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Talking Miley

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Watch Perez's appearance on Joy Behar's CNN Headline News Show (above).

It's the first time we've talked about this Cyrus photo "controversy" in depth!


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756 comments to “Talking Miley”

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  1. antom says – reply to this



  2. antom says – reply to this



  3. antom says – reply to this


    FUCK YOU PEGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DISGUSTING PIG.

  4. antom says – reply to this



  5. antom says – reply to this



  6. 306

    i personally don't think you were exploiting her more than she does herself. she claims she wants to be treated as a grown up because in a matter of a few months she will legally be an adult, and perez has done much worse to older celebrities. he is not a pedophile, please tell me when he wrote 'oo look miley's not wearing panties'. if anybody should be called the pedophile it should be the photographers, why aren't they getting any of the blame? and to be quit honest if someone is putting themselves out there that much, as a person it is really hard to ignore. in fact miley's innocent picture that has turned into this whole scandal is A LOT more innocent than most of her recent videos. plus why is SHE calling him an idiot with no life? if it weren't for perez talking so much shit, no one would care and there would be a lot less attention on her. she should be PRAISING perez for keeping her in the public eye


  7. 307

    hmm I feel ya Perez…I just think you should just stick with Tyras advice..leave the young ones alone on your site especially the teens. There are plenty of celebs to talk about

  8. 308

    this video actually makes me feel bad for you. you seem so scared. cuz u know ur ass is in TROUBLE. u sad little pigggy boy.. xxoo

  9. 309

    miley cyrus is a dirty slut and new exactly what she was doing when she was getting out out the hair with her legs spread!!!! its not porn

  10. IVIV says – reply to this


    hey girls! according to perez & the idiots on this site defending him, the law doesn't matter! Next time you want to get into a club, buy a drink but you're not 21, all you have to do is put on a short dress & tell the bouncer your I.D. & the law are both irrelevant because you are dressed like a whore & you act like one in everyday life too! & guys, if you ever rape a girl, just tell the cops she was dressed like a slut, it'll get you off the hook according to the idiots here because it was obviously her fault & also excuses it as being wrong. I didn't know laws were so flexible! Why do we have them at all? btw if any of you think him posting the LINK isn't as bad as posting the picture you're retarded. They both show the same thing, & it's both distribution.

  11. 311

    How can Joy Behar say it's none of Perez's business what Miley wears/does?! It's none of her business to comment on celebrities on The View! What a hypocrite! And how can Joy say taking that pic of Miley is an invasion of privacy?! If Miley doesn't want people taking pictures of her, she should get out of the public eye. And maybe wear a dress that covers her? And step out of a car like a lady and not a truck driver?

  12. 312

    miley is already making herself look like a huge slut, she can't be mad that you're showing the downside to her whoreish ways. I honestly think you did nothing wrong. maybe now she'll wait until she's 18 to start acting so grown up.

  13. 313

    Widows peak, too many teeth and saliva.

  14. 314

    My thoughts:
    I just want to say that I have not seen the picture in question, but from the sound of it and from the look of the other pictures shown on the video above, it did not seem that bad. Miley has been in the spotlight for some time, she knows the rules of the game. The paparazzi are shameless so if you don’t want "bad" press then don’t do anything that will give you "bad" press. I put bad in quotes because there is no such thing as bad press, all press is good press; celebrities die to have their names in people's mouths. –Especially if you have a new album coming out for example.

  15. 315

    You are SO SO wrong, Perez, on many accounts:
    1. being that the photo was made to appear she had no panties on, whether she did for real or not
    2. whether she is a celebrity or not who knows paparazzi are always going to be around doesn't mean it's ok for them to take upskirt photos pf her and that she should realize that and exit a car better. They shouldn't be pervs and take photos like that! She is 17. No one should take photos of anyone in suggestive positions like that, famous or not. Ever hear of the controversy in NYC of underground workers taking pics of random wome'ns crotches from beneath them as they walked above city grates? Yeah, same thing, she was just getting out of a car instead. They got in trouble, just like you should.

