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Talking Miley

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Watch Perez's appearance on Joy Behar's CNN Headline News Show (above).

It's the first time we've talked about this Cyrus photo "controversy" in depth!


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756 comments to “Talking Miley”

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  1. 1

    When is the douche when keeps calling Perez a pedophile going to stop doing something very important to comment on this? (Not that I'm defending Perez, but jeeze, what a stupid ass to keep coming onto the comment board day after day after day with diff' user names and post the same hateful shit.) Try really hard to get a life.

  2. 2

    Perez please say you aren't wearing real fur in an interview I saw on the Washington Post's website? After all the PETA-related articles you write?

    As if you aren't getting bashed enough, this for me might be the last straw as a fairly loyal reader — I'm not visiting this site to pay for your hideous fur coats, disgusting.

  3. 3

    i think you stepped out of your safe gaga ass kissing zone made a huge mistake now deal with the consequences always new you would be accuse of being a pedo just never thought miley would be the one to bring your ass down

  4. 4

    Pedophile. You would think Joy would know better.

  5. 5

    you're disgusting and i hate you

  6. 6

    Who gives a fat fuck

  7. 7

    love ya perez!!! im totally on your side!

  8. 8


    at the same time i hate miley cyrus as much as i hate you so it doesnt really matter either way both of yall can suck it!

  9. 9

    Yes, you were dead wrong. She is under 17 and she shouldn't be exploited by you, or anyone else for that matter. Yes she is a celeb, but she is also a minor. We can't be sexualizing underage girls. That is what you did, you violated that law, you should go to jail, both as punishment for you conduct, and as an example to others. You got a little to big for your britches boy, and now you gotta pay.

  10. 10

    i just hope you go to jail.
    You support lady gaga… that illuminati worshipper…

  11. 11

    Thoughts? My thoughts are that you portrayed the image to look like she wasn't wearing underwear. She is a minor, and even if you knew she was wearing them you still posted an upskirt pic of a minor. You come off horribly in this interview. Did you really blame the American people for have a "dirty mind"? Who posted the fucking picture tons of fun? My thoughts are you will get off like all of the celebrities that you make fun of because you're somewhat famous. When, in fact, you should be charged like anyone else who provided clown punching material to sickos. You should be charged. Let a jury decide.

  12. 12

    You have disappointed many loyal readers who have been entertained by your antics…

  13. 13

    i agree with both of them..i think miler shoudl have learned by now that she is being watched all the time so keep ur legs closed when coming out of the car.

  14. 14

    sometimes perez takes it way too far! celebrity gossip is fine..but…perez takes it too far

  15. 15


  16. 16

    WHat the fuck is wrong with you? A grown man talking about whether a child is wearing underwear or not? Why is ANYONE discussing this at all? Why are adults talking about this? You are a fucking pedo creep Perez!

  17. 17

    OMG you guys stop being imature, isnt perez like GAY, why would he like seeing miley PUNANI???

  18. 18

    Re: Iibran – I'm sure he was doing it to try and cause more controversy… Here's to hoping that doesn't happen.

  19. 19

    The way he talks drives me crazy. He tries to get his point across in the most defensive, angry way by talking in a very slow, broken up way. I…AM…NOT…A…PEDOPHILE.

  20. 20

    Re: ammmber – I was going to say the same thing. How does this incident make him a pedophile? The guy made a mistake and he knows it, but I would also defend myself if someone is calling me a pedophile, as for what Miley said on the radio she wasn't even referring to the crotch shot accident, she was talking about the pictures they take of her up on stage… that's what ryan asked. I don't always approve of what Perez Hilton does, but he is human and makes mistakes people. Also, he talks shit about celebrities so what? It's the business industry…everyone does it I am sure. Just like average people like us do… so get over it already and cut him some slack. She shouldn't be getting out of cars like that if she knows she is a minor and she is being watched constantly. Plus other sites have posted the picture without even censoring her crotch so that makes them worse than him posting a LINK and then removing the tweet of that link..

  21. 21

    Oh Boo Hoo!! Who cares! Miley obviously knows what she's doing! Perez is just doing his job! Seriously, this is Nothing compared to what's going on in the world! Get overrr it!

  22. 22

    Perez looks like a malnourished monkey

  23. 23

    Re: Iibran – He said in a video it wasn't real fur.

  24. 24

    I don't think Joy has seen the picture. She's just making a mountain out of an ugly mole hill!

