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New GaGa! Alejandro Has Arrived!!!

| Filed under: Lady GaGa

Watch the just-released music video (above), directed by Steven Klein.

Santa GaGalupe de GodGa in full effect!

How long until the Catholic releases a statement condemning it???


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714 comments to “New GaGa! Alejandro Has Arrived!!!”

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  1. 501

    it was w/e she should have stuck with jonas akerland to direct them he seems to have a better vision

  2. 502

    although i have only seen this video twice, and i wasnt sure how i felt about it. im gonna try and remain open. im only 16 so i havent seen much of madonna. but from looking back i can see elements from her videos. (ie. black+white, danceing in black suit) but i think its a little narrow minded to say this is a direct imitation of madonna, im pretty sure if i searched i could find several artists who have done the same. the catholic and religion theme in the video i thin ties in with what she said in an interview recently about her next album would be holy or spiritual, i cant really remember but she spoke about god, and how she cant believe in a god who would place one human being before another based on sexuality, which is what this video is about, sexuality. and everyone saying that she should stop making videos, surely this is more interesting to watch and discuss rather than her videos like just dance etc when she didnt have full creative control. and on the topic of christina i used to really like her, but how she regarded lady gaga when she first burst onto the scene and recently showed me a side of her i didnt like, she should have tried to be the bigger woman and ignored any bad press about her copying. anyways, argue back cos i would acc be interested to hear what others think, cos by now my friends get bored when i mention gaga. :D

  3. 503

    Re: Moogle80 – madonna has been using catholicism as her inspiration for 20 years. she's always done it. i don't see that as copying yourself (if there can even be such a thing). i'm not saying that no artist should be able to integrate religion into their work, but lady gaga is in a position where she is already being looked at by some as a madonna wannabe. if she wants to be taken seriously as artist in her own right, she should stay away from anything that reinforces this perception.

  4. 504

    How very Chronicles of Riddick, Clive Barker, Time bandits of her

  5. 505

    She looks pretty fierce! ive always loved the song and now the videos pretty good too

  6. 506

    WTF… like WTF is this mess? She is just gone over trashy and tacky.

  7. 507

    i thought watching it for the second time would help but, well, it didn't. i imagined alejandro to be the end of the paparazzi/telephone trilogy. i imagined gaga to be in exile somewhere in mexico with mutliple lovers obviously named alejandro, roberto and fernando with crazy dance scenes and an actually story line. maybe one of them would have killed her and made the trilogy end. it might sound stupid but i think it would actually be a video ABOUT the song. with this video u could easily play bad romance over it and still get the same effect.

  8. 508

    So I watched the video, and well, I didn’t like it. It’s one thing to want to be controversial, eccentric, and exotic, but it’s another thing to bring religion into the mix. I really don’t care for the referencing religion in this video. The song has nothing to do with religion so why feel the need to go there? And wtf?! Christina can make ONE reference to Madonna’s Vogue video in her Not Myself Tonight video, and get all kinds of $hit talked about her, but Lady Gaga makes a video referencing at least 10 shots of Madonna’s Like A Prayer video and her Vogue video and it’s the best thing anyone’s ever seen? It’s getting a little ridiculous if you ask me?! As a Catholic, I am offended.
    I just don’t think its right…I mean she did cross herself in her Bad Romance video, but it was something subtle and to be honest didn’t notice it till it was brought to my attention. It was nothing like this Alejandro video…she was wearing a Nun’s outfit, had a crucifix in the back ground, and she was wearing a rosary with crosses on her crotch?! Like who does that? I'm ALL for her wanting to get attention and make a name for herself. I think she is a wonderful singer and a kick a$$ performer, but this was crossing the line…she needs to realize yes, she may be getting attention, but this is not the kind of attention she should be going after…

  9. 509

    Re: nykki23 – Is that you in your avatar? Cause if it is, then you have absolutely no right to call anyone fug. Look in the mirror, bitch.

  10. 510

    Re: SwedishSweetheart
    Sad little Gaga fan, try to tell it to yourself, Xtina rocks!………….You have the same problem as Perez get your facts together, try to do a little research and see how Bionic is taking the world!…bow to the amazing Christina Aguilera!

  11. 511

    I sure see alot of Madonna in this video, but your wifey would not copy anyone else would she? Only xtina does that! God, would these people please get a little more orginal?

  12. 512

    The video is fantastic, and she is so beautiful. I want her.

