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ScarJo And Ryan To Adopt!

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Is this the new Brangelina??

Celeb couple Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are said to be adopting a baby from Africa!

A source says, "Scarlett has always wanted to adopt from outside the U.S. She feels now is finally the right time."

The couple is fond of adoption as Ryan's older brother is adopted and Scarlett's mom just recently adopted a baby girl.

Scarlett is reportedly working with a U.S.-based adoption agency and they're planning to adopt from Ghana or Ethiopia.


[Images via WENN.]

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85 comments to “ScarJo And Ryan To Adopt!”

  1. 1

    this is great but hope they actually takes care of the kid instead of leaving nanny raise him/her.

  2. 2

    I'm willing to carry a baby for them if Ryan will inseminate me. Call me, Ryan.

  3. 3

    WHY do all these celeb couples adopt outside of the U.S? There are plenty of children all over the country that need loving homes too. It makes me so angry!

  4. 4

    I have to say that that Ryan really upgraded when he married Scarlett, and got away from that skank crazy-eyed Alanis Morissette skank whore bitch twat.

    Anyway, why can't these 2 adopt some domestic kiddies, black, white, asian, whatnot … is it because it might be faster to go outside of the country, or are they just thinking it'd be cool to have an African kiddie, or what ?

  5. 5

    UGHHH!! WHO GIVES A FLYING F U C K if the baby is from outside the USA!??!?!?! An orphan is an orphan, and poor in America is like a trip to Disneyland compared to poor in Africa. So STFU, if people want to adopt children who are MORE in need, let them. And yes, those children are likely to be outside America's golden gates.


  6. 6

    Americans………….If this is true they should learn from Sandra and adopt from the U.S but either way. The most important thing is the baby.

  7. 7

    I'm willing to give a baby if Scar will let me inseminate her. Call me, Scar!!

  8. 'tude says – reply to this


    i think it's great when anyone adopts, but what is it about celebrities adopting children from other countries?! don't we have enough kids in the u.s. who need adopting?! trendy…ugh.

  9. 9

    Sweet. love it. Now if these rich folks could start adopting children from their own freaking country who need good homes and out of foster care then America would be a little bit nicer..and btw are these women just afraid to mess up their bodies and that is why they are not getting pregnant and adopting instead?

  10. 10

    its nice they want to adopt but honestly, there are thousands of babies and children in their own country who need a home. why are theese children always other looked in favour of ones half way across the world

  11. 11

    Their pal Sandra Bullock will steer them towards the adoption hopefuls in New Orleans - bet on it!

  12. 12

    Awww so cute!

  13. 13

    Do they have something against American orphans? It is getting a bit weird…..

  14. 14

    To be relevant they need more than one multi-racial baby. This is simply too little too late.

  15. 15

    American orphans aren't good enough, huh? WTF? Yes, let's let another of our own get kicked around in the foster care system and grow up to become a stripper or serial killer. Good idea. Screw them! More Ethiopian babies!!!!

  16. 16

    adopt a kid from HERE!
    why somewhere ELSE?!
    is this some f*cking trend or something?!

  17. 17

    Re: MissPriss – American children put up for adoption are AUTOMATICALLY diagnoses seriously mentally ill (FOR LIFE) by the Psycho-Wackos and are forced-fed handfuls of meds, not even approved for Lab Rats, until their brains matter ids disolved into mush.

  18. 18

    Hey everyone, I'm an adoptive mom through domestic adoption. I'm happy to answer questions about the process and the difference between international and domestic. They are two separate experiences and it's a very personal decision which way to go. With domestic, you need to wait for an expectant mom creating an adoption plan for her baby to chose prospective adoptive parents. You could wait days or years or may never be chosen. There's absolutely no certainty in it. Foster care is a wonderful route, but many times the biological parents are still in the picture trying to change their lives and reunify with their children. It's a perfect world when that happens for both parents and children. For that reason, foster care may not be the best choice for those trying to build a family through adoption. International adoption rules are different with each country. Sometimes it's faster, sometimes not. Sometimes the cost is more afforable, but that's subjective based on a family's means. All in all, adoption is a wonderful way to build a family. I wouldn't be a mom otherwise. Just wanted to give a perspective from someone who has been there. It's a very personal decision and I'm sure celebrity or not, it's tough to be judged in the public eye when going through the process.

  19. 19

    I fully support adoption but I wish Americans would adopt the kids here in our own country. There are so many children in the U.S. that need loving homes. There are other countries that have children in need, certainly, but we should really take care of ourselves first.

  20. 20

    im blk, and it seems adopting black baby is the thing now to celebs. why dont people adopt more from latin or russian, european countries. Its like Africa is the poster child for adoptions. it feels to me sometimes like there saying "look at me, im cool, i have a black kid".

