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Miley Photo Controversy! Perez Responds

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Our official statement (above)!

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443 comments to “Miley Photo Controversy! Perez Responds”

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  1. 401

    kay perez i used 2 like u and have NO PROBLEM with u, but if u call THIS a fucking apology ur insane. get a life. and stop ruining others. you had no right in posting that picture and stop giving ur bullshit lady like reasoning kay?! you're an ass, this was so WRONG. & maybe u do need jail so u can get ur head together. you're NASTY!!!!!!

  2. 402

    Why is everybody fucking crazy? I mean honestly, shouldn't the paparazzi or whatever be thrown in jail too for taking a picture with Miley's "vagina" hanging out? Honestly he didn't do anything harmful.. Miley wasn't exposed and if she dances around half naked anyway. So I mean really you people need to consider the source before you start pointing fingers at Perez. This is what he does for a living, he doesn't run some child pornography business. A bunch of fucking haters I swear.. you are just trying to make something into what is really nothing to bring him down. I LOVE YOU PEREZ!

  3. 403

    Re: InFavorOfPerez – …COMPLETELY out of proportion. Like WHO CARES. Everyone is getting their panties in a twist over Miley Cyrus, who willingly exposes her body and dances provocatively and sure doesn't give a fuck about any of you. OMG sooo annoooying.. all of you!

  4. 404

    Re: co230 – ha ha ha i love how you think its all women that are against perez, i love how you cant spell worth shit, and i love how you stick up for a big fat fake ass pedophile bitch who by the way has done this countless times in the past. now it seems he is all of the sudden kissing mileys ass because he is shaking in his boots! Sorry looser but your little ugly fat friend perez time is up!

  5. 405

    HA, HA, HA!!! I laughed upon even just seeing your face on that video before I ever clicked "play!" Thank GAWD we didn't see yer weiner in it! Holy shiz buckets! :-d And I REALLY hope that you disinfected that icky chair afterwards! Ewwww! Grody to da MAX!

  6. 406

    BB, do you shave yer legs???? :-D I wanna see someone wax them!

  7. 407

    Re: ClareecePreciousJones – SORRY not child porn if virtually created UCLU V. ASHCROFT (2002) READ IT

  8. 408

    Okay, I went and looked at this infamous pic of Miley, and it looks GROSS, whether she had panties on or NOT! JEEZUS!!!

  9. 409

    Jesus people are retarded. Her dress was sheer so she had on flesh colored undies, INCLUDING her bra.

    But yanno who is just talking ad nauseum about this? Fuckin' dumbass Tila Tequila. I wish Perez and his folks would do something to shut that bitch up permanently.

  10. IVIV says – reply to this


    Whoever says "who cares" to this is as much an idiot as Perez. YOUR OPINION OF MILEY DOES NOT CHANGE FACT OR LAW! He posted the picture with malicious intent implying Miley Cyrus, an under 18 minor, was not wearing panties & that you could see her crotch. Whether he comes back after he released it to try & claim he knew she was wearing panties does not matter. He purposely posted it implying she was not & even labeled it offensive. If you think her wardrobe or performance on stage makes her a slut 17yr old but these pictures aren't a big deal, you're a hypocrite. If this was a diff celeb or your child or friend or whoever the law is still the same & she is underage & perez distributed a picture of her crotch.

  11. 411

    everyone who says that perez is a perv is just plain stupid, miley is a slut and has many of her own pictures of her being half naked on the internet and that was a year ago. she is old enough now that she doesnt need her mommy and daddy to teach her how to get out of a car without showing the world her vag.

  12. 412

    w.e i do believe you but you make it so hard to like you.

  13. 413

    Threat of prison makes you funnier…. Do it again. I want you to to jail! Bye bye!

  14. 414

    At the least, this story had brought a LOT of attention to this site.

  15. 415

    Re: GRRemily00 – ACLU*

  16. 416

    What a loser! Maybe this was Perez's master plan to get into prison so he can be ass-raped regularly…that's my suspicion anyway. One thing for sure - he's commited a crime in the Child Pornography statutes, and with this much publicity, there's sure to be charges filed. I'd say Perez's days are numbered, thankfully.

  17. 417

    Re: Meagan!!!COLON!!! Love

    You're obviously ignorant to child porno law…or you're just ignorant? Blindly following a pedophile is as bad as being one yourself…

  18. 418

    Ewww ewwww ewwwwwwwww That's just gross. Do you really think we want to see your ugly legs much less your ugly face?

  19. 419

    wow if people hate perez so much, why are they here complaining about the posts they read and the videos they watch? you are just giving him more traffic so that he can get more advertisers. And also, the ones calling him a pedophile most likely clicked on the pics to view them, so they are all "pedophiles" too. good job.

