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518 comments to “Katy Perry Does NOT Like Ale-Ale-Jandro!”

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  1. 201

    Re: Silverrboy – I don't think the controversy is on the lyrics of the song…it's on the symbolism presented within the video… so even though KP did in fact sing about kissing girls, its not "blasphemy." Ergo, you can't compare they lyrics of KP's song to Gaga's protrayal of Christianity in the video….

  2. 202

    katy has a point of view, not a point.

  3. adt says – reply to this


    No matter what Lady Gaga does to be "edgy" she will always be terrible, trite, and contrived. Fake as fuck with terrible music.

  4. 204

    Who cares about the blasphemy? The video just plain sucked because Gags always tries too hard. This video had no context, just random imagery.

  5. 205

    Katy Perry > Lady GaGa. I'm sorry but Lady GaGa is more about shock value than actual music. I absolutely hate everything about her.

  6. Dale says – reply to this


    I dont care for Katy Perry but i agree with what she says

  7. 207

    Katy Perry is in no position to even comment on lady gaga, Katy Perry in comparison to lady gagas talent and creativity , Katy perrys Songs are fart jokes with a blue wig on.

  8. 208

    KATY PERRY IS AWESOME. good for her for standing up for what she believes in. GAGA IS NOT ORIGINAL…her music sucks…her videos are highly overrated…get ur head out of ur ass u moron!!!!

  9. 209

    never thought I'd say this, but I agree with Katy. The religious thing has been done. It's not so much of a shocker anymore.

  10. Faux says – reply to this


    Haha you "love" both but got no problem throwing Katy under the bus when its vs Gaga. Fake bitch you are

  11. 211

    Who used to use blasphemy as entertainment? Hmm whoever could it have been?……OH YEAH It was MADONNA!!!!! Once again this proves Lady Gaga is about as original as a piece of bread!

  12. 212

    I wonder how many days it'll be before he starts attacking his precious Katy Perry !

  13. 213

    She may be right but she's the WRONG girl to deliver the message…her lesbian song wasn't exactly holy itself.

  14. 214

    Any guesses as to how long it takes Perez to start bashing Katy? Haha

  15. 215

    I think she has a point. Using religious imagery is an unoriginal way to be shocking.

  16. 216

    I like neither of them. Gaga is trying way to hard to be Madonna 2.0, and Perry exploited her religious beliefs when she became famous. Pot Meet Kettle!
    I do agree with some of the other comments, I would rather take Gaga's song over Katy Perry. I never thought she could sing, and seriously "California Gurlz" is so completely juvenile. I don't get why people think shes so wonderful, and why she was named Maxim's sexiest.

  17. 217

    Kissing chicks and liking it has NOTHING to do with religion, you assholes.

  18. 218

    Katy is right on the money. I love Gaga but the video is bordering on tacky and offensive. The whole Catholic imagery thing is played out. We get it Gaga, you want controversy. But controversy at the expense of religion is tasteless. team perry.

  19. 219

    Jealous much?

  20. 220

    I like fart jokes.

  21. 221

    She is quite clearly jealous. She did worse using lesbianism to make herself famous and now she is slating Gaga for using religion as a theme, it's been used before and will be used again, she isn't exactly burning bibles. Katy Perry will never be as original or as talented as Lady Gaga and that clearly annoys her. I maybe like 4 Perry songs, Gaga hasn't written a bad song yet, that can stir jealousy.

  22. 222

    …this is true but you could say that faux-lesbianism is basically the same. never mind though, katy kicks gaga's ass. not only is she more talented and way more intelligent than gaga, but she looks like you could have a good night out with her. i imagine hanging out with gaga would become a very contrived affair rather quickly.

  23. 223


  24. 224

    @ British chick, KATY PERRY is original? are u kidding me she One is a MORE BUbble Gum pop and stylized than anything ever. LADY GAGA writes her own Music and performs like a goddess. I guess Brits don't have taste which is why u watch American Artist more than your own ^_^

  25. 225

    I like them both, though I didn't care for the Alejandro video - and I don't particularly care for the song.

    OTOH, I am trying to remember where I heard Katy's song before. Was it on Prince's Dirty Mind album, Diamonds and Pearls, or Sign o' the Times? Was it somewhere else? I like the song, but swear I've heard it before… but where?

    Anyway, religion's are kind of stupid. I mean, here's Katy pantomiming fellatio with the hand that has Jesus tattooed on it on MTV, ya know? Typically hypocritical Christianity.

    Ever since Katy became engaged to Mr. Winehouse, I've kinda lost a significant amount of fascination with her.