  25. 25

    Joy is just looking for a story where there is not one. ABC is a chicken shit and you my friend are just pointing out how much Miss Miley is growing up and Can't Be Tamed! Go on ahead with your bad self…


  26. 26

    Burn bb burn! LOL!

  27. 27

    Hey asshole………………… Enjoy it!!!

    You finally get the blast you've wanted! Now you will be getting what you deserving for a long time. You will get charged for child pornography… Next, you will be cur from several shows and deals u think u got. Now who is a has-been? Wait, did u even make it big?

  28. 28

    If miley doesn't want to have such negative press she should act like a 17 year old GIRL and not try to act like a grown woman whose looking for attention. She picked this business and its no surprise to her that paps are taking pics. If you don't want the sh*t out there, get out of the car like a lady!

  29. 29

    ok wow if y'all don't like perez then stop reading his website and being one of the first(s) to comment!!! go to people.com if you want "celebrity news" - this is a GOSSIP BLOG with perez's opinions all over the please. stop reading if you don't like him!


  30. 30

    Why do you make it out like it was some grandiose vehicle for you to speak (CNN Headline News???) It was on HLN whatever that is!

  31. zooby says – reply to this


    BULLSHIT. Nobody believes you or is on your side, dumbass. You were nervous because you knew you were wrong. Unflattering angle - yeah right!! You're saying you had no idea about the photo? At least make up a believable lie … who are you trying to fool Dumb homo.

  32. 32

    Why is Miley Cyrus such a big fucking deal anyway? She's an obnoxious,pretentious brat who purposely does shit for attention since she lacks actual talent. I see Perez's point and agree with him 100%. Joy Behar is a loud-mouthed idiot.

  33. 33

    I agree with you perez 100%, finally someone called her out on this, she has that same mindset as that Taylor Monson girl dumbass,

  34. 34

    What the hell is up with the FUR? I have a huge problem with that and have devoted much of my time to animal rights - I hope you can explain this one…?

  35. 35


  36. 36

    you seem very defensive!

  37. 37

    Re: Iibran – Uhm dumb shit… If you actually the WHOLE video, Perez clearly states that he is wearing a FAUX, not real fur

  38. 38

    the picture is no more suggestive than her video (which i love) lets get real! mileys not a total dummy, and shes been in the biz long enough to know better. and honestly i dont think miley would have as big of a cow as joy behar just did about this whole thing. clearly she is trying to change her image to something completely different than hannah montana, but i think she should leave this kind of stuff to ke$ha until she turns 18. parents and freaking out, disney is freaking out and joy behar is freaking out. cool it miley.

  39. 39

    totally on your side perez

  40. 40

    im 17 and sometimes dont wear underwear… not a big deal… just sayin

  41. 41

    Alright, well for one I support you Perez! That image of Miley getting out of her car is not at all pornographic! And did the same discussion take place when nude pictures of Vanessa Hudgens appeared online? Hardly. I fully support your argument because Miley has been in the business long enough to know that since she is a huge celebrity, there are going to be paparazzi wherever she goes. And her behavior as of late hasn't really proved that she's still the good ole disney star that everyone loves. And hello everyone, Perez is a celebrity gossip blogger! He has the right to post images of every celebrity he wants to, he's not sexualizing Miley Cyrus she's simply doing that herself with her new music, performances, and such. But if you look back the same happened with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera when they first bacame famous, they were underage and sexualized because that's what sells records! Please try to tell me that "Baby hit me one more time" isn't sexual.

  42. 42

    So she can be a whore in her videos & on dancing with the stars but when there is a photo of her, she's an "innocent 17 yr old minor" BULLSHIT!!! Continue to put that hoe on blast Perez!!! If it walks like a duck & talks like a duck….it's a GD duck!

  43. 43

    Re: gabs18 – AGREED! TEAM PEREZ!!!!

  44. 44

    i've got your back. she doesnt even wear pants on stage, so why is underwear a big deal? her shows could be considered pornographic!

  45. 45

    people can report perez to the LAPD on their website.

  46. 46

    i LOVE joy!!! She speaks it like it is!

  47. 47

    Sorry, Perez, but you come across as an arrogant idiot in the interview. You should have conferred with your manager (if you have one) about what you were going to say and how you were going to defend yourself. — You state that you try to learn from your mistakes in the past, but it's obvious that you have not done so with this incident. I hope that you do. I hope this steers you in a better direction as a person and as far as your business/career is concerned.

