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518 comments to “Katy Perry Does NOT Like Ale-Ale-Jandro!”

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  1. 301

    Using lezploitation is a cheap form of entertainment, katy perry.

  2. 302

    Love that Katy!!!

  3. 303

    lady gaga should die in a fire and perez too btw, coz im tired of that dumbass deleting my posts just coz i say the truth about gaga. Talentless ho.

  4. 304

    I love gaga but that video was bad bad bad!

  5. 305

    Re: 99hatterr – Kissing a girl is not exactly blasphemy.

  6. 306

    Re: noellealexis – NOELLE FTW!!!

  7. 307

    Re: ba-buttons – Since when did it matter who sold more ? That's not the point. Lady gaga tries wayyyyyyy too hard. trying to be madonna. ay ya yai.

  8. 308

    Isn't you "Kissing a girl" blasphemous as well? I like some of your work but for now, you just sound like a jealous little bitch.

  9. 309

    Re: zooby – totally agree

  10. 310

    Pot calling the Kettle Black????

  11. 311

    she has a right to her opinion. just cause you thik lady gaga is awesome doesnt mean that everyone has too.

  12. 312

    I agree 100% I am glad Katy does not feel like she needs to kiss ass. Are you listening Perez?

  13. 313

    whos the tranny in the blue wig

  14. 314

    But starting out as a Christian artist only to switch gears and breakout with a song exploiting bisexuality isn't cheap?

    Also, Madonna did this. A lot. I'm not calling Gaga a 'copycat' or anything in the least, I love the video. But Katy, c'mon, no need to make a stink about this when it's NBD.

  15. 315

    Bout fucking time someone called the stank that is ButterFace shit! Team Katy/Xtina!!

  16. 316

    Re: wuuush – agreed

  17. 317

    Re: likwidshok77 – you may want to look up the meaning of the word. yes in some religions homosexuality may be considered a sin, but it is not blasphemy.

  18. 318


    Gaga speaks the truth in the video. Archaic religions like the catholic church are irrelevant. A bunch of old men that let pedophiles molest young kids? They let them do it over and over.
    That is not g-d like in any way.

    I support Gaga on this point.

    I just all respect for Katy………….deleting Katy itunes.

  19. 319

    Homosexuality = against gods will, therefore blasphemous. Take it up with the bible, not me. FYI, atheist writing here. Ask any bible thumping lunatic…katy kissing a girl is blasphemous.

  20. 320

    im not against a little light blasphemy but i do see what she means about it being 'cheap'. its something anyone and everyone can do, its kind of been done to death. its not even as if Lady Gaga is saying anything new or making any real point with her use of religious imagery - it just another supposed taboo for her to tick off her list.

  21. 321

    I agree with Katy on this. Love Gaga, but that isn't a very original direction to go.

  22. 322

    Fuck Katy. GaGa for the win. What's life without pushing some boundaries. Go cry about it Katy, I'm sure nobody else cares.

  23. 323

    Katy is so self absorbed didn't she sing I kissed a girl WTF Katy P? make some fucking sense!

  24. 324

    Copy Madonna much?

  25. 325

    I don't think it's as big of a deal as people are making it. I think this is just Katy's way of expressing how she feels about the video. She clearly doesn't like it, but that doesn't mean she believes others shouldn't. I like the video, but I respect Katy's opinion.

  26. 326

    religion Madonna.. she eats Madonna.. shes funny.

  27. 327

    Katy Perry is such a fucking poser. Blasphemy? Really? That's the road you're taking your double standards down?? Moron.

  28. 328

    If Lady Gaga had even the slightest talent, she could pull off the gimmick and it would be as brilliant as everyone makes it out to be. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the talent so its all just gimmick. I love her politics and that she's out there, and god knows others have made major careers out of it, so good for her if she can sustain it. Unfortunately, the way she will sustain it is by more gimmick.

    Prove me wrong though Gaga - come out with an album that has NOTHING to do with your image. Prove that you have talent that goes beyond dressing funny and being provocative. I think some of these other performers are just calling her out on it - shit talking them isn't going to make her any more talented

  29. 329

    Wow… Generally I don't comment on these posts but I just had to this time.

    You people are insensitive jerks.

    Just because you are on the internet hiding behind your avatar does not give you the right to insult these lovely talented ladies as so.

    Every other comment has tranny, bitch, fuck you, stupid cow, hoes.. Etc.