  13. 513

    tres moche

  14. 514

    satanic wh**e…
    btw. perez…if she is so good friend of yours why doesn't she put you in one of her videos…

    Illuminati bit*h

  15. 515


  16. 516

    i love gaga's music, but the video seems like a formula. Religion and shots of her in her underwear…. i love the first videos they were interesting and fun
    oh and i usually like it when the video has somewhat something to do with the song… just saying

  17. 517

    she looks like madonna!!!

  18. 518

    I actually really like this. Surprisingly :o

  19. 519


  20. 520

    Re: Dale – Omg, I totally think this song is Ace of Base when it comes on!

  21. 521

    i think it's HIGHlarious that Perez doesn't call Lady Gaga out for having Madonna-inspiration written all over this, but calls Christina Aguilera a copycat…weird? haha or favoritism, or maybe he doesnt get every pop star takes inspiration from others. duuuuh! beautiful video though.

  22. 522

    Re: ZP_Code – Satanic? Are you fucking serious? You are an idiot. The video is about how the church and the military are against homosexuality. It's not going to be obvious to everyone, but then, most people are complete morons and miss the meaning in the simplest things. Lady Gaga is Catholic, but she is very supportive of the gay community. You can criticize the church and religion in general. It doesn't make you satanic or illuminati. That's the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard.

  23. 523

    A little overdramatic for such a mediocre song.

  24. 524

    Song is amazing. Video was not too impressing.
    Not nearly as good as Paparazzi.
    Still gotta love GaGa!!

  25. 525

    Wish is was more Original. Sadly Xtina did the PVC Nun thing a couple months ago. I love gaga but this is very Madonna and that's what Xtina was going for. Still love the homeage tho!

  26. 526

    Hey Perez, before you call Christina Clontina you should do some research. this is a little reminiscent of Madonna dont you think???

  27. 527

    First of all…..where is the connection between the song and the video?
    singin about a mexican dude but the video looks like a north korean/cold war mash up…
    second….how come christina aguilera is a FLOP and Gaga is EIPC?! she did the same fucking thing ripping of madonna.
    and last but not least….I AM SO SICK OF THIS CHICKS CRUTCH and saggy boobs….
    well and the song is lame.

    btw im not a hater….i actually kinda liked her in the beginning…now shes just….boring me.

  28. 528

    um, i didnt get it…or something…lol…didnt care for men in heels…confused…

  29. 529

    didn't like it. perez, i don't see you bagging on gaga for being SO similar to madonna. a little hypocritical…don't you think?

  30. 530

    this video has nothing to do with her song whatsoever.

  31. 531

    The video isn't so bad. It's the song.

  32. 532

    Madoona + Ace of Base = this record.
    Plus I'm disappointed to see she bowed to the pressure of the celebrity world and lost a load of weight when she professes to be such an 'individual'. Performance art my arse.

  33. 533

    still processing what i just saw. don't want to be influenced by others' comments just yet… again, impressed that she takes risks-> gang bang, dominance, man on man, etc. wish video reflected song more. maybe more dancing?

  34. 534

    disgusting and cheap ,your days are over CACA

  35. 535

    Overwrought, over-used religious icons, overexposed, overprocessed hair, just over…..

  36. Clair says – reply to this


    She's done much better, better songs, and more original videos. I generally like GaGa, but really this looks like a few madonna videos strung together with more half naked men. Not original at all. And the song, I wouldn't have picked it as a single.

  37. 537

    Amazing how everyone is copying Gaga when all she does in her videos are things Madonna did at least 15 years ago. Not controversial or amazing…quite boring actually.

  38. 538

    What a pile of shit. There was hardly any storyline to this and was a pretty big Madonna ripoff. But of course, Gaga can do no wrong in your eyes, even if she's doing the exact thing Aguilera did. I guess this is the beginning of Gag's downfall.

  39. 539

    Madonna, MJ, Janet, Grace all rolled into one….snoozefest and nothing original

  40. 540

    well there goes nine minutes of my life that I'll never get back. not only is it a really shitty song, but the video is a major yawnfest too. FAIL.

  41. 541

    couldnt sit thru it

  42. 542

    Karma is a bitch isnt it Perez? LOL
    Terrible video, terrible and offensive. I like the song, but as much of you already said, the video does not match the song.

  43. 543

    OH Mi k!NkY GAGiTA!!!!! FUCk!N LOVE iT!!!!!

  44. 544

    Didn't Madonna do this like 20 years ago………..and did it better!?

