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Nuns Gone Wild!

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Wow! Who would have ever guessed???

Two Ugandan nuns were arrested this week for growing marijuana at their convent. Sisters Nanteza and Rita used an entire acre of the convent's grounds to grow the weed and police immediately went to inspect the situation after a anonymous tip-off.

But the cops got more than they bargained for as Sister Nanteza allegedly attacked the officers for entering the convent without permission. When she was taken in by the police, she told them: "You bypassed us without saying anything. What if you got a problem here, whose fault would it be?"

She and Sister Rita then told officials that the grass was used for the farm animals, not for sale.

Wait, the animals get stoned?! Riiiiight.

No official charges have been made yet, but we wonder if the whole convent is going to get drug-tested now!

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