  20. 420

    ahahahahahahahah everyone shutt it. twas the prefect response

  21. Imy says – reply to this



  22. 422

    karma is a bitch mario

  23. 423

    LOL this video is very Maury-esque.

  24. 424

    Hell, everyone knows Mario doesn't like underage girls, look at the crush he has on underage boys

  25. 425

    cant believe how long is his fucking head, he shouldnt have lost all the weight so his horsey face could still look even. This little fucker should go to jail so he can finally get laid by his new boyfriends.

  26. 426

    Here's hoping they string you up by your teeny tiny little balls on kiddie porn charges you disgusting troll.

  27. 427

    My opinion? She's wearing panties! However, she's getting out of a car and as a result, her panties shift a little to her left leg. Because of this movement, the picture also displays a very small detail of her (shaven?) vulva and makes it appear as if you're seeing her labia.
    So it's a labia-slip. :-)

    But is it porn? Nope. Nudity isn't porn. And she's not even nude. Just an awkward moment for her.

  28. 428

    You're in TROUBLE!

  29. 429

    Child pornography??? Oh yeah, she's some child. I haven't even seen the picture but I don't think Perez is to blame for this one. Not like he took the picture or made her go without underwear. The way Miley dresses has nothing "childish" about it.

  30. 430

    lol that was hilarious.

  31. 431


  32. 432


  33. 433

    Re: fffffffff – Yeah I saw the pic, she was wearing nude colored panties.

  34. 434

    hahahaha point is, you still posted it. real or not.

  35. SBH says – reply to this


    OMG I LOVE YOU PEREZ! LOLLLL this vid makes me laugh. and of course you wouldnt do sucha thing.

  36. 436

    Sounds to me like you're make excuses. You shouldn't have done what you DID do!!! Stop trying to get out of it with the stupid-ass video like that.

  37. 437

    not seen d photo. heard late so cant comment maybe if i get the pics in my mail……….anybody…..(reach_tito@yahoo.com)………..thanks

  38. 438

    i don't understand how the girl is old enough to legally have sex, is allowed to dress up like a total whore when performing in front of underage, impressionable children… but people are screaming "OMG KIDDIE PORN" at a shot not unlike the infamous paris hilton shot from a few years back.

    let's stop and try to figure out how many not-famous 17 yr old have indecent pictures floating around the internet. to label perez hilton a "pedophile" is beyond ridiculous, since it's pretty obvious that's not the kind of picture that he'd get off on… come on, people, how about using that common sense a bit…

  39. 439

    Hopfully, since Hilton disseminated child pornography across state lines, the federal government will launch a criminal case against Hilton since the California justice system can't get their heads out of their asses long enough to actually SENTENCE a celebrity (or, in Hilton's case, a raging pretentious hypocritical homosexual).

    The prosecution is going to have a hell of an easy time with this case. All they need to do is show Hilton disseminated child pornography (which is blatantly obvious), and, to ensure the harshest punishment under federal law, instill into the jury that Hilton has a completely self-centered and egomaniac view on the world and lives in his own little pretentious gay fantasy land where he's always right (which can be easily done by showing how seriously Perez Hilton took the alligations that he knowingly and willingly disseminated child pornography across the Internet by making them sit through this video).

    A federal grand jury is not going to be happy seeing this video in the courtroom as evidence of how seriously Perez Hilton is taking this when they're spending thousands of dollars prosecuting him.

    Fucking idiot. This video has just sealed the coffin of Hilton's jail sentence. (though I'm sure Hilton would LOVE American jail, if you know what I mean since he's your average stereotypical laughable gay).

  40. 440

    You are a sicko. I will petition for a warrant for your arrest. If anyone else done this they would be put under the jail. i hope you rot you butt monkey pedifile

  41. 441

    Mario…si haces apología a la pornografía infantil es asunto serio….El asunto es que la situación con menores de edad es cosa seria en los Estados Unidos y debería serlo en todo el mundo…Yo particularmente inicié en mi blog una campaña contra la pornografía infantil y la pederastia en www.letiziopantoja.com

    sería fabuloso que le demuestres a tus seguidores y críticos que apoyas una campaña en contra de esta lacra que azota internet y en general a nuestra sociedad…quedas invitado.


    Letizio pantoja

  42. 442

    People really just need to stop complaining so damn much! How about just not reading his stuff and get off his damn site if you don't like it! This kind of thing is how he makes money too. I saw the original picture which was not on here… and there is NO coochie shot. Besides he is not the photographer…maybe you people should get pissed at the person that was behind the f***ing camera! Why is no one talking about his arse?

  43. 443


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