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Eddie Cibrian Wants His Ex To Get Over It

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Ugh. He's a charmer!

Eddie Cibrian may be sorry that he cheated on his wife with LeAnn Rimes, but he just wants his ex to shut the eff up!

He said:

"As I've said before, my children and their well-being are my number one priority.

I can't change the past and I'm truly sorry that people got hurt along the way but not everything reported in the media is reality and continuing to rehash things publicly only makes it more difficult for everyone to heal. I hope for the sake of our children we can all move forward and heal privately. I wish their mother nothing but the best."


She's not gonna go away, Eddie! Better get used to it.

[Image via WENN.]


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92 comments to “Eddie Cibrian Wants His Ex To Get Over It”

  1. 1

    Oh Eddie, she will get over it. Just give the woman time, she's scorned after all!

  2. 2

    Why would his ex want to put any energy at all toward this scumbag? She should move on. She deserves better.

  3. 3

    if what he said is true, nothing wrong with it and sounds like he understands what's most important (unlike mario, who would wish leeann and the ex would share words so he has something to blog about). the ex is looking for her 15 mins…..really though, how long ago did all this happen and she's just now doing interviews and shit…..gimme a break……
    people cheat, it happens……..get over it. she looks pitiful to me.

  4. 4

    Everybody wants her to move on with her fucking life except for you Perez, because it makes you feel good about yourself.
    Get over it, they fell in love, sometimes shit happens, ppl make mistakes. MOVE ON

  5. 5

    Women tend to not get over things so easily especially after rejection. As a married woman and if I found out my husband was having a extra marital affair. I would MOVE on. Yes I love my husband to death, and I would do anything for him but, knowing that someone rejected me because of whatever reason it may be there is no reason to channel anger and hurtful feelings into a redundant cycle of "YOU DID THIS TO ME." Eddie has a point. He moved on and as difficult it may be. His wife needs to move on as well. I am not saying stay friends (because honestly who wants a friend who hurt you?) I am saying MOVE on. Shit happens. Life happens regardless…staying in a cycle of he said she said just prolongs the emotional pain.

  6. 6

    I wonder if the roles were reversed and his wife had an affair while they were married if he would get over it. And as for his children and their well-being are my number one priority? He should have thought of that BEFORE he cheated on their mother. He was thinking of noone but himself. Jackass.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    What a douche. If his main priority is his kids, he shouldn't have cheated on their mother with this dirty whore. What a joke. It's all about him and Leann, not about his kids, selfish bastard. What the hell did he expect.

  9. 9

    She is the one trying to draw attention to herself with her constant pity party. If she wants the world to believe her she needs to act like a lady, with discretion, class and her head held high. That means no more stupid interviews or mud slinging, it only makes her look inmature and petty and vindictive. People don't just turn that way, is usually the same way always and perhaps that is what made her hubby run to the arms of another woman. Rimes doesn't go around justifying her actions, it happened, she acknowledged and moved on, this woman should do the same.

  10. 10

    While he is right, i he's gonna have to realize how fucked up he made the woman's live now. He was fuckin some chick on the side and ddint feel any remorse until he got caught. Brandi should move on it will take some time to get over especially if that other owman is in her life now due to the homewrecking whore is now spending time with "Her" kids. Brandi let it go babe, karma is a bitch and i know something big is gonna hit eddie and leanna just you look. hopefully the bitch get's herpies rofl

  11. jaims says – reply to this


    However, if she keeps talking, these 2 stay "relevant." So, please stop…..I am sure we are all tired of this tired story by now!

  12. 12

    Re: ChapBros4Life – You're absolutely right.

  13. 13

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  14. 14

    fact is, it's happened. She needs to decide she loves her kids more than she hates him. It was a dick move, no doubt about it. But for her own mental health and her relationship with her kids, she needs to move on. I have a friend going through a similar thing. The kids like being around the dad because he's happy… they can't stand being around mom (my friend) because she is so angry and hurt and unhappy. They're little kids, they can't grasp that their dad was an a-hole to mom… they just see that he's cheerful and fun and happy, and she's cranky and angry.

    Easier said than done, of course.

  15. 15


  16. 16

    No doubt he's a twat. She need to take him to the cleaners and then shut the fuck up.

  17. 17

    If your children are your first priority, you don't leave them.

