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Talking Miley

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Watch Perez's appearance on Joy Behar's CNN Headline News Show (above).

It's the first time we've talked about this Cyrus photo "controversy" in depth!


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756 comments to “Talking Miley”

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  1. 501

    1. ammmber is a twat.

    2. Perez is going to get off from charges, even though there is NO WAY in hell he should. It's L.A. and he knows it. He'll never sit a day in jail.

    3. I wish he would get locked up… talking shit to the Black Eyed Peas.. Karmas a BITCH..

  2. 502

    watch my comments dissappear…….i hope you rot in jail.

  3. 503

    Perez, I do not think you did anything wrong. You work hard and its amazing. All the haters are ridiculous for posting on your site, but the thing is, you win, because they are still reading what you have to say. So, they can hate all they want, but the fact is they are all still coming to your site and supporting it on a regular basis… keep doing what you do!

  4. 504

    god shes such a bitch. dont worry honnnn. that wasnt pornographic and she was in public and joy was just hitting up the issue of morals and welll the media doesnt have morals so dont frett perez

  5. pynki says – reply to this


    I think that if Miley can go around wearing mini skirts,
    I think she should know how to get out of a fucking car
    the right way.

    Miley always acts like she is older than 17.
    & if she can walk around wearing short ass shorts, mini skirts,
    have sex with 20 year olds, have her own place to live, & wear high heels.
    She should know how to act lady like.
    come on her parents apparently brought her up right.

  6. 506

    Are you people kidding me calling perez a pedophile?? MIley is not a child, she's a young adult by law and pedophilia is only used when dealing with young children. Also, if Miley got out the car like that, then everyone around could see what that photographer saw and it's ridiculous to condemn the media or perez for doing their job. Freedom of press. No one went into her hotel room and photographed her without her knowledge….NO, she was looking like this on the street so what is everyone talking about???? And no one is sexualizing miley but her damn self…her whole image is oozing with skankiness. IF SHE

  7. 507

    Soo… I feel the same as Perez.
    1. While Miley is a minor, she is showing way less in the photo than she willing shows on stage.
    2. If the media wants to consider that child pornography, then they might as well consider some of her music videos the same– I mean have you seen her grinding? It's much more sexually suggestive than this photo.
    3. ABC removed their adds for Perez posting a LINK, how bogus. They should be ashamed of themselves for sponsoring MILEY. I mean as mentioned above, she is a minor and has what the media could construe as child porn.
    4. Perez is doing his JOB. Truth is that people are into celeb's faux pas! This is no different.
    On a side note, I always loved Joy, but she seems awfully harsh in this clip.

  8. 508

    TEAM BUBBA!!!! Die you pervert!

  9. 509

    We can't be sexualizing underage girls.Re: JohnnyLaw

    Pancake face is doing a pretty good job of that all by her lonesome.

  10. 510

    Seriously. Is this an actual discussion? Is this for real? Are people actually accusing Perez of pedophelia by posting this pic?

    The arguments agains him put out by this host is ridiculous! I mean first of shes saying its pedophelia and its wrong, but after they shoot that idea down she starts accusing Perez of taking pictures and postig them on his site (ehm… no on both accounts?).

    Come on, this is a whole other discussion, a legitimate one sure, but Perez is not the only one who should be up there taking hits for the whole paparazzi/celebrity craze. I mean its a whole industry, and sure, he is part of it, but he is a smaaaaall small part of it And its a whole other discussion!

    People might not like that poor Miley gets snapshot every day, but come on, is this news?

    And pornography, cant get over that.. She is selling albums using sex as a tool! Not that theres anything wrong with that! I mean, stop the whole "shes only 17" bs, shes groping herself on stage, has had many boyfriends, come on. Shes not innocent and she dosnt need to be.

    But seriously! That is one of the least pornographic images Ive seen of her! WTF!

  11. 511

    About 75% of all the perverts that support PorkyPedo are 1st time posters, nice try douchebag. Beg much?

