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New GaGa! Alejandro Has Arrived!!!

| Filed under: Lady GaGa

Watch the just-released music video (above), directed by Steven Klein.

Santa GaGalupe de GodGa in full effect!

How long until the Catholic releases a statement condemning it???


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714 comments to “New GaGa! Alejandro Has Arrived!!!”

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  1. 701

    you are all so naive i feel like this is one of gagas biggest let downs. not only is she exploiting sex and sexual perversion she exemplified a rape scene and tossed her body around between men. i guess no one can see past the 'art' of the video because for me this was disturbing i will never watch it again. i feel like there is a fine line between dramatic and artistic and being obscene and offensive. I love gaga for being herself and dressing wildly, but she is turning more dominatrix and less artistic by the second. am i the only person to think she needs to lose all the sex exploitation and start being a more positive role model. flashing yourself in sexual positions in nude undergarments is not giving anyone anything positive to look at other then her overly skinny body. this video is ugly and brutal and im sorry she ever made it.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Where's Gaga's name on this video? She may be so recognizable that it feels arty to do this, but a few hundred years fastforward, and people will think KLEIN is the artist.

  3. 703


  4. 704

    Brilliant!! Genius!! Gorgeous!! Provocative!! There aren't enough words to describe this amazing, fantastic, Effing EPIC video!!

  5. 705

    Gaga is probably the best Madonna impersonator who ever lived. She totally swaggewr-jacked Madonna so bad in this video, but still…This video is AWESOME and Madonna would be proud. I'm sure that Madonna suggested Steven Klein to Gaga and Steven Klein and Gaga had the idea to pay homage to The Queen by referencing Madonna and all her trademark themes. BTW, she looks like that chick from La Roux in this video. Sometimes, I just can't tell if her look is more fem or more masculine. Glad that so many people are noticing all the Madonna references even though they have that weird Gaga twist.

  6. 706

    I've seen better from her. Honestly this video was a bit disturbing and it really didnt connect to the song, as usual. She's kinda freaky, and music videos are supposed to be 4 minutes long not 8. BORING.

  7. 707

    Re: DeeeeeeLIIIIITEE – and you make no sense, stupid twat

  8. 708

    I'm dissapointed… vid sux…

  9. 709

    fantastic! beautifully directed too. all hail gaga

  10. 710

    OMG this is horrible I'm almost in tears this is BLASPHEMY. I don't even like Clonetina but this is a more horrible then her Not Myself Tonight video she makes Christina look like a saint.Vey tastless and unamusing this is an EPIC YEAH AN EPIC FAIL SHE IS HORRIBLE. She isn't a REAL CATHOLIC SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND SO SHOULD HER FANS AND PARENTS.EPIC FAIL SHE'S GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL.

  11. 711

    By "Epic" do you mean Epic Fucking Fail?
    she needs to give it up, shit isn't orignal.
    she should stop trying to be like Madonna.
    mostly cause Madonna is gross too :)

  12. 712

    Re: LG is horrible – AND URE A RETARD LIAR

  13. 713

    the song's very Ace of Base of the 90's.. the vid's like Like A Prayer+Rhythm Nation.. but it's Gaga so I still love it!

  14. 714

    Hmmmmm hate the haircut Gaga.
    Bad Romance is still the fiercest song.

    And say no to nakedness - we get it and you are killing it.

    I do heart you though Gaga.

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