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Inferno Director Says LiLo Will "Blow People's Minds"!

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Sure, if she doesn't get thrown into rehab…or jail.

Matthew Wilder is the director of Lindsay Lohan's next flick, Inferno, which is about Linda Lovelace, the porn star. Matthew is very happy with his choice of star, not because of her talent, but because how much her own life parallel's Linda's.:

"Both of them grew up in this case where there was kind of this whole industry built around them…It's built around destroying her."

Hmm, we don't think LiLo needs any help from the industry in destroying herself. She is doing well enough on her own!

Just wait till you get her on set, buddy! You won't be singing her praises for much longer after that, trust us.

Again, that's if she can still fit you in. There's an orange jumpsuit being steam cleaned for her as we speak!

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34 comments to “Inferno Director Says LiLo Will "Blow People's Minds"!”

  1. 1

    haha "trust us". What do you know about working with Lindsay, Perez??

  2. 2

    Inferno Director Says LiLo Will "Blow People…"

  3. 3

    She's been in commercials and movies her whole life and you don't think the industry has anything to do with how she turned out? God you get stupider every day.

  4. 4

    just from the advertisement…it looks like a cheap "F" rated movie…

  5. 5


  6. 6

    great, I wont be seeing this, I have some morals

  7. 7

    I believe she'd prefer to mind people's blow.

  8. 8

    So she's playing a Porn Star and she's going to "Blow" people's minds. Now that's advertising. A whole new form of 3-D.

  9. 9

    Oh poor Lindsay. Somehow she will screw this up I am sure. Oh no maybe her dad will, or will it be her SCRAM, or will she lose her passport, or will the paps mess it all up. I honestly think this role was made for her though. I wonder if they will ever get the rights down for it. Maybe they should that squared away first, but if it is really good will it be rated R or closer to an X?

  10. 10

    I'm going to see it. You're messed up for picking on her personal life

  11. 11

    Perez, you said that she was cracked out and making it up, that she didn't have a JOB with making Love Lace! Hmm, you get some bogus information all the time don't you… Way to go Lilo, now clean it up!

  12. 12

    So…..she's playing a Porn Star and she's going to "blow" our minds. Interesting play on words.

  13. 13

    I thought this project wasn't green lit yet? I'llw ait for that news first. Lindsay won't show up to work, or will be late every friggin day, or be cracked out of her mind so tell Matthew (if the project gets off the ground) that this is the honeymoon phase. All those rumors ARE true

  14. 14


  15. 15

    She'll get a Best Actress Oscar for this role, and then you guys will never hear the end of it from "The Parents of the Decade" Dana & MIchael Lohan!

  16. 16

    for all her personal problems and issues, shes a very talented actress IMO

  17. 17

    Serious Question: Is this movie even in production yet? According to imdb - it's still in pre-production, and Lindsay is the only person listed as being apart of the cast.

    So, how will she "blow our minds" again? Usually when someone says something like that, there's an actual movie/performance to back it up…. no? The photo looks like some kind of test shot from a rehearsal or run through. Maybe the director should just concentrate on the production of/directing the movie and not continually making random statements about Lindsay.

    I hope that she does will with this and any future movie, and has learned a couple life lessons in the past couple months and makes some changes for the positive…

  18. 18

    hahaa she was just cheap to hire….and no respected director wil give her a job….

  19. 19

    LiLo will "blow people's mind" - it's not the only thing she blows for work (and I do mean BLOW and blow)

  20. 20

    "Both of them grew up in this case where there was kind of this whole industry built around them…It's built around destroying her."

    Hmm, we don't think LiLo needs any help from the industry in destroying herself. She is doing well enough on her own

  21. 21

    Everytime I see this "movie poster" I want to punchmy computer! No studio in their right mind would would have any link to her.
    People always comment on here that she is a taleneted actress. I would like to know what film they're talking about besides the Parent Trap remake? She was no better than any of the other actors in Mean Girls or Freaky Friday, and she beyond sucked in Georgia Rule, I know Who Killed Me, Just my Luck, and I'm sure in that direct to ABC family disaster. She please tell me what film she was so amazing in?

  22. 22

    Oh, and how does this dude know how amazing she is if they haven't even filmed yet?

  23. 23

    Lovelace had a tragic life. I hope this movie does not expoit her even further…

  24. 24

    I thought Bill Pullman was supposed to be in this?…can anyone confirm? that would be AWESOME!!!

  25. 25

    I really hope she gets her act together and pulls this off. This could be a really great role and totally change critics and the publics opinions about her. Dont fuck it up girl!

  26. 26

    I don't trust him. Smells like a director that wants to be obnoxiously shocking just for the sake of shocking. Smells like a Hack.

  27. 27

    More than minds need to be blown to get people to go see this.

  28. 28

    If it is anything mind blowing like "I Know Who Killed Me" I will be laughing myself silly at 1am on a Thursday night as it re-runs on Lifetime.

  29. 29

    Re: italianvenus
    Thank you for pointing that out!
    I thought it was ridiculous that Lindsay was promoting Inferno at Cannes when it wasn't even filmed (don't you usually only promote a movie once it's completed?) and even more ridiculous that they hired someone to do a photoshoot of Lindsay as Linda Lovelace and had someone make POSTERS for a movie that as far as I can tell doesn't have ONE SINGLE FRAME OF FILM FILMED. Posters before the movie is even in production? What?
    This film seems so flaky and unfounded. What is with the backwards production?

    I'll believe that this movie exists when stills are released and an upcoming release date is established.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    If you call making one bad choice after another an 'industry built around destroying her', then that would maker HER the C.E.O.

  31. 31

    I like lindsay movies, i don't really think about the person itself, i like the roles she plays.. so i think i'll watch it

  32. 32

    Someone needs to Wikipedia Linda Lovelace and not make up things that aren't true.

  33. 33

    Last time you reported on Inferno, you said it was just in a concept stage because the producers didn't have the rights to use the name Linda Lovelace. I guess you were wrong Perez. Clearly production has started (or at least photo shoots).

  34. 34

    The industry can't be blamed for what's happening to Lindsay. She has made horrible decisions in her life and she decided to become a train wreck. There are tons of celebrities who don't have that chaotic, up and down roller coaster kind of life because they've decided not to have it. So chill and don't take it on Perez, he's just doing his job!