  16. 316

    In Miley's defense she was getting out of a really low sports car (a Lamborghini I think). Those are hard to get out of gracefully by yourself, and especially in a skirt. She should have just taken her time getting out of the car and saved all of us this ridiculous discussion.
    In Perez’s defense he is a gossip whore. This picture is controversial and the latest from Miley. It is a current celebrity getting caught doing something “shocking” which is juicy gossip. Perez’s job is to report the juicy gossip. This one happened to be with a girl that was seventeen years old. The fact that Miley WAS wearing underwear makes this not an example of child pornography. The picture was in an unflattering angle, but Perez did not take the picture nor did he upload the picture to the Internet. He simply linked it. Thousands of people post links to awful and disturbing things on the web everyday, they don’t get charged for the contents of what they found on the internet so why should Perez?

  17. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: laneylouwho1 – yea, it wasn't on perez's site, because…& these are words from his OWN mouth from the video above…he didn't have the rights to the photos! If he did, he would have posted it, & he says he would do it all again. You act like he made the moral decision not to post it on his site or something, when the only reason he didn't is because he didn't have the rights, so he did the next best thing, tweet the link.

  18. 318

    If the problem of this picture is the fact that Miley is seventeen years old and it shows her in a “provocative” light, then no pictures should be taken of her onstage. Miley wears cloths that can be considered to be “provocative” onstage, and dances in a mater that can be suggested as “provocative.” Any person over eighteen can see this and get aroused making the performance or picture unacceptable because Miley is seventeen. So if her age is the problem then they should regulate her clothing and choreography until she turns eighteen years old.
    It is all a show and we have all seen this before with Britney Spears. She was a child entertainer and when she was about Miley’s age she started to “sex” things up. She got the same reactions that Miley is getting. This picture is not that big of a deal and Perez should not be held responsible for anything. Soon People will get over it but something tells me it will not be soon enough.

  19. 319

    I doubt Perez reads these comments. Oh wait, he totally does. What else would a pedophile sexist fugly fuck up have to do with his time?

    I used to browse Perez's site to pick up celebrity news that wouldn't be covered elsewhere. The "gossip" part of this site has always weirded me out. If Perez is so in need to share celebrity news with millions he must have a motive. Oh yeah, it's money. $$$

  20. 320

    This has already been beaten to death by everyone else, but I'll just reiterate. I think Miley needs some adult to sit her down and explain to her the way a young lady, who is under the spotlight, needs to act. That being said you really need to hire some new PR people or a different attorney. You sound like a complete idiot here or dare I say; politician with your doublespeak. You say that you're learning from your mistake, yet you don't think you did anything wrong and would post the picture again if you had a license to it. It makes no sense, plus, although I know your job is to give us the latest celebrity gossip, I do think a provocative shot of a seventeen year old getting out of a car is a little over the line. It's not your job to be her daddy and show her how she looks so she can start being more ladylike. If I were you I think you need to hold off on the slutty Cyrus stuff for another five months until the ex Disney princess turns 18.

  21. 321

    This latest incident is so vile that I will not longer come on this site, even though my visits have been steadily declining since Perez's self-promotion has now taken and small snippets on celebrity news he once reported.

    Miley Cyrus is a young woman. It is not your place to judge a pop star as a "slut", and then deem her worthy of being child porn fodder because she was asking for it. That is so fucked. You are one delusional fuckup to not see a problem with a grown man posting underage crotch shots in an attempt to "teach her to be ladylike". Who's going to teach you?

  22. 322

    Or do you think you have so much money now that you are untouchable? Because you aren't. I am going to personally write a few letters to my congressional seats to petition you to be brought up on child porn charges. I am so sure that with your past offenses with minors you will at least glimpse a cell. You deserve worse.

    You are the slut. Not a young girl. You are the one guzzling the cum of advertisers and begging us not to leave your sick puppet show. Karma will come around, and this time I hope the Black Eyed Peas finish the job.

