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Quote Of The Day

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"My friends all have Facebook pages and stuff because they are normal people that can have those things. But they are constantly being plagued because they somehow find out I'm friends with them and then the imposters try to go on and message my brother pretending they are me. My brother and my friends always complain to me about it."

- Twilight star Kristen Stewart, on why her life is sooooo hard

[Image via WENN.]

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83 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. 1

    People pretend to be me on social networking sites all the time. I find my pictures everywhere. It is pretty annoying, and it doesn't just happen to "famous" people.

  2. 2

    Mario aka. Pedophile Hilton is going to jail and its about time to you child pornographer. yOU'LL LOOK GOOD IN THAT ORANGE SUIT ASSHOLE!!!!Mario aka. Pedophile Hilton is going to jail and its about time to you child pornographer. yOU'LL LOOK GOOD IN THAT ORANGE SUIT ASSHOLE!!!!Mario aka. Pedophile Hilton is going to jail and its about time to you child pornographer. yOU'LL LOOK GOOD IN THAT ORANGE SUIT ASSHOLE!!!!Mario aka. Pedophile Hilton is going to jail and its about time to you child pornographer. yOU'LL LOOK GOOD IN THAT ORANGE SUIT ASSHOLE!!!!

  3. 3

    Fuck you pedophile perez. You have NO right to talk shit about ANYONE!!!! Go to jail aready I can't wait……… TIC TOC TIC TOC TIC TOC

  4. 4

    This bitch is so fucking over rated!!! I can't stand her ass. Not to mention teh fact that she's average looking at best!

  5. 5

    Shut up you overrated ugly bitch!!!

  6. 6

    That IS a hard thing to endure. Why the fuck are you acting like you would be ok with that?

  7. 7

    Ugh - she needs to have a pity party with taylor momsen

  8. 8

    Bloody hell, the ungrateful wretch. She should be more appreciative of what she takes for granted like being able to breathe in fresh clean air every day, being able to walk in a straight line for more than 4 paces, being able to choose a room-mate,… the list is endless

  9. 9

    WTF? Is there a time when she does not complain? All she does is complain about how her life sucks, blah blah blah. Like STFU. Why did you sign onto New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn then? That's right bitch STFU.

  10. 10

    Oh wow! he llife is so hard boo oooo! I hope she lost all her fame and money and live a normal life…ungratefull BITCH!

  11. 11

    Just click ignore and move on with your life. Also maybe they should update their privacy settings.

  12. 12


    Enuff is enuff… why so hard on the gal……..?

    I really dont get it!!!…………..???????????????????????//

  13. 13

    You'll be on Facebutt while Otis wiil turn your buuthole into MySpace!!! THEY'RE GONNA LOCK YOU UP AND OTIS IS GONNA WRECK YOUR ASSHOLE! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile Pedophile

  14. 14

    LOL! OOOOOOOOOOOKAAAAAAAY K. Stew! Life is so hard of the rich and famous, I'm sure. I cannot wait til these shitty movies are done and you're once again irrelevent to the world. You sucked in The Messengers, sucked in Twilight, sucked as Joan Jett, theres no where else to suck at. Stop making movies if life is oh so hard. CVS always hires!

  15. 15

    And…. I sure hope justice is swift in your case. Please don't let this drag out like Murray. TO JAIL YOU SHOULD GO! NOW!

  16. 16

    Hey Perezzzzztard - Maybe she MINDS it when people hound her…unlike you…You seem to LOVE attention. Get over it please. She's a great actress who doesn't necessarily love the crazy fans.

  17. 17

    So sick of hearing her complain. I have a good idea, donate all your money to charity, quit the bussiness, and get a job while juggling college and then stress on life like the rest of us who can't get work because the econemy is so bad, lose your house, and then we'll talk.

  18. 18

    probably true.

  19. 19

    Re: jtssrx
    finally!!!! i was begining to think that i was the only person in the world that couldn't stand all this worshiping over this talentless young actress(in her mind!!!!)
    she suffers from the same illness that her mommy, delusion, missy jules-mann thinks she is a movie director…but she didn't direct anything so far….so lame.

    boo!!!! kiki if you wanted privacy so much, why did you become a actress(wannabe) ????

  20. 20

    No one deserves to be bothered and harrassed on a daily basis. Especially her family and friends who have nothing to do with fame and celebrity. She has a right to complain, because like everyone else in the world she has a right to privacy!!!! Grow up people.

  21. 21

    Mario, You've lost all credibility (if you had any in the first place) I've just emailed 2 of your sponsors letting them know that I will not buy their product or watch their show because they advertise on your site. You may get lucky and not wind up in court for the Miley thing, Billy Ray may or may not deck you but something in the way of karma is definitely heading your way. You can't keep behaving like you do without a comeback. It's nature's law.

  22. 22

    go away from the spotlight and problem resolved, stop complaining of being famous please

  23. 23

    uhm ok u weirdos she was just probably answering a question they asked her and she never said that it only happens to famous ppl and she says like normal ppl because ppl like u all like to harass her like psychos as if she did something to u or ruined ur world. calm the fuck down and y does she have to stfu she can say whatever the fuck she wants just like n e one else im just saying dat u all r exxagerating over nuthing and im not even a fan of her to say that ppl exxagerate

  24. 24

    i wish i had a vaj!!

