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518 comments to “Katy Perry Does NOT Like Ale-Ale-Jandro!”

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  1. 101

    TEAM Katy , Gaga is too much ,but i'm happy she is going to HELL

  2. 102

    Completely agree with Katy.

    Alejandro was completely tasteless

  3. 103

    Well if it takes Katy Perry to bash Lady Gaga for you to now start hating Katy, I'm all for it; I wish you hated her sooner. Why are people so selective about their opinion about the Catholic Church? When it's involving priests and alter boys, everyone's all, "Oh, boo, Catholic!", but when it's someone being "blasphemous" against them, it's "why is everyone always picking on the Catholic Church?" The thing about Perry is, she's a former Christian singer who grew up in a Jesus freak home and ditched her Christian image for fame. Guess what, Katy, singing a song about faux-lesbianism to sell records isn't all that funny, either.

  4. CAM5 says – reply to this


    Thank you Katy Perry for your deliciously huge boobs and your opinion on this topic. Gaga could have picked any shocking direction. Instead she did the same thing that so many people have done before her, bash the Catholic Church. It's boring and we already get it. Next topic…

  5. 105

    Gaga is sure as hell pushing it as far as it goes….

  6. 106

    Why aren't you calling out Gaga for copying other singers? You're perfectly happy to call other people (ahem, Christina Aguilera).

  7. 107

    dear katy perry- Bashing another artist to get ur own media attention is just as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke!

  8. 108

    CACA sucks! you are not Madonna ,not GOD ,fucking witch

  9. 109

    like Katy Perry should talk.. Now I know better and will never buy any of Katy Perry's singles, records, videos, etc. etc.

  10. 110

    Oh Katy the theologian……. did she think being a sudo-lesbo and "kissing a girl"last summer was suddenly ok with the catholic church?? My my put a little time between you and swappin spit with the ladies and suddenly your judge judy.

  11. 111

    Re: KalexiS – I don't think you can call it "supposed" blasphemy. She swallowed a rosary and wore upside-down crosses on her crotch, at the least. And Katy broke off from her religious beliefs a long time ago, why do you think she's singing about kissing girls? She's not offended because she's religious, she's just pointing out that using blasphemy in music videos and such has been beat to death and doesn't take a lot of thought to come up with.

  12. 112

    Katy Perry is another unimaginative and alleged Catholic. Contradictory, my dear slut.

  13. 113

    Katy is a Christian now, but she's engaged to a former drug and confessed sex addict who questions Christianity AND makes fun of purity rings. Hmmmm… Too bad her new video for California Gurls is not garnering the same amount of buzz.

  14. 114

    How is kissing a girl comparing to blasphemy…for many Christians, homosexuality is not wrong. I personally am not comfortable with the use of religious imagery in what I feel are inappropriate ways and I guess Katy agrees. isn't that a good thing about living in a free country, that we can have different opinions? And I don't see anything hypocritical about it.

  15. 115

    wasnt katy perry under fire by the church for her "i kissed a girl shit" hmmmm

  16. 116

    "I kissed a girl and i liked it", sorry but Katy's whole career is thanks to blasphemy. She is just jealous that as the days go on she is beginning to get more irrelevant and Gaga is getting more.. relevant. Katy Perry is soon to be a hasbeen. PS Alejandro is not her best work, but all in all - it is good stuff.

  17. 117

    Kissing a girl has nothing to do with religion. It's one thing when you do something that offends people of a certain religion. It's a different thing when you explicitly go after such religion

  18. 118

    And down goes Queen Miss perfect

  19. 119

    I appreciate her comment, because blasphemy is really offensive. I'm all for gay rights, but believers have rights too. If anyone uses racial slurs they are asked to apologize, but what about people who offend the Church on a daily basis? Double standards are just not acceptable.

    However, she's not one to talk. It sounds hypocritical coming from her!

  20. 120

    First of all, fart jokes kick ass. But, how is using catholic imagery blasphemous? She didn't tie herself to a cross like Madonna did or fuck Jesus or anything. Oh well, who cares.

  21. 121

    first of all lady gaga is catholic! second of all she was "dead' with the rosary in her mouth…a common practice to put rosaries in the mouths of the dead! Its not blasphemous WTF

  22. 122

    Can't stand Katy Perry, but….SERIOUSLY, this video is the ultimate in THEFT of ideas!!! Lady GooGoo is the most Acomplished Musical Idea and Identity Theif ever!!! This video has been done, much BETTER by Madonna cicra 1993!! GooGoo needs to drop out of sight if she cannot STOP stealing from everyone other entertainer!!! She is rediculous!!!