  23. 323

    bahahahahaha! BS. BS. BS. BS

  24. 324

    Re: Mandycj – Perez's job is NOT to post suggestive pictures of minors' crotches…

  25. 325

    Perez is not smart enough to let a legal proffessional and a PR firm do the talking. His video response was enough.
    I would get a lawyer and sue for defamation over allegations of child pornography. The media is creating this story and pushing it for payback. Drive the price of the website down dilute the brand..You are in trouble you just dont know it yet Mario Lavendera.

  26. 326

    Pedophile??? really people…It was a photo..Miley is a minor but like Perez said…She of all people should know how to get out of a car…
    So get off his case…His doing what he does best, and that is to blog about celebrities…
    I am all for Perez….
    I think if Myley wants to be in the Limelight she should be acting like an adult…Intead of rubbing herself again poles and 40 year old males..
    So get of Perez back and let him be….
    Love ya Perezxxxx

  27. 327

    You're scum. By the way, way to basically call the minor that you posted a picture UP HER SKIRT OF, a 'creature', you better pray she doesn't press charges.

  28. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: sugarmagnolia1082 – You sound exactly like someone who says it's ok to rape women who dress provocatively. She had it coming to her, right?

  29. 329

    Honestly, I don't see the big deal here. So we may or may not have seen Miley Cyrus's crotch….BIG FUCKING DEAL. She got out of the car with her legs wider than the Grand Canyon; she knew godamn well what she was doing. This chick has "Lindsay Lohan" written alllll over her face. Don't sweat it Perez, just stand back and watch the trainwreck that is about to ensue. I think once she turns 18, that photograph will be the LAST thing on anyone's mind.

  30. 330

    Joy Behar acted like a prosecutor and Mario was not prepared to deal with her. A PR Proffesional would have had talking points to keep her on track. Mario looked good but was outmatched by Behar. Lawyer up PR UP and take the hit.
    Sell your website or lose it this is a shot across your bows from the media giants…sell or they will destroy you
    Are you smart enough to see that?

  31. 331

    Really?? A pedophile??? for posting a LINK, NOT a picture of the little bitch getting out of a car in a public place where she knows damn well that everyone will be there taking pictures and she doesn't have enough brains to keep her fricken legs closed??? THAT'S NOT OK? but her video for Can't Be Tamed basically stimulates soft porn and THAT'S OK because it sells her song? WTF is wrong with her parents??? she can defend her ass as much as she wants too, she's entered into the world of sluts, why the hell can't she get lost there? She can't sing either. Sounds like her nose has a tampon stuck up each side of it. Hope Disney is happy with its choices for "model" kids with their own sitcoms.

  32. 332

    Pedo Hilton is so ugly

  33. 333

    Miley knows better. She probably did it on purpose for publicity. Has no one else seen all the other scandalous things she's done lately? Perez is not a pedophile and that is not pornography. But even if it was, shouldn't the site that ACTUALLY posted the picture be the ones in trouble? He's not the one who put in on the internet in the first place.

  34. 334

    who cares!!! TEAM PEREZ!!!!

  35. am. says – reply to this


    You should really pay attention to how you word yourself "around the block" you idiot.
    so miley's private parts is your "business" I hope you go to jail. do you even notice that all your followers only join your website and everything to shit talk you to you. youre not loved. youre hated. and youre a disappointment. I hope you're parents are embarrassed. Go to jail already I hope this site gets shut down.

  36. 336

    wow, perez this fire crotch has no idea what she's talking about! I would love to see that picture now:(

  37. 337

    Re: secondtimer – One comment on this site? Mario, we know it's you and you're going down just like the illegals are this summer. Did someone say "McDonald's" cuz I'm loving it :)

  38. 338

    CNN should not allow the fat bitch to be so rude and accusative to people like you who did not do anything wrong and agree to be in the same room as her.

