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Talking Miley

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Watch Perez's appearance on Joy Behar's CNN Headline News Show (above).

It's the first time we've talked about this Cyrus photo "controversy" in depth!


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756 comments to “Talking Miley”

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  1. 201

    love u perez, u are so cutte :D .

  2. 202

    Her lack of judgment was ill-advised; yours may be criminal. In the final analysis,you'll both make beaucoup bucks from this,which,most probably,was the whole point.

  3. 203

    Perez made a mistake. I still love you P.

  4. 204

    You have sites that post naked people's photos. You always draw dicks and sperm. You talk sexually suggestive things and u blaming your readers? Take responsibility. You could be gay, but u have balls!!!

  5. 205

    why are we making a big deal about this. Stupid Miley has an underwear on the whole time…so he cant be charge for nothing…i know all yall hate on Perez and all but dang get over it. He just have bad taste in music that is LOL….if you dont like him stay away from his website dang its not that hard.

  6. 206

    if people don't like perez then why are you on this website? PEREZ IS THE BEST and just because miley is a skank doesn't mean perez should be put on a damn cross and shunned for this.


  7. 207

    All Mario had to do was wait until Miley was 18 to to take and distribute crotch shots of her. It's over a matter of a couple months. How ironic would it be if Mario was in jail for a couple months?

  8. 208

    yayyyyy, go to jail, perez!!

  9. 209

    Why is this such a big deal? EVERYTHING gets posted on here about celebs! Underage, yes, over-sexualized, YES - but it's her choice. If you change your image to being a sex kitten, you're going to be looked at differently. Should the picture have been posted? Maybe not. But she is clearly trying to be wild, humping on stage and wearing practically nothing. If anything, this should teach her PARENTS to control their clearly out of control teen. TEAM PEREZ on this one.

  10. 210

    Ha, ha! Mario is losing advertisers and assloads of $. How are you going to pay for all your meth now, Mario?

  11. 211

    UM HELLO! How in the hell can Miley be a "child" and people think this is so horrible to post things about someone who is 17 - yet she is able to get a tatoo, she is able to go into BARS, poeple sell her and other underage celebs alcohol … I mean COME ON what a rediculous double standard. Thats what is disturbing. Miley may be 17 but she has her own house, she lives with her boyfriend, I don't know any children like that. PUH LEASE. Get over it Miley your a big girl right -you use a stipper pole, you give lap dances, you can't be tamed… gag me.

  12. 212

    I don't think it is any worse than how she has been acting or any worse than a photo of her in a bikini. The girl is heading for a train wreck. Ok, so maybe she needs a little more guidance and we shouldn't be poking fun of where she is headed… we are all guilty of that. BUT! Maybe she will pay attention to the media and see how she is coming off to everyone and stop being in denial about her behavior and get her act straight. It may have been an error in judgment for him to post a link to the picture… but it is nothing more than that and all of the possible legal drama is nothing more than drama and doesn't need egged on.

  13. 213

    Perez, in the future, when it comes to commenting/posting pictures, etc. about anyone under 18 years old, tread carefully, bite your tongue whatever!! …no matter what, even if these kids act mature, they are still minors!!!

  14. 214

    Joy wins.

  15. 215

    Re: Janye – Great point. If the picture was so terrible then why is Perez the only one getting in trouble for it? He wasn't the original uploader of the picture.
    It all boils down to the fact that so many people hate Perez for petty reasons so as soon as he posts something borderline inappropriate they report him to the cops. It's so unbelievably stupid. If anyone else posted the exact same picture they wouldn't give a damn but since it was Perez they think he should be in jail for 15 years. Lame.

  16. 216

    i dont really like you as a person and as i see im not alone, however i do believe you handled yourself well and i do believe they are out to get you on some bs.

  17. stop says – reply to this



  18. 218

    All i have to say is who cares she had bad pics of b4 and i know shes sexts i know i was 17 not that long ago.and all kids do it we do rather we want to admit or not

  19. 219

    Re: KwazyLatinaChic – Dude. The skirt blew up with the wind. How was she supposed to control that..
    She's had pics in the past, but she didn't post them on the internet. She was hacked. Those were private photos. And It's been almost 2 years since that happened. People need to get over it and realize she isn't a disney robot anymore. She isn't even suing perez, because she doesn't care what other people think. She's actually being a good person.

  20. 220

    just cuz the guy makes thousands of dollars dont mean you all have to hate on the guy!!!! just let the guy do his work…. shit! bunch of HATERS!