  12. 512

    First, I must say I love this. So entertaining..well at lest he is doing his job :)
    But really people come on we all know Miley whore is right in line to pursue the coketastic dreams of miss Lindsantiy herself. Just another soon to be washed up disney "princess" grinding on a pole…oh wait I guess she can check that off the list… She is no saint and surely not a good role model any longer. She knew full well that the paparazzi would have their handy cameras snapping shots of her. So it is her fault for wearing that skirt and stepping out of her car in such a manner. Please hunny she has a record to sell, you have to pull in those numbers somehow. Hey at least it's not a sex tape, we'll wait till she is eighteen for that. Perez did not take the photo and he did not tell her to spread em' please! As for Joy, whom I quite enjoy also, she just seems to be reaching or maybe the hormones are a little out of whack?
    But it seems as though she was just a little too ready to jump on this pony before it dies, but hey she has ratings to pull too. So for all the people whose panties got ruffled don't worry you can still put Miley on her pedestal for now, but we all know the clock it ticking away until she falls and then we will see you on the other side of this controversy.

  13. 513

    perez is being called a pedo,good,does he realize how he twisted everything about mike,who was a normal,nice guy !!

  14. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: GeorgeC – exactly!! I've said this a bunch of times here & no one understands lol it's not about MILEY it's about HER AGE. AGE AGE AGE AGE AGE AGE AGE AGE SHE IS A MINOR…jesus…I don't like Miley either but this is wrong by the law because of her age! You can't let him (or anyone else) get away with it because it was wrong by the law! You can't excuse it because you just don't like Miley. It's not about Miley it's about age & law.

  15. kitt says – reply to this


    omg I've never seen anyone squirm and panic so much as Perez did..it was awesome seeing someone so cocky and full of himself actually lost for words. Karma certainly is a bitch and we knew your time would come. Maybe you will realise now you can't make a living by bringing others down. I cant wait till you meet your maker. I dislike evil people and you certainly are evil

  16. 516

    You go, Perez. She should have been more careful. And it is your business to post this stuff. We are adolescents in many ways but this constitutes no wrongdoing.

  17. 517

    This is ridiculous! Miley is an IDIOT! She knows that she's a public figure and she knows what that entails. Right or wrong, that's what the business entails. It's no one's job to start drawing lines now when the game has already begun. At this point, if Miley is demanding special treatment, she should restrict her acting to school plays where people like PARENTS and TEACHERS can do all of the policing for her.

    Perez - you keep showing that SKANKY 17 year old what's up. And JESUS! She's 17! She has NO business dressing and acting the way she does.

    Ps - Homegirl sounds like a man in those soundclips.

  18. 518

    Wow this is fuckin ridiculous. like Perez said, its just her being unlady like. PAPARAZZI WILL BE PAPARAZZI.

  19. 519

    AND OMG - GOOGLE MILEY CYRUS. You'll see enough skanitily clad photos that SHE POSTED HERSELF online. Thankyouverymuch.

  20. 520

    I didn't actually see the picture so maybe I don't really have the right to say something about this. But still it just seems like typical american over reaction. I can't imagine that picture doing anything that her videodirectors/koreographers hasn't already done meaning that the picture can't in any way be more "ment to arrouse" than her whole image. It's a silly discussion, as you said, she knows that she is being followed by papparazi and we all know what Perez does!

  21. SNowi says – reply to this


    Sorry, I really love the usa, but a lot of people there have such a double moral standard when it comes to sexuality. All the time, your little Miley is acting like a full age person, looking half naked and making sexual moves on stage and in her videos and when such a harmless photo appears in media, all are like "what do you do to our little girl???". Thats absurd!! Please switch on your brains and start laughing about this whole situation. @Perez: Keep on doing what you are doing! Hollywood needs some humorous observers!

  22. 522

    Wow, that's the least hideous outfit I've seen you wear in ages! Is that your courtroom attire?

  23. bvang says – reply to this


    Re: ganjaburrito – Making a shitload of money….. yes, that gives people like Perez a right to make rumours. In fact it doesn't, the human factor should never be forgotten.

