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GaGalook! GaGalike!

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The Other Side from Edward Vigiletti on Vimeo.

Check out this AMAZING guy named Edward Vigiletti transform himself into an icon! (above)

It is amazing how much he actually looks like Lady GaGa!


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89 comments to “GaGalook! GaGalike!”

  1. 1

    I always suspected GaGa was really a tranny, with that fug face of hers.

  2. 2

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  3. 3

    Icon? Really? Wow!

  4. 4

    Another view of the man that CaCa is…

  5. 5

    he is prettier than her

  6. 6

    This guy is super talented! But seriously Perez, this isn't a GaGa fansite so stop with the posts about her.

  7. 7

    hahahha thats cause gaga looks like a man any dude could look like her SHE UGLY

  8. 8

    I really like this guy. he is a true artist.
    Perez, tell lady gaga to create a video with all her gagalikes,
    I am sure it will be - as u say - Epic! + no1 has done it before.

  9. 9

    I think he makes a better woman than lady gaga

  10. 10

    wow that was fucking amazing

  11. 11

    guys who dress like women are creepy!!

  12. 12

    Sooooo Pretty !!

  13. 13

    Okay so naturally he's pretty than most girls I know. :X

  14. 14

    not surpring, lady gaga looks like the ugliest dude in drag EVER

  15. 15

    He looks more like a woman than GaGa does.

  16. 16

    Icon… Really?
    You're such an idiot, Mario. You filthy piece of trash!

  17. Linny says – reply to this


    they look quite a bit alike before the make-up and he is actually prettier I think. Gaga is a striking woman but not a beauty, really.
    I want Edward to come over and do my make-up!

  18. 18

    He is amazing! He needs to be her stunt double or something! Hire him, gaga-loo!

  19. 19

    He actually looks like Gaga WITH make up… without make up he's just another skinny gay dude. And this is for the haters… you might think Gaga is not pretty, but that's actually a persona created for artistic purposes. Several people that looked at her photos when she was Stephani Germanotta, thought that she actually looked hot. So she looks like that because she wants to. End of story.

  20. 20

    Agreed! He look very much like our legend GaGa :)

  21. 21

    Wow, he makes an incredibly beautiful woman! Like, REALLY! He could be a model. Much more beautiful than most of those models you see in the magazines.

  22. 22

    yeah we already kow she is a tranny eprez. and what icon? since when gaga is an icon? in ur dreams maybe. wannabes arent icons

  23. 23

    Who gives a shit? Trannys dress up like all kinds of celebs. Of course since it's gagsonballs you post it. Stop with the gaga bullshit already.

  24. 24

    gaga we have seen it all before dear. ur not epic or legend or even an icon. ur a wannabe

  25. 25

    lady gaga is a tranny and this man is way prettier than she will ever be.

    get off gaga's nuts. she is hardly an icon.

  26. 26

    Well, the first time I saw her I thought that she was a guy.

  27. 27

    What?!?!? Gaga looks like a man?!?!? Breaking news!!!!!

  28. 28

    haha, whatta dick

  29. 29

    what, you think he's the only drag queen dressing up like Gaga? please. btw, he's better looking than she is because he doesn't have her guido nose.

  30. 30

    Ahh the artistry of make-up love it!!! ADD & LISTEN TO JEAN-LUC KING BROWN ON MYSPACE

  31. 31

    He needs a better wig.

  32. 32

    that was awesome. wish i could do my makeup that well. lol.

  33. 33

    love gaga

  34. 34

    Re: djnv2009 – don't be so short sided… dressing, or any behaviour expected of men and women, is merely a social construction… people should dress and act they way that want

  35. 35

    Re: misiz_sjmxo – lol wtf??? stay off the crack

  36. 36

    ICON???????? Where did you come from? She is just a hyped want to be. How does her ass smell Mr. Perez. You are so up there. This is a slut who will fade away really fast. I give her another year at the most. Along with you.

  37. 37

    LOL Stephanie isn't an icon and you arn't a blogger anymore Mario.
    Seriously though that boy is way prettier than Gaga lol before he put the wig & Lipstick on he looked like Twiggy ot Wynona Ryder ^_^ cool kid.

  38. 38

    One album clearly does not make you an Icon you are going to be responsible when the backlash of her little monsters turn on you!

    You will ultimately destroy her career and your ghost writer will be fired and you will end up back on the fat farm again!

  39. 39

    I knew it!!!! GAGA is a man!!! no wonder Perez hates Christina Aguilera…Christina is a full female…while GAGA is man….GAGAMAN

  40. 40

    he actually is better looking than GaGa, that just shows u that she is UGLY, at least her voice is not that bad, it's tolerable.

  41. 41

    How uncanny….

    right down to the same fucking nose…


  42. 42

    dude looked like a chick when he started!