  26. 226

    fuck gaga and her attention whore seeking ass,people say shes and artist but shes not..just because she dresses like a dumass does not mean shes A FUCKING ARTIST!!

  27. 227

    i agree with Katy and i also hate GAG-ME's song it sucks! all her stuff sucks thought, but this is the worst

  28. 228

    Team Katy!

  29. 229

    Everyone thinks Lady Gaga is SoOoO original…but all she is doing is imitating EVERY THING MADONNA HAS DONE. We are all fools.

    Yes, Gaga can sing, but her WHOLE ACT is along the lines of what made Madonna…

  30. 230


  31. 231

    One has to hold something sacred to consider it even possible to act in a blasphemous way toward it. I do not hold Catholic ideals sacred, and I sincerely doubt Katy Perry does either, considering the content of her music and videos. What IS blasphemous in the Christian ideology is JUDGING ANOTHER PERSON FOR ANY REASON, because humans are inherently ignorant and biased. Like what you do every day, Perez lol.

  32. 232

    Re: speedy_g
    "Not sharing or agreeing those values does NOT give you the right to mock them or insult them."
    Actually our religious freedoms, as well our freedom of speech DOES give us a right to mock and insult them. Respecting ideologies is just part of your feel good philosophy. Those very same principles of which I spoke are the very same ones that allow people like Fred Phelps and other religious zealots to picket funerals of gays and soldiers, thus mocking and insulting their families. People seem to forget it can go both ways.
    And let's not pretend Madonna's use of religion in her videos was so profound. It was so calculated and contrived as well; they were meant to stir up controversy and attention toward her. The "deep" meanings behind them were just an afterthought.

  33. 233

    I love GaGa and everything she's done until now. Alejandro is a regurtitation of old Madonna filth.

  34. 234

    Why does anybody care what either of those bitches think? Talk about self importance!

  35. 235

    How is Perez going to handle this one? A feud between the two people I can only presume he is paid to be obsessed with (I can't think of any other explanation). On this one, Katy Perry is completely right: what a phony attempt at being shocking. It's like a lazy movie producer putting talking animals in a movie. For someone who tries so desperately hard to be shocking, Lady GaGa ended up with a huge lame clichee here.

  36. 236

    Katy Perry needs to shut her trap, good god… Get the hell over it.

  37. 237

    I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It just so happens that celebrities have access to the public and thus their opinions become public. Some will love the video and the messages Gaga is wanting to promote, others will find it offensive. This is the exact reason Gaga does videos like this-to get people engaged in discourse, public and otherwise. It's healthy to have differing opinions and perceptions, it's unhealthy and counter productive to persecute those who don't feel the same as you.

  38. 238

    I love the fact that Gaga is so WEIRD! Katy Perry and these other bitches are just pissed because Gaga uses her sexuality in an off beat sort of way and it's working-regardless of how grotesque it is at times. They can't because they don't have the balls/imagination to do anything but prance around in tween outfits and date other celebs. As for the whole "religious mocking's already been done before", well, saying religion is off limits is like telling artists they shouldn't sing about love anymore! Please.

  39. 239

    Katy Perry is a hypocrite, she got famous based on a cheap "shock" tactic too. 'Member when she made light of lesbianism?

  40. 240

    Lmao. Time for you to put Katy on your shit list fuckwad. She just committed an unforgivable sin in your book. This should be good. BTW, I flagged Bag Lady Gaga's video on YouTube since you tweeted about Christina's fans doing it. Thanks for the heads up. You're GaGa's worst nightmare.

  41. Aitor says – reply to this


    well said!!

  42. 242

    oh Katy, youre so jeal

  43. 243

    katy perry can choke on a dick! she is just hatin on gaga because she has not and never will be as successful like her

  44. 244

    Someone is looking for press.
    She's mad that Gaga is relevent and Perry is only known for who she dates. My Grandma knows who Gaga is, but doesn't know who Perry is to save her life. Everybody has a right to opinion and free speech, but don't talk trash about someone when you don't have leg to stand on. I thought you had a sense of humor, Katy?

  45. 245

    Maybe this has been said, but isnt calling Lady Gaga "Godga" blasphemous as well? Maybe she should distance herself from you both.

  46. 246

    Lady gaga is going to be a musical icon, whether you hate on her or not. Katy Perry does Proactive commercials… enough said.

  47. 247

    CruellaDeVil hit it on the head - Catholic bashing in the 21st century is sooooo easy and safe! Madonna did it back when it was actually controversial. This isn't about Katy vs. Gaga - it's about one artist calling out another for being lazy and safe. Wear a burka and burn a Koran next time if you want to be really challenging.