  45. 545

    Can you say Madonna & Janet/Michael ripoff. The rest was just awful. What happened GAGA? )=

  46. 546

    i'm not a hater and i'm not catholic, i like gaga, but this is just a desperate call for attention… seriously, plus it totally looks like maddona-ish, so lets see if perez bashes her for copying madge just like he did with xtina, whom i don't like either, but you gotta be fair… plus, that hair looks hideous on her, she's pretty, she can do better

  47. 547

    The Queen of Pop is unstoppable, unbeatable and utterly amazing. She has re-written pop music history and reinvented the art of the music video. Groundbreaking. No one has done anything this amazing before. Praise you, Our Lady and Queen!

  48. 548

    im a HUGE fan of gaga but i can definitely see why people are saying she's copying madonna

  49. 549

    I love GAGA but this REEKS Madonna!!! Like a prayer, justify my love, ect.. the short hair.. the cross, the fire, the crazy sex.. I mean I guess there is only so much u can do in a video. BUt i think the blonde hair reminds us of madonna. Ah Noone can beat Madonna. GAGA is a good second though… I like bad romance better. But overall pretty good. I sat with my mouth open at some parts LOL

  50. 550

    This music video is disappointing. I don't see why she has to turn a 3 minute song into an 8 minute long video. On top of that, just like "Telephone," the music video has nothing to do with the lyrics to the song.

  51. 551

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – Really?! You've NEVER seen Madonna's Like a Prayer video?! Cuz I have seen this before!!! Moron!

  52. 552

    1) Sue Denim of Robots in Disguise has been doing the mushroom/bowlcut far better for way longer. 2) Lady Gaga should never make a video without Great Danes. 3) This video is three minutes longer than it needed to be. 4) The imagery has no cohesion and everything just falls apart at the end. 5) All this video communicates is that all her success has gone to her head. She's just building monuments to herself now.

  53. 553

    WTF does ANY of this shit mean?! The song doesn't make sense & the video was….confusing as shit! WTF is she talking about?! Anything to be contraversial! Sad. It's ok for you to "mock" religion, like saying things like "the catholic", yet if someone had said "How long until the gays release a statement condemning it" you'd piss yourself and throw a lil' bitch fit!! You're a hypocrite and there is NOTHING entertaining about this video. I was actually bored. Like it hasn't been done before?! Reminded me of a lil' vid by Madonna called "Like a Prayer"! Wack!!!

  54. 554

    Now Perez. I am a little monster for life. You will not find a bigger Lady Gaga fan out there than me. That being said, I understand the theme. Society/religion vs. homosexuality, and that is a good message. However, I think that she went way overboard swallowing the rosary and wearing the upside down crosses which, whether implied or not, are Satanic symbols. It was just way too much. I am not a finger-pointing religious nightmare, but I do have faith and I think that that was just really offending. Katy Perry made a point. I still love Lady Gaga, but that video was not good.

  55. 555

    Wow. I thought it was fantastic. Lot's of really interesting archetypal themes. The dancers were extremely interesting. Definitely not cookie cutter. You have to love this beyotch — for trying so hard if nothing else. Good job wifey.

  56. 556

    Re: jesyrene – yeah long live Madonna!! jeez Gaga will do something amazing Im sure of that but c'mon she only has 2 years in the business, Madonna can still kick her ass with a comeback album and a kicking ass groundbraking tour!

  57. 557


    this isn't cinemax, GAGA.

  58. 558

    it was madonna all over it!! madonna is the real Queen B!!

  59. 559

    Way too graphic/vulgar for my taste. Most of her vids involve homosexuality as a schtick, which I don't like. She always gets naked and uses sex and always includes death, EVERY VIDEO. Also, she doesn't have to use the cross to cause controversy, some of her fans maybe Catholic, and I'm pretty sure she was raised catholic as well. She may not follow it, but religion is a touchy subject and she should stay away from it.

  60. 560

    And "Santa GaGalupe de GodGa"?? Really Perez?? No human is GOD okay? Especially not some vulgar pop star.

  61. 561

    Im a lady gaga fan. I love her songs. However, this video is just blah. it has Madonna written all over it. She is not original anymore. She may or some other people think she is by going all edgy, dark and sexual, but all those have been done before. And I dont think it's epic. Perez, not all things Lady GaGa does are great. Im sorry but this one sucks. I am never watching this video ever again. And what's up with her face now? She looks sooo different. She lost a lot of weight. Her face looks uggs now. She needs a better make-up stylist.

  62. 562

    Gaga is one ugly woman. This video is horrible.

  63. 563

    I like Gaga's look when she came out. She had fun music, a cute style, she was more laid back and wasn't a try hard. She also used to be somewhat normal and funny and fessed up to when she was inspired by people.

