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J Lo Has Some Choice Adjectives To Describe Tom Cruise!

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Well, there are at least two words Jenny from the Block uses to describe Tom Cruise that we'll agree with!

The diva, who performed a dance number with the big bag of unstable at the MTV Movie Awards, said:

"Working with Tom was amazing! I'm such a hard worker, and I'm kind of intense about my job. It's great to work with someone who is just as intense and passionate and crazy about getting everything right. I said OK, we'd do a little mash-up of [Ludacris' 'Get Back' and Lopez's 'Get Right']. I come out and sing a little and then we dance together. But [I told him] you have to learn this cane dance that I do n the video. That is one of the hardest routines. But he did it. He really, really did it. And he did a great job! I was really proud of him."

Yeah - exactly!

We'll take 'crazy' and 'intense' and leave it at that! No need for the rest of the statement!



[Image via AP Images.]

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49 comments to “J Lo Has Some Choice Adjectives To Describe Tom Cruise!”

  1. 1

    "Sing a little bit…" I missed that…she sang

  2. 2

    Sounds like she liked working with him and appreciated him being the professional that he is. What exactly is wrong with you that you hate Tom Cruise so much? By all accounts, he has led an exemplary life in his work and with his family. Do you get paid by someone to be hating on him all the time? He's a great actor and I am looking forward to his new movie with Cameron Diaz. Looks great.

  3. 3

    she's fat.

  4. 4

    Is it me or does J LO got a big frozen forehead??

  5. 5

    Perez..I dont see anyone asking you to do a dance routine with them on tv. Lighten up.. I thought Tom did great for not being a dancer.

  6. 6

    Scientology kills!
    Remember Lisa McPherson

  7. 7

    They have Scientology in common.

  8. 8

    you notice how not many people leave you comments? because you spend some much time twisting stories and picking favorites. nothing is wrong with this story just blantly show the story. You suck! I hope you're blogging career will be over soon because you are disapointing me

  9. 9

    Re: Texas Mom – He is a high profile member of a cult that brainwashes, abuses and exploits their members, not to mention robs them of all their money. By financially supporting any member of this cult you are also supporting the cult and it's actions. In other words: if you pay to see his movies you are indirectly an accomplice to brainwashing and abuse of other human beings. Think about it, won't you…

  10. 10

    Your Tom Cruise hate is boring, fatboy. Hes a cool guy, who cares if hes into Scientology. Christianity is just as stupid.

  11. 11

    I'm NOT even a BIg J-Lo or TC fan but they kicked that bit's ass….best part of the whole show TC as that dude is pretty F2#King funng

  12. 12

    Re: El loco Norwegian – How is that different from the vaticans actions?

  13. 13

    he was fantastic. I didn't know he had that kind of talent. He is amazing!!!

  14. 14

    haha, yes, I agree, crazy and intense it is!

  15. 15

    This was just straight out Campy, not bad not good, just was…

  16. 16

    Most actors learn dancing, singing (that's part of the job description), I don't see the big deal of Tom dancing. The venue (young people) was of course picked by him trying SOOOOO hARD .

    didn't work!

  17. 17

    Re: El loco Norwegian – I have regular visits at the front door by Mormon kids doing their bit before college (great kids BTW), Jehova's witnesses, pamphlets from the end-of-the-world crowd…but never ONCE have i been approached by a Scientologist holding me down & asking me to do any darn thing. If you are interested in Scientology — they open the door and YOU a person with FREE WILL walks through. It really is exhausting to hear the hatred spewed at this religion 24/7 but then it is so non-PC to attack successful JEWS that I suppose attacking successful Scientologists is the just peachey eh? Until they are up in my face..I have no problem with their beliefs and why anyone else does…says more about them than Scientology.

  18. 18

    Go away JLo!!!!! Go away!!

  19. 19

    Tom tries so hard to be liked again….and prove the peeps he´s ´normal´….better he used somebody who was still relevant in the industry…not this waay to old hag that can´t sing or dance..jlo gooo awaaay…so embarrassing!!

  20. 20

    Re: Ozz465 – All religions have their "bad apples", however their ultimate goal is to bring a higher meaning to peoples lives. The wrongdoing that is going on in Catholicism, and indeed in most religions is by a few members, it's not the general policy. The cult of scientology is all about making money, BY ANY MEANS! If that includes brainwashing, infiltration of the government or "hiring" celebrities to front the cult then that's OK with them. I will admit that "the Christian way"; AKA 'Convert, or we will kill you', is the worst kind of recruitment, but that ended a long time ago. If you read up a bit on what goes on in religion (or cults when referring to scientology) these days I think you will find that scientology has the WORST reputation.