  18. 18

    Pig Face…manufacturing controversy on rumour and innuendo 24/7. You're a toxic parasite, doucheface.

  19. 19

    this is getting so old. And Leanne really shot herself in the foot. Her career is gone. Hope a guy is worth it.

  20. 20


    Why do people think that staying in a loveless/fake marriage is gonna do the kids good??? C'mon people think about it… yes divorce isn't pretty and it does effect the children (I am a byproduct of my parents divorce, i know what its like) BUT I think I would have been more scarred and troubled if my parents stayed together. Constantly yelling at each other, the bickering… that is NOT the type of household that helps children grow.

  21. 21

    I guess BG will be able to move on as soon as horse-face LR stops getting in magd such as people and saying how happy she is about the out come of her sordid affair with scum-bag EC. Truly wish the other women in his life would come forward and spill, too. AS long as horse face keeps tweeting about the chldren that are not hers , the mother is going to feel the pain. EC says "move on" what a crock. HE is not in control of her feelings. He cheated and he lied. You go BG, until you feel healed and not when the scumbag tells you to. What an example he has set for his children. The example being " if it feels good-do it "if you want it"take it" no matter who gets hurt. I say it's all about the money. Truly hope his career is finished and ugly's album tanks. Shut up LR and call all the friends and family that you can to send their comments. Heard that she was cold-shouldered in Nashville.

  22. 22

    Re: CrazyCanadianChick – I agree with canadian bacon :D

  23. 23

    Re: bryanlizza – @ 9 - you said what i was thinking and didn't feel like putting the energy into it. kudos!

  24. 24

    SOLUTION… stop having kids!!!
    We get angry at celebrities for leaving their loveless marriage but still have a crazy problem with teenage pregnancy that we all just choose to look away at. We even celebrate it with a MTV show!!! Children should not be having children!!! It is called birth control and condoms. Stop sleeping with guys because you think that is how they are gonna love you since that is what is shoved down lil girls throats all day (the media) and lil boys think its okay to objectify lil girls because its on tv. Parenting is out the window because parents are too afraid to be their parents and more worried about being their friends. GOD I hate teenagers who get pregnant and women who get pregnant to "keep" their bfs or HUSBANDS!!!! Babies do not solve the worlds problems and they most certainly do not solve relationship problems!!!
    OK BABY rant done… carry on…

  25. 25

    1- It's not like his wife was the first woman to ever be cheated on in the History of the World

    2- His wife is using this whole fucked up situation to further her own fame by going on TV and whining about it.

    3- If his wife was really trying to heal she would do what Sandra Bullock did and keep her fucking mouth shut, bow out of the public eye and concentrate on her children. But no, she is more interested in smearing her ex's name and Leanne's name. Sandra didn't go around bitching about her husband and his Nazi freak bitch even though she had every right to….its called class..

    I would feel bad that his wife got cheated on, but she's so classless about the whole thing!!!!

  26. 26

    Honey, take your cheating ex to the cleaners! Take his money, celebrate, and find yourself a new man! At least get paid!

  27. 27

    From the guy who loves brangelina so much u sure do like to criticize everyone else who does the same thing…

  28. 28

    it's always the ones that do the cheating that 'wish nothing but the best' for those they hurt. And they always want the best for the children after he broke their mothers heart and tore apart the family. He should cut her a bit of slack and perhaps just man up and let her release her anger, after all if he wasn't a liar and a cheat and general scumbag neither would be in this position anyway.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    People didn't "get hurt along the way". This immoral idiot hurt them … and the "people" are his kids and their mother. I hope that he and the slut he abandoned his family for never have a day of peace. And by the way, Leann, if he cheated on a beautiful woman with you, imagine what will hapen when he realizes how ugly you are!

  31. 31

    Eddie's Ex, You have the last laugh. Eddie has to look at that butter face each and every day. She was married to a Gay man if that's not laughable her face sure is.
    Karma is a bitch and he will leave her fugly ass in no time.

  32. 32

    I can't believe that f-er chose Squishy Face Jr. over his beautiful wife.

  33. 33

    What an A hole. Kinda of hard for the ex to get over it when Eddie and Leann constantly tip paparazzi's off to have their pictures taken together…pics at the beach w' Eddie's kids portraying to be a happy family..the numerous pictures of Eddie and Leanna kissing or holding hands..come on…we all know that's Leann digging into the ex wife. That's okay Leanne ….enjoy it all you can…you'll end up like Tori Spelling…ALWAYS IN DOUBT….. KARMA IS TRULY A BITCH.