  64. 564

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – YES!!!! TOTALLY with you!! Madonna has been DETHRONED!!

  65. 565


  66. 566

    This video sucked..and i like lady gaga..

  67. 567

    Just shows how much influence MADONNA has and always will.

  68. 568

    Re: MadonnaLive – Funny you would call someone a loser when you're the one who's making it a point to sit around with your computer, iPhone, or whatever you're typing away on, and create multiple posts (saying the same thing time and again) about a video you say you didn't like.

  69. 569

    Are you kidding?! This is a total rip-off of Madonna! How can you call Christina Aguilera a clone when Lady Gaga is completely copying Madonna not to forget Ace of Base! Everytime I hear this song on the radio I get excited thinking it's going to be "The Sign" - Ace of Base. Lady Gaga is a clone herself.

  70. 570

    I thought the video was okay. Not the greatest, but certainly not what I was expecting either.

  71. 571

    Ok the beat of this song is an obvious ripoff of Ace of Base's Don't turn Around and the use of Catholic imagery is clearly stole from Madonna. Why won't Perez call her out on this? She is not original WTF?!

  72. 572

    Lady Gaga is epic, and a trendsetter. Theres no denying she is really talented, and that she likes to push the envelope. BUt I think this video is disgusting, can you not leave religion and cross and nuns out of this shit?, like im a catholic and i think that this is fucking rude and unbelieveable insenstive. I cant even spell how mad that made me! URGH. Just keep the crosses off your crotch and show some respect. There was absolulty no need for that. She had a wicked video going for her, but that just ruined it for me and I know it will for others as well.

  73. 573

    People can say she is copying Madonna all they want, but what they're not getting is, not many people are making videos like this right now. Bjork sure isn't. Neither is Annie Lennox. Not many of the current female pop stars are either (and that doesn't include Christina's "homage" to Madonna). Madonna hasn't even tried to make a decent video in over 10 years. I mean, who really wants to see her do yet another video of her dancing in leotards a la Karen Gorney from Saturday Night Fever, or do yoga poses against the wall? NO ONE, that's for sure.
    If GaGa were to make videos similar to what every other female artist is doing right now, you'd all hate her for "copying" them. And if you really think this video is shitty, how about supporting these artists from the UK whom are just skimming the bottom of the album charts in the US, yet doing so well over there (Florence & The Machine is one example). If you want originality, there you go!

  74. Liz_T says – reply to this


    I love, love love Gaga. but this video was very boring to me, I think they could have done so much better with it. I still love gaga, but hopefully they will do a better job with her video.

  75. 575


    Now she's just doing crazy things because she is Gaga and people think she needs to do crazy things.

  76. 576

    madonna did it all before and better… it was new at the time. that's what makes history!

  77. 577

    madonna meets leni riefenstahl ^^ quite daring, but i don't feel the song.

  78. 578

    Where to begin?
    Well firstly, the worst video I have possibley seen in a long time, not because iam catholic(i don't find the hate bits at the catholic religion offensive, i just find it laughable and a bit of a stab in the back for other catholic fans of hers,insulting the religion),but because of the influence of both Maddona and (dare i say it..) that racist german crowd from world war two(tie it together with 'those people' hating the gays).I mean, seriously? WTH was with those red bands on the arms of the solders all it needs is a certain sign to make everyone understand what those people stand for,HATE.(I hate how she made it though, using that type of content with music is wrong)

    And for those who don't understand th video let me explain it for you…(perez take note ;] )
    Ok so as most know this video is to do with people hating on the gays,
    the catholic symbolism is to do with the fact that in my religion, the priests won't allow anyone to marry the same gender.
    The solder people with the red bands are actually those evil german crowd from worldwar two who hated on the gays and killed them because of who they were(those people who i talked about,wore red bands with that certain sign,hence how i figured it out and tyed it to the main story line).Thats as far as I have gotten.

  79. 579

    Absolutely awful and pointless song, unoriginal video (the beginning was Janet’s Rhythm Nation, Madonna’s Oh Father, elements of Madonna’s Bedtime Stories and Vogue) and an ugly woman and this is what you get. Perez is such a fucking hypocrite, if someone else made this garbage he’d tear it to shreds but GaGa does it so shit turns into a diamond. GaGa must fuck him good with her dick to get all the positive press he gives her.

  80. 580

    Re: I H@te Poseurs
    no she did not! she payed tribute! assumed it. that's diferent

  81. 581

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – You are a complete fucking moron. GaGa wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Madonna. Madonna wrote songs about empowerment that had substance, this is re-hashed 90's shit.

