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518 comments to “Katy Perry Does NOT Like Ale-Ale-Jandro!”

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  1. 401

    I can't get over how bitchy Katy Perry was on idol, I really hate her personality. It's funny how she's complaining about the religious imagrey but it's okay to exploit bisexuals and lesbians in a song.

    I love the Alejandro video but it's not like we haven't seen catholic imagery used in such a manner before. She did it in her own Gaga way really . Also Katy Perry has an album to promote, might as well trash a mega popular artist to get to number one.

    Note how Gaga also doesn't have any thing to say to the haters really. That's keeping it classy personally. :)

  2. 402

    katy perry is a dingbat she is so annoying

  3. 403

    Katy is correct, PS, Gaga is only re-living "like a prayer" imagery, Express yourself, Rhythm nation, blah blah blah.. the list goes on and on and on… She's not original, and it's all a cheap ploy to get attention. The song sucks, so it's obvious as to why she has to pull such over the top antics.

  4. 404

    i like both of them
    but i'm pretty sure katy's only diggin at her out of jelousy
    lady gaga get 100 time more attentio then her
    katy's at the point where she tells the press she will be performing
    naked on stage, i don't think she is in a state to saying blasphemy
    she kissed a girl and 'One person's blasphemy is another's cupcake bra with exploding frosting'
    but the film was slightly queer

  5. 405

    also that pic of katy
    dead ringer of heidi montag 3.0
    at Pure nightclub

  6. 406

    It looks like GaGa watched Madonna's "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" which documents her ReInvention Tour 2004… GaGa's "vogue" outfit is the exact same outfit Madonna wears in the Like a Prayer/Imagine segment of ReInvention Tour…and the bed/imagery of the heart is straight from the Klein directed opening of ReInvention Tour, "The Beast Within"- from Madonna/Klein's 2003 exhibit "XtATic Process"… the male dance sequence reminds me of "express yourself" too (the Blonde Ambition version as well as the video). Overall, I like to dress up and act like Madonna too- so obviously I love the video- but come on it is clearly "INSPIRED" by Madonna… lol and eyewear by Marilyn Manson- love it though- b/c i Love madonna- so you go gagaloo.

  7. 407

    Madonna's "Oh Father." B&W, funeral, snow.

  8. 408

    It seemed pretty close to being blasphemous, but to me it just seemed more like art. She was portraying a woman praying to God about her guy overseas.

  9. 409

    Team Katy for sure.

  10. 410

    GAGA sucks… the only thing she knows is to exagerate what MADONNA has done before… but in the uggly way

  11. 411

    but she was just telling fart jokes sunday night at the vma's…….
    and she's engaged to a comedian who tells fart jokes about her……..
    i'm sure she's just upset because she writes crappier songs about kissing girls.

  12. 412

    It's really sad how upset you are by one remark. Sure, gaga is great but Katy was making a point.She wasn't trying to start a 'feud'… that's what you're doing. Blasphemy as entertainment is overdone. it's unoriginal. Katy was right, and who's to say she isn't being tongue in cheek or sarcastic?

  13. 413

    Um, who has blue hair? Doesn't sound anything like her recordings live? And how many hits does Miss Katy have? But then again, this is LA… whatever.

  14. 414

    And what, buying a #1 hit using Snoop Dogg is not cheap? I used to be a fan until California Girls. Suck it KP

  15. 415

    Guys katy perry doesnt have huge boobs,she just says she does and people start believing it.She always wears push up bras or very low cut shirts,even an a cup will look huge.Katy has a c cup.

  16. 416

    Katy Perry you are right!! Not that you're not a whore yourself but thanks for telling the truth

  17. 417

    Katy Perry is stupid. She's just looking for something to bitch about because she's yesterdays news and it's all about lady gaga now. She's just jealous that she didnt come up with the song and idea first. and she looks pathetic with her blue hair. If anyone can pull off crazy styles it's the one and only Lady Gaga.

  18. 418

    Re: Antony – you are a f=ing idiot who must me blind. if you think that katy perry looked fat at the awards than wow you must have a very unhealthy view on weight standards. Katy perry looks great and she is extremely healthy looking and is what a woman is supposed to look like, unlike gaga who is very unhealthy looking and needs to eat something before she loses her fans because no one will be able to see her!!!! AND another point how exactly is gaga pushing the envelope? Is everyone in america losing their marbles cause we have all seen this before come on people MADONNA has done this shiz already !!! GAGA IS DOING NOTHING NEW !!!!!! she is not doing anything amazing that we have not seen before. sure no doubt she has good music but thats where it ends her lyrics have not deep meaning in them. xtinas Beautiful most likely has changed a number of peoples lives Gaga has none of that power.