  34. 34

    Re: CrazyCanadianChick – It didn't have to be a loveless marriage, he was just too damn lazy, stupid, and horny to work on it like most men are.

  35. 35

    What a piece of shit!!Leann Rymes is a nasty gutter whore!!!!!

  36. 36

    shut the fuck up, asshole. just because you don't give a fuck that you destroyed your family doesn't mean the rest of us sanction your shitty behavior. i hope this never goes away and dogs him for the rest of his no-good, cheating, lying, scumbag life.

  37. 37

    Im sure Eddy would be speaking the same way if Brandi left Eddy for another man while the new guy is trying to become the new dad to the kids and spouting it off to every news outlet that will print the garbage out of his mouth, just like Leann is doing. EC caused all this pain and it won't go away just because he says get over it. To harsh words for someone who cheated publically and thinks nothing of it. Hopefully karma will bite him/her in the a$$.

  38. 38

    Looks like the tide may be turning in the way a lot of people see this situation. The ex has worn it out and many are over the whining and attention seeker's quest for fame at somebody else's expense. Eddie has said "I am sorry" and so has LeAnn. If he doesn't love you, ex, he doesn't love you and all the pleading for "public support" (a two-word thing used by her supporters) just seems to be getting dim.

  39. 39

    They both will have a lot of explaining to do to their kids when they are old enough to understand. He will need to atone for his cheating and she will need to explain why she was an attention seeking bitch who is using her kids for personal gain. He's absolutely right. This should be done in private.

  40. 40

    One thing I did notice in his pitiful comment was EC not even having the balls to say his ex's name. He called BG "their Mother". Guess LC won't allow him to say her name. I guess a love as great as their's can make liars and cheaters never regret their actions. LC controls the purse-strings. Guess she's gonna have to pony up the big bucks to keep him. He'll stay awhile, until he just can't control his lust for other women. What was he thinking? Why couldn"t they have kept their hands and private parts off each other untill they were free? BG- you will find peace in your own time. You are beautiful enough to go your own way. Get an agent, you are gorgeous.

  41. 41

    It looks like something is sprouting from her empty head ! I just love that photo !

  42. 42

    Yeah, looks like that is going to wash LC and EC right out to the ocean. Don't send a life boat after them.

  43. 43

    Leann can't even sell her home, even after lowering the price a MILLION DOLLARS! That house is cursed!

  44. 44

    The classy thing for his ex-wife to do would be to stay out of the limelight and and focus on her kids and her new life. But she doesn't seem classy, she's no Sandra Bullock that's for sure. The ex-wife wants the buzz to continue but honey, it's been a long time now, time to move on. Eddie Cibrian and LeAnne Rimes are no prizes either, but the media focus on them because they are famous and have talent (well at least she does). His ex-wife is not famous nor has talent so just let it go sweetie and start living a normal life.

  45. 45

    he's not sorry.
    come on.

  46. 46

    she just wants the world to know what a complete douchebag he is. I'm sure she'll stop when he stops being a fucktard.

  47. 47

    Re: ChapBros4Life – right, he's just mad that she's calling him out. and now his scummy ass wants to bring the kids into it?? uhhhh no sir.

  48. 48


  49. 49

    His ex obviously puts forth this much effort because she is crrraaaaazzzzzy. Yes he cheated, and that is awful, but at the same time, cheating is a symptom of an unhealthy relationship to begin with. To have his ex for over a year still comment on the breakup when they have children involved is a bit too much.

  50. 50

    this guys gonna get tired of leannes dogface, just you wait and see….she will get burned bad….just wait

  51. 51

    More difficult for everyone to heal? He's not the one who has to heal. The one who was hurt gets to decide how to heal, not the one who caused it.

  52. 52

    his ex-wife is gorgeous, former model/actress that devoted her life to her man/family - believing ’till death do us part', this monkey eyed Eddie, cheated with a weak Leann, who was unaccustomed to the attention of a straight man (seeing that she was married to a man in the closet, God bless him). Eddie tryed to deny his fling with the also monkey-eyed Leann but the wife threw his a&& to the curb, and Leann was sitting on the curb waiting desperately. And there you have it. They are doomed. The story only has one ending. i hope the ex-wife can heal and move forward, and Leanns ex will find peace & happiness.