  39. 339

    Miley obviously wanted a crotch shot taken. Ladies of Hollywood! I have worn short skirts, and you know, if you keep your legs closed and swing them out of the car together, no one will see your vag. Which reiterates my point, that she wanted a crotch shot taken to create publicity around her for her new album.

  40. 340

    I honestly don't understand why people come to this page if they are just going to be straight up haterrrrssss!!! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE WITH YOUR CRAZY ASS RAMBLING BULLLSHIT.

  41. 341

    This is not about Miley Cyrus..its about big business biting back they want Perez to sell..only he wont..so they are going to bash him and destroy the value in the brand anyway they can…and pick the peices up for nothing…wait and see..
    He can not fight them…he will loose…
    What he got offerd before is now OFF the table.
    Greed is a funny thing…pride is too….
    Come to heel Mario…get to the table and sign and survive
    or go it alone and well you can see where this is going.

  42. 342

    Your grammar sucks, Perez. Two fucking words: Strunk & White.

  43. 343

    Mileybird is a minor, yes. But who cares if Perez posted a link to a photo with her showing off her crotch to the world. If he didn't do it, someone else would have. Everyone is just making this into a huge deal because Perez and Mileybird are two big names.
    Perez - I'm with you on this one. She should have known better. This is no child pornography. If anyone should be taking the heat for the picture, it should be the website the link was from. Not Perez.

  44. 344

    I know i'll probably get some hate for my comment but in my opinion I agree 100% with Perez. I mean yes she is a "Disney employee" but have they not seen half the stuff she has done? The inappropriate pictures, the "pole dancing" the racy videos, must I name more? I think that she should actually start acting her age and not trying to be older than she actually is, and doing stupid things for attention. I'm getting really sick of hearing about Miley ALL the time. That's just my opinion though.

  45. 345

    I do not ever believe that anyone deserves to have pictures of their bits shown on the internet without their permission. "Famewhore" or not, have some human decency. Shame on you!

  46. 346

    This is such bullshit. First of all, miley cyrus? Really? This is some huge controversy that is such a god damn waste of everyones time. She wants to be treated as an adult and she 'can't be tamed' and shit. Then when the media treats her like an adult, everyone flips shit. Perez is right. Miley knew that the paps were out there and should have gotten out of the car like a lady. Yea, its unfair that she has to get out of the car a certain way, but she signed up for that job.the picture that perez posted is not worse then any of the concerts shes been doing or the dances and shit with her producer.Child pornography?!WTF! NO. If you hate perez, get off his website and get a life. TEAM PEREZ!

  47. 347

    Re: undyinglove1290 – Mario, we know it's you. Another idiot with just one comment here. I can just picture the letters that you and your sister will be writing each other when you two clowns are in jail. Certainly, they will be full of misspellings and lots of "bb" but there probably won't be any crotch shots of underage kids though. Just sayin

  48. 348

    Perez, you need to speak to a lawyer familiar with the 2257 laws that govern explicit photos. According to the latest legislation if someone even APPEARS (note: is over 18 but appears to be under 18) and you post naked pics you can be charged. As well, if you post a picture of a fully clothed person but someone at the FBI thinks some guy might be aroused by it, guess what, you can be charged. Technically, even posting a picture of Brit Brit's bare crotch getting out of a car requires 2257 information which means photo ID and signed model releases. Those are the laws, whether you like it or not, or whether you feel it applies to you or not. Keep it up tiger and they just may make an example out of you, just for the fun of it.

  49. 349

    all I can say at this point is that you got caught, you used incredibly poor judgement in this case and many others, and now you are "sorry" but in a very shallow, meaningless sort of way.

    You should not comment on the sexuality of minors at all. Calling her "Slutty Cyrus" is not something a grown, responsible man should do to a minor. That would assume you are responsible, but you are not.

    Most importantly, your actions show that you think about minors in a sexual manner, which is a key part of being a pedophile. Your love of the Beiber now seems slightly sick and upsetting.

    perhaps it's just time to close down you blog and go on your way.

