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Teen Sailor Found!

| Filed under: Inspiration

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We're so happy to hear this news!

Teen sailor Abby Sunderland has been found alive and well in the southern Indian ocean after thought to be lost at sea during her solo trip around the world.

Watch the video with her family above to hear more about Abby's incredible journey!

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65 comments to “Teen Sailor Found!”

  1. 1

    I wouldn't be sorry. It's her choice. :/

  2. Wheel says – reply to this


    Glad she's OK but who's paying for the rescue? Boats, airplanes, etc… She should have just stayed home!

  3. 3

    Check out the cover of today's NY Post to see the CLASSY CaCa at Mets game on Thursday.

  4. 4

    Her boat was knocked down by 30 foot waves. Glad she's ok. She's very brave.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    incredible?? more like stupid……….

  7. 7

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – i love all your lips….cute :)

  8. 8

    Glad she's alive. I still think her parents are irresponsible morons.

  9. 9

    Re: No Talent Pedo Copy & Paster – you're right - class act that girl……………..

  10. 10

    Pathetic! Her parents should be put in jail!!!!

  11. 11

    I'm glad to see you posted this!

  12. 12

    I can't believe these parents allowed a 16 year old to go off on her own on the ocean alone! There is something truly wrong with these people.

  13. JoeyW says – reply to this


    There is nothing 'incredible' about a spoilt little rich girl who always gets what she wants..

  14. 14

    First, why is it so difficult to log onto this website? Takes forever for everything to fill in, it's a real pain. Other websites snap right up.

    Second, these parents are publicity whores. They were interviewed on 20/20 or 60 min this week, and they are absolute fools. No caring parent would sanction such behavior. Oh yeah, I forgot, parents these days cannot say no.

  15. 15

    I think this lost sailing girl's parents need to go to jail for neglect. What is wrong with them? The reality goes like this, "Hey mom, I'm going to this meth lab to hopefully meet my soul mate." Or, "I am going to Hesperia in a tube top". Maybe, "I'm off to hang with my buddy who has Ebola! Peace!" Or, "Bye guys, I just took up sharing used needles with gaunt individuals; see you Friday" Perhaps, "Bye Dad, I'll be joining the sex offenders bull riding club in Baghdad."

  16. 16

    She seems like a pro. Good to hear she is safe. (heard the news this morning).

  17. 17

    I'm was truly happy to hear last night that she was alive and well. Her parents are fucking camera whores and should lay off the attention-seeking for a few decades. I'm convinced that the entire family are either sociopaths or have a really fucked up sense of risk homeostasis. Write your fucking book, go cry on Barbara WaWa then stay the fuck out of the ocean.

  18. 18

    I think that this is the most stupidest thing her parents have ever allowed her to do. I hope that they charge the rescue efforts and costs to the parents for rescuing her from her stupidity. There are way more dangers on the seas than just high waves. There are terrorists, pirates as well who would absolutely love to capture a pretty blond girl. How stupid of them?

  19. ozguy says – reply to this


    Thanks, perhaps, to the Australian taxpayers who paid for his rescue.

  20. 20

    I hate this fucking family. Famewhores. This could have gone the other way.

  21. 21

    Her parents are nuts for letting her do this!

  22. 22

    only white people would let their 16 year old travel around the world in an ocean on a fuckng boat. she must be out of control. douches

  23. 23

    How about these 2 stop living vicariously thru their children and stop whoring them out to break world records?

  24. 24

    OH that god.
    i was getting worried about her (no joke)
    being lost at sea is probably THE most scariest thing.

    but it sounds to me ppl were overreactin just b/c she lost signal for a sec.

  25. 25

    The son seems like he would fit in with "The Hills"

  26. 26

    Jeebus, could they be any more cold about it? When asked how they FELT, all dad could say is that her mast breaking was no reflection of her ability to sail!Like he was more defensive about her having this happen so publicly than any concern a normal family member would have had! Mom seems ice cold as well, she talked like she was relating a story about her daughter's day at school. Freakin' weirdos! They might even give Abby a day or two off before she goes right back to sailing, but I wouldn't count on it.

  27. 27

    Who in ape shit puts their 16 year old daughter on a boat by herself to sail around the world? I don't care how skilled she is, she's only 16–barely old enough to drive a car around the block, let alone a boat around the world. WTF!

  28. 28

    Re: lotusbl0ssom – only a unintelligent, sorry and forgettable fuck would make a crude comment such as yours………….

  29. 29

    Are kids in Australia required to attend school? She has been on the boat since January….

  30. 30

    I think it's ridiculous that they let her go unsupervised. I don't care how good she is…she's a minor! Irresponsible parenting is what I call it. Had they not found her I really would have thought it was tragic BUT then again..she was playing with fire with the encouragement and push of her parents…so I wouldn't have felt 'sorry' for them. I do think the parents should pay for the rescue and the man hours and fuel spent searching for her since it was their irresponsible approval that allowed her to risk her life like this.

