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SPIN With Paramore!

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Looking good girl!

Paramore's Haley William covers Spin Magazine this month and chats about her band, her boys and her fans!

Here's just a few excerpts from her interview:

"On whether she’s Team Edward or Jacob: “Oh God, I don’t really like either. I wish she’d date the guy at the school lunch table. The other two seem a little high maintenance.”

On their wide variety of fans, after a balding man in his 40s asks for a photo: “I guess the demo has changed! I don’t want to be like, ‘This guy doesn’t like our music, he’s just a creep.’ I try not to be judgmental. On one hand, it’s flattering—like wow, sexy doesn’t have to be a tan blonde girl showing off her goodies. Then again, how far are people taking it? I know there’s pictures online that people have done s— to that’d probably make my cry.”

On avoiding alcohol: “I drank when I was younger, but then I had that 10 Things I Hate About You moment when I realized I was doing this for other people and not for myself. It made me mad, and I haven’t really drank since.”

Good for you, bb! We think a lot of other celebs should adopt that policy! (Right, Lilo?)

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26 comments to “SPIN With Paramore!”

  1. 1

    hey mario. you spelled her name wrong. interesting you were able to spell it right for the nude photo. But for a positive article you cant. Your an idiot

  2. 2

    Go Meridian!!!!!

  3. 3

    so it NOT okay for other girls (like Vanessa Hudgens) to show boobs BUT IT IS okay for her, because she is not from disney and in a band?

  4. 4

    She doesnt talk about that photo she leaked of herself.

    Yeah, thats right, she SO did it herself.

  5. 5

    Love Hayley, but "not doing this for herself"? What about the bf that wanted topless pics from her? Is that not doing things for others?

  6. 6

    She looks like she sucks a mean dick. Too bad she's so ugly. BA BA DA BA BA DA BA BA BA!!! I hate that song.

  7. 7

    Re: MoritzStiefel – this was done at bamboozle may 1. the picture didn't get out until may 27.

  8. 8

    Good for her. When people say they need to drink to loosen up and have fun its because they have to fill that void called "lack of personality" and it makes you look quite stupid.

    PS. holy crap she's ugly.

  9. Caryn says – reply to this


    boring boring

  10. 10

    HER NAME IS HAYLEY! Christ, it's on the damn cover.

  11. 11

    sounds like a bore

  12. 12

    Google Katy Perry overrated celebrity bodies and how does Katy Perry measure up to see THE TRUTH!! Google Katy Perry overrated celebrity bodies and how does Katy Perry measure up to see THE TRUTH!!

    How does Katy Perry measure up? Ask GooglE!!!

  13. m.j says – reply to this


    I love Paramore and they actually send out really good messages even though their demographic is spreaded out unlike Miley and other teen celebs gone wrong,..

  14. 14

    "i was doing this for other people and not for myself." bitch, please. and you took some tit shots for yourself? very hypocritical my dear. and she really needs to stop scrunching her face up in every damn picture; it only accentuates the ugly.

  15. 15

    Do you ever discuss good music on your fucking blog?

  16. 16

    i thought Paramount or whatever there gay band name is has 5 memebers not 1 ?? there music sucks POSERS !

  17. SMack says – reply to this


    oh my god she has money.. why can't she get that gap fixed?!

  18. 18

    she is very unfortunate looking…
    and the whole leaked topless pics was really tacky and gross.

  19. 19

    tits or gtfo

  20. 20

    Forever an Avril wannabe.

  21. 21

    Re: shes a talentless hack – shut the fuck up and get a fucking life. do you feel like a badass for talking shit (on the internet) about someone who is beautiful and talented and doesn't deserve an ounce of critism?

  22. 22

    Re: SMack – maybe she doesnt want to. gah you all are a bunch of assholes. get a fucking life and quit talking shit about people

  23. 23

    Ok - love the band and she has an awesome voice, but why would she think someone was creepy just because he was 40? I am 36 and I am a fan. Would that make me creepy? Generation x'ers were raised on alternative rock and we created "emo" so wtf? If it wasnt for our music taste, she wouldn't have a job in this genre b/c it wouldn't exist… I don't like that comment. It lowered her points but I still think she's a bad ass vocalist.

  24. 24

    wow, way to spell her name wrong. do some research fool.

  25. 25

    Re: anon77:D thanks.

    Im sure she will get plenty of other opportunities to talk about her pathetic publicity stunt….Or not. Seems like no one cares.

  26. 26

    hayleys DIRTY.