  21. 221

    i don't understand why perez is under fire for posting a link to a suggestive photo of miley when miley is doing much more provocative behaviors on stage, in her videos and when consciously posing for pictures. what a joke!

  22. stop says – reply to this


    www . cyberbullying . us

  23. 223

    im huge fan of miley, but in a way i kinda take both of there sides. cause yes its nobody buisness to be taken pictures of her crotch and mileys been in the buisness for awhile so she should of know not get out the car like that she knows that the media turns every little thing to sumthin big!

  24. 224

    Re: kaylaraee – Re post #40 You only have one comment here. Prove to me that you're not some intern trying to help Mario stay out of jail and comment again.

  25. 225

    i love the fact that she uses the argument "its none of your business".. as if anything else on this site is his business? he's a gossip blogger. he's not supposed to be talking about his business..

  26. IVIV says – reply to this


    wow so the people that think perez didn't do anything wrong, you're telling me when I was a teenager & wanted to be older all I had to do was try to dress & act older? wear a mini skirt? Then I would be considered an adult? Dang! & when an older man has sex with an underaged girl all he has to say is "yea I know she's 14, but she dresses & acts like she's 21!" & the law would go "oh, ok then!" Man I didn't know opinions could overwrite the law!

    It's the law people! Your opinion on Miley or Miley's actions do not change her AGE or LAW! If this was YOU, your child, or anyone but Miley you would be singing a different tune & you all know it. Your opinion on Miley does not magically change her age.

  27. 227

    Re: jennykoch – Pls…….. If Perez dun like other people, why would he still write about them. EXACTLY!!!

    He has to write to bash people, we have the same rights!!!

  28. 228

    I really think Miley should have tried to close her legs or something… that was pretty stupid on her part. If she really cared, she would have tried to hide all that. But, yeah, Perez didn't take the picture or anything. I don't really care. I see why some say it's bad and, sure, it's not that nice and all but… I'm pretty sure he's not being a creepy pedo with this. For one thing, he's gay. *shakes head* I just hope it blows over soon. I'm over it.

  29. 229

    She didn't really listen to you, did she? The photo was available online, nothing you did or didn't do (tweeting it) changes that.

  30. 230

    Hey Perez, I just wanted to say that I was extremely proud of you for the way you handled the Behar interview. You counteracted everything she said in a calm, collected manner-even when she was trying to rile you up by saying that you're trying to "dig yourself out of a hole" and "you're in trouble." Clearly, she was trying to get a rise out of you which didn't work at all. I think you did an excellent job of defending yourself and it just made her look pathetic for trying to have a hardhitting interview without even researching the definition of "child pornography."

  31. Fabu says – reply to this


    Perez, you annoy me sometime with some of the things you say, but in this instance, I really don't believe you've done anything wrong. I think it was a good interview that I just saw… I believe you are getting flack because there are a lot of haters out there and they would love to see you in trouble. Anyway, that's all, you have my support on this.

  32. 232


  33. 233

    JOY LOSES she sounded like an asshole. I don't think I like her anymore. Miley is an out of control tweeny pop tart wannabe skank that looks and sounds just like all the other trainwrecks past and present. Hello LINDSEY LOHAN (retired Disney "star" remember)

  34. 234

    What’s wrong with the news lately? Celebrities should know… if they can’t take the “heat” of the paparazzi…. So get your A** out of the damn kitchen!!
    -Where were her parents, to teach her how to dress appropriate for her age group??? Girls her age should not be dressed that way as it is!!! She should be an example for our teens…. And lead by example…. The media needs to start worrying about REAL Problems! Such as…. global warming…. BP oil spill… kids dying because their families cannot afford health insurance…

  35. 235

    Re: greeneyes12086 – Re post #79 You've only posted one comment on this site and it's pro-Perez? Shady as shit.

  36. 236

    shouldnt have done it period! went to far this time

  37. 237

    Miley is asking for it. She's 17 years old and dresses and looks like a stripper (she's even acted the part- she danced on a pole for god's sake). If she wants to dress and act like she does, which is should be shocking and unacceptable to the classier people of the world, then she should expect things like this. Meanwhile she should consider being careful while exiting cars so there aren't opportunities for people to even be able to see if she decided to wear underwear. Precedents…Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan…

  38. 238

    Re: kahlua – Hahahahahahahahaha none of what you said is correct. Where the hell do you get your info from? Oh wait…You get it from perez. lol.