  25. 25

    fuck the bitch is ugly r patz is blind

  26. 26

    Re: sandcastle – she is an idiot that's why, I bet her parents are the ones who encourage her to act when she clealy can't act or like it

  27. 27

    "Quote of the day"? Here's mine - CRIME DON'T PAY

  28. 28

    no one hated kristen until twilight came out and she didn't hate the media until twilight came out……kristen's been doing movies since she was a kid but all of a sudden every time she has an opinion outside of the "norm" and/or isn't up to "hollywood standards", she's ungrateful bitch…….IMO, most of the hate is because of her relationship with Rob……if i had a kid, much rather they look up to her than miley, britney, lindsey or any of those kardashian whores………

  29. 29

    Re: Big Black Dick – Move on and STFU already! Pretty sure Perez won't be going anywhere. Ever since the whole Miley thing people have been blowing up this site with hateful comments. Other websites posted that picture too, OLD NEWS! But anyway, Kristen DOESN'T LIKE ATTENTION PEOPLE! She didn't know what was coming when she signed on for Twilight, and now she can't do anything about it. I'd be complaining too. But she'll get used to it sooner or later. Get off her back!

  30. 30

    shes so lame… like why is she complaining all the time.. hopefully this is her last role ever!

  31. 31

    Not everyone likes to be impersonated. I'm pretty sure that no one likes it & just because she's vocal about what she hates about her fame she's a bitch? Fuck that. I wouldn't just sit back & stay quiet. That's like saying "Oh it's ok. Go ahead & pretend to be me." Uh…no.

  32. 32

    Re: polly1

    chiz honey, you DO have a lot of time on your hands, g-mail people the whole day, all because of perez hilton ??????, so that is like not having a life!

  33. 33

    ok, who cares about this broad?? she's complaining about being famous….there is an out you know?? Not to mention, her coments are what keep her in the spotlight…..I could care less about that Tilight shit anyway, those movies suck.
    secondly….I am not sure why everyone is hating on Perez over the Miley Cyrus situation….get over it. Some people obviously have way too much time on their hands….

  34. 34

    she makes me sick I cant wait till all the movies come out so I dont have to hear of her anymore

  35. 35

    Well, it most be annoying if someone pretends to be you.
    Don't people have a life that is good. Or are they so pathetic that they have to pretend to be someone els to feel good?

  36. 36

    Re: LadyGagaLove! – Go suck on that toy in Caca Happy Meal bitch!

  37. 37

    UGHH her "woe is me" attitude is really starting to wear thin.

  38. 38

    Re: ms.j.pierre – hating on perez?? you have got to be kidding….there's absolutely not a minuscule of anything about mario to hate on, esp. in the controversy over the miley picture…..

  39. 39

    Perez, please stop hating on this poor girl. She's only 20 and dealing with alot of crap. No way you or I at 20 would have been able to handle ourselves any better. I adore her, and feel for her with all the jealous immature haters. Give her a break already

  40. 40

    She is so lame!

  41. 41

    Does anyone else think she looks kinda like Lisa Marie Presley sometimes?

  42. 42

    Real Vampires like in Stephen King's Salem's Lot dont fuck around. They rip your fucking throat out and shred you to bits. Im sick of this girly teeny bullshit.

    Real Vampires have no Fuckery.

  43. 43

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  44. 44

    Re: jayeee

    yes, my daddy saw a pic of ki-ki, and he thought she was lisa marie presley(or moster of presleystein if you want.)

    they both fug…..

  45. 45

    Re: jayeee – No, It's just they both rarely smile. Scowl is more like it.

  46. 46

    She's ugly, she's a mediocre actress and Twilight put her on the map. She needs to get over herself like yesterday.

  47. 47

    she complains so much! well if you dont like people talking about u dont make movies, and dont go out in public with one of the most famous guy in hollywood! duh!!!! but she wont do that, she just wants to act so quirky and shy and really all it comes off as is just being a weird bitch

  48. 48

    Ah, why don't you like her hey?
    I think KStew, is pretty amazing and so beautiful!
    Let her have a wee moan ;)

    Scotland loves Perez baby :*

  49. 49

    God, I really dislike her. She's ugly, and CANNOT act! And Twilight is STUPIDDD overrated!!

  50. 50

    WTF is she even talking about?? She needs to be more grateful about her situation which she kind of lucked into.How many good strugling actresses wouldnt trade places with her in an instant.Suck it up sweetpea-the vampire "craze " wont last forever and you will need actual talent to get your next role!!

  51. 51


  52. 52

    I forgot all about her………and now again with this shit….somebody needs to give her some Diapam.

  53. 53

    Re: carinacarina – I could have not said it better.

  54. 54

    You're just pissed no one wants to pretend to be you, Mario.

  55. steff says – reply to this


    I don't understand why you're so hard on this girl. Leave her alone Perez!!