  82. 582

    EPIC fail. oooo how original….copying madonna. Like a prayer. She really looks like a man here lol.

  83. 583

    LAME… I've seen enough of fugly naked girl !!!

  84. 584

    Re: M-Dolla – You mean Madonna THE ONE WHO IS COPYING CHER? xD Okay xD

  85. 585

    Re: I H@te Poseurs – What are you smoking ??? Mag copying Marilyn monroe ? WOW. Marilyn lived very little compared to madonna.

  86. 586

    Re: I H@te PoseursRe: I H@te Poseurs – no madonna remade marilyn monroe. it was a remake. this video is madonna in every scene. it's not epic. the only thing that makes it look epic is the cinematography

  87. 587

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – OMG u should disappear for saying that. Madonna can shit all over gaga. that's how famous and powerful she is. But i bet your a young in so u don't know what real artists are like xtina.

  88. 588

    Re: AlexShataloff – ??? I'm 25 and remember Madonna and she's the greatest fucking female artist in history. Her backcatalog is unrivaled, she has DOZENS of hits still on the radio today across all genres and is the most successful female artist of all time. How can you not remember Madonna unless all your listen to is crap like Alejandro and that little lesbian Justin Bieber

  89. 589

    Hello People-What is wrong with you all?? THE VIDEO SUCKS!! She is running out of ideas so used the sacriligious route. Perez why aren't you commenting on how she stole–I mean– is ripping ideas off from Madonna!!

  90. 590

    Re: tick_tock_tick_tock – You sound like an ignorant twink that doesn't know anything about Madonna's musical legacy aside from the singles. Get your ass out of the club and listen to Ray of Light, Like a Prayer or the deep songs on Erotica like "In this Life" which was about the AIDS pandemic. GaGa couldn't dream of writing a song like that when people in politics would avoid discussing AIDS.

  91. 591

    I usually like her videos but was very underwhelmed by this one - actually bored is more like it. Kept waiting for something interesting to happen. This actually reminded me of a bad rip-off of something Madonna did ages ago. Sorry but true - failed to impress with this one.

  92. 592

    I appreciate her artistic expression, but I am a true believer that the key to having a GREAT music video, is to have it make sense and enhance the lyrical content. I envisioned this video taking place in the south american slums somewhere (colorful but still grimy), with hot latinos falling at her feet. When I'm at a club or hear this song in my car I'm not going to be able to get lost in this song like i did before, but rather think about how offbeat the video was. I'm sure I'm not alone. Gaga…you can still be edgy and express yourself as an artist while making a video that well….that just makes sense!!

  93. 593

    Is there a more cliche' word for cliche'……oh I know….Lady Gaga!

  94. 594

    Well, I liked it, but the whole time I just kept thinking that it practically SCREAMED Madonna.
    On that note, I liked Telephone and Bad Romance better.

  95. 595

    Loved it! Alot of Madonna influence in it.

  96. 596

    Best part is when the video burns up!

  97. 597

    ….anyone else think it sounds like Ace of Base?

  98. 598

    WOW!!!! i am blown away.. WHAT A PEICE OF CRAP!!!. I luv gaga but this video is absolute garbage. you call christina CLONETINA. this video is complete knock off of madonna's vogue and express youself. i know she's trying to be cutting edge but in an era of fly-by pop stars this video is lacking originality. sadly i heard she will be touring in 2011 . she needs to wrap up her current tour and take a break and regroup and come up wth new ideas.
    As for being a gay man.. im not sure how this video is dedication to the gays.. she is assuming we all have hair like Moe and wear weird clothes and are femme. this is an insult to gay men around the world . again madonna already wore and used gender bending costumes. But again i luv gaga and madonna and other pop stars. but she needs to rethink her stragedy. she started off copying Dale Bozzio from 80's group Missing Persons and now is imitiating Madonna. dont get me wrong i luv gaga for entertainment only. i really hope she takes a different approach next time remember steven klein is madonna's supporter and has worked with her for years. Lets just enjoy the song with out imagery by the way.. "Ace of base" should seek royalties for this song if you havent already done so. my first thought when i heard this song

  99. 599

    get rid of the gay crap, get rid of lady gag-a-maggot, get rid of the awful lyrics, and the horrible synthesizer crap, and you have nothing….pretty much describes this talentless individual….my god perez, you wouldn't know talent if it bit you in the ass….this blows chunks

  100. 600

    holy fuck,perez ur a hypercrite!!!!!!!!! if marilyn manson did this ud go fucking ape shit, like seriously, this isnt very epic if u listen to heavy metal

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