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KStew To Fug Up London's West End????

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We don't see where she would find the time, now with Breaking Dawn being split into two movies, but the offer is on the table.

Sources are claiming that Kristen Stewart is being approached with several offers to star in some plays in London's West End. One producer whose name popped up on the list of interested parties was David Pugh, who put Daniel Radcliffe in Equus.

Ugh, it's hard enough to see her rabbit teeth struggle through a scene on screen. Imagine watching her scowl in person for 2-plus hours?!

That's the definition of torture!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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160 comments to “KStew To Fug Up London's West End????”

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  1. 101

    I don't get all this hating on this chick. Ok, she's not comfortable being dressed up or at awards shows….Other than that, what has she done to deserve all this bashing?? (this is coming from someone that's never even seen a 'twilight' flick)

  2. 102

    Oh really!!!Stop hating on >>>KStew

  3. 103

    i like kristen stewart because unlike 99% of hollywood she is real, she is awkward, she is cute and pretty not drop dead gorgeous, she is just real. i think she would be perfect for that part.

  4. 104

    Re: Sir-Bangs-Alot – you're disgusting

  5. 105

    I really don't like her for her constant swearing and smoking and acting cool (like smoking pot in public, she's such a great role model…) but I have to admit that she's really not that ugly (but the mullet really doesn't do anything for her!)

  6. 106

    Pigshit go get a life. You will never amount to anything compared to the actors actresses you try to slam.

  7. 107

    rubmeraw: you defend Kristen, but then you are a hypocrite and call her boyfriend a gaylord. I'll repeat the question you asked: what kind of sick f*ck calls someone a gaylord when they don't even know the person?

  8. 108

    perez is 100% right

  9. 109

    Jeez Perez will you get over it already? You dont have to love Kristin but stop with all the pointless and pathetic put downs.

  10. 110

    don't hate, perez.

  11. 111

    If Kristin has "rabbit teeth" ( you stole that phrase from a Kardhashian episode) Perez, you have Donkey Teeth!!!

  12. 112

    HA HA! harsh but funny

  13. SS18 says – reply to this


    I do get that lesbian vibe from her. Definitely.
    Let's give her a shot.

  14. 114

    I honestly think she's beautiful. I'd probably be nervous if people were calling me "fugs" at every turn. Has to fuck with a girl's confidence, ya know?

  15. 115

    Kstew might not be the bestest young actress out there but at least she's dating one of the hottest guys and she is a real ACTRESS, wwhat are you perez?

  16. 116

    She's more talented than you. And she makes more money. You earn a living by writing crap about people. I'd go see her in the West End.
    Also, notice- Everyone with a Robert Pattinson picture who posted a comment on here are hating her. Jealous, much?

  17. 117

    Obsessed-I'm waiting for a rival site to come along too, the only reason I come here is because it's updated more often than any other site. I hate myself for giving this bully money and visiting the site. the digs at other celebs are getting to me too, like saying katherine hiegl doesn't want her kid because she went out to lunch without her? and right now I'm looking at an ad for a shirt that says "fuck rehab", yeah, cause staying on drugs is so fucking cool. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I owned this site.

  18. 118

    Oh come on! It's BS! It's from a lame tabloid mag! And yeah, Kristen can't even accept a lame MTV award without freakin' out&she'll do a theater play?? Yeah, NO WAY!!! I do hope she goes on theater one day hough&soon! The critics will swallow her!!!

  19. 119

    I also really do not understand why you hate her so much. She is definitely NOT fug, she's beautiful. and yes, she hates the paparazzi, (and yes, you know the role of the paparazzi when you sign up for fame in hollywood) but i feel for her. not everyone feels comfortable with all that constant attention, at least not right away.
    its very apparent that you have some personal vendetta against her, perez. i enjoy reading your blog but sometimes i am disgusted in the way that you pick on people so relentlessly, when we all guess that you were probably picked on and teased pretty badly in the past too. shame on you, perez.

  20. 120

    In what fucking universe is this girl anything less than fucking beautiful? All these jealous bitches in the comments tearing down her picture, and yet none of your dumb asses have been on the cover of magazines, that includes you Perez. Here's a little secret for all you delusionals: Kristen's in movies cause she's fucking hot. She's got a hot face, and a hot little teenaged body that guys want to bang. I don't give a shit about talent or awards - what I give a shit about is wanting those long sexy little legs of hers to wrap around my neck so I can go town.

  21. 121

    I think it may be a good idea for her to stay diverse and do theater. Maybe she'd be decent?? Who knows. I ain't gonna hate here.

  22. 122

    Hey, Glamazon - shut the fuck up. If you can't tell the diference between calling someone a gaylord and saying you want someone to die, then you are retarded. People are calling her all sorts of names, but saying you want her to die is fucking weird. Weird ass twihards and their delusions.

  23. 123

    Re: timo88 – agreed - too much focus on perfection in Hollywood, whatever that is.

  24. 124

    Doesnt Lady GaGa have a bit of rabbit teeth going on ???? Just saying…

  25. 125

    Dear Perez, you MIGHT want to be out of the LA area from June 16-25. Why? Ravenous Eclipse fans who will tear at your soul…some may even go ahead and punch you in the face.

  26. 126

    perez you're an idiot !!! :) everybody knows that she's a good actrice !!! you're just jealous !! and why woulden't she play in a musical she said in an interview that she likes theater above movies. Beceause they immediatly know the reactions of the plublic!!! so close you're fucking mouth beceause you only can talk bullshit !!!