  53. 53

    He is a loser.

  54. 54

    Something about their faces is very similar…the squinty eyes, they're smiles (more so in other pics). He's probably just in love with himself and sees his own features in LeAnn.

  55. 55

    I used to like him. He seems really selfish! "my children and their well-being are my number one priority" Thats bull! He wasnt thinking of them when he was doing it. And if he could do it to his wife he could do it to Leann. Who would definitely deserve it! She must have a good personalty other then the cheating thing. Shes not much to look at.

  56. 56

    Is this the only place where you nasty mouth, classless crew can spread dirt? You people are a disgrace to anybody and if I was the ex, I would fire or dismiss all of you. What does all this dirty, stupid talk about somebody's eyes have to do with what is going on. I can see why anybody would leave if you are like any of her friends. You are an embarassment - far worse than even adultery. Somebody might get past that but your nast mouths cannot be cured.

  57. 57


  58. 58

    RememberThis coming Sunday is Fathers Day and I guess LC will go all out to buy EC gifts for his kids to give to him. The greatest gift she could give them would be to get out of the kids life. Of course, she is too selfish to do that. I hope BG will find a wonderful man who will be honest with her a nd become a great Father for her children. There are great men out there who will love and honor you and the vows you both made. If I were a judge, I would make sure EC would spend very little time with his young children when his mistress is feeling him up in public and in front of his young children. remember the beach pictures. I would be wiling to bet that BG lets her children buy Mr. Scumbag a present. For her children,s sake and certainly not EC. She is classy enough to do that.

  59. 59


  60. 60

    jodylo…another name change gwen/excuses? Why hide?

  61. 61

    micah3—Have no idea who Gwen is. I am Jodylo. The only name I have ever used to make comments. Have no quarrel with you. Just disgusted when EC or LR or other people try t0 tell someone to "Move ON" when they have no idea of how much pain someone can be in when they have loved and trusted someone who ultimately decides to give in to a "I want your husband, GB and I will keep after him until I get him" To make matters worse, LR even goes with him to his home and helps him move his things out. And EC lets her Guess money talks-big time. I have tried to think of a single thing that I could say about the happy couple. Nothing comes to mind since they have flaunted themselves constantly in the press about their "love and how they are soulmates" I have stopped watching CSI. Miami which I have always loved because EC is such a scum-bag. I do bless the children and their mother. So Micah3, you have your opinion and I have mine. Toodles

  62. 62

    yadayadayada… there is a lot of "crap" going around… Brandi should get over herself….. LeAnn should watch her back and also SHUT the f**k up (as Brandi should) and Eddie should make up his mind……. simple, easy…. Brandi gave a "buhuuuu" story on E… yeah right, if Eddie wouldn't made it public she would have "kept him" for the comfort he did bring her…. so she is a "succer" she would have forgiven ANYTHING just to keep him, BUT it was made public… so she couldn't "ignore" it…. So I agree with Eddie… GET OVER IT!!!!

  63. 63

    Sad fact people is because you love somone else (now or for eternity) doesn't mean they are going to feel the same way about you. All of you ex supporters seem to think there is a law that involves this. We have heard the same old stories about this for over a year. Eddie is not required to love the ex it doesn't matter what you say. How would you like to be stuck with somebody you didn't care about? All of this name calling, making fun or how they look, Karma crap, etc., is for the birds and will not change a thing.
    Hey, do you think this may be your Karma that has caught up with the ex? Chew on that for a while!!

  64. 64

    they are just like angelina and brad…only involving innocent children.

  65. 65

    Man, this guy is so fucking BLAZING HOT!

  66. 66

    @ Jodylo, and how do you know LeAnn went with Eddie to his old home to help move his things out? Either you are close to this issue or you are Jason making things up, as usual.

  67. 67

    Micah3– I truly am Jodylo, my real name as a matter of facy

  68. 68

    micah3– I only have the name Jodylo. I saw LR and EC on Entertainment tonight going to his home with a truck loading up some of his crap.. Remember that LR had a ball-cap on. That is when I realized that they were amoral. She could not have had any respect for the children or she would have let a friend go with him. I's all about LR andEC .I am all for his wife to move on for her sake and the kids sake. Maybe she will after the divorce. Until then, she is still his wife and LR is his mistress. Nice venting with you. Toodles

  69. 69

    I would have gone with him too! Ever consider the X and kids made it a point to be out at the time he was arriving?