  39. 239

    Re: iSayEffU – First of all im not a f*cking intern dumbass, i just dont like miley, and agree with him, yes take this in for a second ok…..people do agree with what he is saying why the hell would he do this……smh

  40. 240

    Re: catlover – It's all one common denominator..total degradation of civilized standards and value of life–whether it's cutting corners to capitalize with disregard for life (oil spell) or cutting corners to capitalize with disregard for value of life (perez linking to a child's picture to capitlize personally). All one big disregard. It's important to maintain value of life–children being most vulnerable and wildlife. Don't muddy the waters.

  41. 241

    well, at least you can say this interview was more constructive than interviewing bp asshole tony hayward today.

  42. 242

    Re: turkeysmom – Re post #81 One comment on this site? Shouldn't your moniker be "Pig's mom"?

  43. 243

    That isn't pornographic. You're fine, perez. don't listen to the haters.

  44. 244

    Perez, you're looking better than ever! That bitch Joy sure wouldn't give you an inch! I have to agree, Miley knows what to expect when she's out in public. Not like she doesn't love the attention anyway.

  45. 245

    ok so you made a mistake but Miley is on the same road as Britney was on…We will be reading about her going to rehab very soon

  46. 246

    few things.
    FOE FUR.
    Miley created this situation for herself.

  47. Rkhan says – reply to this


    Joy whats her face is DUMB !!! make her go away you have the power to do it !!

  48. 248

    OMFG you just got owned by joy behar
    we still love you though

  49. 249

    The reason i have only left one comment is because this is something that i actually wanted to comment on Dumbass!! just because ur not on #teamperez doesn't mean you have to bash the people who are, leave ur comment vent about what u think about the situation and STFU

  50. 250

    honestly there is so much more important stuff going on in the world and THIS is what makes a 9 minute video?? WHO CARES! is it really that important if miley was/wasn't wearing underwear? everyone knows you are ruthless when it comes to stuff like that so why do they even care? and that joy is ANNOYING.

  51. Cedon says – reply to this


    I love how Perez is taking the heat for this… what about the photographer and the agency who posted the shot?

  52. 252

    when will this douche lord get arrested for what he did!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS A PERV!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THEY PROSECUTE HIM ITS NOT RIGHT FOR HIM TO TO THAT EVEN THOUGH THE LIL GIRL IS A SLUT…..

  53. genny says – reply to this


    whoa how is that illegal, you want to talk about illegal, illegal are all her older boyfriends that girls had….and why is perez the one in trouble here it should be that website that posted the pic

  54. 254

    JUST Miley?! How about all the other kids you sexualize and exploit? Such as Taylor Lautner whom you sexualize constantly on your page even though he was only 17! YOU FUCKING PERVERT!

  55. 255

    @ RawrI'maRobot uhh look what site your on HIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 256

    OMFG!! all he did was link to a pic on another site you fucking retards!! this isn't the worst pic or vid he ever posted, get the fuck over it!! Miley is a slut, act like a slut, get treated like one…bitch learn how to act in public, PERIOD!!

  57. ed69 says – reply to this


    jaja they called u and idiot on tv and u had to laugh it off.. ja ja ja

  58. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Tilla – EXACTLY! I can't believe some people don't understand that. Whether she was wearing underwear or not he was suggesting she wasn't, & labeled it offensive, & no matter what she does, how she acts, or if you hate her or love her, does not change her age or the law & the issue at hand here is not that it's "Miley Cyrus" it's that she is a MINOR. & that perez was suggesting she had no underwear on & distributing a photo of the girl's crotch. What the f*ck did you all think when you clicked the link? YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD SEE MILEY'S CROTCH CAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE! How many of you went "oh, what an unlady like way to step out of a car, i'm not paying attention to her vagina at all right now" c'mon!

  59. 259

    I really don't get all the people hating on Perez. Do you realize every time that a page on his site gets loaded he makes money? If you don't like him so much stop making him so RICH OFF OF YOUR COMMENTS. I highly doubt he's going to go to jail. I think the police have bigger fish to fry when it comes to CP.