    Have we gone back in time? To place where any of this was acceptable.
    The sad thing is I pretty sure most of you have the right sense to not do this out in the real world. You know it's wrong but since you know that no one can sock you in the face through the computer screen you'll type this shit.

    For all those insensitive commentators: I feel sorry for you.

  30. 330

    I agree just because gaga is perez man that doesnt mean he or she has to defend her all the time. Katy is right and to be honest eating a rosary is devilish and mean.

  31. 331

    Not a fan of either "artist" and not a Catholic either but gotta side with Katy. Mocking God is only asking for trouble. So Katy's getting slammed for saying this, yet has a song about kissing a girl? Guess what, we all sin in some way or another but there's a huge difference between sinning and blasphemy.

  32. 332

    Katy is a jealous bitch.. and a hypocrite, her songs are shit and she's so fugly.

  33. 333

    boy, i wish someone would have talked gagaloo out of doing that…seems unecessary. leave that kind of publicity crap for skanks like madonna

  34. 334

    Katy, you are a one-trick pony. Step off.
    Kinda disappointed with GaGa as well.

    Nothing wrong with stepping boundaries and poking some fun at the Catholic Church.

    And the last time I checked, hypocricy was something that you should check out before you speak out. Katy isn't all sweet and innocent.

  35. 335

    She has a point. Alejandro sounds really like ACE OF BASE. Team KATY!!

  36. 336

    its a fucking music video. get over it.

  37. 337

    there is nothing wrong with insulting the Catholic Church, its ridden with pedophilia. The next step in human evolution is losing all this religious bullshit.

  38. 338

    fuck both of them.

  39. 339

    I just dont even get the song alejandro… but I see why people can dislike the use of religion to show on a video, it doent matter which religion, I think is offensive

  40. fiera says – reply to this


    I think Katy should shut the fuck up. If anything, Gagita ripped off Madonna a little bit in that video using the idea with Catholic imagery and with the outfit with the short blond wig and trousers. If Katy is going to slam Gagita, then she is slamming Madonna too!!!!! Hey Katy, I think having an unoriginal idea of a song called I Kissed a Girl, which Jill Sobule performed over 15 years ago, is way cheaper than using blasphemy as entertainment!!!!

  41. 341

    For once this hack is right. Katy Perry can't hold a tune like gaga but gaga is blasphemy like crazy ALL THE TIME not sure if its her idea or her labels..

  42. 342

    Katy Perry wasnt blasting SEXUALITY just that she thought what Butterface did was a cheap shot to take in order to stay relevant and "different"…any moron could see that…except many Gagme fans apparently. Freedom of speech bitches!

  43. jham says – reply to this


    Yep - she does. It was Like a prayer on acid with a little express yourself thrown in at the end. It was not thought provoking, just cheap and insulting to protestant and catholic fans alike.

  44. 344

    Who cares?! They are both enormous tools with no originality and all gimmick! They are doing the same thing but in different ways. No musical authenticity..What a sad state for pop music…

  45. 345


  46. 346

    Katy is right… the whole devil worshiping thing is soo old news…

  47. 347

    I think is a great Video. I am Catholic and I am fine with it, It's just a video.

  48. 348

    Lady gag is such a Marilyn Manson wannabe and looks exactly like him with her jacked up teeth. Pathetic.

  49. bevyx says – reply to this


    totally agree KP!!

  50. jham says – reply to this


    Re: CruellaDeVil – I agree. "Artists" seeking attention always go for Catholicism because it's an easy target that for some hypocritical reason or another is "pc" to offend. They don't dare go there with the Jewish religion or Islam. Why would they? They would be considered anti-Semitic or racist, which is bad and then nobody would worship them anymore. There's NO truth here - no art. Just cheap offensive shots for publicity. I expected more from her. Oh, and ps, I'm offended. Not personally. Not because she's making fun of MY religion. But because it's just offensive to see somebody so blatantly disrespect something I have reverence for. It's just not nice. I mean, I still love Lady GaGa, but I have no intention of watching that video ever again.

  51. 351

    its true
    i think is a desperate try to keep innovating, but gaga reaaly fucked up with this one. i do not support gaga

  52. tasha says – reply to this


    Once again GaGa copying Madonna. It's never right to be blasphemous for entertainment. Katy is absolutely right. GaGa is getting sickening.