  24. 524

    Re: HannaTheFrog – It is considered pedophilia darling. You may want to look up the term. It doesn't matter whether Mario took the photo or not, he posted it and made people assume she wasn't wearing any underwear. This by law is illegal considering Miley her age. I'm not a huge Miley fan either but this is completely besides the point, it's not about Miley. It's about posting a inappropriate photo of a minor. Whether he merely linked to the photo doesn't matter either. By law any distribution of inappropriate photos of minor are illegal and considered child porn.
    Mario doesn't seem able to grasp this, just shows you how thick and uneducated he is. The fact that he gets incredibly defensive and tells the same rehearsed story over and over again just gives away how guilty he is.

  25. 525

    Oh goody!!! Perez will soon be joining me in Child Molester's Hell!

  26. faz says – reply to this


    I enjoy reading your stuff, but this is really dissapointing. I cant believe that you would sink so low. you need another Wil i am punch

  27. 527

    I agree that it's not child pornography, however I think what it really is is SEXUAL VIOLATION. This is something constantly perpetuated by creeps like you and the creeps who troll around trying as hard as possible to objectify women unawares. People like you are no different than pervos on a subway feeling up a woman's boobs or cat-calling on a street corner. All you're basically doing in this clip is Slut Shaming and Victim Blaming and you can blatantly tell that Joy thinks you're a fucking lousy creep. You truly are an idiot and this video just proves it as you are obviously proud of that. You're nothing but a swine.

  28. 528

    This may be contraversial but i kinda agree with perez!!
    You can't shoot the messenger and thts all he was, he didnt take the picture, if anyone should be blamed its the original company for the source of the photos who originally put them out there in the first place. Yes, shes underage n tht makes it illegal bt she shud have been mre careful knowing shes a media figure and there were paps at her shoot and if shes not mature enough to realise or deal with tht mayb she shouldnt b in the public eye? It is at the end of the day a choice to b a celebrity figure n although im sure it was merely a lapse of carefullness on her behalf u must take responsibility 4 ur actions. Also u cnt take racy photographs/actions when ur under the brand of disney (they always supported her corner), now shes made the conscious act to remove herself from the brand n market herself as "edgy" its hypocritical to then wnt public support over a papparazzi shot that was self-inflicted. She cnt have it both ways n the public has to realise tht if she wnts to b taken seriously as an 'adult' which she has tryed to now present herself as, she has to be mature enough to accept the responsibilities of her actions. She is nearly 18 and if this happened in 6 months it techically would not have gotten all the media attention, so whats in 6 months if shes trying to promote herself as racy anyway?
    Anyway…i really dont think its a big deal….and people should back up off of perez! :)

  29. 529

    What the fuck is wrong with you and her? A grown man and women talking about whether a child is wearing underwear or not? Why is ANYONE discussing this at all? Why are adults talking about this? You are a fucking pedo creep Perez and Joy is ugly, old and lonely!

  30. 530

    You americans are ridiculous. Something like that would never happen in europe. If Miley wouldn't dress like that all the time people wouldn't even come up with shit like that. -.-

  31. 531

    and why is no one pointing out the obvious: what about the PHOTOGRAPHER who took the picture? why the hell should Perez take all the blame for this controversy? he's not the one who took the picture or initially posted it on the internet. The photographer and the host website are at fault.

  32. 532

    i thought u did a good job perez. miley is wrong in saying that the images "arent her record". she is doing pr for her record- showing the image she relates to the idea of the record. i would say she doesnt undrstand what she is actually doing and her management/parents arent doing their job well in taking care of a minor.

  33. 533

    what a pity, you live in a double standard country, perez!
    and what a pity i never saw that photo, so i can make my own opinion.
    but what is the big deal about an upskirt photo of a young women jumpinp around in her 'underwear' all the time? yes, she is slutty - the whole biz is …

  34. 534

    Re: Clip6493 – Actually you CAN shoot the messenger. He was in the wrong to link to the photo in question. In the eyes of the law that makes him just as guilty. Even worse, he hinted that Miley wasn't wearing any underwear even though he now denies that Which is an offense. If this had happened to an unknown teenage girl, people would be in an uproar about it but because it's Miley it's okay? You people are disgusting.