  70. 70

    they very well could have been out at that time, but when it's on national T.V. what difference does it make when its there for his family to see if they ever watch T.V. Why flaunt your adulterous behavior on the off chance that your children will either see or hear about it from other kids at school. Sorry Micah3, we have a real different slant on what the kids should be exposed to. BG giving an interview in my opinion is o.k. especially after LR,s comments in People saying she is happy with the fact that she commited adultery and now is very happy. His children will read that someday when they are older and realize what slutty people LR and their father were and are.

  71. 71

    Eddie has no expectation of privcay because a) Leann is still tweeting about the details of their private life, b) he had no problem when it was Leann who was rehashing the past to People mag, c) Leann is still tipping off the paps, so right after issuing this statement about wanting privacy he stages TWO photo-ops with LR, d) Leann issued that C & D against his wife, and e) EC keeps making these public promises to his kids and then not keeping them.

  72. 72

    Re: micah3 – Why? Because you can't trust EC to be faithful and you have to babysit every minute of the day?

  73. 73

    micah and cbme are the same person, Leann can't get the public's support so she plants a pr person on these sites to create it by posting under different names.

  74. 74

    Re: ceebeeme – The major problem is that EC doesn't love LR, yet you and Leann will sit here and push it down our throats EVERY WEEK. To top it all off, you hate on Dean and Brandi just to make LR and EC look somewhat like decent people. You call BG and DS names, write all this trash against them (yes we know that the anti-BG posts are all coming from you) and then you want to wonder why the public does not like EC and LR. It's partly because of you.

  75. 75

    Re: twofacedperez – So what you are saying is that Leann is upset because the public still has not sympathy for her.

  76. 76

    Adultery is adultery What a true ass-hole to tell the mother of his children and the wife that he chose to be the mother of his children to "get over it and move on I am only thinking of my children" What a crock. Why did't he think of his children when he was boinking other women? Guess waitresses don't make enough money to leave your wife for good enough to boink ,but not worth leaving your wife for. And, hello here comes money-bags–Now I have reason to leave, Were you thinking if your children when you were busy with your egotism and your thirst for new stuff? Plus- you could not have left BG for someone as ugly as LR. Ugly inside and out.

  77. 77

    sorry jodylo you are far too invested and fuming with fury to not be related to the B

  78. 78

    one thing I am not is fuming with fury. I call it like I see it. I see two skanky people trying to justify their terrible behavior by blaming the wife and trying at this late date to profess their concern for the children. Where was all that concern when they were pawing each other in public . I think EC must not be able to afford a publicist, no way would a publcist tell him to tell his wife to "move on". I want her to be able to move on and I think she'll be able to when the horrible people who have caused all the pain shut their big fat traps. I do enjoy reading your comments Micah3. Just sorry we can't be on the same page. Well off to watch the World Cup. Toodles i

  79. 79

    Re: jodylo – Would it appear to you that the ex might have moved on? Since the ex was confident enough to write for the world to see that sex with her boyfriend at the time was much better than with Eddie? What respect for kids would you say that was. Also what will these kids, neighbors, etc. think about the fact that the favorite thing printed about her was that she was the MLIF? Gee, will the kids not be able to read that? Don't give me a song and dance about respect for the kids. Do you people think everybody else is a fool? Some of you should practice what you preach. What will these kids think if they grow up and read the language posted by the supporters of the ex? Maybe if you people would shut your big fat traps, there would not be so much dirt for everybody to read. THINK AND READ WHAT HAS BEEN SAID IN THE PAST BEFORE YOU GIVE SOMEBODY ELSE ADVICE !!!!

  80. 80

    Re: excuses – - well once a cheater always a cheater… you do NOT open the same book twice - the ending is ALWAYS the same….. - she is in for a ride of her life, he will not /is not faithful to her as we speak - not in heart….. and there is where it counts….. she is in for a disappointment and the sad part is that she knows about it….. and still keeps "holdng on" -she is a fool….