  60. 260

    you didnt do anything wrong. people need to stop the BS. you had photos of Vanessa naked when she was a minor and no one bitched about that. Joy in this interview is highly accusive and she sounds extremely rude and naive. what part of ITS PART OF THE BUSINESS DO PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND. obviously miley knew peopel would be there taking pictures of her so then get out of the car like A LADY AND NOT LIKE A CARELESS TRAMP. She's under 18? Really? Then she should act like it!!!!!!!!! She acts like she's in her 20's, ready to unleash the sexy inside her, but she cant do that. If Disneys so concerned or whoever that she's a minor, then tell her to put more clothes on and to act with more class. And she reallyyyyyyy doesnt seem innocent when there is a video of her grinding on a 40 year old (gay or not its wrong). So yes Perez, you do your job. Keep up the good work. I hope you dont get sued. And these haters on your blog need to STFU.

  61. 261

    You shouldn't pedal child porn, Perez! now, there's a chance you might be incarcerated.

  62. IVIV says – reply to this


    You guys don't understand THIS IS NOT ABOUT MILEY, it's because she's UNDERAGED! I don't like Miley, at all, but you can't ignore the law just because the victim was someone you don't like.

  63. 263

    i love how people waste their lives creating accounts just to hate. please people.
    btws, TEAM PEREZ

  64. 264

    Re: ammmber – You know what, if your daughter, which I doubt you have because you would understnd my point of view, was in the same situation as Miley YOU CAN NOT TELL ME YOU WOULD NOT BE PRETTY PISSED OFF. FOCUS CHILD FOCUS. Perez is a child pedophile, he distributes pronagraapy, and is just the one of the worst human beings on the planet eartch. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT???? Might be to much for you.

  65. 265

    You r in trouble. She is a minor.. It wasnt, but you created child pornography.

  66. 266

    The Gulf lay dying; you and idiot, tortoni, red wig wearing, puke, not a Joy Behar debate Miley Cyrus Disney sleaze act? You all must think Americans are retarded….FUCK YOU! By the way, Behar shilling for ABC and Disney slime is disgusting.

  67. 267

    You looked absolutely hawt bb! I don't understand Joys' stupidity tonight other than ratings…your haters are rednecks. TEAM PEREZ!

  68. 268

    believe it or not, perez used this site in order t to redirect thousands of people see such image and all those people are victimizing a minor. peres should go to jail

  69. 269

    Re: Shaneypoo – more like overnourished cause he hasnt been able to lose the weight in his big ass head

  70. 270

    Re: zooby
    you're an ignorant hater that shouldnt read this site or waste your precious time commenting if you this Perez is so shitty. Miley needs to gain some class and be more lady like and stop tyring to grow up so fast. You cant be famous and then complain about the paparzzi or the unflattering pictures people post. It comes with the fame. And i think itd be selfish of her or anyone to complain about it because they are making millions and millions of dollars while so many others can barely afford their houses. STFU if your so damn ignorant and gain some class yourself and dont call people "homo". Its rude and derogatory.

  71. 271

    if she wants to put herself out there, she should be ready to face the consequences of her actions. she knows the image she's portraying and she has put herself in this situation.

  72. 272

    Miley acts like a slut. She should be ashamed of the way she acts!! Young girls look up to her and I hope this will make her take a step back and realize how ridiculous she's been acting lately. GO PEREZ!

  73. antom says – reply to this



  74. 274

    Re: R0cky9 – That would actually mean something if you actually had an opinion on something other than this you decide to make a profile to defend Pervez of child pornography accusations? Haha say's a lot about your character good one douche ;)

  75. 275

    if you actually listened to the video, you would realize that Perez said he only linked the picture to his website as he has done with other celebrities, yes, she is underage and that is wrong but the blame should first and foremost be put on the original website that published that picture…which was NOT PEREZ. also, the word pedophile should not be thrown around as commonly as it it, pedophiles are horrible, sick people and Perez is neither…he merely tells celebrity gossip as it is…whether you think that is right or wrong, that is your opinion, but everyone is entitled to one!

  76. antom says – reply to this



  77. antom says – reply to this



  78. 278

    ok first of all, miley prances around in her underwear on stage ALLLL the time. second of all, she, herself, has taken pictures of her with nothing but underwear and pulled up shirts on, and third, joy is absolutely crazy for trying to make a huge deal out of this. hardly anyone saw the picture, AND perez wasn't the one who put it on the internet in the first place. so it is not his fault at all, and miley.. put on some fucking clothes if you want "idiots" to stop writing stuff about you.

  79. antom says – reply to this



  80. 280

    hahaha, you looked like you were about to cry at some parts!!
    and are you stupid?! not an invasion of privacy? taking pictures of someone's crotch IS an invasion of privacy! It's just sick how people think famous people have absolutely no right of privacy, saying "it comes with job", upskirts shots don't come with any job that doesn't involve the adult industry.