  48. 48

    I think you ought to just shut the hell up about it. You were wrong posting that photo. Quit defending it. Just admit it was wrong.

    She's 17 might I remind you. Have you ever worn a skirt Perez. I've show my undies sometimes not intentionally. And I sure as hell would hope no one would take a photo of my crotch, with our without undies.

    It's out of line, Perez. Way out of line. Just admit it.

  49. 49

    you know what perez? i watched this and i completely agree with you…i really do..i used to not like u at all (hence my name ) lol..but now i kinda see what you are saying or tryin to say..i did not see the picture..so i dont know whta it looked like..and ur right america is gettin so upset over something they did NOT see..miley knew there were paps there and shit and shes such a slut that she just got out of the car and let her shit hang out..thats her fault..she sounds like a fucking BOY.

  50. 50

    Wasn't it only 3 months ago Perez was laughing that Tiger Wood's sponsors were pulling Ads? Karma sucks doesn't it!

  51. 51

    Re: Iibran – omfg it was fake fur retard

  52. 52

    I think you did a good job, you covered all the bases and took the air out the controversial balloon pretty fast so that there was very little to discuss, hehee.
    Americans are really fucking weird when it comes jail bait.
    Some 'girls' Miley's age are already on the 3rd kid in Brazil for fuck's sake !!!

  53. todd says – reply to this


    perez you fucking idiot. you can't even speak.

  54. 54

    Once again, denial denial denial… Dude youi keeping talking the more you tak the better. You are digging your own grave. LOVIN THAT!

  55. 55

    This is Perez's business and he makes a living from posting controvercial photos and gossip - that's what we love and that's why we ALL read his blog. As a loyal reader I will continue to read his blog, however that does not mean that I agree with everything he posts. I choose which articles to read and I take the whole thing very light heartedly. That said, I think perhaps Perez might benefit from moving away from posting items about these young Disney/ teen stars. He does tend to get a little fixated on one celebrity (i.e. Miley) from time to time and it can come across as bullying. I for one don't read these types of articles as I don't agree with them. But again, my point is… YOU HAVE A CHOICE AS TO WHAT YOU READ AND VIEW. If you don't like it then don't read it and don't read his blogs.

  56. 56

    This is a NON-issue. It may have been in poor taste to post this photo, but it was not illegal. And, Miley's parents (since she's a minor) are not planning to press charges, so this will die down.

  57. 57

    Dude i totally defend u, bc first of all u provide me a reader with entertainment when Im so bored or when i need good gossip for clients. Also because Miley is a butthole face, she is slutty and is burning her good name. All u bible bangers should go after her for being so filthy. Honestly ur giving her free press and she was probably proud that her vag made such a fuss and that pics like that were posted. I doubt she was mad…. she is following the footsteps of all failing hollywood bitches

  58. 58

    ur so silly perez.. u looks like ur dressed up going to ur bat mitzvah or something… and why do you always have to talk so loud ….

  59. 59

    CLEARLY Miley is just looking for the attention. Have you seen the way she has been dressing lately? She's basically asking for it.

  60. 60

    poor crazy Mommy!!! it seems like it was her daughter the one who is at the pic, lol

  61. zooby says – reply to this


    Notice how all the people on your site have just registered? Hey Perez!

  62. 62

    Dear God, this is going to go on and on and on. I, for one, don't care about any of this. Apparently, she had underwear on. Big deal. Maybe she'll learn how to exit a car gracefully from now on. Maybe Perez will learn humility. Or, maybe, I'm too optimistic for either to happen.

  63. 63

    Hmm, well.. Who is the famewhore now??? You are eating this up big time..This is what you live for….And yet you slam Kate, who has never had an issue with abusing kds or showing some girls panty, or J-Love Hewitt who is a working actress but you cal her desparate. If this is the kind of fame you crave, eww….

  64. 64

    THAT WOMAN IS ATROCIOUS. seriously? your job is to get the scoop on celebs. how is this not your business? miley is a 17 year old slore that "can't be tamed"… it's her own fault she is hopping out of cars wearing a dress that is 3 sizes too small. I AGREE WITH YOU PEREZ. that ginger is annoying.

