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XpiredTina Does The Today Show!

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As we all know, FailTina Aguilera's snoozefest album, Bionic, was released today, and the singer took to The Today Show this morning and gave yet another boooooring performance!

Check out the clip above to see her sleepwalk through Bionic and Not Myself Tonight!

She didn't lipsynch this time, but she sounds hoarse and a little TIRED!

What do U think?? How did girlfriend do compared to the Movie Awards??

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219 comments to “XpiredTina Does The Today Show!”

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  1. 201

    Love you Christina…..

  2. 202

    AMAZING! Per usual, I love her

  3. 203

    Did he or didn't he say that she was the youngest star to be named one of the greatest singers of all time by Rolling Stone? I'm sorry did Lady Gaga get that too???? No. All three of her performances were amazing…you are just jealous bc Lady Gaga looks like a man and can't sing

  4. 204

    Seriously Perez? I honestly love you! But you really do have a problem, why is it that you hate Xtina so much! First of all she is a much more established artist than Lady Gaga. Yes, Lady Gaga is very talented and deserves all the success, but do not even compare a voice like Xtina to Lady Gaga. So stop licking Lady Gaga's culo! Like are you getting paid to defend her so much and praise her the way you do? Yea she is awesome I love her music, but you are getting a little obsessive. Is she gonna thank you when she wins and award and in years to come, is she gonna even remember you, I think not! So please stop being such a hater! So please open your ears! Xtina is an amazing singer and there is no one in the industry with that voice.

  5. 205

    Can you tell me why you hate her so much?
    Is it because you feel inferior to her?
    Wake up, PEREZ! Your hateful comments only make you pathetic!


  6. 206

    I was at that show, I can assure you she didn't sound tired and she wasn't boring. Enough with the Christina bashing, it's getting really old.

  7. 207

    haha her album went down to 27 on the itunes charts!

  8. 208

    this was hella shittin and stuntin' on hoes with this performance!!! she rocks that shit out!

  9. 209

    i went to see her in the today show and she is awesome…..so to perez shutup, your a dick

  10. 210

    Not a snoozefest hon. I love this album! She's super talented. And you ARE a hater. Is it really true that she performed at your bday party for free? ASSHOLE! Seriously. You don't have to love the album, but you could be a little more constructive and a lot less douche bag about it.

  11. 211

    omg your a dick LEAVE CHRISTINA ALONE LEAVE HER ALONE !!!!!!

  12. 212

    Get off Lady GaGa's dick. you're making me not like her.

  13. 213

    i don't like her, but she has A LOT of tallent, perez i just feel you bully her as some people bully gaga

  14. 214

    yeah i agree….she was great… but even better at Letterman!!

  15. 215

    She sounds great, shut the fuck up. Give her credit where it's due.

  16. Genn says – reply to this


    She sounds tired, but still amazing.
    And she looks real cute here, too.

  17. Genn says – reply to this


    Re: No Talent_Blogger – that's not even funny.

  18. 218

    I don't get why you can't like both Gaga and Christina (like most people do, except for the people on here who seem to hate Gaga because they feel she's the one badmouthing Christina and have the need to insult her everytime). She thinks Gaga is talented and great, and Gaga seems to think the same about Christina. This hate you have for her needs to stop.

  19. 219

    I loved it. She has a voice that no one who is currently out there can touch. Stop trying so hard to knock her down. Ok, I'll accept that the video for Not Myself Tonight was a little Madonna-Express Yourself but other than that she still has the chops, and talent that the others DO NOT. Stop being a hater Perez, it's so tacky!!!!!

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