  48. 248

    pure jelousyy they all are jelous that gaga hasmade such an impact and all katy perry can do now is TWEET about it ! sad & pathetic katy now go marry your man hoee!

  49. 249

    Self righteous aren't we? Is it now Sister Katy Perry? Are you jealous of Lady Gaga? Of course, you are. Don't worry, you 'll never be as good as her.

  50. 250

    Too ironic. Katy has no room for piety- this chick is only relevant because she has nice tits. No one would give a shit about her if she was a B - cup, and she knows and that's why she has to make every appearance about her rack. No one wants to hear some one tit wonder get self righteous on another entertainer. She has no room to talk.

  51. 251

    Well I guess Katy's so offended because she's a former Christian artist who gave it up to kiss girls and sell out. Really, just let Gaga to Gaga.

  52. 252

    oh, and she's always been catty with Gaga. She's always been restrained with her praise cause let's be honest Gaga outshines the hell out of her. She had one hit, and she has no style and she can't dance or perform to save her life. All she can do is bounce the titties. Gaga perfoms and dances and sings great live in contrast, and is simply better than Katy. katy's putting her down strategically if you ask me.

  53. 253

    love how she wants to defend religion and god when she made millions on a song about her kissing a girl… not many christians or catholics like that either!!!

  54. 254

    quit hatin katy perry cause you wish you GAGA !

    you suck your music sucks your a wannabe and a poser so shut your mouth
    and stick to what you do best COPY EVERYONE ELSE dumb bitch !!!!!!!!!!!


  55. 255

    LOL Lady CaCa is a joke. Katy all the way. Why the hell does Perez take CaCa's side, no matter what?

  56. 256

    Re: GiLRiveou – Don't Generalise. You come across as if you have no insight into the British music industry. The British charts are full of British artists, there are quite a few American artists in the chart too, but they're many great British artists and bands who are extremly popular and star in many of the much apraised festivals.

  57. 257

    what i find funny about this… a few of KP's latest tweets are about farts and poo… and her hubby's particular brand of humor is hardly high brow!
    i hope this was a joke because i love them both! :(

  58. 258

    Ummmm…this isn't just cause I'm a Lady Gaga fan, but it's not like she was trying to be funny with this video…she was getting a message across ("Don't ask, Don't tell"??) Like…honestly, what is Katy trying to say here? That wearing a frosting exploding cupcake bra (remind anyone of gaga's fireworks bra?!) is BETTER than using Catholic symbols in your videos?

  59. 259

    fuck off katy
    what a deadshit

  60. 260

    Oh, Gaga. You really never cease to amaze me. Whilst the video is completely off the wall on a dark sense (as if my life could get any better), on top of that, you've successfully pissed Katy Perry off. Another reason to love you even more. Blasphemy? Be raised Roman Catholic your whole life, and lets fucking discuss some blasphemy, you talentless bitch. "I kissed a girl…" Hm..only reason you're famous..(as if bisexuality had never been discovered..) Pretty fucking sure the Bible is against all forms of sexuality that don't involve a member of each sex–and even that has guidelines. "Using blasphemy as entertainment.."-Katy Perry herself, on Gaga….I'M SORRY. WHAT DID YOUR FIRST SINGLE DO, EXACTLY? You may want to remove your foot from your mouth, you stupid, envious, talentless fuck. xoxo -Noelle

  61. 261

    2 untalented skanks, can't wait until their 15 minutes are up

  62. 262

    I feel like there is no point in taking sides. I love Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, both are EXTREMELY talented in their own ways. I personally didn't like the Alejandro video either. Lady Gaga always takes it up a notch in her videos and i've loved every single one besides this one. Katy may have her own personal reason for not liking it but thats no reason to hate her. I'm sure Lady Gaga would respect everyones opinion so you all would do well to do the same.

  63. 263

    excuse me? What about the Fathers that sexually abuse of little children? Seriously, why are you attacking GaGa's video when reality is way scarier than fiction?. Katy Perry is just stupid. If she really were that religious she couldn't have sung "I kissed a girl" in the first place. She should keep her comments to herself, I bet her mouth is bleeding.

    And please, stop talking about catholicism, just look back and see how many ppl have died in the name of their god, a religion made out of innocent blood and violence. I don't believe in a vengeful god, the God that I believe in is the one that loves, gives hope and pushes us to care for each other and for every single life on earth.

    Just shut up and stop being sheeps.

  64. 264

    and pretending to be a lesbian isn't cheap? Get over it, bitch.

