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Sarah Palin Has A Surprising Stance On Marijuana!

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We're shocked!

Former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has admitted that although she doesn't support the legalization of marijuana because "that would just encourage our young people to think that it was OK to go ahead and use it," she's not COMPLETELY opposed to its use.

She admits:

"If somebody's gonna to smoke a joint in their house and not do anybody any harm, then perhaps there are other things our cops should be looking at to engage in and try to clean up some of the other problems we have in society."

Probably the most rational thing girlfriend has ever said! It makes us wonder…

We would DIE if we saw Sexy Sarah lighting up a spliff after a long day or spewing her bullshiz all over the country!


What do U think?? Do U agree with her stance on pot??

[Image via WENN.]

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64 comments to “Sarah Palin Has A Surprising Stance On Marijuana!”

  1. 1

    How does Katy Perry measure up? CAN she measure up? Go to LISTAL!

    How does Katy Perry measure up?How does Katy Perry measure up?

  2. 2

    I agree. I feel the same about prostitution. If grandpa wants to pay some college girl $400 for a bj so she can buy some college books, whats the harm?

    As long as its not hurting anybody then what the hell?

  3. 3

    Of course now that she's said this there is NO WAY the republicans will allow her to run for vice president.
    sorry thats just politics.

  4. 4

    She probably already does!!!!!!

  5. 5

    It's a middle-of-the-road approach, and I love it !! She's still a political boor, but at least she's aware of what her neighbours are doing. YAY !!!

  6. 6

    What do I think? Silly, stupid Pedo. I THINK YOUR SORRY ASS SHOULD BE IN THE FRICKIN JAIL AREADY. Thank you for asking.

  7. S88 says – reply to this



  8. 8

    Cool, Sarah Palin. She makes sense for once

  9. 9

    bah, i never thought i would agree with Sarah Palin on anything. Girl surprised me here. Anyway, alcohol is far more damaging to a person and society. I cant believe that is concidered to be okay by the same people that make so much fuzz about a joint. Go weed!

  10. 10

    thats i feel about most things lol if it aint hurtin or putin me in danger..go for it, its ur life

  11. 11

    I would enjoy getting stoned with her, and then going down on her snatch.

  12. 12

    Out of Alchole drinkers and pot smokers. Who gets into more fights? Alchole drinkers. Pot smokers usually jst have whatever there gunna have a chill.

  13. 13

    hey chester the molester, isn't there a 10 yr. old somewhere not wearing underwear you should be getting pics of? YOU ARE A LARD ASS PREVERT. GO DIE JACKASS

  14. 14

    Well, hell has frozen over. I actually AGREE with Sarah Palin about something. Ok, she gets two points for this statement….and she's right.

  15. 15

    OMG…. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL NOT IN A PRISON CELL? this is a joke. well oj didn't kill nicole either. what the hell is wrong with the cops in LA?

  16. 16

    Holy shit, I agree with Sarah Palin? brb jumping off a bridge.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    aaawwwww.: {

  19. 19

    SARAH PALIN IS FROM ALASKA. So why is it so surprising that she might smoke pot? More people smoke pot in Alaska (per capita) than in any other state in the nation. You see, it's a strange breed up there-very republican yet very libertarian. They want the government and everyone else to stay out of their business.

    How do I know this? I'm an Alaskan!

  20. 20

    Mmm ha…sara palin just got even finer. Former Vpilf candidate…

  21. 21

    Agree. Alcohol and tobacco are way more damaging, but they're legal. Doesn't make sense.

  22. 22

    that will be the only thing I will EVER agree with her on…and I'm shocked she took my position on it.

    Still an idiot Queen to the idiot right!

  23. 23

    Who cares about MJ?
    Should just be totally legal!
    Tax it and the hypocrites would be like pigs in shit! Including the ultimate one!

  24. 24

    Hell must be frozen over. She actually said something intelligent and something I agree with. Wow.

  25. 25

    Wow, for once she ACTUALLY makes sense!

  26. 26

    I feel strongly that there is nothing wrong with smoking a joint! I smoke all the time. It has not affect on my ability to work or function. It makes me relaxed and happy. I don't understand how pot is illegal but alcohol is . I will never agree with this stupid senseless law.