  21. 21

    Re: krazykoko10 – My sentiments exactly! Why don't they have their own baby?

  22. 22

    There are a lot of children in the US that need homes! She is just another actress that doesn't want to ruin her body.

  23. 23

    Who cares where they adopt a baby from? Babies need adopting from all over the world. All that matters is that they provide a great and loving home.

  24. 24

    ***ADOPT A FOSTER CHILD DAMMIT!*** No, they DON'T all come with biological baggage - I know because I'm an adoptions case manager! And even if they do maintain contact with relatives, does that not make them less worthy of a new family that loves them!?!?

  25. 25

    To the people in the know..I've heard its near to impossible to adopt in America with all the red tape, forms,waiting,no reply,expensive and the the list goes on. Is this true?

  26. 26

    Celebs adopting these black babies…it's getting trendy like tiny purse dogs. Makes me sick. "Oh look at me and my little black baby." Sickening!!

  27. 27

    Wow I guess African kids are like the new Birkin Bag, every celebrity needs to have one! Maybe if an American designer comes out with the must-have bag that all of the famous girls want then American kids will start getting adopted.

  28. 28

    WHAT THE HEEL IS WRONG WITH RYAN'S SWIMMERS - Surely he could get the job done rather than the hassle of adopting !!!

  29. 29

    Well, this certainly is disappointing. I am a fan of ScarJo. And while I applaud her decision to adopt a baby, I'm sad to learn she can't keep it in America. I know, worldwide, there are a lot of babies/children that need homes. But it certainly would seem more appealing to those of us who are fans of these celebrities if they were to adopt from within their own country. There are SO many that need homes here. I would even respect Angelina a little more if she adopted an American child.

  30. 30

    Re: Thurston – I bet it might have to do with Scarlett's tits … what might they look like after filling up with milk ?!? It'd change the shape and perkiness of her tits forever, and she could be vain enough to say 'no fucking way, no yet' type shit. Who knows ?!? But yap, why not just flood her love chunnel with spermies and see what happens, almost like taking a seed from a fresh orange and sticking it in some fertile soil, wait a few days, and the excitement of it all !!!

  31. 31

    Good. I don't want Scarlett's tits ruined.

  32. 32

    It's their business where they want to adopt from. It's a long waiting list in the U.S. and you're also dealing with the drug infested birth parents a lot of the time who decide to take the kid back after it's already been adopted. And overseas, the conditions are much worse compared to the U.S.

  33. 33

    i cant stand how these celebrities are always adopting outside the US…there are plenty of children here who need homes…its rediculous…maybe adopting outside the US gives them more press…bc we all know celebrities can't put a penny in the jar at 7-11 without letting a magazine know.

  34. CGAZ says – reply to this


    Hey momsgonewilddc….understand your trials, but when it come to celebrity status you are and IDIOT!!!!! Personal decision, approval, prospective parents, affordability????? REALLY, get you head out of your A S S !!!!

  35. 35

    First of all, who came up with Brangelina and why does the writers of gossip refer to them in shorty formed stupidly put together, baby names. How ridiculous. Secondly. Who cares once again. We all know that relationships formed in Hollywood, are purely bullshit, and that most of them, fizzle, after a month. Privacy once again, is something you know nothing of, seeing as your always making your sexuality something for everyone to know. But also compassion for others, who perhaps wish, for people like you to stop writing their shit up. Rude, is all I have to say.

  36. 36

    If they're having problems conceiving, they should try this ….. insert a firehose nozzle into Scarlett's love chunnel … the hose being connected to a high-powered pneumatic pump … which is connected to a HUGE refrigerated container containing weeks of Ryan's masturbation efforts … litres and litres of Ryan's baby batter … and then turn on the hose, full blast !!!
    I'm sure one of those swimmers will end up sperminating Scarlett and making a lovely, gorgeous little love child !!!
    Oui / Non ?!?

  37. 37

    Re: MissPriss

  38. 38

    adopting from africa is so mid 2000s. couldnt they have started a new trend and adopt their baby accessary from another country. heres an idea, why not adopt from america?

  39. 39

    Why don't they get their own children? How I hate this Africa-adoption-shit…

  40. 40

    this is pathetic!!!! why cant these so called celebs adopt babies from The US,there are alot of Kids here who need parents also,just fuckin' pathetic

  41. 41

    I hope they stick together, they are ridiculously good looking. Good for them having a family.

  42. 42

    Scarlett and Ryan are good looking people, they need to combine their genes and have a biological baby. Adopt later, procreate now.

  43. 43

    Whats up with this trend of these celebrities adopting black babies? It seems that if you wanna be acool in Hollywood you have to adopt?(black)..Adopting a black baby is hotter than having the latest Louis Vuitton bag..These 2 are obviously doing it for publicity, theyre sickening.

  44. 44

    That's so sweet! Good for them.