  65. 265

    PLEASE!! The Catholic Church has been HIDEOUS to the gay community for CENTURIES. It isn't entertainment, it is making a point. Katy abuses poor fruits and veggies to entertain…and has been doing the same boring shtick for a long time. She is just jealous she doesn't have half the creativity that Gaga does!

  66. 266

    Re: bich45 – Ummm Have you ever heard one of her live performances? she sounds better live than on her CDs

  67. 267

    once again he sticks up for her when this song is a rip off of Madonna's La Isla Bonita or sounds like it not to mention the video is a total madonna rip off, she did it first with the whole cross andpointy bras. But you dont slam her and have it in for christina oh and Bionic last I checked was #3 on Itunes so suck it!

  68. 268

    Re: alabama – i also would think lady gaga taking a poo on stage was amazeballs:))))

  69. Stepy says – reply to this


    Re: 99hatterr – And someone needs to teach you how to spell it.

  70. 270

    Lady Gaga is amazing. Stfu Katy Perry. Seriously… "California Gurls" makes me want to jump off a bridge.

  71. 271

    Re: redribbons – I completly agree! I know alejandro may have a very similar concept to Madonna's Like a prayer and may appear to look like Madonna's Vogue, but like you said just because one artist has highlighted a subject, in this case relgion, doesn't mean from then on it's off limits. The subject of half naked woman dancing around egotistical men is never deemed as a 'blatant copy' of other artists however it is overally repeated.

  72. nutz says – reply to this


    she sure does have a point! gaga is being just ridiculous in this new video, what the hell is her point anyway?

  73. 273

    I'm Catholic and I still loved the video. People are wayyyy too sensitive.

  74. 274

    Wow I never thought I'd say this, but I really respect Katy Perry right now. It's about time someone had the balls to say something critical and truthful about "her highness". It's like everyone is afraid to disagree with the Nazi party that is CaCa's groupie army. Sad that now Katy will likely have psycho perez and GagGag's minions trying to destroy her just for speaking her mind, but take it from Xtina, they really have no power at the end of the day, Bionic is showing up #1 all over the world. Hopefully this is the beginning of the inevitible backlash against BlahBlah's reign! Let's bring her and Fat Ass down and see how THEY like it. BTW, could the bitch look like more of a fucking eat?! For fuck's sake, was her mother raped by a fucking jackyll or something. BARF!

  75. 275

    I don't think a grown woman with blue hair is in a position to be calling anyone cheap. Except perhaps Marge Simpson; she's a class act.

  76. 276

    hahaha. total hypocrite! She lied about kissing a girl to get attention!!!!

  77. 277

    Re: 99hatterr – …LOL. 'Genuine thought', I HATE it when people pretend like Lady Gaga is some profound, thought-provoking artist. She's not. She makes catchy music and uses outrageous get-ups to steal people's attention. There is nothing profound about Telephone, about it's video, or Alejandro.

    I like those songs, too. I like Gaga. But her Little Monsters make me want to roll my eyes. Lady Gaga isn't special. At all. She's a passing fad. And the music video for Alejandro was retarded - the catholic imagery had nothing to do with the song, and no continuity throughout the length of it - it was just there for shock value. Except, OH WAIT.

    Everyone and their mother picks on the catholic church, so it's hardly daring and original.

  78. 278

    I suppose now that Katy Perry has said something negative about Lady Gaga that now you're going to start badmouthing her and Russell Brand, hmm?

  79. 279

    There is a difference between attacking a wildly held belief, and attacking a specific religion. Homosexuality vs Catholics.

  80. 280


  81. 281

    Team Katy!

    Katy-haters : Stop equating sexuality with blasphemy.Gaga crossed a line in this case and kudos to Katy for speaking up.

  82. Dia22 says – reply to this


    Alejandro isnt really that offensive… its just not a good video. Prolly will get the least airtime out of all her videos. GaGa needs to go back and do more videos like Paparazzi. She tried to do dark and edgy with this new one, but it just turned out weird and confusing. Better luck next time.

  83. 283

    If ms perry is so worried about adhering to christian pricipals…..she needs to get the fuck out of the music biz……..she wasnt raised catholic, as was gaga, who has every right to use such imagery in any way she sees fit…..katy is just jealous……and comparing her simplistic california gurlz song to alicia keys newyork is the real blashemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. 284

    SHE IS SO RIGHT! I'm not religious but even I am offended by Gaga's stupidity and lack of respect!