  27. 27

    i am shocked…..and i am having irregular heart beats as a result! wow sarah. this comes from the lady that probably only believes in sex in the missionary position! i do agree with her to an extent. let people of age fire it up! i support the legalization though. its just pot geeeeez!!!

  28. 28

    I HATE SARAH PALIN!!!! I wonder if she is still going to say "Drill Baby Drill!" after the gulf oil spill! She probably does spoke weed at home because she sure talks like it! IF she EVER becomes president or vice president in the future… I AM MOVING TO ENGLAND!!!!!!!

  29. 29

    It's 4:20 let me think about it.

  30. 30

    Haha the only thing I like about Sarah Palin! Yeah I feel that way, as long as people aren't using it to harm others like if they're just hanging around the house then I don't see why it would be a problem

  31. 31

    What is wrong with all of these politicians who do pot but don't have the cajones to decriminalize or legalize? Clinton lit up. Bush Jr. did coke for crying outloud and admitted smoking marijuana. Even Obama admitted to inhaling frequently as a kid. And now Sarah. (SNL parody please of all these admitted pot smokers sitting in the same room together having a pow wow lol!)

  32. 32

    What's so surprising? Her eldest son Trip got busted for possession on pot I heard. That's why the rush to the army….enlist of go to jail or rehab. nough said!

  33. 33

    I dont know much about her but that does seem shocking.. maybe there is hope after all. It's soo true though.. marijuana doesn't make people crazy if anything it would make people get along better lol.

  34. 34

    Re: miss.dre – EXACTLY!! I guess only Alaskans won't be shocked by this news…

  35. 35

    Hell Yeah… I love her even more.

  36. 36

    this bitch needs to smoke a great big fatty FREE THE WEED!

  37. 37

    This has to be a sign of the end of the world - Sarah Palin's actually saying something that makes sense and isn't attacking someone to get her name in the headlines. And seriously - who could use a smoke more than her????

  38. 38

    I have now stopped hating her.

  39. 39

    She needs all of her brain cells

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's a little younger than the McCain bunch, so this stance might be generational. Insofar as wasting valuable enforcement, justice and penal resources, she is correct. The only reason the older farts don't waiver on the stance is the image issue; not wanting to be seen as soft on drugs, and the possibility that some of them might own stock in related incarceration businesses.

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    Sarah can see Canada from where she lives, and that's a stance that works north of the 49th. It frees up swamped enforcement, justice and the prison system for more serious and pressing crime rather than chase the gainfully employed and otherwise contributing citizenry hippie types who smoke a bit to relax, maybe instead of having a drink or ten.

  42. 42

    uhh she's from Alaska. I wouldn't be surprised if she smoked weed every other day. …in a state where you can have an ounce of marijuana for personal use w/o penalty, who wouldn't?

  43. c<3 says – reply to this


    I completely agree it's ridiculous that the police spend more time on that alone than anything else.

  44. 44

    Legalize it and tax it. Just like they do with tobacco and alcohol. No big deal.

  45. 45

    It's legal here in AK. You may have a small amount on you… She was Governor … obviously she's ok with it.

  46. 46

    She's so much sexxier and intelligent than any of those liberal Hilary Clinton lookin dykes "spewing their shit".

  47. 47




  48. 48

    yes! yes! yes!!

  49. 49

    Weed should be legal. Just make the age limit 21. If teens want to smoke, they are going to find it anyway….just like I did in high school and just how they do now.

  50. 50

    Surprising. But still flawed…does legal alcohol send the message to kids that its OK to get drunk? Alcohol can cause death by toxicity or long term use, its involved in violent crime as well as accidents. Pot on the other hand has not caused a single documented death, poses no long term health risks, is not involved in police incidents such as violence…but of course don't toke and drive. The fact that it is illegal and supports a black market, does however cause violence, death, and kids may find it easier to get pot than liquor…and once they have a dealer than other illegal drugs become accessible.

    The hypocrisy and harm of illegal marijuana while drinking is A-OK is a problem. Not to mention the amount of money wasted on the "war" against it.