  21. 21

    she sounds like she's talking about a paraplegic person.

  22. 22

    No one has ever complained that Tom Cruise is anything other than a hard worker. Whether or not he's a bit on the crazy side, the people that know him and the people that work with him don't have any complaints abou him being anything other than an absolute professional and a very nice guy on the set. That's one bit of credit that you have to give him.

  23. 23

    Re: HumansRstrange – The Jews have had a hard couple of millennia, they deserve a break. Most religions have your best interests at heart. They believe that you can benefit from their teachings. Most of them don't have any requirements of you if you join them, and if you want to leave there's no problem. Tha cult of scientology are all about making money by any means possible. In church you will probably be asked to donate money, but in scientology it's a requirement that you give them a double digit percentage of your earnings. Also you are required to take courses that cost more than an average (used) car every once in a while. All to get your money. How do they get members? They may not be as "in your face" as the Krishnas, but they do approach people on the street outside their centers, because there they can lure people in right away for auditing. They ask you a bunch of lesser and more private questions (which they keep the answers to for later use to extort you from leaving the cult) then they automatically tell you that your life basically is worth nothing, but that scientology can help you with that.
    —–continues below—–

  24. 24

    Re: HumansRstrange – Did you know that people actually have killed themselves after being audited? Not people who are suicidal, just ordinary healthy people. If you do become a member but you want to leave, there is almost nothing they won't do to stop you (ref. the auditing questions, and so on). They actively stalk, harass and threaten members who leave. They have members in high places that can make life a real pain in the ass for deserters. They have even gone as far as to get members to befriend former members and try to get them to kill themselves to get rid of them.
    Well, I could go on and on. Not everyone has the interest to do all the research that I have done on this cult, that is why I try to spread the word in often it's simplest form. Google Lisa McPherson and read her tragic story, then maybe you will become a little more aware of what this cult is about. Maybe you will see that the hate it receives is not unjust. Maybe it's not even hate, but a strong will to warn people about something they actually should be afraid of.
    Thanks for reading, everyone. Peace.

  25. 25

    Re: El loco Norwegian – Yeah…and people have been molested by priests…and millions gave money to Tammy Faye & her jailbird ex-hubby! All Religions have fools, creeps & users in them…like the human race. Scientology I am sure has its share of all of the above….no more…no less. Obviously though millions of people are gaining great things from their association with it…religions survive because for all the CRAP there is enough there that truly gives people hope & sustenance on this earth. Who are you to pick out test cases & demonize millions of people because of them. You are a standard hater…if not Scientology, Mormons, if not Mormons, Jews, if not Jews…you'll find something/someone won't you? Like I said before I don't turn my back on every priest, nun, missionary at the door because i know some have been criminal swine. but then I'm not on a mission of destruction as you seem to be.

  26. 26

    Re: waterstar
    Yes, please go away J Lo!!! She is beyond overrated. Her singing and acting are mediocre at best. Never trust a big butt and a smile, LOL!

  27. 27

    Come on she's just saying that they're both type A perfectionists.

  28. 28

    Re: El loco Norwegian – Maybe find a more productive use of your time eh? when they are kidnapping schoolchildren I will give a hoot. Grown adults have the right to do any stupid thing they want to do with their own money. If all you say is true….fine. Maybe some people are looking for a Big Daddy cult to take over their lives…more fool them. I call them Obama Democrats myself. Now if that isn't a life-sucking cult I don't know what is, LOL! Scientology makes millions of people happy…its not my business…and unless you have actual criminal charges to press for what they did to YOU personally then it isn't your business either. You look like a real bigot always going on about them.

  29. 29

    She is a no talent kunt ! She is a BACK-UP DANCER, and some IDIOT gave her a record deal ! All these no talent people get multi million dollar record deals and they FLOP and then people wonder why the record labels are failing ! Get REAL TALENT !!!!!

  30. 30

    jesus christ man, talk about using words out of context.
    you are such an idiot.

  31. Nugsy says – reply to this


    Re: HumansRstrange – Oh Scientologists molest children too and not only to they tell the kids to shut up about it and not go to the police, they also tell children that it's THEIR OWN FAULT they were abused. Children that have been molested or have committed any other "crime" are sent to special Scientology prison camps called the RPF! Give a hoot now HumansRstrange?