  19. 419

    Attacking Christianity is such a cheap shot, really.

    I dare her to attack…Judaism. Or Islam. Now THAT would take real balls.

  20. 420

    Perry should join the Islamists, they dont like "blasphemy" either.
    I dont thnk thats really what this was abotu though, I think she's mad that Alejandro beat her for MTV's song of the summer.

  21. 421

    definitely agree with Katy. I mean wtf…is she promoting Satanism or something?

  22. 422

    the last time i remember Lady Gaga has the right of freedom of speech!! I'm a fan of both because both push beyond the envelope and i commend them for that!! plus if religious ppl don't like lady gaga then DONT watch her videos and you shouldn't watch it if they are so holy holy…they should know by now that lady gaga is controversial

  23. 423

    Team KP. Maybe after releaseing "I Kissed A Girl", she's NOT the best person to say that, but still "I Kissed A Girl" was far less attention wh*ring than Alejandro…

  24. P-REZ says – reply to this


    Re: Nothing333Re: Niloo

    wow some of you guys are really dumb….

    lady gaga is "artistic" and KP is "soda pop"??
    KaKa herself has said her songs are "fun shallow bubble gum pop" songs…she knows she's a talentless hack that is famous for "being crazy"…..this video is lame,

    she should ATLEAST claim she was paying homage to Madonna's "Like A Prayer"…some of you little teeny boppers should look that video up on youtube, since it was before your time you prob have no idea that KaKa is not being "original" or "pushing the envelope" she is re-creating what Madonna did TWENTY years ago!!!! of course its a little more racy…because you can get away with more now!!!

  25. 425

    Who's ALEJANDRO?? Like Russel Brand never told a fart joke….haha, bite me all of you

  26. 426

    I hate Lady Gaga..this bitch has no real talent and she is overrated. She's what we call an attention whore. The bitch is a copycat plain and simple.

  27. 427

    Re: Skromnaya – Dman skippy. Perry has small tits, she just talk about them all the time and stuffs the hell out of her clothing.

  28. 428

    Honestly I think half of you are missing Gaga's point, as well as her lifestyle. Someone kill her for openly using catholic imagery in a negative way, yet when a certain someone called gays terrorists it was fine? It's not blasphemy, its an opinion. So why should it matter to anyone. And for those who openly criticize perez, sweethearts your asses don't have to be on this website, so the fact that you joined it means you're a giant hypocrite. I love both singers, they have amazing talent. But wrongful judgments are pointless.

  29. 429

    I saw someone here saying Katy's song IKAG was lesbian…

    How about Gaga's Paparazzi where she ACTUALLY KISSED A GIRL!
    Isn't that lesbian too?! Or you're just so full of yourself that you cannot admit?!

    And yes Katy does have a point. Making songs where you kinda insult religions no matter what religions are those, it's stupid and yes it's blasphemy.


    So anyways. Yes Katy does have a point.

  30. 430

    Singing about kissing a girl is not insulting as it is to take a religion and use it in an insulting way. I realize that Lady GaGa was raised Catholic, I don't know if she still is one but it still can make other Catholics uncomfortable and make it blasphemy. I'm not a big fan of Katy, especially when she was so rude on American Idol, but she is right on this one.

  31. 431

    Funny I downloaded Alejandro and California Girls in successive order.

    KP can stuff it.

  32. 432

    Mmm.. Okay, Alejandro ..
    Is BY FAR; better than
    California Girls..
    So yea, shut it.

    GaGa, goes much deeper
    with her music than anything
    Katy ever could, with singin' about..
    Kissin' Girl's & not rememberin'
    what she done in Vegas..
    & her new song w/ Timberland..
    I'm not even 100% positive what
    point they're even tryin' to get across
    with that song??
    So I think I speak for
    every GaGa Fan, when I say..

  33. 433

    I love how you jump on xtina for 'copying' gaga, when Gaga's video screams madonna. I mean catholic controversies? like a prayer music video anyone??

  34. 434

    bitch got no room to be talkin!
    she's a has-been that only had 2 good hits.

    Re: ba-buttons – agreed!!

    Re: pepsepnepmep – ha! i know right??