  45. Logan says – reply to this


    Lame…. i support adoption if you cannot have kids. But… she wont have them because she doesn't want stretch marks. (or cuz they cant because of all the drugs he did during 2 guys, a girl, and a pizza place)

  46. 46

    or y dont they adopt a blk baby from america lol

  47. 47

    "Always wanted to adopt from outside the U.S." Why? So insulting to all the orphans here in the US to even say! Such typical liberal BS - trying so damn hard to feel good about themselves and just acting the fool!

  48. 48

    "It's just so chic to adopt a black baby! Let's do it, love!"
    "Yes poopsie, of course! But we MUST get it from Africa in order to look REALLY chic!"
    Why don't these people just go out and buy little purse totes and carry these children around like a fashion accessory dog? Because that is all it is to them.
    Disgusting. This whole "adopt a baby from Africa" shit is getting really old.
    How about some of these attention seeking adopters adopt some of the children who need homes here in the US. There are plenty of kids here who need homes too. Even black ones! :::rolls eyes:::

  49. 49

    Re: krazykoko10 – This white woman totally agrees with you.
    It is all for attention, and it's disgusting. Black kids are the new "Chihuahua".
    And it's sick. They are children, not pets and not a fashion accessory.
    "Look! I'm a rich white person and I just adopted this poor black child from Africa! Aren't I chic!"
    And even if you MUST adopt a "black" child to make your statement or whatever then how about finding a couple of kids who are in the Foster system here in the US and rescue them from that. THAT would be worthy of praise.
    To even call this a new "trend" is gross. We're talking about human beings.

  50. 50

    Re: SitTheF*ckDown – Yes! Yes! Yes! This is my total frustration with this "trend".
    And these people have the resources to really help these kids in foster care if they wanted to.
    But that's the problem. That would require care and attention to the child. They just want a fashion accessory to be dumped on an army of nannies.

  51. 51

    Props to Sandra Bullock for adopting in the USA. There are plenty here in the US as well. If you do your research, you'll find that our US policies are part of the reason there is so much famine and poverty in the countries of Africa. Until we change policies, there will be famine here and there! Start here!! Make a difference and start in the USA!!!

  52. 52

    Yet another ignorant celebrity couple taking a child out of the country it was born in, it's bloody annoying. If an African couple tried to adopt an American child I'm betting there'd be an uproar. How about helping improve the living conditions of the child in it's home country rather than dragging it into the media spotlight? How much they get paid per movie would support a whole village of children from a third world country for the rest of their lives. If you look at the current crop of celebrity spawn it doesn't take much to see celebrities rarely make good parents. Going to give up work to look after it Scarlett? And to all the people asking why they don't just adopt an American child- one word- PUBLICITY! Obviously a black baby looks far better on magazine covers than a white baby.

  53. 53

    Really Crazy Jewish Girl, This Poor little African Kid is not the latest designer hand bag, or sex in the city shoe. This kid is going to wonder what the hell happened to everyone that looked like them. Angelina really started this strange human trafficing baby hoarding fad. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of children begging for a home in United States and Canada where her husband is from. I wonder if Kaballah is sending these stars with 1/2 a brain out to buy black children. We should start a pool, which nit wit star is going to buy a baby next?

  54. 54

    Well, it's often much cheaper and easier to adopt a foreign child than an American one.

  55. 55

    oh how avante garde

  56. 56


  57. 57


    And most states offer monthly subsidies to adoptive families until the child turns 18. AND many states PAY the adoption legal fees so families aren't burdened.


  58. 58


  59. 59

    Re: Shelly! – Private adoption can cost up to $20K in the US, but adopting a foster child is FREE.

  60. 60

    Why don't they have their own baby? Vanity is horrible. (Unless she's barren) Babies are accessories in hollywood

  61. 61

    It's very admirable that they are adopting… but I hope they procreate one day as well. They will have beautiful babies!!!

  62. 62

    Ryan can't put his peen in her? Sounds so gay…knew he was closet….

  63. 63

    Now I know my comment don't mean a bucket of pennies, but my tenet is this, adopting a child can be something wonderful. However, when these celebrities began going to specific countries like its a foreign country pet store, it kind of bugs me.

    If you truly wanted to help these children, why not help build the infrastructure, community, education, health care options, water systems, penal facilities, transportation, roads, or any other basic economic growth etc. That would be helping opposed to plucking them from their environment which is usually a major transition and without adopting a companion that they can relate too.

  64. 64


  65. 65

    Re: MissPriss – were all citizens of planet earth and either way you look at it theres going to be one less child growing up parentless and in poverty

  66. 66

    If you adopt local there are all kinds of financial and emotional situations that the adoptive parents can get entangled in; such as the birth parent requesting visits and pleas for financial assistance.

