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M.I.A. Continues Her War Against The New York Times And Lady GaGa!

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Here she goes again!

M.I.A. apparently hasn't spouted off enough crazy lately, so she's not only once again going after the recent article done on her in The New York Times Magazine, but is also STILL slamming Lady GaGa!

She says:

"You know for me it was about the fact that I said, 'Fuck The New York Times', quite a few times and it was written about and then in the article it was ignored, when that was what was interesting. So why would they put me on the cover of The New York Times? That question was really interesting to me, she (journalist) didn't really explore it, she just took a cheap shot. For the first time you have the tools to fight back. Imagine if Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan and all these people were able to fight back using the internet, because you can. The New York Times was going to try and discredit my words and my experiences. I think you know what? I might have been a bit impulsive, but I think what we have found [is] a new way to deal with news."

"Lady Gaga is someone who lives completely within [the industry]. That’s what you can get if you say ‘yes.’ I would have those outfits on and my hair would look like that and those are the songs I would sing. Everybody else on my label’s budget would get cut in order for my Grammy performance with Elton John to be banging.”

Okay, bb, we think it's time to let it go!

We all get it, you're soooo nonconformist, fuck the system, blah blah blah!

You're starting to sound like your latest album - a lot of obnoxious, abrasive noise that makes no cohesive sense all together!

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125 comments to “M.I.A. Continues Her War Against The New York Times And Lady GaGa!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Antoinette64

    She is not doing HER thing,..she is a creation, if it was she would have been doing performance art on her own before discovery…she wasn't…she is just fabricated, and the reason it is so annoying is that she tries to pass herself off as being this artistic creative person who lives her art…its bullshit,just like Kesha pretends to be a dirty party girl….

  2. 102

    Re: Chandler

    Its not about gaga, its using gaga as an example to illustrate a POINT. A very effective example,…why use anyone else when Gaga is clearly the most obvious example of a contrived fake creation of the entertainment industry. It goes beyond Britney, who always claimed to be an entertainer, because GAGA and th industry try to tell us that she is ART when it isn't, its self promotion and advertisement.

  3. 103

    Re: Vinicius[/[re=5132555]Re: coco smithh

    except she tries to claim her shameless self promotion and headline grabbing is ART …she is a creation not an artist…maybe you can say the people who made up her image and packaged her are artists…but not gaga…she is an entertainer…thats it.

  4. 104

    Sorry but this is 100% TRUE … Perez you don't really think gaga came up with that shit on her own, she is completely created by the industry — right up there with NSYC!!! M.I.A. is the real shizzzzz!

  5. Heh says – reply to this


    Truth hurts dont it

  6. 106

    Well Miley is a skanky whore who probably gets it on with her dad! She deserves it! And how can Perez be a "pedophile" to an almost 18 year old adult when he is gay?

  7. 107

    the only people who's allowed to

  8. 108

    Hey future registered sex-offender,

    Is there noone you will trash in order to make GaGa look good?

    Im just glad Xtina gets a break today!!

  9. 109

    Mia is a faking ignorant, i love gaga .

  10. 110

    I'm getting Kanye Deja-vu's….bitch, bitch, bitch….next time she does an interview she should tape it….if the journalist plays dirty…then she should air the tape…

  11. 111

    Just fuck up Mario. Get your head out of GaGa's ass already. I'm SICK of you treating GaGa like she's the best. Sure she's pretty good but she isn't the best. And when someone criticizes her, your right there to pounce all over their asses. I honestly like GaGa and her music but your KILLING it for me. She needs to get the fuck away from you. And you need to stop being such a pedo.

  12. 112

    Even though I LOVE her, she needs to stop yammering and make sure MAYA is a good album, because from what we're all hearing its "meh" so far.

  13. 113

    M.I.A who? GAGA

  14. 114

    Let's talk about how last year when you got knocked the fuck out at MMA you cried like a bitch for months.
    And Gaga is as much of a non-conformist as Maya is so don't talk shit about her acting like that.
    Oh and another thing, her album makes a hell of a lot of sense so shut the fuck up fatass.

  15. igaga says – reply to this


    ok M.I.A has never once been as big as Lady Gaga.. and if you dont like Perez then why the hell are you wasting YOUR time on his website… if M.I.A would stop picking on people bigger then her. then maybe things might work out for her

  16. 116

    Maybe she should stop worrying about Lady Gaga and start realizing shes a piece of shit and she looks like one, too (color and all!). She's just jealous cause everyone's gaga for Gaga. I never even HEARD of this MIA until this post, she needs to stop being Ms. Ghetto Fabulous and get some fucking class.

  17. 117

    Re: ShoeWhore – shes british you tard

  18. 118

    Re: zooby – she doesn't try to be different, she has been that way all of her life…she is different, and that's what makes her so appealing to her fans…they know that you can be something even if you don't belong, and Gaga makes them feel like they really do belong

  19. 119

    WELL i love lady gaga AND m.i.a….now what perez!!

  20. 120

    We get it, you dont like Gaga, now shut it! Everytime she talks about Lady gaga without being ask, and that only makes her look jealous. Gaga never says anything about anybody even when they bash her and that makes her look better, so really, M.I.A is just losing in here, if she is just this great artist as some say, than concentrate on your music and let gaga do what she is doing and do what you want to do, really, what do you gain from going agaisnt her? Publicity? Yeah, thats so artistic of you and rebel wow!(sarcasm).
    And by the way, lady gaga uses everything she gains in her own shows, she doesnt even own a house yet apparently, so it doesnt really seems she is doing things to get peoples money, she uses everything to make her fans happy when they go to a concert and doenst seem to be able to keep anything for her, which she can of course, after all thats how musicians make money so i dont see what would be so wrong in her keeping money for her if that is what is supposed to happen, big musicians and stars make a lot of money and they have rights on it, so whats the problem? if she wants she can keep it, people pay for shows done by her so it becomes her money and she can do with it whatever she wants, and what does she do? everything goes to shows, so whats with the hate??

  21. 121

    Mia blows shit out of her mouth all the time, including when she (supposedly) sings. Whatever she's on she should take more of it and exclude herself out of humanity. If MIA thinks she's original, here's a surprise, she's not. Her songs suck, she sucks, and her concepts suck. Big surprise. Keep whatever hearing impaired groupies you have and shut the fuck up. Being openly jealous just shows how incredibly small you are, you twit.

  22. 122

    this chick is just jealous of gaga… like, sorry ive heard ONE of your songs on the radio, and fkin alejandro or whatever is playing every five minutes, right after bad romance…. yeah, people LOVE lady gaga, and clearly shes doing something right, or she wouldnt be making all that money?

  23. 123

    shes just jealous cuz she SUCKS ASS

  24. 124

    Goodness, this is amusing. MIA is an underground subversive artist - as opposed to the mainstream marketed version of Art™ that is Gaga. This is why nobody has ever heard of her on this site - a site which is, after all, essentially the epitome of everything so vile about mainstream popular culture. That people actually question her validity because she isn't on the radio every five minutes like Gaga is… well… pretty funny. And pretty sad, too. You people depress me.

  25. licq says – reply to this


    i love them both..

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