  81. 81

    Re: snyper – ha ha ha… THAT is funny - yeah right.. u think she is this perfect little wify…. look again - she is a woman who would gladly have her "man" walk all over her JUST to keep the priviledge of being someone famous wife… so c'mon -get over that, brandi is a "famewhore" who is pissed this all got "public" THAT is what she did not need—- otherwise she would have kept him… and closed her eyes to EVERYTHING….

  82. 82

    Re: excuses – and how do u know that he is not keeping the promises to the kids??? just another "hunch" huh…. that is pathetic…. his kids means the world to hom THAT u can't take away *sorry* u have to figure other "bad" things out - but the kids ACTUALLY comes b4 the "whatever" he is dating now… (think her name is LeAnn)….

  83. 83

    No morals? says the guy who posts pics of 17 year old girls crotches

  84. @v@ says – reply to this


    People get over things in their own time. They can't follow other people's timelines. It takes what it takes, as is their right, and people have to respect that.

  85. 85

    Re: twofacedperez – Hi cbme!!! So you are using an other name? So that must mean that LR still doesn't have the public's support and you must compensate for it by posting under several different names. Because we Eddie's WEEKLY photo-ops that show him doing the complete opposite of what he said on Rachel Ray and in his custody petition. Since we have the photos of LR staging photo-ops with his kids and LR tweets about his kids, we can say with 100% certainty that EC LIED. Oh wait, here you go again, so what you are really saying is that the evidence does not show what it shows even though we have the photos that contradict EC words. Why do you do that? Is that what they taunght in you PR school? When all else fails DENY. DENY, DENY? If EC kids mean the world to him, why hasn't he honored his plea for privacy? Why did he allow LR to tweet about his kids? Because they are only important as long as he can use them to get free trips and gifts from LR? Pathetic is when you keep trying to tell us that the evidence doesn't show or say what it says. EC kiids don't come before LR, just look at how fast he dumped the "I want privacy" act when he got a trip from LR.

  86. 86

    Re: sonicdahedgehog – You are condoning adultery, get offended because people have more sympathy for BG and DS, and you want to lecture someone on morals?

  87. 87

    Re: micah3 – Are you serious? You are sitting on these sites and posting under 10-30 different names EVERYDAY and you want to lecture someone on being too invested? So now who does that make you then? That must mean that you are LEANN or one of her relatives, right? So if you are not at all too invested in this, why then do you keep coming back to these threads? So the record execs must not be too happy with LR, seeing as how you are once again blaming BG because LR is just too stupid to do the right thing. BTW, you pulled the "you are way too invested" thing when you posted as michela on JJ. So micah=michela=cbme.

  88. 88

    Re: ceebeeme – And why did BG make that comment about EC? Because Leann went to In Touch and told them that she was more sexual with EC than she was with DS. So why the double standard? Why is it okay for Leann to talk about her sexcapades with EC, but you want to whine when BG puts LR in her place?

  89. 89

    Re: ceebeeme – So let me get this straight, when EC and LR do hateful and amoral things you sing their praises and tell us that the kids are fine and will survive. And then when BG gives LR and EC a taste of their own medicine you want to yell "what about the kids"…? Where was this concern for BG kids when LR encourages EC to break promises to his kids? Where is this concern when LR tweets about EC kids after EC said that he wants privacy? You are not concerned about those kids because if you were, then you would not get bent out of shape when EC and LR went three weeks without a photo-op. So why is BG the only one who should be concerned about the kids? What about EC? And now you care about the neighbors? Funny, you didn't care about the neighbors when LR was making out with EC in front of his kids. In fact you kept telling us that it as okay because the kids looked happy.

  90. 90

    Re: ceebeeme – There is dirt because LEANN won't shurt up. LR could have went on her trip with EC and his kids, but no she just had to let the paps know. If she was able to get away from the paps, why then did she tweet saying this? Was she upset because the paps didn't go out seeking her and EC? So in essence what LR is saying is that the next time they take EC kids out to lunch, the paps had better be there to get photos of them? You, the same poster who will tell us that the evidence does not say what it really says is telling someone to think and read? What's the matter, does the backlash against LR and EC got you down?

  91. 91

    Re: twofacedperez – Is that what upsets you, the fact that you will NEVER be the wife of the married man you are sleeping with?

  92. 92

    Mr. Cibrian really upgraded with LeAnn! What a lucky guy! Plus, he's rid of that albatross around his neck, the bat-shit crazy whore Glanville. They both look SO happy here. Thank heavens they found each other!!!