  23. 123

    Wow perez- if you are going to dump on everyone that criticizes gaga you are going to end up hating everyone. I am not even a fan of Katy, but let the girl have her friggin opinion.

  24. 124


    f#ck u perez fattazz + lady poopoo

  25. 125

    Re: Silverrboy – And her new BF is totally a foul mouthed ex-sex addict, so she's got that going for her.
    With that and the blue wig, you know that b!tch makes a lot of bad mistakes. Maybe talking is another of her mistakes. =)

  26. 126

    Please she is just jealous that ppl don't love her like they LOVE Gagaloo. This is excatly what happen to Madonna in the 90's ( Like a Prayer)! Get over it. This country is anything but "holy" so don't try and act all high and mighty now. Considering that katy perry promotes girls to kiss other girls, not b/c they are homosexual individuals, but b/c her "bf" likes it. That song is encouraging young girls to act like sluts to please men and that is a gross and inappropriate msg to send the our youth. So think about that Ms. PERRY

  27. 127

    Re: MJJ – haha i love you

  28. 128

    Katy Perry= cheap 99 cent store candy.

  29. 129

    Uh, you people are so stupid you make me cringe. Seriously, could you be more unintelligent? Clearly Katy Perry was not upset because of the misuse of Catholic symbols, she just considers the idea seriously outdated and the hugest cliché ever, thus the fart joke comparison.

  30. 130

    "I Kissed a Girl" is a using homosexuality as entertainment is as cheap as Mario licking someones @sshole…..which by the way he does quite often.

  31. 131

    Just like you were trying to cosy up to Courtney and Avril a while back,you try the same thing with Katy,eh schoolboy?Like Avril says "I've got a backbone stronger than you".I'm buying the "bad girls" stuff,and nothing this guy gets compensated for.

  32. Fabu says – reply to this


    Katy Perry, love you, girl!

  33. 133

    Re: berry89
    "she's just pointing out that using blasphemy in music videos and such has been beat to death and doesn't take a lot of thought to come up with."
    Well, it didn't take much thought to come up with a song called "I Kissed A Girl," did it? Jill Sobule did it better.

  34. 134

    I don't like it simply because the song sucks. It's a huge disappointment following "Bad Romance".

  35. 135

    Re: pepsepnepmep – You beat me to it…I was going to say the same thing. Can't wait to see how long it takes for him to start bashing her!

  36. Emesa says – reply to this


    Selling faux-lesbianism as entertainment is cheaper. Suck it KP

  37. 137

    @katy perry you need to shut the f*ck up. you're not talented in the least bit and nobody cares about you anymore. you were famous for two seconds because you "kissed a girl and you liked it" good for you. go marry you're twacked out loser boyfriend and disappear.

  38. 138

    Katy has never liked gaga so i don't really trust her opinion on that.
    Gaga is making an artistic statement. Something Katy doesnt go anywhere near. Which is fine. That's not her thing.
    Oh, I also hate it when artists blatantly criticize one another.

  39. 139

    Team Katy Perry!!! So glad to see I wasn't the only one that thought the video was shit. Seriously, it was just too much and it fucking ruined the song. I rather watch Katy Perry's cupcake bra than Gaga's flat chested guns. This video was just a little too much and Gaga WILL NEVER BE MADONNA!

  40. 140

    Lady Gaga much as I like her is not very original at all. No one is anymore it seems. Everything has been done in some form at one point. I don't see why Katie Perry give a shit but Gaga is not original. Good but not original.

  41. 141

    I LOVE how many people are here comparing blashemy (mocking a religion) to "kissing a girl". So basically you're admitting homosexuality is a sin? AND YOU'RE ON A GAY MAN'S WEBSITE…those of you doing this calling ANYONE a hypocrite is the pot calling the kettle black!!!!

  42. 142

    I think religion is anachronistic and dangerous and don't give a crap about this. Katy, however, was brought up in a devout home and religion is obviously important to her. The beauty of living in a free society. We can all have our own opinion.

  43. 143

    Katy Perry is obviously bitter over Lady Gagas attention outshining hers. We saw the MTV performance. SO YESTERDAY.

  44. 144

    Lol at Katy, she obviously felt stepped on, being Christian and all that nonsense. Blasphemy is one of the most important ways to express yourself.
    And she shouldn't talk about being cheap. "I kissed a girl and I liked it", and she isn't even bi!

  45. 145

    i love how all these mediocre bitches hate Gaga…
    …if only it were as entertaining as Lady's "Alejandro" video (wink).