  43. 43

    oddly enough, he looks a bit like kim kardashian when he's putting on lipstick

  44. 44


  45. 45

    he has a prettier nose xD

  46. 46

    i always knew gaga was really a man!

  47. StayC says – reply to this


    that proves it… Gaga is a man

  48. 48


  49. 49

    This guy is actually prettier than Lady GaGa. She's a dog!

  50. 50

    wow shocker a man in drag looks just like GaGa which happens to be a man in drag. tell us something we dont already know perez…

  51. 51

    Did you just call Lady GaGa "an icon"????
    Are you fucking kidding, Perez????
    Stop it, really… your asslicking of GaGa is boring now.

  52. 52


  53. china says – reply to this


    what icon? caca is nothing but a stupid costume hanger, not an icon. get a grip

  54. 54

    he's prettier than gaga

  55. 55

    I really like that Gaga is not "cookie cutter" pretty like most of the starlets and singers. Beauty comes in all forms and there is no set standard on what is beautiful. Gaga has an interesting look and really no matter what someone looks like - if they carry themselves with confidence and style - pretty soon they become more attractive than the ordinary "safe" looking folk!

  56. 56

    Now I'm really confused…you're hating on Xtina for copying GAGA…but praising this guy for doing exactly the same…I don't get it…oh wait I do…you simply have become a WOMAN HATER. No need to hate loca…pull a Chaz Bono on reverse….cut the thing off and get a "vajay"

  57. 57

    So not fair how pretty he is!

  58. 58

    That was amzing! I am blown away.

  59. 59

    god i wish he could do my makeup :(
    sux that i'm a woman and can't do makeup like that.

    and he doesn't really look like her.

  60. 60

    Wow, this guy is hot as a man AND as a woman :)

  61. 61

    I know this guy. He is the nephew of the owner of the company I work for. I met him once and he is very good looking. I agree he is a true artist. He seemed very humble and sweet. I am glad to see him put this out there.

  62. 62

    He looks prettier than her.

  63. 63

    Wow he's amazing….but yes I agree prettier than she is I think.

  64. 64

    He's almost hotter than her sometimes! :P

  65. @v@ says – reply to this


    Amazing transition. I'd bet that with his fantastic facial structure and skills, he could also transform into early Blondie just as effectively.

  66. 66

    Truth is he is prettier than Gaga!

  67. 67

    Wow all I could think about was how amazing he was at doing his own make-up…I want him to do mine! Truly awesome, and so insanely similar! Gorgeous!

  68. 68

    OMG! This is strange and beautiful all rolled in to one :) !

  69. 69


  70. 70

    beautiful & crafty little monster :)

  71. 71

    He is gorgeous and looked amazing before he slapped that mangy blonde wig on. Dude has some mad skills with the makeup. He is better looking that Gagag.

  72. 72

    Re: MadonnaLive – Gaga is an icon to MANY people … Gaga is an icon to me, she helped me change my life and my view on life. She is an amazing person and a very talented artist. I love her :)

  73. 73

    He has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen.

  74. 74

    I think he can actually pull off Kim Kardashion as well. lucky him!!

  75. 75

    oh gosh, hes better at putting makeup on then i am
    lmaoo .. holy shitballz he really does look like her
    he really didnt even need the wig

  76. 76

    hahahahaha its really easy for a man to look like her

  77. 77

    He looks waaaaaaaaaaaay better than CACA

  78. 78

    This is my cousin…I still cannot get over the resemblance. Love ya Eddie! :)

  79. 79

    wow. what a talented guy with a makeup brush! that was a pretty awesome transformation.

  80. 80

    that was artistically beautiful. it was visually delightful. thank you. i enjoyed that. its like watching art happen. and he is very talented at doing his makeup, props to him.

  81. 81

    hahaha i'm not a Gaga hater and I'm not one of those idiots who thinks she's a man, but wouldn't be hilarious if this guy was the real Lady Gaga and has been tricking us the whole time? Trippy. Lol.

  82. 82

    What a pretty man…

  83. 83

    Edward Darling - Do not listen to these nasty red neck hater types! You are one haute bitch and you know it.
    You know you rock my world.
    J xx

  84. 84

    wait he's turning into Gaga? I thought it was Madonna… oh well Gaga's turning to Madonna anywaysss. So same shit right ?

  85. 85

    it was very artistic, but seriously that was a long long time doing the makeup work …. there are some angles that really look like Gaga and some that weren't as much, but beautiful! :D haters gotta hate. but lovers gotta love. love gaga!!! :D

  86. 86

    She hasn't been around long enough to be an icon.

  87. 87

    lmfao i think he looks better then her 1

  88. 88

    That guy makes a hot chick

  89. pinki says – reply to this


    Good imitation by this little monster but I prefer the real thing.
    Lady GaGa is more than an inch of make-up.