  65. barb says – reply to this


    shut up perez, you are a liar, you looked so like an idiot. This is not the first time you were called a pedophile. Maybe the last if you go to jail HA HA HA

  66. 66

    I hope you get your just desserts you fucktard!!!! You knew damn well what you were doing and to sit there and say you didn't post it….BULL SHIT!!! You run these sites. I know very damn well you control what goes on and you know sex sells regardless if it is a minor. Good for ABC for pulling out on you like that. You do a major fuck up like this and then do not have the balls to respond to the people that call you out. You will always be a fat fugly loser. You deserve whatever you get for being an A+ rated ASSHOLE!!!!!

  67. tasha says – reply to this


    Re: ammmber – Don't know who your talking about but I will agree with them. He is a pedopile. You don't post the disgusting stuff he does about underage kids. He also seems to really be abnormally interested in children like that Bieber kid. He's a pervert from the word go. I only wish they would throw his ass in jail.

  68. 68

    joys a b*tch. I saw the photo, its just a girl getting out of her car, I don't understand why perez could possibly be in ANY trouble for this! WTF?
    and PS, can we just remember that its not perez's fault that miley cyrus is disgusting.

  69. 69

    LOL. So, you are blaming Miley for YOUR disgusting behavior?
    Grow up! Take responsibility for your stupid actions!!

  70. 70

    Your dumb for posting that… you warn everyone about the dangers of the online world… but yourself…. i hope you get what you deserve!! this will be my last time on your website… peace out.

  71. 71

    You are one ignorant bitch Perez. You posted that pic with the intent to show your Vag. Don't lie to try and cover ass because you're in deep shit. I hope they do lock you up. Karma is a bitch. Talk about someone and it bites you in the ass. Pathetic bitch.

  72. 72

    Re: Iibran – He said in one of his videos, the one you're talking about, that he was wearing fake fur.

  73. 73

    I know you read these comments, Perez. It's clear that most people who visit this site hate you, but they clearly keep coming back. They love the smut you push– it's as addictive as a drug, but they can't stand you. Do you ever stop and question if all this shit is really worth it? Do you look in a mirror and ask just when, exactly, did you sell your soul to the devil? Just curious.

  74. 74

    Fattie, you are WRONG. Just because you CAN do it, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. You are exploiting a minor. There is no argument around it. The stupidest thing that has probably come out of your enormous mouth is that you would do it again.
    And please stop yelling everytime you speak

  75. 75

    "Wag the Dog" anyone? (Yeah, I'm talkin' to you BP!)

  76. 76

    What a dumbmotherfucker…pervert..tryign to sneak a peek at a slutty teenagers concha..As fat as you are you should remember that snatch shots of lilgirls is wrong..You sjould be charged, arrested and sentenced. You llok like a pedophile with your monkey face and 90's gay style..Mrs.Roper looking Pervert!

  77. 77

    Re: yesi2004 – Miley did nothing wrong. The dress was an appropriate length. The wind just blew it up.

  78. 78

    Re: Fred271278 – stfu

  79. 79

    Ok this is all complete bullshit! They need to leave Perez alone. He didn't do anything wrong and like he said, people are in an uproar over a picture they haven't even seen. Besides Miley is attempting to create this older image by being slutty, and this comes with the territory sweetheart. If you don't like it then maybe you need to step outta the spotlight.

  80. 80


  81. 81

    Give me a break. Perez did nothing wrong. He had a LINK to a photo of a celebrity. News flash - they have their photo taken all the time. It comes with the job. Calling Perez a pedofile is ridiculous.

  82. 82

    Re: pammie1 – You're just dumb. HLN is the abbreviation for Headline News, which is owned by CNN. Duh.

  83. 83

    You were definitely wrong. You posted upskirt pictures of a minor. Celebrity or not.. it's illegal. You deserve to go to jail.

  84. 84

    I don't think Joy has seen the picture. She's just making a mountain out of an ugly mole hill!
    Re: Cassielyn

    In this interview he clearly said he had sent her [Joy] the image and she said she received it and saw it. Now this foolish admission actually looks worse for him: sending it over the Internet — especially when this has all occurred — they could definitely get him for distributing child pornography now. What an idiot.
    His ego will get him in the end.

  85. 85

    Under 18 or not, Miley is a skank and is asking for this kind of trouble.

