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John Goodman Is Looking FABOOSH!

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Have you been working out?

We can tell!

John Goodman premiered a considerably trimmer figure last night at AFI's salute to director Mike Nichols, and we can't get over how great he looks!

We're impressed! Keep up the good work!

[Image via WENN.]

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70 comments to “John Goodman Is Looking FABOOSH!”

  1. 1

    Damn he is looking good./

  2. 2

    Wow he looks great and way healthier.

  3. 3


  4. kizzy says – reply to this


    I love John he's looking great and healthy, keep up the good lifestyle John

  5. 5

    I saw this at 7:00 AM on another site. It's now 3:37 PM. I'm a big Perez fan, but since he doesnt write this shitty site - I can't be mad at him.

  6. 6

    same there are absoultely no scoops on this site anymore.

  7. 7

    so great to see him healthy, keep it up john :)

  8. 8

    Wow he looks great! Keep it up JG!

  9. 9

    Good hear he's looking alot better. i remember seeing him at Mardi Gras a few years back, he was throwing beds off a float, and he was sweating sooo much, he looked like he was going to flat line any second.

  10. Tar says – reply to this


    So happy to see him looking so good! He is one of my favorite actors - especially in Lebowski! Way to go John!!!!

  11. 11

    It's nice to see people getting all horny for Dan Connor.

  12. 12

    Wow way to go John!! Love it. Love him he is such a terrific actor. Watched Monsters Inc while babysitting today and I watch the Roseanne reruns at night, he is the funniest on the show with his facial expressions and tone of voices.

  13. 13

    Re: BiCurious George – lol well we love the actor!

  14. 14

    PLEASE stop saying Faboosh…

  15. 15


  16. 16

    WOW! Good for John! He looks like he could play John Corbett's older brother/father now!!!

  17. 17

    Two words: GASTRIC BYPASS!
    U can tell by his skin being so saggy. when they loose weight so fast you are left with lots of hanging skin all over form it. Just look at his face. Its more gaunt than the rest of him. That's from Rapid weight loss. I bet the doctors told him he had to do it or die. They did the same thing to my father-in-law.

  18. 18

    If he continues like this, I will not be able to recognize him.

  19. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats amazing! Good For him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20

    When is someone going to ask him to play Curley in a Three Stooges movie?? Shave his head and he is so The Man! And you just know he's up for it. He could
    channel Curley in his sleep.

  21. 21

    Wowsa! Looking Good John!

  22. 22

    Ummmmm…Is it JUST me, or does he still look like he irons his pants on the driveway … ? I mean, he has MORE Chins than a Chinese telephone book ! Big as a House ! But, I guess compared to before, when he was as big a TWO Houses, he has dropped a pound or two ! Just say'n ….. Me suspects gastric by-pass…

  23. 23

    Re: Ravana – I agree…somethn's up !

  24. 24


  25. 25

    see what happens when you get sober?… you look amazing john… and i bet you finally feel as good as you look!

  26. 26

    I am stoked for him- he's beyond talented. I don't want to see him end up like John Candy. Too many actors and comedians live life too fast.

  27. 27

    I'm glad. He is one of my favorite sitcome actors.

    Although, it makes me wonder….if he John Goodman can lose the weight without drugs why can't garbage plate Mario.

  28. 28

    Re: babymonkey – Is THAT what it is ? ! He has cut back on the hooch/drugs ?

  29. 29

    He's looking dapper! Soon Perez, , you'll be bitching that he's too thin and get him a donut.

  30. 30

    he IS!
    ah he is SUCH a good actor.
    he's always in the good movies.
    i look forward to more movies, john!!

  31. 31

    I really love John Goodman!

  32. 32

    John you look absolutely FABULOUS! Way to go!

  33. 33

    That's what happens when you cut out ALL foods and are on a very strict ALL ALCOHOL DIET!

  34. 34

    Goodman got sober last October. Says he sweats a hell of a lot less now that alcohol isn't pumping through his veins 24/7.

  35. 35

    Good work JG - go for it!!

  36. 36

    John Goodman looks amazing! So happy he was able to drop the weight.

  37. 37

    Loving it ! !

  38. 38

    Re: Katy_TunaVag_Perry – Wow he was throwing beds off a float. How many beds were on the float? Were they King, Full, Twin? Maybe futons? Did anyone get hurt or hit by these beds he was throwing? Was he on the juice? How did he find the strength to throw the beds? I am shocked no one reported this story earlier!

  39. 39

    whens he going to come out?

  40. 40

    indeed he does!

  41. 41

    Awesome job-he looks fabulous!

  42. 42

    Wooooooooooooow! Lookin' good!

  43. 43

    I'd hit it.

  44. 44

    Lookin good..! So glad to see that..

  45. 45

    I'd still jump his bone. I've always had a wierd thing for Dan Conner. DILF lol

  46. 46

    Looking Hot!!! Wow who would have thought?

  47. 47

    "Please daddy…"
    "I told you, when I'm finished you can have what's left!"
    "But there won't be any left. There's never any left…"

    LOL, Family Guy.

    Good for him, love him on Treme.

  48. 48

    I'm glad he's getting fit!

  49. 49

    he's great in the HBO series Treme .

  50. 50

    How amazing! He looks really nice.

  51. 51

    good job…..

  52. 52

    wow he looks so good ive always liked him yes that lebowski movie "the big lewboski " i just watched that again the other night and i always laugh so dam hard in that movie

    goodman looks really really great im so proud of him it cant be easy for him losing the weight but he looks good looking …

  53. 53

    All praise the Lapband!

  54. 54

    John Goodman looks great! It doesnt matter how it was done,as long as it was done safely and he is healthy..His father died at an early age because of his heart and he knows the risks..He wants to be around for his family…John is one of the kindest people around and an awesome actor! By the way,I liked the one about Perez complaining about jb being too thin and offering him a donut :)

  55. 55

    Re: Ravana – The man is in this 50's my dear. Skin doesn't snap back anymore at that age. It doesn't matter if he had gastric bypass surgery or not. He was a big man. Of course he'll have skin hanging!! God are you stupid!!!

  56. 56

    First time I've not expected to see he'd dropped dead accompanied with his pic. Looks much better. Good on him

  57. 57

    OH I am so glad…I love John G. and always worried he'd end up with a coronary. Take care!

  58. 58

    Hey…i'd hit it!!! He looks hawt!!! AWESOME, JOHN!!!

  59. 59

    Looking good john

  60. 60

    Awesome,John! He needed to do something before he keeled over with a heart attack! I think he's a great actor and I'm happy he's getting healthy.

  61. 61

    Wow! Awesome! He looks HOT!

  62. 62

    He's the BEST!!! Love me some JG!!! Keep twerkin' it, Johnny! Looking good!!!!!!!!

  63. 63

    He's too skinny now to play Linda Tripp on SNL. God, he was funny in those skits!

  64. 64

    He looks great! I just love him…

  65. 65

    WOW thats really cool, good going Goodman.

  66. 66

    Thank goodness. I love this guy and would hate to see go to an early grave.

  67. 67

    WOW!!! Go John :) !! You look amazing!!!!!!!!

  68. 68

    awwwww. i love john goodman! i hope he keeps it fit so he can be with the world for a long time!

  69. 69

    Thank goodness, the last movie I saw him in I was thinking "he looks like a heart attack waiting to happen!!". I'm glad he's taking better care of himself - he looks smokin!!

  70. 70

    I love him!!