  56. 56

    This isnt even news anymore,you just pick things so you can try and take the piss out of her about them.. Get over it Perez!

  57. 57

    Re: April 20th – I agree with you. People on this site constantly criticise her, and why? Because she says "I don't like being harassed by the media"? I really like her. I think she's talented and she obviously loves what she does, but doesn't enjoy the media attention. She's not Lindsay Lohan, who tries to be in the spotlight. She wants to be an actress, but she wants to be left alone, which I think people should let her do. I feel bad for Robert Pattinson, too. He also wants to act, and doesn't want to be a tween idol. He wants to be able to enjoy a pint with his friends without being hassled, which he can't do, because 16 year old girls feel the need to stalk him. I feel bad for them both.

  58. 58

    I actually created an account just to say how much I truly fucking hate you MARIO, I think you're a joke and I wish people would wake up and stop getting on this site, I hope you go to jail for posting Miley's underage Coochie.

  59. 59

    Yeah that would be annoying. I'd feel for her!

  60. hebe says – reply to this


    Did she say her life is sooo hard because of that? Umm no, dont think so. This hating on Kristen is ridiculous LOL

  61. 61

    here's a thing. SHE doesn't just complain, but because perez has desided to hate her he doesn't put nothing else in this shitty little blog than all these ”sad” comments what she have said. perez is just so fuc*ing jealous..

  62. 62

    Fuck up Perez. Just because you are famous it does not make your life any easier than any other person in this world. In some ways, it makes it harder. Money and fame do not equal money

  63. 63

    Re: x-filephile – There are no such thing as 'real' vampires. They are a myth. If I wanted, I could make vampires have 4 legs and 8 arms.

  64. 64

    Why doesn't she get a webmaster?

  65. 65

    what goes around comes around remember that perez

  66. 66

    Sorry but the quote of the day is……

  67. 67

    You shouldn't take a quote out of context and try to spin it for your own benefit or to fuel your own opinion. Having people pretend to be her is not okay and it's not okay to the fans.

  68. 68

    I am sure she was asked this question and not just went and talked about it. Someone asked and she answered. Whether or not you like her, I am sure most of you are jealous of her and that is why you bitch and whine and complain any time she talks.

    If you don't want to read what she says, don't read the articles, Morons.

  69. 69

    just because you're an attention whore doesn't mean everybody has to be one too

  70. 70

    i think you're just jealous because no one tries to be you. you've turned into a complete asshole and have lost all credibility. i hope you go to jail for posting those pics of miley cyrus.

  71. 71

    all shes saying is that her and her family and friends dont like the fact people are pretending to be her and contacting them.like its not big deal.you really dont have to complain about it perez.its pointless.

  72. 72

    She doesn't seem like she's really "complaining" about it. It just seems like she's talking about it…. lolol…

  73. 73

    why would anyone want to fuck that

  74. 74

    She has got to be the whiniest young actress in the world. I think she and Lindsay Lo-whore have a contest going on to see who can be the bitchiest little Hollywood whore of 2010!!!

  75. 75

    it is hard you idiot

  76. 76

    Re: April 20th – my thoughts exactly.

  77. 77

    kristen stewart is soo annoying always complaining about how hard fame if i got all that money from dumbass movies i wouldnt mind my privacy being invaded more than the average person seriously everybody should know your life isnt going to be the same if you do a movie especially ones about a huge selling book shes why i now hate twilight use to love the books but she killed the movies badlyy horrible actress crappyy persona your so blessed bitch stop bitching and start living it up cant wait til you cant find a job after this franchise is over lets see if youll still be bitching girls come n go in hollywood youll realize how amazing your life was when all the money n fame is gone

  78. 78

    Re: April 20th – agreed!!

  79. 79

    Yes, her life is soooo tough.

  80. 80

    i dont get why everyone hates her? it seems like she tries to stay out of the spotlight unless she is doing something to promote a new movie. i asked my friends once why they all hated her (im not really a twilight fan, they are) and they said it was because she is with r-pat. is that really it? idk she is better than miley for sure

  81. 81

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – MELISSA YOURE ALWAYS WRONG

  82. 82

    She needs to get the eff over herself. Everytime this girl speaks it's always about how HARD it is to be her. Eff you Kristen Stewart. If that is the least of your problems I think you have it pretty good. Now. Quit bitching.

  83. 83

    Re: MileyVirusx – Every time she speak Perez turns it in to something bad.
    I read/heard many interviews with her and she isn't saying bad things anymore than somebody els does.
    She isn't bitching, it's the media that turns her words.
    People that thinks she said she hate Twilight and the fame are dead wrong. I heard her saying it myself on fan event that she doesn't hate Twilight and she is going to miss it and have a hard time putting Bella behind her. She thinks it is an amazing book, she is one of few of the cast that has read it btw.
    She just have a little hard time handle the papz, not the fans. She is really sweet to them even if they wear waiting outside her house in the middle of the night.
    If you wear to be her for one die I really doubt that you would have made it so well as she does. Except the fame she is just one normal girl that wants to hang out with her family and friends.