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Sharon & Kelly Stand Up For The Gays!

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Kelly and Sharon Osbourne made quite a scene at the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade on Sunday when they came face to face with some anti-gay protestors.

The two women, who were the parade's Grand Marshalls fought back when an anti-gay group came up to them and started yelling.

Instead of stepping back and ignoring them, Sharon got back in their faces yelling, "You should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Then Kelly got on the mic and yelled to the crowd, "My God loves Gays!" and led the crowd into a chant of "God loves Gays!"

The cheers and chants got so loud, the crowd drowned out the sounds of the protestors.

Amazing! Way to go, ladies!

[Image via WENN.]

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130 comments to “Sharon & Kelly Stand Up For The Gays!”

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  1. 101

    They have become America's sweethearts. I just love them both!

  2. 102

    Good for them! We need more people like that! Just awesome!

  3. 103

    Re: AxRose – You are an asshole!

  4. 104

    Re: stamina – Oh,will you fuck off,already! The Bible is written by MEN ,not God. These men put their own attitudes and feeling down on paper and dumb fucks,like you,believe it! Get a life!

  5. 105

    Does anybody knows who makes Kelly's dress? This is EXACLY what I need as a wedding dress!! I absolutly love it… PLEASE! I'm dying to get that dress… THANKS!!

  6. 106

    Re: Mother B – Exactly right. Who would actually CHOOSE a life filled with hate and ridicule? We don't CHOOSE to be gay,we DO choose to live our lives the way we were BORN to live it!

  7. 107

    lol I love how ppl started taking Kelly seriously and thinking she's so "fabulous" once she lost weight..superficial mofos.
    Second, ew who quotes the bible to prove a point? who are you people? It's 2010, there are FAR BIGGER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT IN THE WORLD than who wants to love/be with who. Gay people have it hard enough as it is, try having to tell your parents you're gay..I'm SO SURE people "choose" this! GET A LIFE YOU HUMANITY SUCKING HICKS!

  8. 108

    there is a special place in hell for these anti gay groups! if they actually read the whole bible they would now god doesn't condemn us! their are 3 parts that talk about homosexuality, but its funny cause these religious freaks only use parts of it and not the whole verse. these people are sooooo screwed in the head it's redick! i just thank the lord every day for making me who i am and I am proud to be gay! And no one will ever try to convince me otherwise! "words can't bring me down"

  9. 109

    Re: JohnnyD – Which is why 'god' and the bible is utter bollocks babe.

  10. 110

    Re: Taco Stein – yah but do you remember when christina hosted the european music awards, she got the audience to hella boo kelly!

  11. 111

    [re=5114376]Re: stamina hey why don't u read the whole verses. I can quote Scripture too . Its people like you that really turned our lords words into something hateful and twisted it into your own sick beliefs. U will be judged. Mark my words Bitch! i prey one day you will see, but your ignorant and will die ignorant! Probably! For you to compare homosexuality to Murder is soooooo out there and fucked in the head! I truly feel sorry for you

  12. 112

    Re: Genghis Khan – dude its a proven fact that your born with the "gay" gene. it ain't a lifestyle choice, and not all of us act weird and flaymboyent. you can say that with every group of people. not all of us fit into stereotypes. your just promoting labeling and racism!

  13. 113

    Weren't these two just criticized here recently? Something about foisting talentless children onto the world? But now, now it's all different because they were in a parade? Yeah, okay.

  14. 114

    This makes me 100% proud to be an American!!!
    Now, if only Prez. Odummo could grow balls long enought to say the same…did I mention I'm a conservative Catholic…my God also loves gays, there isn't a question or doubt in my mind about that!

  15. 115

    Re: stamina – How do you explain that God made man in his own image?? This is more shit I beleive the VATICAN imposed to control and shame people. But its ok for their own clergy to molest children and be safe havened from authorities for being pedophiles, right? FUCK YOU! This is why is has been difficult for me to attend (Catholic) church in years, and btw MY GOD LOVES GAYS! MY GOD LOVES GAYS! MY GOD LOVES GAYS! MY GOD LOVES GAYS! MY GOD LOVES GAYS! MY GOD LOVES GAYS! MY GOD LOVES GAYS!

  16. 116

    Re: JohnnyD – Please, go to your church AND NEVER LEAVE IT'S PHYSICAL CONFINES.

  17. 117

    Love ya kelly but that hair has got to go!

  18. 118

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – 3 letters for you KKK, id rather have the bnp than them any day, its not like they will ever get in power and the second the economy is back on track they will crawl back under the rock they came from under until they can take advantage of people again but to be honest they will never have any real power. generally the vast majority of people are stupid, it sounds bad to say but most people just rabbit what they are told. i think there was a survey saying that the majority of bnp voters arent racist, theyre just making a stand. stupid, yes, but at least theyre not out there murdering people. and the american republicans are considered racist by most of the people i have spoken to, one of them even said that the two parties are very similar, only the bnp is less smoke and mirrors about it

  19. 119

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – I'm telling you, you can see, feel racism in the USA around every corner, my dear. Politician are the worst, specially in the south. It's terrible.

  20. 120

    Mario, you look very tired!

  21. 121

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – Beautifully said. You must be a fellow Brit.
    Why would anyone want to condemn others over what they do in their private lives, when it harms no one?

  22. 122

    I feel for the people denying our Lord savior Jesus Christ. You can thump me all you want God protects me from your words/and any other amo you throw my way! So for all you that dont belive in God I guess you think were here by "chance" the big "bang" and there is everything? or better yet we formed from sludge in the ocean or your a scientolgy freak that your life depends how much money you give to that lying decitful place of being.the more money you give the higher in the church you go???? why is it so hard to believe God did this?God made us you think all this is just an accident WOW i feel sorry for you.but for you denying our Lord why not try it? satan will always take you back for eternity while you burn……and that is what will happen.It is so funny to see how stupid some are.be prepared for SHOCK! and I could CARE LESS WHO SLAMS ME ON THIS SUBJECT AT ALL!

  23. 123

    Fight IRE with IRE. Awesome job, ladies!

  24. 124

    nice work!

  25. 125

    Im getting a lil bit tired of the whole gay things everywhere. I think they are fine but I think its just too much sometimes.
    Anyway love these women. Very sweet and nice people.

  26. 126

    If they were two women from Akron, Ohio people would have said they were batshit crazy. Funny, huh?

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    What WERE they thinking, messing with rock/metal chicks? Lolololol.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: rejco100 – Does that include standing up to homophobic haters like they didn't have to, but did on principle, here?

  29. 129

    Wow, Kelly looks stunning.

  30. 130

    Re: Serena Loves Marioi think it's so sad that people have so much hate in their hearts, they feel the need to go to a celebration to protest the way other people live their lives. It doesn't affect their lives if two people of the same sex want to be together, so why do they care? Absolutely disgusting.
    Go protest something that actually does affect your life or hurt others, like child abuse, animal abuse, pollution, terrorism… We're blamed for constantly "degrading" their religion, but I've never once in my life tried to make someone who is religious feel bad about themselves and tell them God hates them. I don't care what they do, as long as their religious beliefs don't overrun the government

    you definitely changed my mind.
    thank you.

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