  31. 31

    Re: lotusbl0ssom – Thought the same thing, call me a whateva u want "April 20th", but I would have NEVER let my 16 yrs old daughter or son do some shit like that.

  32. 32

    Idiot parents. What did they expect.

  33. 33

    Let's hope the stupid cow stays on dry land from now on.

  34. 34

    Re: lotusbl0ssom – You stupid fucking bitch. I didn't see your comment until my homeboy April 20th commented about what a fucking moron you are. Only white people would be that stupid? Do you really want me to fucking unload on you? What fucking ethnicity are you? DO NOT BE A LITTLE FUCKING BITCH AND NOT SAY SINCE YOUR FUCKING "TRIBE" IS OBVIOUSLY SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE WHITE TRIBE. What are you?

  35. 35

    Re: canela926 – I'm gonna call you a dumb fucking whore. Why the fuck do you have to throw white people in the mix? Yeah, you won't let your fucking kid sail around the world and you're not white. Big fucking deal. What stupid fucking race are you? I promise you that I will remember what you and that stupid lotus bitch said and I'm gonna have a field day with you two clowns on every post I see you on.

  36. 36

    I have ZERO sympathy for this family. She is 16 - and gains nothing from wasting a year on the ocean. A month maybe, if she wants to use up so much time and energy and government resources she can volunteer. Drive your boat to Haiti.

  37. 37

    I love these new age "PROGRESSIVE"

  38. 38

    i love these new age progressive parents that allow a 16 year old girl to sail around the world on her own. It's just brilliant, time to pull the plug idiots. You may have a pist off daughter to deal with but she will be a living pist off daughter.

  39. 39

    So happy to hear this. Sure she made the choice to be on the water.. but just because she took a risk that doesn't mean she deserves to die.

  40. 40

    and Australia had to pay millions to go save her

    stupid little girl

  41. 41

    So glad she's ok. I'm astonished and disgusted that parents would allow a child to sail across the ocean by herself. I don't care great a sailor she is. I don't blame her for wanting to do it and for going through with it, I blame her parents. I know there are those who defend their actions, but parents are there to make common sense decisions for their kids when their kids are not yet mature enough to make them. If she was 18 and an adult, I'd say go for it.

    Also, they have corporate sponsors - these wealthy parents and corporate sponsors should pay every last cent of the rescue effort.

  42. 42

    Re: dave_o
    Hopefully the parents and their corporate sponsors will be held accountable. This is deplorable.

  43. 43

    What parent lets their 16 year old do this? And where are the agencies that take kids away for less than what they didn't do, to keep her protected and safe. No one, see's this as a problem?

  44. 44

    Re: wirelessmom – Well put. That is exactly it. NO one, say no anymore.

  45. 45

    it takes a lot of courage to sail around the world. it takes even more strength and discipline to support your child's dream. i would imagine it is hard to relate when all you do is eat potato chips, lay on the couch and watch tv… still - back off, guys. so glad to see Abby is well - good luck, I hope the rest of your journey goes smoother.

  46. 46

    Re: la poopsiekins – Yah, well we can all look at it this way. ANY parent who allows a child/teenager to go out on an insanely wild and dangerous ocean, I believe in some sick way, MUST want something to happen to that child. If they cared at all about her safety, they would have forbidden it and prohibited it. Thats what a caring parent does.

  47. 47

    Re: Roccomagoo – I know people who have parents who are eighty and have children who are sixty, and would still parent them, if they needed it. Everyone needs help at every age, it doesn't matter how old you are. Just saying, not disagreeing. Parenting is for life.

  48. 48

    Why doesn't she have someone (who won't work the boat) with her? What the fuck kind of parents let a teenage girl go out on a boat by herself for months on end? Hello? Pirates! These people need to be throttled.

  49. 49

    Yeah and Australian taxpayers have to pay for her rescue… what parents allow a 16 year old to travel when it's the middle of WINTER in the Southern Hemisphere. Don't give these attention whores anymore attention PLEASE.

  50. 50

    Yea! I'm so glad she's ok. Her parents should be grateful to God for keeping their daughter safe, as I'm sure they are.

  51. 51

    um..why has nobody mentioned Jessica Watson - the AUSTRALIAN 16-year old who DID make it around the world. I would have thought she would be the perfect example for Abby's father to use when defending letting his 16-yr old sail around the world. Well I guess American's don't know much about what goes on outside the US huh?

  52. 52

    So, when I clicked on this page to see this video. I was expecting to find
    supporting comments about her safety. And although most are all glad shes
    been found, there are also a lot of negative comments towards her parents.

