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Lindsay Lohan, Wanted By The Law!!! Arrest Warrant Issued!

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An arrest warrant has been issued for former actress Lindsay Lohan!!!


For violating her parole. Duh!

Her bail is now set at $200,000.

This latest incident involves a report that claims Lindsanity's alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet went off on Sunday, when she was pAArtying it up at a club after the MTV Movie Awards.

Naturally, La Loca is denying any wrongdoing.

[Image via WENN.]

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75 comments to “Lindsay Lohan, Wanted By The Law!!! Arrest Warrant Issued!”

  1. 1

    Bondsman already bailed her out… You're late. Ugh why do I even go on here anymore? You should have sold this site when it was worth something. Blah

  2. 2

    she should be locked up just for being a dumb ass!

  3. 3

    Oh, Lindsay. I hope the best for her– :(

  4. 4

    Old new Perez!! comon step it up. Your 45 minutes behind!!!~

  5. 5

    I bet she's hiding somewhere.

  6. 6

    Congrats on being the last media outlet to report this.

  7. 7

    Sad state of affairs. Like the world didn't see photos and video of her at the awards show and after party? She must think the judge is a complete moron!

  8. 8

    i guess the vicodin and adderall wasn't enough for lindsay?

  9. 9

    hahahahah ahhh man thats rich. I love how all of her ridiculous excuses are now blowing up in her orange 50 year old looking face. There are consequences for being a complete dumbass, lindsay. Learn your lesson.

  10. 10

    She is hopeless, and she claims that it is not possible that it should have gone off. Maybe she poured a martini down her boot. LOL

  11. 11

    She is a stupid girl. She gets so many privledges us 'commoners' will never ever see, and she always fucks it up. Throw her in the slammer I think. She may then think twice about being a spoil brat… but wait, she's a CELEBRITY, if she does spend time in jail, it won't be 'hard time'.

  12. 12

    LOLs "LA LOCA"

  13. 13

    You are late again fuckatard!!!!! Like always….

  14. 14

    Guuuuys! Her dad's behind it! It's not her fault!


  15. 15

    is that her mom?

  16. 16

    That thing go off even if someone spilled a drop of alcohol on it. Seems likely at a club.

  17. 17

    Big deal. Her agent loaned her the 10%. She ought to be locked up for stupidity. Anyone with a brain would stay in, sit still till her hearing, and avoid ANY situation that would bring her behavior in question.

  18. 18

    Her legs are so flabby and gross! She should stop hitting the bottle and start hitting the gym - they have those in jail right =)

  19. 19

    Late as always Mario. The warrant has already been rescended after a $200,000 bond was posted.

  20. 20

    Genetics suk big time. I hope she gets some help. I wish the best for her.

  21. 21

    OLD FUCKING NEWS! what happened were you watching Gaga's new Madonna tribute? it's long enough that you may have an excuse for being late this once.
    And how do you have the cheek to put "former" actress when Lilo is in an upcomming film (machete)? you are a FORMER blogger and CURRENT late copy & paster lol

  22. 22

    She should be in jail. Not bonded out!! I think her time is slowly running out. She will be dead within the year if she doesn't change her ways!!

  23. StayC says – reply to this


    throw this bitch in jail already!

  24. 24

    For the Millionth fing time

    IF THEY DID NOT TEST HER THAT NIGHT HER RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED. Scram bracelets are not supposed to be used to say "oh it alerted me she did drink slam in jail" they are supposed to be used as "oh it alerted me I am going to call the cops they will pick her up we will test her and find out if she was actually drinking"

    You want someone to go to jail fan-fucking-tastic send her to jail but sending someone to jail illegally because they can't bother to use a scram bracelet right and make it proven fact (when it's not) is just wrong.

    She should have been tested that night and since she wasn't it should be thrown out of court. You of all people Perez claiming to give a shit about people's rights should be pissed that they handled this 100% wrong

  25. 25

    I was totally on her side saying she didn't lie because we would find out and that would be dumb of her. Lolz. I bet mommy was scrambling to fix it and she lied. Sorry honey, mommy dearest couldn't get you out of this one.

  26. 26

    —————————i mean im not backing her up but if she ate something cooked in wine or rum or something would that show up? rum chocolates? anything? just wondering? Also the poster is right that if anything is spilled on it it would go off…i mean if you was at that after party and saw her drinking wouldnt you go off on this trainwreck? I WOULD!!!