  27. 127

    More of her I´m-so-pissed-off-of-everything-face? No thanks. She already complains about her fame all the time, hates her fans and who knows what. She shouldn´t go on stage anywhere, she should just go home and shut up.

  28. 128

    perez, cmon we know you're just jealous that she gets to make out with robert pattinson an you don't…and she's hot i would definitely pay to see her in person

  29. 129

    That's the definition of torture???? What's the matter with you Perez???
    She is awesome!!!

    From Norway!

  30. 130

    What happended baby did kristen not return your phone call. After a two week love fest now all of the sudden she's torture. Make up your mind either you dislike the girl or you don't. Talk about unstable.

  31. 131

    rubmeraw: I can tell the difference, dummy. I was just pointing out what a phony little hypocrite you are. And you are the gaylord man! Anyone with your nasty tone, is always a big loser who can never get girls!!

  32. 132

    U really are a vile ugly piece of shit.i dont know how u can rip how someone else looks wen u look like u got beat with the ugly stick.u need 2 drop this lesbian shit and stop shovving wot u fink is kool in other peoples faces.u no damn rite she would b awsome in the west end.just drop it u haggard fuck

  33. 133

    Her teeth are fine…jeeze..I don't know about her theatrical skills though..but she might surprise you..who knows

  34. 134

    You just CANT STFU about her can you?!?!

  35. 135

    You are such pathetic exuse for a human being, not to mention gross, ugly and a discgace to all gays. You have no rhyme, reason or soul you moronic fuck face. Kristen is a beautiful young girl who does not kiss your ass or can give a shit less about your pathetic atemts to disredit her. I applaud her resentment of creeps like you and I applaud her for not fitting into the sick mold people like you want to put her in. For being 20, she has more sense of self than phony GaGa freak or those shallow hollywood pieces of trash you call brilliant. What a joke you are Perez

  36. 136

    Re: hornybasterd – Hahah, oh.. So true. I love you a bit right now for saying all that!

  37. 137

    Okay so even though I hate her and everything, she doesn't have rabbit teeth…

  38. 138

    I dont understand why you would make fun of someone for their own sexuality when you yourself are homosexual. Thats like a white person calling other white people crackers! Its just wrong and rediculous!

  39. 139

    I dont understand why you hate her so much??

  40. 140

    ur so bitter, its kinda sad

  41. 141

    Re: mschrissy – so you're judging her based on one of her very first movies. ya that makes sense? i really hate it when people like you criticize her for not smiling. so what? you expect her to smile every second of every day WHILE she's constantly being criticized and followed by people she doesn't know? right

  42. 142

    Once again calling Kristin fug, when she is far, far from it and you Mario are the absolute EPITOME of the word??????

  43. 143

    don't hate on her you pig. i bet robert pattinson can't stand the sight of you.

  44. 144

    i dnt lyk her buh her teeth arent that bad

  45. 145

    Perez, don't worry about what these idiots have to say. KStew sucks at acting on screen and she'll suck in the West End too. Just wait for the reviews…

  46. 146

    Well it looks like the West End Pimp Pugh has her in his sites. He pimped Harry and his little wand and he can't act. The little gay wand should have received an Olivier for not waking up once in any performance. The point is no acting required. She qualifies.

  47. 147

    Ya and it's getting tiring seeing your chipmunk teeth on every end of your site. Your point? You fixed your weight but what about your teeth, your attitude and your need to kiss ugly gagaloo's ass. Let's see you fix those 3 things.

  48. 148

    Hey Team Perez, Leave Kstew alone. Y'all are being huge jerks and it's getting
    really old. Kristin Stewart is talented and normal and relatable. MUCH more relatable than some of the other crazy people on this website. But regardlesss, what has she ever done to you or to anyone? It brings women down when you dissect our physical appearance and is also really sexist. Be kind.

  49. 149

    And also, I think I'm going to take a break from this website because of this very article. It's tedious to have so much negativity. I just want to read fun gossip news occasionally to take the edge off after a long day… not be brought down. :(

  50. 150

    Omg Leave her alone. She is a good actress. You're just mad she gets to bang Rob and you don't. Jealous much?

  51. 151

    I love Kristen's teeth…. they are increadibly ADORABLE!!!…

  52. 152

    hop off perez!!

  53. 153

    That would be the most terrible thing in the world.

  54. 154

    Fail to understand her appeal on any level…No talent.

  55. 155

    These people do realize you can't edit live theatre and that biting your lip doesn't exactly translate on stage as an emotion other then "oops I forgot my line". DUUUUMMMBBBB.

  56. 156

    It is a bit pathetic how much you jock her. We get it. You're jealous of her. We get that you wish you weren't born an ugly dude. Get over it. She is better than you. She will always be better than you. You don't matter. move on. People like you need to disappear from society. You're nothing but a shit talking loser with no life of your own. Must suck.

  57. 157

    I finally saw the latest twilight movie over the weekend….she has to be the worst actress in hollywood. I kept wishing for her to die in movie so I didn't have to go through the pain anymore. I really want to see the runaways cause it's a great story but I'm afraid she is going to ruin it for me.

  58. 158

    couldn´t have said it better myself, toirture is the right word. why is she even an actor? please leave room for someone who deserves your unearned priviliges!

  59. 159

    She'd never make it on the big stage, especially not the West End. Never, never ever.

  60. Astor says – reply to this


    You hatred towards women with any character of their own is horrific. Why do you call her a gay? Even if she were a gay it is not a name to call or tease somone. That is a poor taste. One day you will get in a big trouble for hitting the young, helpless girls. Shame on you.

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