  50. 350

    I love you Perez. You posted a link to a site that had posted a pic of miley showing her being unladylike and gross. You couldnt see her vajay…and you couldn't see any part of her private parts. That is no more suggestive than the vogue photo shoot when she was topless, or Calvin Klein ads of the past. This is so fucking dumb…this whole thing just shows how dumb the american media is and the american population. Seriously….so fucking dumb. Anyway, keep defending yourself, and keep reminding your adversaries of how ignorant they are. You might take things to the extreme at times, but at the end of the day you're brilliant and you know exactly what you are doing. YAH PEREZ!!! xxxx

  51. 351

    I'd like for you to drink a cup of shut the fuck up! First off: fix your crooked teeth. Second off: I really hope that someday you get the asskicking from one of these dads that you righteously deserve! And FINALLY, MARIO: just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Miley is a KID, it does not matter if she's in the biz for almost her entire life, have you NOT seen her brother? Clearly there is a lack of parenting in that household, anyone who would try and get a crotch shot of her is a pervert and should be in prison where big hairy nasty stinky disgusting men try to get in a few crotch shots of their own.

  52. 352

    honestly, i'm wit chu on this shit perez. i don't agree with a lot of your opinions or anything or a lot of the stuff you do choose to do but this however is stupid. people trying to make a big deal out of nothing tbh. if miley puts it out there, it's gunna' be fucking out there! if she kept her legs closed then she wouldn't have to worry about this. and you posted a LINK to the image which was on a different website, you didn't post the picture on your website. so uh, what's the big deal here? child pornography my ass biatcheeees

  53. bvang says – reply to this


    Right, turn the blame on Miley, that's the way to go. She knew that the paparazzi were there….. must be why they were using telezoom lenses to take the pictures.

    While I know Perez isn't the original source for the photo (the original is actually larger) one thing remains a fact. It's a clearly photoshopped picture, just because Perez was too blind to see it doesn't remove any blame. Also it doesn't matter where it was posted, Perez still posted it.

  54. 354

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – you have wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much time on your hands, there eldridge.

  55. 355

    Damn bro, you would think you done something awful, with all the idiots posting stupid ass comments. It's only a matter of time before the world see's her "down there" anyway. And child porn my ass she is not a virgin and this ain't babalon mother fuckers. 13 year olds are having sex and posting pics on the net. This bitch is 17 and makes more money than any of you. She is a woman in my eyes and the worlds eyes. Rock Perez and fuck all you haters. I bet she fucks pretty good too, like a woman.

  56. 356

    she needs to back off. you are a GOSSIP SITE. you provide the facts, with some light and funny banter, and let the public interpret. its no your fault america is dirty. GO PEREZ!

  57. 357

    JAIL FOR THE PEDO!!! Why dod it take so long?

  58. 358

    I am not a Joy fan and if Miley didn't want the world to see her crotch, she wouldn't show her crotch to the world!!!


  59. 359

    Perez stand your ground! The conservative right in this country is going too far. Miley is old enough to know what she is doing; with proper parenting and manners she should know at 17, how to exit a car wearing a skirt. She didn't do anything to prevent the picture from being taken (i.e. closing her LEGS) because its publication serves her interest. One picture has given her substantial press prior to her album release. Consequently, her recent behavior is pushing her further away from her Disney image, which is something she has fought hard to achieve.

    This picture is not pornography and anyone who says so is simply making inflammatory remarks. What America "saw" is not much different than her stage costumes.

    America, are we saying that it is okay for a 17 year old to "bump and grind" on stage, have her breast touched by an older person while performing, and to pole dance (a past time generally reserved for strippers). But it is not okay for someone who is in the media industry to post a link to a picture of said 17 year old portraying her lack of grace while exiting her automobile?

    Panty flash or stripper in training… what are we all harping about?

  60. 360

    Perez, U did good in the interview. Team Perez!

  61. 361

    go to jail

  62. 362

    It's a lose, lose situation. She loses for being a whore and you lose for being a retard.