  35. 435

    Although I'm no fan of Katy Perry's pornolicious videos, she is so right on about Gaga's use of religion/blasphemy in her latest video. The video is hands down mostly disgusting, she's barely covered in clothes and the song doesn't corelate with the video. Whoever compared her to Michael Jackson is either deaf, blind or hands-down stupid. Michael was a genius, he expressed meaningful stuff through his videos and songs. Gaga undresses herself and uses sex to promote herself. She's no artist !

  36. 436

    Team Katy and hasn't Madonna already done this years ago??

  37. 437

    Re: xoxo_anonymous – haha obviously. and it will be because of the awesome sexual moments in the music video, not because of the catholic references! they'll only be able to play it on certain tv channels and hours :(

  38. 438

    I loved Gaga's new clip, I love everything she does and she can do no wrong in my eyes.
    I think Katy Perry needs to get a life, she talks about using blasphemy as entertainment, if she was a real artist she would know what the clip is really about and the message in it.
    And this is coming from the girl who made a song about kissing a girl and is now marrying the man who makes his living off making fun of everything.
    Just because shes ditzy and can only sing songs about being a ditz and kissing girls. Gaga is the opposite of people like Perry because she doesnt try to be all about being a sex symbol for horny men.

  39. 439

    Her video is disgusting…she looked dead !

  40. 440

    Katy Perry sounds like a hypocrite on this one. Remember when she used fake-lesbianism" to launch her career?! All summer that year, she inundated the airwaves about "kissing a girl" without ever kissing one. NOW THAT'S CHEAP. As for blasphemy, Lady Gaga is within her rights to blaspheme an organization that continues to dehumanize a community that Gaga herself associates with.

  41. 441

    Re: OnTheHills – I think Lady Gaga is within her rights to blaspheme a religious organization that is unwavering in their campaign against the gay community, which she herself associates with.

  42. 442

    Re: zooby – Yet you found the time to read and comment his blog. Hahahaha.

  43. 443

    Re: CruellaDeVil – Would you?!

  44. 444

    Re: PwnNoobs – agreed~ trust me i love lady gaga to death but im getting sick of her trying to exploit the gay community, being gay is not shocking nor entertaining there's nothing of shock value to me, im sick of people showing how cool it is to be gay like its a fucking trend with all the kissing girls/boys why is is funny or making headlines w/these celebrities? and this is the worst gaga video i've ever seen! this video does not go with the song at all! for once im sick of having to decipher her fucking videos

  45. 445

    Re: Vegemite – As for Judaism, I don't see loud and obnoxious Jews equating gays as evil and unnatural, and as for blaspheming Islam…are you kidding?! Would you?!

  46. 446

    Aaaaw Katie, well, if anyone should know about cheap jokes, it's certainly you.

  47. 447

    Uhhhhm…it's common to put a rosary in the mouths of the dead in Catholic tradition guys, I think that's what Gaga's getting at. Her video has a message and an amazing concept; if it's not your taste so be it but to call it blasphemy is pretty ridiculous. Whether you like her or not, Gaga knows her shit (and she is from a Catholic background too…), and I'm proud to be a little monster; this video is highlighting the courage it takes for gay couples to be together thus the integrity in the relationship between a pair, and it's fighting against prejudice. Go Gaga !

  48. 448

    Tá com inveja né? Katy Perry… sua puta safada

  49. 449

    Re: charlotte0505 – I'm gay and I'm flattered that somebody in Hollywood is brave enough to include "the gay" in their body of work.

  50. 450

    fuck the church, & the sunshine girl should shut up …
    i don't get the title of the song, but i really like the lyrics!

  51. 451

    of course katy has a point

  52. 452

    Both are no big deal so it's a non-point point. Comedians tell fart jokes and will get a laugh from someone every time…that isn't cheap it's just using what works and comedy is NEVER easy…even with fart jokes. And blasphemy as entertainment? It's been done since the dawn of…religion.

  53. 453

    Thank god a artist with some sense in what is tasteful and what is wasteful time to watch! Thank you Ms. Perry!!! Perez you can go suck it and by suck it i mean lady gaga's dick!

  54. 454

    fuck up Katy! you have no right to say anything.

  55. 455

    I hate alejandro, love the song, hate the video. Think it's a really low point for Gaga, it's just crap, forget the church stuff, all around, it sucks ass. I love everything she does, but this video sucks royally. BOOOO.