  46. 146

    love em both, but Katy has a point

  47. 147

    Lady Gaga is in trouble with the Catholic Church.I believe MTV will ban this video for good.

  48. 148


  49. 149


  50. 150

    Kissing a girl and making sexual poses is one thing… Using images or dressing up like a Nun and using relion is not something else… I agree with Katy… im over her shock value crap

  51. 151

    Get ready to see a lot of hate posts about Katy Perry on this site. She criticized Lady Gaga.

  52. 152

    I'm sorry Katy, but you should be the last to talk. Didn't she use to sing church songs, then she came out with "I kissed a girl and I liked it." Uhh… selling sex and promiscuity to young kids isn't much better sweet heart.

  53. 153


  54. 154

    Who asked her opinion? Nobody because nobody cares what she thinks. Idiot!!

  55. 155

    says the one who wears a blue wig all the time

  56. 156

    Completely agree with Katy Perry..I have a new found respect for her. She really tells it like it is. That was my first criticism of the video..the whole "sex mixed with Catholicism" thing has been done by Britney, Lady GaGa and YIKES! even Xtina. I hate GaGa's Alejandro & Telephone Video. I liked GaGa much better when her first album came out..

  57. 157

    Re: MuffinLiRe: jenmadeline – Creative Freedom? By copying what Madona did YEARS ago. It is unoriginal and far from creative.

  58. 158

    Love GaGa.
    I Don't hate the video for blasphemy, it's just not impressive. Kinda a let-down for all the hype put out.
    She's trying REALLY hard to be weird now and it was better when she first started.

  59. 159

    Oh no what are you gonna do now Perez? Now Katy Perry has said something against you precious GaGa, are you gonna start hating on her too?

  60. 160

    Um…. Katy used to be a christian singer. She then stripped down to bikinis and sang about being a fake lesbian to get where she is today. That is the cheapest most pathetic thing I've ever heard.

  61. 161

    Re: Loewenstein
    Yes, thrill us with your acumen, Clarice. Clearly you're the most brightest bulb on PerezHilton.com

  62. 162

    Gagme is f*cking disgusting! I hate this song and the shit video. The song sounds like f*cking Ace of Base, and the video is totally Madonna. Now that Katy dissed Gaga, Perez is going to claim she has no talent and that she's just jealous of that freak, Gaga.

    Perez and Gaga are ugly and pathetic

  63. 163

    Yes, because the whole fucking world is Catholic or Christian. I mean come on. EVERYONE.



  64. 164

    Re: Calamity West – I know…the song was even more entertaining when Ace of Base came out with it!!! I love how the "copy cat" comments don't surface when Gaga does a video that looks like Madonna's for a song that sounds like Ace of Base. SOOOOO ORIGINAL!

  65. 165

    lady gaga is a cheap copy whore and the video and song sucks.

  66. 166


  67. 167


  68. 168

    they both suck and can you please remind katy that California is not Hawaii her song sucks!!

  69. 169

    Who gives a fuck about organized religion anyway. Its all going down

  70. mw says – reply to this


    Re: 99hatterr

    you're right. i was totally buying katy's comment till you reminded me of this. it's still true what she say but she is the pot calling the kettle black.

  71. 171

    I don't think the religious stuff is offensive at all- it's just dumb and it's been done. If anything is offensive in the video it's that a group of men appear to be throwing her around like a sex object that they are about to gang rape. I'm glad that women have made so much progress that now we can objectify ourselves. it's so 'empowering'

  72. 172

    I don't think the issue is who is the more saintly of the two, and who deserves to push the line further. The issue is that for some people, religion represents a form of life, and a moral structure, and a lot of things which are sacred. Not sharing or agreeing those values does NOT give you the right to mock them or insult them. Yes American is based on freedom of speech, when something needs to be said, but it's also based on respecting ideologies other than our own. Do I feel GaGa could have made the same point without the images, yes, but would we be talking about it now? probably not. But, of course, she's explain it as her breaking barriers… but for all her bravado, you don't see her offend other religious groups, like let's say, Muslims. Maybe she should prove how brave she is by doing something blasphemous regarding their religion… I mean, truly, they are the most oppressed women in the world, both culturally and religiously, why not try to push those boundaries? The answer obviously being that her motivation is not to incite change, but to get attention.

  73. 173

    And what the fuck does the video have to do with the song anyways!?

  74. 174

    Re: CruellaDeVil – i totally agree with you, although she's trying to make a point, it's a point that's been made before, and better, by Madonna 2 decades ago. I agree with you, if she wants to comment on female oppression because of culture and religion, she should have picked a Muslim motif, but of course, she's not brave / stupid / or as devoted to chance as she would like to say she is.

