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Gary Coleman Died With A Large Pension From SAG!

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That could mean big bucks!

Todd Bridges revealed that Gary Coleman had a pension with the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists that could be worth millions!

He admits that he doesn't know the exact amount, but Todd himself will receive $150,000 a year from the age of 55! And Gary made twice as much as him during the 8 years they were on Diff'rent Strokes.

Todd explains where the money will go:

“He may have died with no money but his pension is huge. We have plans with it, charitable plans definitely. Our plans are to make sure it goes to the right places. A lot of his stuff will go toward charities for kids.

“His pension will not go to one person, no way. Dion [Mial, Gary's former manager] is not going to benefit. Dion is one of the ones that sincerely cared about Gary. He will not take advantage of anything to do with Gary’s estate; Dion is not that kind of guy. It will be dealt with the right way in the God way, the respectful way.”

We sure hope so!

Just keep that ca$$$h away from Shannon Price!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Gary Coleman Died With A Large Pension From SAG!”

  1. 1

    I sure hope Gary's greedy parents don't get any of his pension. They took his childhood money. To be able to get their hands on this money would be a tragedy.

  2. 2

    That kind of sucks actually. I would think that Gary cared about Shannon, and he probably wanted to at least provide for Shannon. I know the taking pictures of him when he died was creepy, but if she is not the one who leaked them it is terrible to hate on her. A lot of old people like to take dead people pictures. I would never do it, but all my grandparents are pictured in their casket.

  3. 3

    it said he had a will. AND NORMALLY PENSIONS have who the money goes to if the person dies, IF there is a death benefit. Knowing the way he felt about his parents, it is doubtful they were on the pension AND that dips*it Shannon was not legally married to him, so unless he has her listed, there is not way she can get it. I still think she has something wrong with her, MENTALLY

  4. 4

    I see everytime his lawyer takes a shit now, mario will tell us………..it's Gary Coleman mario……..i could kinda see the reasoning behind posting something like the square footage of the box MJ was put in but Gary Coleman…..really????

  5. 5

    It is beyond "creepy" that she had the presence of mind to take pics of him as he lay dying and shows why she was "with him" in the first place. It is so good to know that Dion and Todd put Gary and his memory first. I am starting to see why Gary might have been soooo jaded about people. Glad he is out of what must have been most painful for him.

  6. 6

    The maximum amount of a monthly Regular SAG Pension is $6,000.00 ($220 min); there is NO WAY Todd Bridges is getting $150,000 a year pension!

  7. 7

    Gary died unmarried and without minor children, usually that means NO PENSION PAYOUT!

  8. 8

    Glad he had people like Todd and Dion in his life! Im sorry he had to spend his last few minutes on earth with his lunatic of an EX wife and hope someone catchs her for the murder. Ray Charles can see all the evidence piling up and hes blind and dead! ANybody who truely cares about someone when they pass away isnt out trying to clear their name of the crime that no one accused them of yet and isnt so worried about the money before he isnt even in the ground yet. They MOURN!

  9. 9

    Re: rejco100 – Hmmmm I didnt know that! Intresting to see what happens!

  10. 10

    Shannon Price is a MURDERER! And the cops in her town she's blowing suck just as much as she does them. Another black celeb, who cares right? Go eat more doughnuts you lazy, fat, fucks!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    This man is nuts… he'll spend it from left to right in no time !

  13. 13

    This poor guy Gary Coleman. I know he was probably a shit while he was living but that's b/c he was TREATED LIKE SHIT by those closest to him for so much of his life. People give what they get. He obviously ached to be loved and cared for and if he would have gotten it he would have most probably been a much better person in life. But it sounds like he did want the money to go to the right things as Todd Bridges said. Shannon is just a desperate little gold digger. Soulless. There are many like her. It's nothing personal against Gary for her…that's just the type of person she is. She would have been like that with anyone.