  53. 353

    Umm Kety needs to stfu ! because she got nothinn On Gaga so she needs to relaxx i mean i love katy but when it come to gaga, dont try to play her cuz you will get attacked my us Mosters, soo Katy stfu and go kiss your uglly ass boyfriend thank youu xoxo Love you gaga

  54. 354

    says someone who wrote a song about kissing a girl…hypocrite. I'm not a religious person but I know a real christian or cathloic when I see one and Katy Perry you ain't it. Besides it's called artistic expression. Not everyone believes in what you believe. Get over it.

  55. 355

    im catholic….
    and i dont give a flying fuck
    lady gagas videos are so entertaining all the time
    i love her

  56. 356

    Re: Chandler

    I agree. I don't care much for the catholic church. Katy Perry sucks ass and her that lesbian song was soooooooo annoying And crap just like her.

  57. 357

    Katy Perry was such a bitch on AI, i still cant get over how her no talent ass ripped into people even worse than simon. not a big fan of gaga, havent even watched the video, but fuck katy perry. you got off on the controversy of i kissed a girl, let gaga have her turn. oh, and why are you even still around?

  58. ximon says – reply to this


    team katy………………..alejandro sucks

  59. 359

    i dont hate either of them, they are allowed to have their own opinions but its funny since they are called MUSIC ARTISTS , Ms. GaGa is expressing herself as an artist and Katey does the same thing. whether its wearing wigs and singing songs about i kissed a girl.. to lady gaga pushing the extreme. someone has to push the standards..

  60. 360

    Katy-Jealousy is a disease.Get well soon BITCH.

    How about you dueting with a rap artist that does nasty hardcore porn films.
    Your songs fucking suck-what talent have u got ?????????


  61. 361

    she does have a point but who is she to talk? i mean, I kissed a girl? shes not like the Vaticans favorite either

  62. 362

    Gaga's video is obviously controversial. As to the similarities to Madonna's video, they were directed by the same person, so there are going to be congruencies. Also, I am a practicing Catholic, but I did not find the video offensive. It was obviously meant to make a statement, and it did. The theme was homo-erotic military, which brings to mind the controversy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the US which has been prevalent in the past few months, and which Gaga has commented on. Maybe Gaga was trying to show that some of the ideas of the Catholic Church are antiquated, and how cruel it is to discriminate against gays. She certainly did it in a shocking manner, but who would listen if she tried to demurely make a point? She uses her music and her imagery to convey her beliefs, and people may not agree with her, but she is trying to make a difference.

  63. 363

    Madonna already did the religion/blasphemy thing to make a point and she did it much better. I'm not a Christian, but I find anyone taking shots at any other's religion tacky and pointless. The song is so good - wasn't there another angle that would be more artful?

    I'm with Katy - it's the lowest common denominator to get a reaction. Gaga is better than that. I don't need to see the vid again.

  64. 364

    Gaga's video was artistic genius - you go girl!! We don't care what Katy Perry thinks.

  65. JSTA says – reply to this


    Fundamentalist or not, what is art and freedom of expression of one, could be offensive to another.

  66. 366

    Katy Perry is a moron and totally jealous of gaga. PS- Katy's newest single is a cheap piece of shit.

  67. 367


  68. 368

    I don't give a shit about GaGa… But knowing Katy Perry used the word blasphemy in a serious way makes me like her less. I didn't know she was particularly religious, let alone had a problem with freedom to criticize religion. Gross.

  69. 369

    Maybe Katy is talking about her FIANCE, and his comparing himself to JESUS in Get Him To The Greek?????????????????????????

    Everything about her career is CHEAP. I can't believe a chick putting out a video with whip cream coming out of her bra is starting a "who's cheap and tacky" fight with someone.

  70. 370

    Would GaGa do the same act with Muslim imagery? It's just disrespectful.

  71. 371

    "I mean, here's Katy pantomiming fellatio with the hand that has Jesus tattooed on it on MTV, ya know? Typically hypocritical Christianity."


  72. 372

    She does have a point and she does have a right to an opinion. The song AND video sucks.

  73. 373

    BITCH PLEASE.. as if you didn't pull the lesbian "I kissed a girl" card to get fans. You're no better, and you suck at live performances. Way to butcher your new single at the MTV movie awards.

    All I gotta say is, if you're gonna diss someone.. make sure you're not a pot calling a kettle black first.