  85. Zappy says – reply to this


    Does anyone notice an eerie similarity between GaGa's rise to fame and Madonna? La Isla Bonita - Alejandro controversy with the catholic imagery and Like a Prayer's controversy with having Saint Martin de Porres kiss Madonna…GaGa's next step will probably be to put out a coffee book similar to "Sex".

  86. 286

    fuck katy

  87. 287

    I am the biggest Lady Gaga fan in the world but even I do not like the video. It misrepresents gays as flamboyant freaky men walking around in high heels, whilst also taking the piss out of religious groups. She did this to cause controversy, obviously, but bad controversy is not always good. I actually think since Bad Romance she's lost her edge. I fell in love with the lady gaga from the Poker Face late 2008 early 2009 era, if I hadnt loved her back then and saw her now for what she is, I don't think I would be her fan. I hope she sees sense and realises that not every damn video has to be 10 minutes long and so thought out and contrived. This just ended up looking like a load of random clips put together which made no real sense to me. Alejandro is a fun simple song and should be treated as such, the video is just totally over the top and does not correspond with anything in the song imo. Shame since it was my fav song off the album too…but I guess some people change for some and not for others..

  88. 288

    Yes it is one’s right to feel offended by what they perceive to be blasphemous. However, it does no good to pass judgment on another’s religious values except perhaps to make themselves feel better about themselves.

  89. 289

    Modonna "just like a prayer" much? Lady Gaga original? hmmm

  90. 290

    oh.. how pathetic that katy perry has no other way to stay relevant than to bash on artists with actual talent… i feel bad for her

  91. 291

    Being raised Catholic I would have to agree that the Catholic Church (as well as Evangelical, Anglican, etc.) are blasphemous in their own rights. They have perverted the original intent, message and even writings of the original Christians. But so have many large & rich sects of Islam and Judaism.

  92. 292

    Good for Katy. I have no idea why Madonna and her copycat Gaga have to mock people's religious beliefs. Has her shock value, which is her bread and butter, already worn off?

  93. 293

    some people on here really need to learn what the word "blasphemy" actually means, before they start attacking Katy for being a 'hypocrite'. she's right btw.

  94. 294

    Calling ALL YOU TUBERS AND katy perry FANS AND haters!

    Search for "I Kissed a Girl Live" with Katy Payola in the Yellow romper-Beyotch is FLAT chested there. Proof that the bitch tapes her chiken fillets into her clothing and smashes those saggy B/c cups down.

    DD my ass! fUCKING LYING SACK OF tone deaf shite. You were so sure katy that you were the next madonna, even bitch Couric was kissing your flat ass and yet Lady Gaga was the one who took her place and killed it! NOT YOU! You don't have Gaga's intellect, pop culture literacy and you don't have the freedom that she had growing up to explore and think for herself. The friggin Jesus freaks will always control your flat ass Katy, along with Russell. Most of all Gaga is not SO DESPERATE for a man that she writes his name in the sky and talks about her sex life to British tabloids like a good whore.

    You are a nothing Katy Payola, nothing but a manufactured corporate music whore. You'll never have Christina Hendricks' tits and you'll never be respected.

  95. 295

    Katy couldn't be more right

  96. 296

    she's right!

  97. 297

    Re: Northshore – Katy perry is a b cup! zgoogle I kissed a girl live in the yellow romper-no tits on Katy without chicken fillets and ortho dial a pack.

  98. 298

    i love the song but not the vid:
    1st : there's no link between song and vid
    2nd: I do understand che wants to impress but that is a bit too much.

  99. 299

    Calling ALL YOU TUBERS AND katy perry FANS AND haters!

    Search for "I Kissed a Girl Live" with Katy Payola in the Yellow romper-Beyotch is FLAT chested there. Proof that the bitch tapes her chicken fillets into her clothing and smashes those saggy B/c cups down.

    DD my ass! fUCKING LYING SACK OF tone deaf shite. You were so sure katy that YOU were the next madonna, even bitch Couric was kissing your flat ass and yet Lady Gaga was the one who took her place and killed it!

    NOT YOU!

    You don't have Gaga's intellect, pop culture literacy and you don't have the freedom that she had growing up to explore and think for herself. The friggin Jesus freaks will always control your flat ass Katy, along with Russell. Most of all Gaga is not SO DESPERATE for a man that she writes his name in the sky and talks about her sex life to British tabloids like a good whore.

    You are a nothing Katy Payola, nothing but a manufactured corporate music whore. You'll never have Christina Hendricks' tits and you'll never be respected. Once you go off the pill you'll be a flat chested nobody again in a Yellow romper.

  100. 300

    TEAM KATY all the way

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