  86. Jecco says – reply to this


    WTF why is everyone so mad and attacking perez so much???I understand he made a mistake LINKING a picture like that on tweeter. But Its not like in the picture you saw miley's private part cause if you did then that would be something to get mad over. I hated when Joy said something about Miley being a Disney star and shit…HAVE YOU SEEN WAT SHE HAS BEEN DOING!! Did you see those slutty pictures of her and how she was grinding with a 44 year old when she was 15??? They make her sound so freaken inncoent when she's not.Miley knew there was going to be paparrazi so if she had any class she shouldn't have got out of the car that way. And its not like perez even took the picture! Like how come kno ones getting pissed at the website who had the picture in the first place?????!!I'm on perez's side 100% and i think everyone should stop attacking him and making him seem like some disgusting pendophile, when he's not.

  87. 87

    Joy owned you, you were squirming in your pink panties, lmao. And thank you ABC for pulling your advertising from this site, hit him where it hurts. Hope more do it too, I've already written your advertisers, seems like it's working. You can't justify what you did, no matter how you spin it. Your definition of pornography is lame, it's not all about the sexual act. Don't expect a warm welcome in Toronto this weekend asswipe. And the Toronto cops don't give a rat's ass about you, they know what a drama queen you are. Fuck yourself.

  88. 88

    Joy Becker is an idiot!! WTF does she even know who Miley is?? She is exactly the same as Paris Hilton or whoever! What the hell difference does one year make???? Its not like shes some innocent, look at her video!!! OMG this is ridiculous!! Child pornography, that's an insult to children who actually are being exploited!!!

  89. 89

    Come on! Miley has posted countless pictures of herself in her underwear. And, the pictures she has posted are a lot worse than the picture that Perez posted.

  90. 90

    miss miley knows exactly what shes doing. i doubt she views herself as a minor, she wants the attention.

  91. 91

    You can tell the Pedo was coached by his lawyers for this interview "The point of me choosing that one photo" and "In keeping with her shocking behavior"

    Mario why are you blaming Miley? You are the one who posted the pic not Miley you fucking meth head….I hope you sister "the ghost writer" fries too!

    And dumbass this wasn’t the 1st time you spoke of this….remember the fake fur video? I’m so glad ABC pulled the plug and I hope all the others do too!

  92. 92

    can't we all just get along? just wondering

  93. 93

    Re: gabs18
    If everyone stopped reading because they didn't like him, he wouldn't have a site left. I'm pretty sure, though, a lot of people are making a mass exodus from this site (including advertisers), but it's not because they took your self-righteous advice.

  94. 94

    Poor Joy, she sounds like an absolute idiot. Why is Miley being victimized? Let's get real, folks. Miley has started pushing the limits because it's her time to push the limits. She's almost 18 and it's time to step out of Disney World. This girl is super provocative, all of these girls are. Let's take a look at all of these young pop stars, pre and post 18. Who are the people behind these images? Are they child pornographers? Perez has just been given the ammo, that he is known to take and blow up. Why are we acting so oblivious?

    Perez you looked great!

  95. 95

    your still being and ASS just said your sorry Perez!! lucky you that she is not suing you!!

  96. 96

    This is so funny how everyone calls her a child. She's a grown up person who sleeps with her…SECOND man now. If not third….Team Perez!

  97. Laury says – reply to this


    Perez, do you ever stop to think about what you do for a living? I mean, going on TV shows to talk about a pop star's underwear issues? And the worst part is, you talk about it with a ridiculously straight face, like it's the most important matter in the world. And you're actually getting money and fame out of all this. Unfuckingbelievable.

  98. 98

    Re: Blaxican Re: katieb1016 Re: gabs18 Re: R0cky9 Re: rosieschmozie Re: kaylaraee Re: darcy__mae Re: Fred271278 Re: sooozwhat Re: clr2012 Re: lindsey88 – Funny how most of your "support" comments are newly registered 1 comment people huh Pervez?
    Who are you fooling no matter how many butt boy interns you pay to post positive stuff about you the majority of the public doesn't side with you or even like you for that matter…

  99. 99

    you said that picture was truly very offensive when you posted it! now you're using that lame excuse about getting out of the car in an un-ladylike fashion!!! HER VAGINA WAS CLEARLY SHOWING!!! FUCKING DISGUSTING LIAR!!!!!!!!!! I SAW THE PHOTO MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. 100

    I don't really know if the video helped out. I think Perez should take the advice he gave to Xtina to heart and fire his manager or PR person; "Miley-Gate" should be addressed more carefully because of the simple fact that she is under 18. But other than that, we should all just get a life and move on. I mean, how lame am I commenting on this and all? I am now gonna go back to finishing my sushi and maybe read a book.

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