    If the infant comes from a third world country this eliminates a lot of the entanglements and requests for funding and potential lawsuits, while still allowing the adoptive parents to appear to be giving and multi-cultural.

    It's similar to the way the Obamas handle their distant relatives in Kenya, they ignore their pleas for financial/medical help, but use the relatives for photo ops when they visit Africa.

  67. 67

    It doesn't matter where they adopt from, what matters is that there is one less kid growing up without a loving family.

    America has a great foster care system, though often the children do have problems later in life, it is still so much better than growing up in extreme poverty. We should not mock a couples decision to adopt, or insult them for not having their own kids. Adoption is an amazing thing no matter where the child is from.

  68. 68

    I wonder what African-American people think about all these white people buying black babies as if they were new puppies. Are there no babies in the United States of America that need a home?

  69. 69

    NEWSFLASH to these two…ADOPT FROM THE US….there are so many children in OUR country that need homes. I wish there was a law against all this fucking international adoption, when so many of our own need good homes/families!

  70. 70

    Re: brownslegend

    "Adoption is an amazing thing no matter where the child is from."

    Adoption is not always an amazing thing. Sometimes it's a disaster. That is why we have laws to protect innocent children and the parents and birth parents. The rich progressives that always say we need more laws to protect, are the first people to skirt the laws by adopting 3rd world babies.

  71. 71

    Faster, Easier, Cheaper: Jump on Ryan. If you don't want him, step aside.

  72. 72

    I love to hear about celebrities who think they are doing the world a huge favor by adopting a child from another continent. Plus- it's so much easier to adopt a child than to carry it for 9 months. No wear and tear on the adoptive mom's body - just a bunch of paperwork has to be filled out. It's like POOF- you have an instant family!

  73. 73

    The majority of your stories have "a source" said this or "an insider" said this. This usually = made up by Hilton.

  74. 74

    Re: brownslegend – Wow, you are seriously mislead. Our foster care system is NOT wonderful. Though there are people who genuinely care for the children they foster, there are more who do not. And kids being bounced around to home after home is not a positive thing.
    So these rich people could do some actual good and give these kids here in the US a stable home and a chance at a normal successful life instead of trying to make the news with the latest "trend". The latest "trend" being, exploiting black children for publicity.

  75. 75

    A lot of you are pretty hateful. First off this is their personal life they dont have to explain why they are adopting or from where. Maybe she really cant have kids and doesnt want the world to kno. That seems like it would be very hard to deal with. Or mayb she doesnt want to go thru a pregnacy. Im sure its very hard to get a movie part after you become a mom in hollywood. They all pretty much kill themselves to get bk to that pre pregnacy weight. And with adopting children from other countries I think that celebrities travel wayyy more and therefore see the conditions first hand. Yea its easy to say I kno other countries are bad but kids here have it bad to and that is true. But these other countries are no where near America when it comes to humanity standards. These poor babies get stuck in a huge room, in a crib 24/7 with 100 other babies which greatly interfers with their development. Usually because of that they have severe emotional problems and they will never have a chance getting adopted. Mayb all stars adopt else where but every normal person most likely will adopt in the us where as in other countries no one is adopting the native children what so ever. At least a very small percent of children in other countries are getting a chance.

  76. 76

    Can they be more more UNoriginal??? F-ing A. this trend is getting old.

  77. 77

    Dumb-ass Hollywood Asses! Why not adopt one of the thousands of children DYING for a home here in the US????

  78. 78

    Re: boobiesmcgee – NOT NECESSARILY TRUE!! Many kids caught up in the foster system in the U.S.A. need loving homes..period!!

  79. 79

    What is it with all of these stars? They are discriminating against American babies. That's the bottom line. Shame on them. There are so many American babies that need homes. Why hurt them?

  80. 80

    @ Shelley! - "Cheap" and "easy" are generally not words you'd really associate with having children in the first place.

  81. 81

    y does every hollywood celebrity want 2 adopt a baby from africa? y cant she jus get pregnant? LAME

  82. 82


  83. 83

    i wish they really would stop trying to help kids in other country's when there are plenty of kids here that need loving parents or nanny's

  84. 84

    fuck you an orphan is an orphan and blah blah! Outside the USA how fucking original. Let me know when someone adopts a baby from space everyone trying to out do each other. I believe Americans should help, but we should also help US to. Where's our fucking concert for the recent storms and floods? I don't see any live coverage of nashville or arkansas! I'm sure those coal miners have a few orphans, but hey what ever gets the press right. You star struck fucks are all sheep baa baa Next couple on adoption? please who will it be? I'm sitting on fucking pins and needles. bite me!

  85. 85

    Why do people care where the baby is from? An orphan is an orphan, a person who needs a loving home. Exactly what Scar and Ryan want to give. My biggest concern for the child is if they are actually gonna take care of him/her, not just some nanny.