  75. iCR says – reply to this


    Why can't anybody say their opinion anymore without people quickly taking sides? That's her opinion, so what? Now you're gonna hate her because she didn't like the video? People this days are so immature.

  76. 176

    Re: GaGaooLala04
    good point!!!

  77. 177

    I agree with Katy! Yeah, she sings about kissing a girl, but she doesn't blatantly attack one specific religion. Katy Perry has fun with her music, which is what the summer's all about! not attacking religious groups for being homophobic.

  78. 178

    @ LizardKinG The cheap copy whore comment was null when you stole Lolly's avatar from deviant art.
    Hypocrisy doesn't suit you, lovely.

  79. 179

    I sure could use me some Avril about now.A little Unwanted,limencello and an ice cube,some of Canadas finest,and evidently the only female out there that hasn't dispatched "rock" to the recycle bin.

  80. 180

    Re: astor19 – agreed. Telephone and Alejandro sucks.

  81. 181

    Where is the outrage at Gaga for copying Madonna YET AGAIN?!

  82. 182

    BTW- the gun bra was just plain stupid.

  83. 183

    Katy is a dumb California gurl… shut up bitch

  84. 184

    It totally does sound like Ace of base lol

  85. 185

    Send her to Malta and let them lock her up for Vilification.

  86. 186

    I'm not really a fan of either, but good for Katy for saying what she really thinks. Perhaps Russell's rubbing off on her a bit.

  87. 187

    I remember Katy Perry making a fart joke on the red carpet at the VMAS… so much for that. Sad bc I like Katy Perry but her songs/image aren't super holy so NO need (or right) to be holier-than-thou.
    And let's be real, there are a ton of haters, but it's just a fact at this point- Gaga is invincible.

  88. 188

    She's right. My grandparents and parents are catholic and although I myself am not religious, I find Lady Gaga's video offensive. I'm offended on behalf on catholics.

  89. 189

    Shut up Katy

  90. 190

    I'm Catholic. Go to church every week. I don't think Miss Katy does, yet i don't really take Gaga's video to heart. It is all for entertainment (many may disagree with me) and i don't think Gaga's intention was to be rude or deemed to be displaying 'blasphemy'. However i do think she did make the conconscious and deliberate decision to cause controversy, but it's all part of her act right? I must admit i am quite a big Gaga fan whether or not that is un-religious of me.

  91. 191

    I didn't see the video but I don't see the big deal. Madonna did it and it had a big controversy too. She's our generations Madonna.

  92. 192

    Katy Perry is right!! Using religious iconography to try to "create" controversy is a pathetic ploy to get attention. The whole video looked like a mix of Madonna videos. And the song sounds like Ace of Bace. Not impressed

  93. 193

    i agree with katy.
    that type of "entertainment" actually limits Gaga's creativity.
    Only using the "shock value" as a method of entertaining.
    not how Michael Jackson did with Thriller.

  94. 194

    Oh please.. katy perry… with ur blue hair… go marry that ugly tard russell, get preggo, & become a fat hippo!!! With that outfit u were wearing during the MTV Movie Awards.. u sure got some baby makin hips.. ur big-boned & destined to become a u-binky!! lol!

  95. 195

    Re: naomib1 – agreed! read my comment!

  96. 196

    Tell your lovely madona want a be to take a note from your book and stop with the steeling of ideas, as we all know a little song by a much better artist with the title (Like a prayer).
    Go Katy Go!!!!!

  97. 197

    Re: Malfinnien – Before you go making comments about religion and countries, get your facts straight. You do not get arrested in Poland if you 'offend the faith', just because the country has morals, which I know some people may not like, does not mean that it is outrageous or dictatorial! Also if lady gaga went around being so blatantly disrespectful about another religion such as Hinduism or Islam then she would be forced to apologise and would most likely damage her career severely. Quite frankly as a Catholic I am sick of people thinking that it is ok to go around being disrespectful and rude about Catholicism, it is discrimination and it is not right.

  98. 198

    That clip was baaaaad… She was was like a corpse.

  99. 199

    Re: Nothing333 – Right on.

  100. 200

    she has a point…to a point. but before you go saying something about another persons art you need to look into what that person is trying to say. what does Gaga mean when she has catholic imagery in a music video? its not going to be something as simple as an 'f u to jesus' or something else of that nature. there is more behind the story and i dont think katy understands. Gaga is addressing an issue and katy couldnt see past the clothes to get it.

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