt or not, she continues to look like one of the biggest idiots on the planet. BP notwithstanding.

  61. 61

    who gives a flying fuck. who the hell is she anyway 2 b putting up stories. she nor her husband haven't done anything, stop it the reporting n they will just fade away.

  62. 62

    Don't care

  63. 63

    Why wouldn't you just file for divorce?!

  64. 64

    They're seeing that everyone has caught on to their bull, and they're scrambling to do something that will "prove" they really are seperating. By filing for legal seperation, they can look like they are splitting up while not actually doing it. It's all for more publicity. They know we all know they aren't seperating, so they're doing what they can to convince us they are. No split means no single Heidi reality show which means no income for these douchebags. They're just trying to play the part so they won't end up on the street due to their money running out. Here's a thought: people sould stop giving them attention, and they'll go away. They are scum, and they do not deserve one ounce of attention. I'm hating myself for even posting about them.

  65. 65

    Publicity stunt?

    ***Cue in the "paparazzi" pictures ( i.e. that one photog from Pacific Coast News) of Heidi "looking sad", dressed up in her "Barbie goes to court" outfit…

    Moving on….

  66. 66

    who cares

  67. 67

    all i have to say is that this couple is sick! they might be better off with out each other.. sad to say I hope this is true

  68. ed69 says – reply to this


    yay! i hope its part of the new show ja ja

  69. Low says – reply to this


    Nooooooo! It's fake.. they know people are catching on and they are TRYING to stay a step ahead. It's all for her stupid show………….

  70. 70

    Heidi is an idiot! She's lost all of her friends and family because of her stupid effed up relationship with phsyco spencer…this is all a publicity stunt for her new show with jen "bunny" which I will NOT be watching, and I HOPE nobody will, so that these two morons can stop being brought up in the news…seriously PLEASE stop reporting anything about these two fake peices of shit!

  71. 71

    The only reason she filed for separation is because noone believes that they're actualy breaking up…she's just doing it for her new reality show…I wouldn't be surprised if they even went as far as having a nasty "divorce" and selling it to magazines to make money and then getting back together…you can't put anything past these two…they're too far down the road of crazy to look back. Her poor mother….Heidi says she wont talk to her mom because she embarassed her on national tv….here's a thought sweetheart…DON'T GO SEE YOUR MOM FOR THE FIRST TIME ON NATIONAL TV…she just told you the truth…i think every mother would say they love their kids the way they are…they created you…what kind of mother would she be if she said "god i'm so glad you got all that plastic surgery, you were so ugly before"…thankgod i don't have that relationship…she's ruined her life and all her relationships with everyone around her.

  72. 72

    JUST showed up??

  73. 73

    If it's not legit.. It needs to be,
    she neeeds to get away from him;
    if he's anything in real life, like he
    is on The Hill's..
    He's a crazy-creeper; for sure!

  74. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, legally, her filing now might mean that he has no claims on any of her income from her new show.

  75. 75


  76. KBGD says – reply to this


    she has to do this or it might jeopardize her upcoming show… what is a show about breaking up and moving out if you never broke up and everyone knows it! I call bullshit…

  77. 77

    Honestly, I think she was just waiting for the show to be over to get the hell out of there.. That, or maybe she's a little smarter than everyone thinks she was and he (or she) brought up a staged break-up for more publicity and they went with the idea and she used that opportunity to get the hell out.. Either way :) I hope she doesn't go back!

  78. 78

    P.S. I will TOTALLY be watching Heidi's new show, and the rest of you can suck it.