  63. 363

    Re: smurfette2 – Actually, you dumb motherfucker, I've been watching the Lakes Show murder the Celtics and writing shit on here at the same time. It's called multi-tasking. You should look it up.

  64. 364

    So he made a mistake. Who gives a flying FUCK.

    You would think by now that they would know that in this business their life will be photographed 24/7 it come with the job. No matter how hard they try to avoid it. Celebrities should just deal with it already. But, they can't the more they appear in mags, t.v. etc. The cash keeps rolling in. And some even pay the paps to be there.

    I personally think she just wants more attention drawn to herself. The more attention she gets, the more cash keeps rolling in. Were making her more famous by just looking at this stupid picture.

    She's Laughing at us.

    Perez don't you think it's time to remove haters?
    P.s. Perez what will happen if you pass by at the MMVAs?
    If you were Canadian you wouldn't get charged.

  65. 365

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Whoa! Watch out for this guy! He's the comment police, lol. You're doing us all a real big favor, what with policing the comments page for alleged fakers. I feel so much safer now that you're calling people out for supporting perez.

  66. 366

    So the photographers that took the photo, why aren't they getting charged for posting and destributing it too? Just a thought.

    I didn't see the photo but it's probably no better then what she's been wearing on stage as of late either.

  67. 367

    Joy Behar is an asshole, she is one of the reasons I dont watch TV. Whoever gave her her own show is on crack

  68. 368

    Re: JohnnyLaw – oh please, disney and her dad over sexualize her. Take a look at her live shots if you wanna see what she really has down there.It's no secret. She is a woman. She is 17. And doing her thing. Some people like YOU are just assholes out to fuck with someone. Ya know there is a pic of her on the net that really shows her "down there" and no one has said a word about that one. Guess perez missed it. But no fuckin body else did. ASSHOLE

  69. 369

    Re: bvang – Actually it kind of does matter. What good will it do to persecute one blogger and not the rest? Say Perez DOES go to jail; what does that do to stop the myriad of bloggers who continue to post such pictures?

  70. 370

    Re: JohnnyLaw
    Miley has done and said everything in her power to sexualize herself, you cant fault the media for reporting on it.

  71. 371

    you were right. this is your job. the picture's way less slutty than her chosen stage outfits.
    p.s. you look hot.

  72. 372

    what i have found most unfortunate as this is being babbled about, is the way on which former disney child stars britney, Lindsey. Christina etc have used adult suggestiveness at early ages and then seem to have severe problems in their early adulthood.

    i remain shocked at Miley Cyrus being allowed by Her Parents at an even earlier age to dress and gyrate on a pole AS an ADULT stripper would as She did at a music award show.

    Still yet more unseemly are the "models" used by fashion designers for adult clothing lines.

    I take You at your word Sir, that your's was a concern about Her very public and documented un-ladylikeness.

    And it is my hope that as a society and throughout the global entertainment industry, we begin to end the obvious "abuse" of children, which we currently only voice objection about when trying to berate someone, as seems the case now with this entire Miley Cyrus incident.


  73. 373

    Oh my dear Lord, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, let's get on with the clean up.

    Perez-shippers: Guys, you're overreacting. What Perez did is not worthy of the "OMG that Joy Behar is a sloot u rokkk!!! TEAM PEREZ!" treatment. Sure, he didn't do anything too wrong, but it's still not right. Showing Miley as a wild girl is exactly what she probably doesn't want; and I think that's worse than the "child exploitation" argument that some are making.

    Perez-haters: Christ, people. It's not child pornography, it's a Photoshop. She's clearly wearing underwear and it just so happened that some douchebag paparazzo snapped a photo. Perez got hold of it, thought, "Hey, what if?" and pixelated her nether regions. Suddenly, you guys are blowing up in his face. I hate to tell you, but there IS worse shit than this on the Internet. There are real children really naked. There is worse violation of children out there. But since Perez is so high and mighty, everyone feels the right to bring him down instead for a Photoshop on a picture that has lost all context. Chill out or go home.