  81. antom says – reply to this



  82. Lido says – reply to this


    This story makes no sense to me… Considering Cyrus in her latest tour, has been extremely provocative, and once again as a reminder, she is 17… so, her showcasing herself in that matter looks ok for young girls to look up to that image? Folks, wake up… she is putting a very bad image herself already. That girl is scandalous and I would hope young women can respect themselves before looking at a girl like that - in my opinion, she has no poise and certainly no class. Hilton wisen up. She may be flaunty, however, don't go down that road…. her throwing crotch in my face has no originality…. there is no more originality. Parents protect your kids!

  83. antom says – reply to this



  84. 284

    ok so most ppl will look at anything and make something outta nothing. miley has been in this line of business for how many years??? if she doesnt know better find a new line of work sweetheart. and if you wanna talk about provocative or sexual how bout you go thro all of her concerts photo shoots and say her clothes the way she poses the way she dances is not screaming SEX or giving off a sexual vibe. perez shouldnt get in trouble bc miley is turning into a brittany. but i think miley should find a new line of work personally.

  85. antom says – reply to this



  86. 7tizz says – reply to this


    It's obvious why you posted the pic to anyone with a brain. I love the 'getting out of the car in an unflattering way' cover up (which you yourself would lol if another celebrity used that ridicioulous excuse) and then backtrack is at the end when on the attack by Joy. Mario, you posted and altered a pic of a 17 year old girl's private parts. Regardless if there are paps there - you still can't post pics of minors like that. Nice 'she's been around the block' excuse as well - how dare you talk about a 17 year old girl in that manner. Sorry Mario, you have no defense here.

  87. antom says – reply to this



  88. 288

    Re: nonofosho – You probably didn't know that Zooby has an obsession with homosexuals. I swear to God that chick can't go 2 comments without bringing up "homos" or homosexuals. She is really negative and likes to stalk me on this site because (like you just did) I call her out on her shit. She hates America, legal American citizens and gay people. I wonder how she would react to a gay illegal immigrant. I'm guessing she would suck their cock while simultaneously voting "Yes" on Prop 8. Zooby is a freak :)

  89. 289

    I can't believe people are making a big deal out of this. I think you did a great job standing up for yourself. I mean isn't this the same girl who was like 14 taking pictures of herself in her underwear? Don't forget the topless magazine shoot and the pole dancing at the Teen Choice awards.

  90. 290

    Hey- when a 17 year old "girl" is making videos in states of undress, and giving lapdances to 40 year old men, then someone linking a photo to slutville USA, it shouldnt be illegal. This chick isnt some virginal choir girl. Shes talking about having men in her songs anf making out with people 10 years older than her. YALL NEED TO STOP ACTING LIKE SHE DIDNT EXPECT THIS. Women in need of attenion(I.E.- Bspears, LLohan, etc), will shw whatever they need.

  91. antom says – reply to this



  92. 292

    LMAO. I notice you don't have any wallpaper advertisements up. ROFL. Why is that, Perez? I really do feel the media is making a bigger deal out of this than it really is, but I can't think of a single person more deserving of this than you. Good luck.

  93. 293

    You come off as a disingenuous douchebag trying to deny that it's exploitative to post suggestive pics of a minor. Jump can through all the hoops of twisted logic that you want trying to defend yourself, but your readers know you've made your name and money off the misfortunes and unflattering pics of celebs.

  94. 294

    you are an asshole and a bully…I hope you get into big trouble for it

  95. 295


  96. 296

    I have said ALL along, YOU are a sick ass PERV! You have dogged Miley for at LEAST a year..looking..down right searching ANYthing you could possibly find to be negative publicity for her. This time you TRULY crossed the line..and I hope they go after your sorry ass for the porno hungry low life that you..Leave children alone..stick you to your sick life without avoiding EXPLOITING CHILDREN..BAD ENOUGH YOUR POOR DOG HAS TO BE SUBJECTED TO YOU!

  97. 297

    Perez is a retard goat fucker, but celebrities should know that they run the risk of getting there crotch or whatever parts of them photographed. It's his job to post embarrassing photos.. I would to if I was paid a shitload.. But who cares..

  98. 298


  99. antom says – reply to this



  100. 300

    Re: RetroSanta – They're children until they murder someone. Not saying that is the route Miley is going, but saying that there is a total double standard.

    They're children when theyre victimized, but then full fledged adults when they have done something wrong.

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