  32. 32

    Actually I am not a standard hater, as you call it. scientology is a cult made up by a science fiction author who invented it to make money. The methods they use to get members, to get money from their members, to stop members from leaving and to stop ex-members from speaking up against them or revealing their secrets is very questionable, and often illegal. Along with the way they treat their members, through brainwashing, forced labour and abuse is almost reminiscent another group of people called Nazis. Now we all agree that the Nazis were bad people, but according to you I can’t have an opinion of the Nazis because they never did anything to me! What about communists or serial killers? We can all have opinions about whatever we want, and I did not have any strong opinions about scientology until I started really reading up on them. The more I read the more I was distressed by their ways. Now I want to warn people about the dangers that they represent.
    —-more below—-

  33. 33

    —-continued from above—-
    If people still want to join them then that’s their prerogative, but if I can make people think twice about it then at least I have done something. I am not of the ones that claim that all scientologists should be killed, I am just aginst the methods and ideals of the cult. I strongly doubt that the number of scientologists numbers millions, maybe a low six-figure number, but not millions. Finally just a comment on all the “haters” that slam this cult; where are the followers? Have you ever heard someone (besides the celebrity members) say that they are proud, happy, content members of scientology? Think about it, won’t you…

  34. 34

    JLo looks like Charro! Coochie! Coochie!

  35. 35

    Re: cnkali – omg she Does resemble Charro, Lolz! But now JBlow looks like a fat ass. Yea, she has a 'big' ass but now she just looks big! Plus shes done that dance routine w the cane numerous times…so boring just like her. Jlo Go Away!!

  36. 36

    Absolutely LOVED the performance!
    It was hilarious, who would've thought weird 'ol Tom would come out of his shell?!

  37. jpug says – reply to this


    TC was great!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38

    Re: El loco Norwegian – I agree with the others. How is that much different from Catholicism and other religions? He's a grown man and can choose his religion accordingly. I just watch his movies, I don't attend church with him.

  39. pinki says – reply to this


    Funny how J-lo is asked about Tom and talks about herself instead. EGO.

  40. 40

    Old Tom Cruise probably is bald and wears hair extensions that are implanted in his scalp. Katie Holmes is a Stepford wife who would NEVER tell! SHHHHHH! It's a SECRET! Only the Scientologist leaders know, boo!

  41. 41

    Re: Texas Mom – By watching his movies (generating money for him) you are supporting scientology financially.
    I can repeat what I said in another reply on this page: "All religions have their "bad apples", however their ultimate goal is to bring a higher meaning to peoples lives. The wrongdoing that is going on in Catholicism, and indeed in most religions is by a few members, it's not the general policy. The cult of scientology is all about making money, BY ANY MEANS! If that includes brainwashing, infiltration of the government or "hiring" celebrities to front the cult then that's OK with them." The main objective of the top dogs of scientology includes ways to deceive both the government and the public of their questionable "religion" and to make bloody sure that no negative publicity about them comes out, especially rom former high-ranking members.

  42. 42

    Re: Texas Mom – A couple of spelling mistakes in the last reply:
    The main objective of the top dogs of scientology includes finding ways to deceive both the government and the public of their questionable "religion" and to make bloody sure that no negative publicity about them comes out, especially from former high-ranking members.

  43. Nugsy says – reply to this


    Re: Texas Mom – I agree with El loco Norwegian

  44. 44

    I have some adjectives to describe Tom Cruise - weird, loser, creepy, etc. Now he is trying too hard with this new character. It seems pathetic that he is grasping at straws trying to get people to like him again. It is too late. He is a has-been control freak. Phony to the max.

  45. 45

    It seems like all of you posters her just HATE HATE HATE Perez Hilton, should just get this heck off this blog. Go stink up some other blog.

  46. 46

    One of the reasons that Scientology and other groups want to be classified as being a church is because churches do not have to pay taxes on their income.

  47. 47

    Re: Nugsy – Thank you for your support :-)

  48. 48

    U gotta learn how to deal with that perez…. tom is a nice guy…. hes crazy and all and a hot daddy….i have my doubts when u do the hate part on this blog… cuz i can picture u wankin thinkin about tom above you… who doesnt?

  49. 49

    That was the best part of the whole show. christina was good also. As for the rest, any drunken sailor could have been talking that crap.