  56. 456


  57. 457

    I think it's sad when artists need to censor themselves in order to please the public. The public is made up of all religions & beliefs, so in order to please everyone - everything needs to be whitewashed and boring. Kudos to Gaga for reminding us that controversy is interesting and we can all learn from each other. Instead of condemning her and turning this into a Katy vs. Gaga fight, why not delve into the deep artistic meanings behind the video and try to learn something from it? Imagine that…learning…what a concept.

  58. 458

    Oh shut up Perry, just because you're jealous of her.

  59. 459

    i heard katy perry's parents are preachers so i guess that's why she thinks she can ge all fussy about the 'blasphemy' in Lady Gaga's video…but since katy's songs refer to topics such as homosexuality (i kissed a girl), gambling (waking up in vegas), and adultery (use your love, thinking of you), maybe she should ask herself what baby jesus thinks of those before making snidey comments

    I like katy perry but she's hardly what i'd call a christian role model!

    P.S there is no magical giant man in the sky with a white beard, shaking his fist at his Mac screen whilst watching the Alejandro video on youtube. I mean, even if there was, surely he would have some more important things to attend to.

  60. 460

    right. just like using some girl on girl gimmick to score ur only hit. stupid bitch.

  61. 461

    I was absolutly horrified when I saw this video. I am not catholic, though I am very spiritual and I was rasied in a protistant church. To start, ignoring the blasphemy in the video, she has men walking around and dancing on beds in little speedo's and high heels. It is repulsive. Many times we find people fighting for the exploitation of woman. Yet in each of her video's shes is dominating and exploiting men. NOw taking to the blasphemy, I do not care what you believe, you DO NOT blasphemize and make a mokery of anothers religion or beliefs. AND even if you do not agree with it making a mass mokery on public television of a religion that much of this country is built on, COME ON NOW!
    GAGA- there are a million other ways to stand for your own beliefs and be different and sexy than over dominating men and making filthy filthy music videos and singing songs that half the time make no sense at all!

  62. 462

    Pot calling the kettle black?

  63. 463

    Yes Katy did sing about kissing a girl…the difference is she wasn't dressed as a nun or making a mockery out of religion.

  64. 464


  65. 465

    Okay Perez, before you go on a attack mode again because of your precious Gaga - let it be known that this Catholic thing Gaga has got going for her Alejandro video is an obvious rip-off of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" video waaaay back in the day. Even the prayer beads are thrown in to make it an even bigger rip-off!

  66. 466

    Oh, and to Shredder and everyone else stupid enough to make this mistake - kissing someone of the same sex cannot be classified as blasphemy. It can be classified as blasphemy when you're pretending that it's God you're kissing and saying that God is a lesbian. What Gaga does is blatant blasphemy, what Katy Perry sings about has never been close to blasphemy (ever!)

  67. 467

    Re: DeeeeeeLIIIIITEE
    "theirs nothing brave about putting homosexuals in videos when Madonna did it over 10 years ago"
    Or when Olivia Newton-John did it nearly 30 years ago.

  68. 468

    I think Katy Perry needs to stfu. Lady Gaga was born and raised a Catholic and believes in God so I think she would have considered this don't you think?
    Katy Perry is just jealous, and she was supposed to be Gaga's friend?! What a backstabber. And all of this is coming from the women who kisses girls and likes it?! oh please, get the fuck out Perry.

  69. 469


  70. dg86 says – reply to this


    i will forever hate Katy Perry for saying this. Does she REALLY think she can say things like this can get away with it ? Gaga fans are LOYAL and will not tolerate stupid Katy Perry (who is talentless btw) talking shiz on Gaga.

    Seriously. Forever hate her. No one messes with Gaga.

  71. 471

    So she hates Madonna too?

  72. 472

    Seriously? Coming from someone with BLUE hair? Maybe the die is messing with her brain! GAG rules! Katie can SUCK IT!

  73. 473

    Perez needs to get off GAGAs DICK! We are All fucking TIRED OF IT! Katy Perry is amazing and I agree with theNumberOfTheBeast…she's got beautiful boobs…body, personality, and voice.

  74. 474

    Re: dg86 – GAG is the BOMB. I agree with you all the way. FUCK Katie!

  75. 475


  76. 476





  77. 477

    Oh, sorry, one more thing that needs to be mentioned:

    Aesthetically speaking: KATY IS BEAUTIFUL. GAG-ME, well, uh, GAG ME!