  74. 374

    Re: ba-buttons – Singing about kissing girls is one thing. Blasphemy is unforgiveable. What GaGa is doing is wrong. Gaga is trying to be a updated Madonna and she's far from it.

  75. 375

    fuck katy perry. i just don't get it. no originality.

  76. 376

    Re: zooby – This has nothing to do with Christina. why must you mention her in every GaGa post. You need to get a life! And as for the Katy comment, I hate when celebrities try to act holier than thou. I know this bitch does not think she's perfect!

  77. 377

    Katy is just jealous that Gaga can actually SING…and play a musical instrument…and write her own damn songs…and have actual TALENT. She has way more creativity than wearing a blue wig on her head. Katy makes my ears bleed everytime I hear a live performance.

  78. 378

    Re: Silverrboy

    are you capable of logical thinking? Deep throating a rosary and fucking a cross= blasphemy, mocking a religion etc.

    Singing about kissing a girl = a sin…in no way taking sacred objects and defiling them.

  79. 379

    He who is without sin cast the first stone

  80. 380

    People need to stop pulling the originality care against GaGa. She never claimed to be original, she's merely exposing previously shunned subcultures to the public through pop music and fashion. I have immense respect for that.

    As far as Katy's comment goes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'm going to have to disagree. She's the last person to be talking about morals or artistic merit. GaGa's bridging Catholic imagery and homo erotic elements to point out the Church's negativity towards the gay community. Equating equal rights to a fart joke really shows me Katy Perry's finely tuned intelligence.

  81. 381

    Re: theNumberOfTheBeast – Hey spawn of satan…STFU

  82. 382

    Re: sanfranguns

    Gaga needs to prove something to you?

    Lets say please any other artist do the same thing as Gaga.

    Go ahead and do it!.


    Enough said!

  83. 383

    Re: pepsepnepmep – STOP HATING

  84. byho says – reply to this


    you forgot to mention that gaga copy madonna… with the whole catholic thong..and of course the latin song… remeber.. but i bet if christina did that you would be talking smack!!

  85. 385

    …And using pseudo-lesbianism as entertainment is just as cheap. Anything to sell records.

  86. byho says – reply to this


    it was done already !!!!! madonna!!!! madonna!!!! way if christina would of done the video .. you would of acuse her of copying!!!

  87. 387

    Team GODGA suck it katy!!!!!!!!!!who are u one to judge just caus russel wants to bone gaga.

  88. 388

    shes paying omage to madonna ..shes just jelous because shes not as entertaining as gaga a blue haired hater .

  89. 389

    Re: 99hatterr

    "someone needs to teach this girl the meaning of the word hypocrasy…"

    Someone needs to teach you the spelling of the word hypocrisy

  90. 390

    uh oh, somebody dissed your only friend. Time to get your panties in a twist

  91. 391

    Look at how fast you turn on your "friends", nice.

  92. 392

    I was listening to the radio and heard gaga's new song and thought "oh wow this reminds me of la isla bonita" then I read this about the catholic stuff.. "oh wow didn't madonna do this before?" Gaga seems to be copying someone. Hm.

  93. 393

    I haven't seen the video yet (which I am excited to watch in a few min) but I have to agree w/ Katy. Not with the way she put it, necessarily (lol)but, yeah, nothing cool about sacrilege. Sorry. It does make me cringe. Though I'd have to see exactly what this concerns in the video in order to draw an opinion on "Alejandro." And…still i wonder if Katy is the one to be saying this? hehe

  94. 394

    And here ends Perez's love affair with Ms Perry.

  95. 395

    I think Katy has a point, I still love GaGa's stuff, but they really could've done this video without all the religious stuff…Katy is right, GaGa should've handled that part of the video different, but the rest of the video is great as always.

  96. 396

    katy is rght…. poor lady gaga the only thing you havent used yet to gain publisity was that now you have done it all….

  97. 397

    I think it was pretty rough- i am not a holy roller but it just had a lot of negative images-i am not catholic but it was rough-dressed as a nun having an orgy-what is wrong with that picture???

  98. 398


  99. 399

    It is her own opinion and you don't have to believe her

  100. 400

    Oh my gosh Katy I'm so disappointed in you. Didn't you take a ton of flack from churches for 'kissing a girl and liking it?' Its only blasphemous if you follow that religion. I don't believe Gaga did it for entertainment purposes as much as to make a point. Really surprised you of all people don't get that. Must be your parents talking.

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