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518 comments to “Katy Perry Does NOT Like Ale-Ale-Jandro!”

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  1. 501

    oh please katy perry is such a joke. i pretty sure gaga knew what she was doing, so stop saying shes stupid. that was her choice to do that in the video, and theres probably a reason for it. also, at least lady gaga can sing live, unlike katyperrys edited voice on her album, where when shes live she either doesnt sing that part or she attemps and has the voice of a boy hitting puberty=\ gaga ftw

  2. 502

    Look Perez, I fucking LOOOOVEEEE GAGA! & I think she's one of a kind, But the "Alejandro" Video just made me disappointment, I don't care about the Catholic Imagery, The video it self wasn't creative & Didn't have a story. I hope Gaga re bounce & get back to making AMAZING videos after this one!

    xx haya Aziz

  3. 503

    I think she has a point. plus madonna already did it in "like a prayer" it's not even original and why is it there? I makes no sense with the song, she's just doing it for shock factor.

  4. 504

    Team Katy, suck it GaGa :)

  5. 505

    How can she sit there and idolize Madonna who practicaly had sex with a saint in a church in "like a prayer" but will call GaGa cheap?! I call that being a hipocrite and a jealous bi-o-tch!

  6. 506

    ok. i see how internet fights are completely pointless. but i want to make my point.

    so katy wrote a song about kissing a girl. ok. did that have anything to do with religion? was she insulting religion in any way? no.

    if anything, she was saying she was offended by the video. and i see where she's coming from. throwing religion into the public is the tackiest, cheapest thing an "entertainer" can do.

    i can see why people would be offended by this. i know everyone is entitled to their own opinion. but if you're a household name and EVERYBODY is going to see that video, keep it to yourself.some people aren't gonna be bought by that bullshit little explaination her director gave her and quite frankly, i hope gaga gets what's coming to her. i know her dumbass, shallow fans are gonna be too blinded by her "creativity" to notice her stupidity.

    and those are the same people who are saying, oh, well katy perry sings about kissing girls, so she's in no position to be saying that.

    who fucking cares? she's just saying she's offended by the video.

    oh, and by the way, i'm not choosing sides. i like katy perry's music. i like gaga's music. personally, i care for neither of them. perry seems nice, gaga's an attention whore. that's my opinion. so dont jump on my case for it. thanks.

  7. 507

    Re: ba-buttons – i doubt a song about kissing girls is as offensive as throwing religion into entertainment.

  8. 508

    Katy perry is right it is very wrong to make fun of someones religion!!

  9. 509

    Re: MaryStrawberry – I respectfully disagree. Religion is not off limits, especially when it meddles with the private lives of individuals and is tax-exempt. I'm glad Lady Gaga blasphemed against an organization that spews nothing but ignorance and bigotry.

  10. 510

    Re: MaryStrawberryRe: Its.Taaryyl.Bitch – Apparently it worked, for you took the time to comment on it :)

  11. 511

    OMG I guess if I wasn't selling, popular, relevant, and down right taking over the world like GaGa I would be talking shit too….its to bad that people who date ugly comedians and suck at life have to bash Lady GaGa!! GaGa is the only artist who sticks up for her fans, and will do anything to make us happy. I hate seeing that some lame pop singer like CRAPtina and Fatty Perry have to diss her!! lolz GaGa for life!!

  12. 512

    The Alejandro video is SO like Madonna's Vogue and Like A Prayer.
    Plus, you just know Perez is gunna hate Katy Perry now. She was only expressing her opinion too.

  13. 513

    Rofl, bet you a mill that Mario will turn on Katy if they get into it.

  14. 514

    Katy Perry is a hypocrite. Nothing but an Alanis Morissette knock-off. Team GAGA!!!

  15. 515

    And using faux lesbianism to sell records is totally fine for the church?

  16. 516

    are you seriously comparing blasphemy to cupcakes??

  17. 517

    KATY HAS A POINT!!!. that argument about her song i kissed a girl is really stupid, in that song she doesnt involve anything about religion!!!!!
    get over yourselves that song doesnt harm anyone, and in the other hand lady gaga is not respecting this religion, im also a lady gaga fan but i found her new video really DISGUSTING!!!

  18. 518

    What a hypocrit Katy is. If you look into the Alejandro video, Gaga is using a lot of symbolism which is for, and not agaisnt Catholics. I'm Roman Catholic. Katy Perry is going to disappear and Lady Gaga is already an icon.

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