  27. 27

    Poor Perez, so far behind you think you're coming first.

  28. hebe says – reply to this


    Geez.. She always screw things up somehow. I feel bad for her, with her loco parents and all

  29. 29

    And level 3 child sex predictors are roaming the streets of Los Angeles homeless and desperately looking for YOUR CHILDREN to rape & bury… ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

  30. 30

    Parole is NOT probation. You get paroled after a lengthy prison sentence. Probation is a conditional program that can lead to a jail sentence if violated. BIG BIG BIG DIFFERENCE.

    Not only are you way, way, way late with this (even after the big news corps CNN, FOX, NBC, etc.), but you have incorrect information YET AGAIN.

    I'm shocked that its not misspelled.

  31. 31

    Oh man. :( :( :(

  32. 32

    Re: ~*SpaceTrinity*~ – No because all of the alcohol burns off in the cooking process. The flavor is still there, but there's no potency left.

  33. 33

    I was right. I said her bracelet would go off with a week or two. What was she thinking going to the mtv awards. She knew there was know way she could not drink when going there. I think the Judge should have put her butt in jail. To many chances.

  34. 34

    Maybe someone spiked her drink. The same person who "set her up" to be photographed with cocaine and a straw

  35. 35

    Too stupid to live . . .

  36. 36

    lindsay ……uuuugh

  37. 37

    WTF is wrong with people. Why is this girl not prohibited from being in bars and r ound alcohol period. DUI kills people..and this woman is making a mockery of all. Looking for channel to design her labels for the SCRAM…laughing it up, what about the people she endangererd that night? No responsibiltly for it at all. This whole thing is a joke.

  38. 38

    Re: ~*SpaceTrinity*~ – no if something is cooked in wine the alcohol "burns off" BUT if she had like a rum ball yes that might, but come on these things are used all the time on 1000's of others and hers is the only one to malfunction. This is a joke already, and I dont care if she posted the bail, she is once again avoiding facing the music. Where in the world is she going to get the money to pay that bail back if she gets convicted? She is on probation in lieu of going to jail she was given specific criteria she was to adhere to in order to stay out of jail. Instead once again she violates the court mandates, as far as her excuses….Thou Doth Protest Too Much!! I Dont Believe Her!!!

  39. 39

    She is a dirty fucking liar.

  40. 40

    Re: Melanopterus – It doesnt matter she gave up those rights when she AGREED to the terms of her BAIL, in other words she chose to accept monitoring of the SCRAM along with other provisions to keep her OUT OF JAIL!! Otherwise her ass would have been sitting in jail all this time since she returned from Cannes, and now she is making a mockery of the system by posting bail again, and still being free. If it were you or me or the drunk up the street you would want justice, or do you forget why she was wearing the SCRAM in the first place??

  41. 41

    Re: CANUCKER – Exactly, that is what I am saying. I have a friend that was killed by a drunk driver, and she died a horrible painful death. That could have been Lindsey. With her out on the streets, the potential is there for her to do the same, there was an accident recently in where a mother was driving her 17 yr old, her 4 yyr old and a family friend where she lost control of the car, killed the 17 yr old instantly, and the 4 yr old suffered broken bones along with the family friend it was the womans 3rd DUI, Why wasnt a SCRAM attached to her??!! DUI's are serious, and Lindsey needs to answer

  42. 42

    Do you feel your state DUI laws are too stiff?

    We have been told that punishment in many other countries is much stiffer. Here is an unofficial list…


    Australia The names of the drivers are sent to the local newspapers and are printed under the heading, "He's drunk and in jail."

    Malaya The driver is jailed; if he's married, his wife is jailed too.

    South Africa A 10 year prison sentence or the equivalent of a $10,000 fine or both.

    Turkey Drunk drivers are taken 20 miles from town by the police and forced to walk back under escort

    Norway Three weeks in jail at hard labor, one year loss of license. If the driver commits a second offense within five years, his license is revoked for life.

    Finland Driver is automatically jailed for one year at hard labor.

    Sweden Driver is automatically jailed for one year at hard labor.

    Costa Rica Police remove plates from the offender's vehicle.

    Russia License revoked for life.

    England One year license suspension, a $250.00 fine and jail for one year.

    France Drivers are punished with a three year loss of license, one year in jail, and a $1,000 fine.

    Poland Jailed and fined and forced to attend political lectures.