    Which I think is terribly sad–considering what kind and truly generous
    people they are. The commentators who say they are "attention seeking"
    parents are mistaken. Yes these days we see so many parents try to gain
    publicity through their children, like the Hot Air balloon incident with the
    little boy. But I just wanted to give my point of view, considering I
    actually know the family. It is easy for people to portray or backlash at
    the family for seeking publicity. Honestly, the years of knowing them
    the words I would use to describe them are humble, down to earth and spiritual family. Parents who would do anything for their children.

    I know that on screen emotions do not get transferred well, but
    I see it as them not being comfortable around the attention.

  53. 53

    Yes there is great controversy over whether or not
    the parents should have stopped Abby from going out to sea.
    But look at her older brother. At almost
    the same age he completed a life-long goal. She is deeply
    knowledgeable about the sailing world, just like her brother.
    I'm not saying that there prejudice comments because she is a girl
    …all I'm saying is that she is a girl exactly capable of doing what
    her brother did.

    It is her goal and dream–So many of us never get the chance to do…

    And it even though it is crazy, slandering the family is not the way
    to voice concern…

  54. 54

    What the hell. The parents should be billed for all the search and rescue that it took to help her. What the hell were they thinking letting a 16 yr old go around the world alone in a boat. I don't care how "mature" she is, she is still a child and a grown man would have a hard time making that journey. The parents should be held responsible but I'm sure they won't be. Those kind of ppl never are.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    I think her parents are irresponsible, just as I think Jessica Watson's were too. The fact that we have to pay for her rescue (at $10k an hour) sucks. The record she was trying to achieve isn't even a valid one - the sailing world disregards them if the sailor is under 18. Hopefully this will put an end to underage kids trying to "achieve their dream" at other's expense.

  57. 57

    The parents should be billed for the cost of the rescue and be charged with criminal child neglect/abuse in allowing their minor child to pursue such a dangerous venture.

  58. 58

    They are as bad as the Richard Heene ('Balloon Boy') Family…

  59. 59

    There is nothing incredible about this. This is pure stupidity and poor parenting at its greatest. No 16 year old should be allowed to circum navigate the world by herself/himself. That's insane. NO GROWN ADULT should do it either. How is this any different from child abuse? We don't let our children partake in, um, say, jumping off buildings or setting fire to themselves, but sailing around the world SOLO at 16 YET is fine? These parents are absolutely horrible and were no doubt looking for a fast track to fame. Okay… I get fathers can make dumb choices… but this mother needs to be smacked all sorts of ways. What a pathetic story. Hey, Sunderlands, ever hear of a man named Darwin? Look him up. Shame. And jeez… I'm not even prude or ultra conservative. But this is incredibly unsafe and wrong on so many levels.

  60. 60

    Again, the thought of letting my child do this no matter how good a siailer she is is quite mind boggling. How did these two assholes find eachother? No regard for the safety of a child. A CHILD. Fuck. I know amazing sailers who are smart enough to sail WITH others. Call them crazy. Ya know… they won't be making history any time soon, but jesus christ. These parents make the Balloon Boys parents look friggin normal.

  61. 61

    Re: dare to dream
    You obviously are not a parent yet… or not a GOOD parent. This does not mean the rest of us are lazy cows. I will and do support my children in age-appropriate behavior and activities. I would NOT support my child in anything as dangerous as this. They basically gave her the go ahead to die. That's exactly what they did. They basically just said her dreams of sailing around the world solol are more important than her safety. They sould be ashamed. Quite frankly, they do not deserve to be parents. This is just another form of abuse.

  62. 62

    Re: Aussie _Girl85
    Honey, stereotyping will earn you no points here. I can say damn, your country was started as a penal colony… bunch of losers cross bred with a bunch of Aborginees. Nice. But I won't. I'm smarter than that. And apparently I'm smarter than the Sunderlands as well. "Oh honey, so and so just jumped off a briged and lived. If that is your life long dream we support you to try the same. Best of luck. We are here for you. WE know you can do it." Blah.

  63. 63

    Re: RockabillyLove

    Well sense you KNOW these people it's about time you realize they are NOT good parents.

  64. 64

    thank you waves!! thats what she gets for trying to beat an Aussie's record! damn girl why should us aussie taxpayers have to pay for her search in AUssie planes ?!?!

  65. 65

    @ MileyCyrusLooksLikeAChipmunk - as a parent I always want to do what is best for my child. But, how do I know what is best for my child? Is it best to kill my child's dream to keep her safe? My child is her own person, and if she has thought her dream/ goal through and shown maturity and ability (skill) it is up to me to support her in what she chooses to do (no matter how hard it is for me to do so). Would it be easier for me to not let her do things to keep her safe? By all means, but this is not what life is about. I want her to dare to dream and to dare to reach for her dreams. Who am I to kill her dreams? Boys who sign up for armed forces may be a few years older, but are they not risking their lives (for us)? - would you call their parents irresponsible and fools?
    @ RockabillyLove - This probably was not an easy decision for her parents. For every one person who is not supportive of this family there is one who is supportive. As Eleanor Roosevelt said; "Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't." xo