    Bottom line: Perez, tone down the Photoshops. Joy, tone down the middle aged woman stereotype. Posters, tone down everything. And Miley, keep being EFFIN' AWESOME.

    That is all.

  74. 374

    Here's what I don't get. Perez linked to a photographer's website that posted the actual photo of Miley. Why isn't this photographer and his site catching any flack here?? I think it's easy to outright blame Perez and use him as a scapegoat. I'm not saying he's 100% innocent, but I think the actual source of the photo should be held accountable as well.

  75. VGirl says – reply to this


    I don't care about any of this…but I jsut wanna say that I think Miley is entering Lindsay territory and saying that everything she does is OK. I say this b'c Ryan Secreast was referrng to other pictures because he said he saw some pictures on stage. I'm not sure but I think the ones in question here (and the ones she was talking about) are not on stage but on a car right? so she just started to say Perez is an idiot (which she has the right to say) but Ryan was talking about another photo and how everything (her shows, videos) are so provocative

  76. 376

    Re: Kreative – I should also mention that Lady Gaga is also awesome, and anyone who thinks otherwise does not appreciate good performance pop art. And now that is all.

  77. 377

    Honestly, the girl prances around and does concerts in leather leotards and he posts those pictures, this isn't an issue. Fruit attracts fruit flies, and in this case, Miley is practically one of those edible gifts you can order on TV.

  78. 378

    Re: ganjaburrito – I'm glad that I'm making you feel safer. You've probably been coddled by your mommy and daddy so you like that kind of shit, huh? Did your mommy and daddy cook you up ganga burritos when you were little? All of your comments on this story are pro-Perez and we all know that he gave you a blowjob. Does Perez use his tongue and does he play with your balls? Also, how in the fuck can you defend a 32 year old who posts a crotch shot of an underage girl? Oh, that's right, the aforementioned blowjob.

  79. 379

    i think she's full of shit!! she always wants to be portrayed as an adult [[as she has said herself in many interviews since her "17" birthday]]. So fuck u Joy. and fuck miley i think u probably photoshopped it so u could sell way more records in the same way Paris hilton did for her pathetic record.

  80. 380

    Re: antom – Who the fuck is peggy hilton. I missed that blog.Hook a brother up. Who the fuck is Marion? This is PEREZ HILTON you stupid fuck. I understand being as dumb as you seem to be that you logged into the wrong site. Go get some crayons and a piece of paper. Fuckin asshole.

  81. 381

    Re: youliveyoulearn8 – LOL GOOD BYE THEN

  82. 382

    Ok, I think this is been blowen way out of proportion. I 1000% agree with perez when he says miley knows better. It is a complete invasion of privacy but she gave up that a loooooong time ago. He didn't take the photo and seriously come on guys you've seen worse on perezhilton.com then a poor little girl getting out of a car showing her underwear…. GET OVER IT!!!!! :)

  83. IVIV says – reply to this


    whoever says it "doesn't matter because if perez didn't do it someone else would have" doesn't change the fact that HE DID DO IT, & that still doesn't mean it isn't wrong!! This isn't wrong because it's Miley it's wrong because Miley is a MINOR! He posted a link instead of the picture because he said it himself he didn't have the rights, posting the link still shows you the picture it's the same fucking thing! His entire life is nothing but doing nasty things like this to people everyday, so you think that makes it ok? I have said it many times I don't like Miley Cyrus at all but this isn't about her, it's about doing things like this to minors & people thinking it's not a big deal & shouldn't be punished at ALL just because they don't like Miley Cyrus. It's fine if you don't think he's a pedo or should go to jail but to say he doesn't deserve ANY punishment makes me sick to my stomach.

  84. 384

    Re: Anti-Illuminat! – WTF are you talking about?