    Bulgaria A second conviction results in execution

    El Salvador Your first offense is your last, as punishment is execution by firing squad.

  43. 43

    I shall see you soon my dear. Its nice & warm. Hahaha

  44. 44

    Hope she is telling the truth. I can't help but feel sorry for her.

  45. mgh says – reply to this


    How does the alcohol braclet work. does it pick up on the alcohol content in her body perspiration?

  46. 46

    Probably the biggest celeb headline of the day and you were busy writing articles of Gaga…figures.

    She violated probation…not parole. I see you haven't updated either…Her bail has been posted and the bench warrant has been recalled.

  47. 47

    uch throw her in jail already - and take her Blackberry away — she would consider that as bad as jail.

  48. 48

    If I ever want to commit a crime I will sure do it in California!!! How many strikes do they give people there, does she have to kill someone before they realize she is a fuck up and needs to be locked up!!!!!!

  49. 49

    hahaha love her ankle bracelet

  50. 50


  51. 51

    Re: mgh
    Continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring anklets estimate the blood alcohol content of the wearer by measuring the ethanol concentration of their perspiration.
    SCRAM bracelets can tricked and often create false positives…
    Simple things like hairspray and even certain foods have been known to cause false positives.
    Nail polish remover is the biggest culprit for false positives in women!
    It could be because of food converting to alcohol in the body or food cooked with alcohol!
    A judge in Michigan ruled the devices are "junk" and the science behind them "bogus" in 2004. Much to the horror of Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc.

  52. 52

    at least she's wanted by somebody

  53. 53

    To bad she will just post bail (if she hasn't already). She's going to die a young woman if she continues to live like this.

  54. 54

    She was starting to look good again too. :(
    I really hope she can get over her need to never be at fault when she really is.

  55. 55

    Re: HateMachine
    Sorry but your information is bullshit!
    In Australia, the blood alcohol content is .05, and lower (.02) for new drivers and those with learner’s permits. The punishment for drinking and driving in Australia includes fines, suspension of license, imprisonment, and medical assessment before a driver’s license is reinstated.
    New laws recently passed allows the police to sell your car after three offenses.
    They also allow the fitting of a car breath tester which requires you to blow in it to start the car and then at random through the drive. If alcohol is detected it immobilizes the car and calls police,

  56. 56

    poor little ducky…quack quack

  57. 57

    Re: HateMachine

  58. Bren says – reply to this


    One would think that if she's not spending all her time partying, she would have time to have a manicure. My goodness her nails are discusting. And I thought everyone knew that Perez is no longer part of Perez Hilton, if you google him you will see he no longer has a part in this site just sells his name and promotes at functions.

  59. 59

    didn't perez say he was getting ready for the logo awards? gosh ppl chill out.

  60. 60

    lol i see from the comments, she's already off.

  61. 61

    As expected. Sad, sad, sad.

    Get your shit together bb.

    Unfortunately it is only a matter of time until her obituary is posted on this site.

    Sad, sad, sad. You can't save someone from themselves.

  62. 62

    it's how she would have wanted to go…

  63. 63

    its sad when you have to go to jail for press

  64. 64


  65. 65

    Not that I believe she wasn't drinking because I would be surprised if she wasn't…I was always under the impression that scrams were easily set off even by something as simple as swallowing alittle mouthwash while gargling. I would hope that they would have done an alcohol testing before violating her probation.

  66. 66

    Agreed her nails do look a-mess…but like Aussie said…Nail Polish remover will set off her scram bracelet…so shes doooooomed …LMAO

  67. 67

    well, isn't there a way to know for SURE if she did consume any alcohol???

    Re: Melbourne Is A Tropical London – TOTALLY agree!!

  68. 68

    I guess her denials WERE bullshit…
    Sad, but she needs locking up for her own safety.

  69. 69

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  70. 70

    WHY do they keep setting her bail for?? and at "pennies" to what money she has overall??? so annoying to me. she just gets away with it every time

  71. 71

    As long as there are no real consequences for her actions she will keep doing it.

  72. 72

    Time to get your act together

  73. 73

    Woo hoo! Its about damn time!!! I hope she does a little jail time…. It most certainly is valid.

  74. 74

    Re: Aussieone

    Aussie…i love your posts! they are always almost exactly what i was going to say on the subject lol
    do you fb? you should find me…

  75. 75

    she should be slapped around for acting stupid….