  78. jbob says – reply to this


    pretty sue lady gaga did an intervew with larry king and said she was religious and se believes in God but this video was paying tribute to her gay friends and how she doesn't agree with the hate and judgement the catholic church has for people. katy perry needs to stop paying attention to other people and try to come out with a decent song because im sure california girls is cheap and her blue hair is fucking tacky as hell! make a song with meaning and not some dumb shit to make money whore!

  79. 479

    I thought I wasnt the only one. Lets see which Ace of Base song….

  80. 480

    I can't stand Katy Perry or Lady Gag Gag!! They both try so hard to be hip and "different", when everything they do is just so contrived, unoriginal and lame!

  81. 481

    blasphemy definition: expressing disrespect for God or for something sacred.
    I dont think gaga, its a video and that was one of the themes!! her videos are real and have meaning if she stepped out of her candy floss head she would see this !!!! dumbass

  82. 482

    ADD&LISTEN TO JEAN-LUC KING BROWN ON MYSPACE!!! Even though I love Gaga this has been done before by Madonna nothing shocking their! Have been a huge Madge fan since she came out so nothing really shocks me and that's that I come from catholic school… It's been done but I still loved the video!!!!

  83. 483


  84. 484

    Hmmm. "Dont Turn Around" and "All That She Wants" both sound the same so she ripped both of these "SHITEOUS" songs for her own "SHITEOUS" song…a great example of two negatives not making a positive.

  85. 485

    everyone these days seems to look to be offended. yes youre allowed to be offended by something but its not for you to say shes not allowed to make this video, its called freedom of expression
    and as if katy doesnt use sex and 'shock' tactics to sell records, shes a hypocrite. it is what it is

  86. 486

    Ugh, And using baked goods as underwear to promote your skanky self is as cheap as Katy perry doing.. Actualy scratch that. It's just cheap like Katy perry full stop. xo

  87. 487

    I just watched the video Alejandro again and it is repulsive.I hate the part when Gaga is being gang raped while wearing a nun outfit.Totally disrespectful to the Catholic Church.

  88. 488

    I couldnt've said it better Katy. Props!

  89. 489

    Oh, really? And using faux-lesbianism is ok as entertainment, then?

    Give me a break, Katy.

  90. 490

    team katy.

  91. 491

    I agree with Katy. I absolutely love Gaga, she's an incredibly talented woman, and stands up for a lots of great causes, but this music video was way too far. What is she trying to depict? Yeah, some of you may say how Katy sings about kissing girls…but she's not dressed in a bishops outfit making out with another woman or acting out sexual intercourse, tied up on some metal bed in her music video.
    I love the beginning of Alejandro but then it literally goes off the rails. It's not art, its literally tacky porn.
    Perez, you need to stop kissing Gaga's arse. Yeah she writes incredible songs, but her music videos…well…horrifying if you ask me.

  92. 492

    Re: CruellaDeVil – A-men

  93. 493

    I'm a little confused as to how the Alejandro video is blasphemous. I come from a very religious background, and I didn't find it to bash the Catholic church at all. I guess Katy's cat-sized brain can't comprehend the deeper meanings and messages of Gaga's songs.
    Honestly, Katy should just stick to talking about things she knows: kissing girls, and California. Shallow shit.

  94. 494

    Eh, I'm a big big fan of Gaga. But that video sucks.. lol.
    Not cause it's religious or whatever. It's just stupid. And not fun to watch… nor artistic. It looks like they made it in 5 seconds. And ALEJANDRO is not the kind of song you release as a single. MONSTER should have been her next single.

  95. 495

    screw her, i think Alejandro is incredible and i adore Lady Gaga !

  96. 496

    That is the smartest thing KP has ever said in her life.

  97. 497

    OMG!! WTF is Katy Perry on about?! Cheap?! Defos needs to rethink that comment with that sexy blue-rinse she's got going on. My nan stopped requesting those from the salon in the 80's.

  98. 498

    And I'm sure one of the poor old working gurlz over there in Amsterdam is missing one cupcake bra,

  99. 499

    katy perry has no idea what she is talking about. i love her, but she clearly doesn't know the difference between art and entertainment. alejandro, although can be seen as vulgar, is most certainly NOT cheap! i'd love to see what steven klein can do with "california girls"!

  100. 500

    I agree with Katy it is stupid and disrespectful. Plus it's already been done. And I think GaGa is talented but I don't like the video one bit.

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