  51. 51

    Re: AzureAngel

    Yes it is true,…if you are predisposed to schizophrenia than marijuana can be a trigger. But obviously there is a genetic link in your family (further you have no idea if it would have onset without pot)…but the glaring fact is that this is a rare thing, the vast majority of pot smokers never experience ill effects. A tiny risk should not be used to impinge on the liberty of everyone. Think of all the frightening effects alcohol can have…WHICH ALSO CAN BE A TRIGGER OF MENTAL ILLNESS…

    A herb that anyone can grow, and has MANY beneficial properties..should not be criminalized because of a rare side effect…if that was the case we would have absolutely no medicines available.

  52. 52

    Re: AzureAngel

    Despite what you say..statistically this is a RARE but known side effect.

    Yes it is true,…if you are predisposed to schizophrenia than marijuana can be a trigger. But obviously there is a genetic link in your family (further you have no idea if it would have onset without pot)…but the glaring fact is that this is a rare thing, the vast majority of pot smokers never experience ill effects. A tiny risk should not be used to impinge on the liberty of everyone. Think of all the frightening effects alcohol can have…WHICH ALSO CAN BE A TRIGGER OF MENTAL ILLNESS…

    A herb that anyone can grow, and has MANY beneficial properties..should not be criminalized because of a rare side effect…if that was the case we would have absolutely no medicines available. Re: AzureAngel

  53. 53

    Prostitution? How does a pimp beating up women, forcing them to have sex with strangers, and then giving the money to the lazy son-of-b#### have anything to do with getting HIGH? I don't care if people smoke pot, I do care if women and children are used for some perverts pleasure. A college girl is not the normal prositute, many young girls are forced into this crap every year in the U.S..
    I am an independant voter and I have lost faith in our politicians. Sarah is just the same type with a different costume, FAKE… People, it is the "common person" against the "rich (corporations). They are just trying to distract you while they steal (corporate welfare)….

  54. 54

    Bitch just trying to get elected… Hey, "Sexy Sarah" many potheads will forget to vote or are too paranoid to be a registered voter.

  55. 55

    The fact that it's illegal doesn't stop people taking it and it's true the police resources could go elsewhere. Alcohol costs the state billions due to the binge drinking culture in Britain. Much of the NHS funds that could go elsewhere are being spent treating people with alcohol related problems. Paramedics and the A&E department are over stretched as it is without having to deal with twats who don't know when they've had too much to drink. Not to mention the police force that wastes it's time trying to stop the drunk killing themselves and each other. Alcohol causes more problems than pot EVER will!

  56. 56

    That is the most hypocritical and ignorant thing she's could possibly say on the matter. If it's not so bad that you should be able to do it in your home — even though it's illegal to do — and that cops should probably ignore it in favor of other ills in our society, then why the fuk should we be worried about whether our young people are doing it or not? Let alone the fact that legalizing the use of something and 'encouraging' that use are not entirely the same thing. She is a MORON.

  57. 57

    Gonna too! Wonderful speaking ability. Also her reference to our women and men in blue as "cops" is really befitting for someone who claims to be so patriotic. She must be high all the time…that's why she doesn't read or speak coherently!

    If she were not good looking, she would be yesterday's news…or NO NEWS at all.

  58. 58

    wow surprised haha

  59. 59

    Wasilla, Alaska is the Meth. capital! Do any of you gentle readers agree that Perez and $carah both suffer from the same psychosis? Questionable education/experience background, wants-to-project family background, self-contradicting when questioned, rapidly throwing anyone under the bus, the need to be noticed and assumes they are the only authority on a myriad of subjects, grifting, grifting, forever grifting! Sarah Palin has an unhealthy fascination with her skanky daughters and older white men while Perez displays his sexual frustration by talking/drawing dirty on young, younger, youngest male celebrities 24/7.

  60. 60

    why only marijuana?? with that logic then whats the problem with people doing crack, heroine, or even watching pedophilia I mean all this can be done in the privacy of one's home too?

  61. ya ya says – reply to this


    that has got to be the most intelligent thing she's ever said. Is this an alternate universe?

  62. 62

    You people need to get a life seriously. If Miley didn't want her cooch photographed MAYBE she should have worn underwear or a longer skirt….what a CONCEPT!

  63. 63

    So THAT explains everything……

    She has always been as high as a kite.

  64. 64

    that gaave her 5 points in my books