  85. 385

    perez..i completely agree with you!! you did nothing wrong. miley is suppose to be a professional, therefore she should know the consequences of getting out of a car in that manner. she's aware and very familiar with the paparazzi and should know what would happen in a situation like that. the girl has "love" tattooed in her ear when most 17 year girls aren't even allowed to date. she deserves all the controversies that surround her bc she puts herself in those situations!

  86. 386

    I applaud Perez Hilton. He's absolutely right. As long as you agree with what our country was founded on he is completely within his rights to post those pictures. Is it appropriate in our society? Probably not. That's not the issue they are addressing though. If a celebrity is attempting to create a certain public persona they should be aware of what they're wearing while at work. Noone ever said the paparazzi were "good people" and Joy Behar is attempting to reach at people's pathos rather than address the real issue at stake which is censorship. The day we flag anything inappropriate in our society as illegal is a slippery slope I hope we never have to face. Getting off my soap box now.

  87. bvang says – reply to this


    Re: ganjaburrito – While I think he was a major moron for posting it, I don't think he actually should be prosecuted for it. I don't see a bases on which he can be prosecuted actually.

    I just want him to admit for once, "alright people, I fucked up".

    Making everyone else seem stupid for falling for the picture (I saw that it was a bad photoshop right away and already knew she was wearing underwear in that shoot from earlier pictures) isn't the way to go. He has to take responsibility for once and not make it seem like the people who believed it or Miley is the one at fault. The only person who made a big deal out of this is Perez and that is a fact.

  88. 388

    !team perez all the way!
    miley clearly was not presenting herself in a very lady like way and yes she is only 17 , therefore she should at least be presenting herself ladylike until shes legal….and because she wasnt at all!!!!!!!!! the photo was posted! and she was once again known for her lately slutty antics…big dealll next time pay attention around paparozzis!

  89. 389

    Ya I did watch it. It came on after Nancy Grace and well…. She made good pts. Doesn't matter if she's wearing panties or not-what if she showed her crotch line or you could see a trail through them? It's not right because she is still 17. Got that Perez? Only 17 u dumb troll.

  90. 390

    lol I'm watching the repeat on HLN right now - you are adorable, Perez xoxo
    I always did adore you.

  91. 391

    Stick it to 'em Perez! You are completely right.

  92. 392

    LOL at perez admitting that he was an idiot! HAHAHA
    while i don't think that you should go to jail for this, i hope that this will serve a lesson for you on posting/tweeting. don't mess with minors! you saying to joy that you would do it over again is really unfortunate.
    joy is great, btw.

  93. 393

    I go through life some days with no underwear on, put that in breaking news.

  94. 394

    Look people! He didnt go out and phisically take that photo what bout the photographer? no ones calling him a pedo. His job is to blog he blogged it not even to his site okay shes a minor but she should know better Miley made a mistakes not to close her legs and Perez made the mistake of putting the link up but gawwd calm the fuck down america its what the media does if you want to be a celebrity you have to be ready for shizz like this!! love you Perez x

  95. 395

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You just proved her point, fool. What super awesome multi-tasking skills you have! Look y'all! Eldridge can watch tv and post dumb shit on the internet at the same time! You go glen coco!

  96. 396

    Hey Meth Head……How come none of your "Celeb Friends" have come forward to defend you? Where is GAGA…where is Travis….where is Slimy?

    I hear R Kelly and Roman Polanski are looking for friends!

  97. 397


  98. 398

    The people that should be in trouble are the PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO TOOK THE PHOTO AND SHARED IT WITH THE WORLD. Don't hate the player, hate the game people.

  99. 399

    Re ammyJ101
    1st of all there is no Perez. Fatboy's name is Mario.
    As for your question. Im sure after sifting through all the fake fronts and alias names the uploader points right back at Fatboy Mario Pedophile

  100. 400

    this is NOT ABOUT how she is getting out of the car, or OTHER PEOPLE having dirty minds…….this is about PEREZ YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU POSTED A FAKE PIC OF MILEY"S VAG ADMIT IT WAS DUMB

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