  35. RS says – reply to this


    Perez said he got the image FROM ANOTHER SITE, so HOW about those people be put on trial as well since they are the ones that FIRST POSTED. OR how about the actual photographer or photo agency the original site bought the photo from?!

  36. 536

    PEREZ-It is IMPOSSIBLE to get out of a car with a skirt and not for one second show something. If photographers are flashing pics every single second they are going to catch something no matter how careful she is. WOMEN SHOULD NOT HAVE TO FEAR PEOPLE TAKING INAPPROPRIATE PICTURES OF THEM AT EVERY WAKING MOMENT. You don't get to decide that its ok to show her underwear to the world because she dresses sexy onstage. Thats like saying if you dress sexy you are inviting a guy to grab your butt. An excuse that has long been used by people who sexually harrass women. You say you are anti-violence Perez, but this is a type of violence toward women. To embarrass and humiliate them sexually is a type of emotional and psychological violence. You rationalize it in your head because 'PEREZ' is a character you play, and YOU wouldn't necessarily be the same way in real life. But that is NOT an excuse for your behavior. You are constantly making the world a worse place for women Perez.You teach young boys that its OK to giggle and star at a female who wears something revealing and then call her a SLUT. You truly have no idea how damaging that word is to women. PLEASE, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

  37. 537

    I do have to add something to this huge list of comments, but did EVERYBODY forget the pictures of miley with this guy showing underwear and the wet t-shirt without a bra from 2 years back or so??? Those pictures were worse then this one and EVERY gossip site had them on their website and no one complained. at that time she was like 15…. I don't get why everybody is making such a fuzz about this now when miley her self is kinda acting like she is 21 and a wanna be Britney ( have that said I do like her new music, but with the image she created now she IS asking for this…. And guess what people it works because everybody is talking about her… Free PR thats everything a management goes for ;) )

  38. 538

    If you took all the first time posters that support Porky the Pervert their would be about 200 posts. I didn't realize their were that many members in NAMBLA, way to recruit, Porky.

  39. 539

    I think that they are making a big deal out of this. I understand that they have to question your intentions because she is a child, but they are talking about it like its a crime even though they now know the truth. Go PEREZZZZ :)

  40. 540

    I think Perez is an ass…But Miley was wearing Underwear there for he did nothing wrong and can't be introuble for anything. This Joy lady is really annoying me. She can yell at him for making fun of other celebs, like when he calls them fat and what not…but she has nothing to go by with this…she was indeed wearing underwear..therefor its not child pornography, it is what it is. Get over it and yell at him for something else! Yell at him for being a overall jerk!!!

  41. 541

    Re: ammmber – I was thinking why do these people keep coming back to Perez's site if they hate him so much? They love the the stuff he posts because they keep coming back for more, GO PEREZ!!! Joy even said she had underwear on!!

  42. 542

    everybody makes mistakes perez. but ss, seriously.. who would be innerested in seeing littls cyruses crotch but some teenageboys without taste or some pedophiles? that link was maybe a litte inapropriate but people should get over it. its done, its taken off the page. WHY DOES EVERYONE HAS TO OVERREACT THAT WAY! calm the eff down people!

  43. 543

    go PEREZ! Miley brings it on herself! perez is not a pedophile!

  44. 544

    ha, it IS your business, without things like this you wouldn't have a business. sounds like she's angry because no-one took those kind of pictures of her back in her day. i really doubt that she saw the photo, she's talking about perez pixelating, when has he ever dont anything to a photo instead of doodling on it. Team Perez

  45. faz says – reply to this


    People dont you get it, Perez knew she was wearing underwear,he lied, he just wantd to get ppl hyped, well I guess he got his wish coz thats exacly what he is getting and more

  46. 546

    JOY, you are a frikin moron, getcher head out of your ass already, holey CRAP!!!
    Miley has become a whore and next will be the drinking and drugs for sure, and who knows, maybe her so called daddy will "jump up and save thew day" like Brit's dad has TRIED to do for her, with an unlimited way of spending, …

  47. Brtt says – reply to this


    Re: backfire
    "I also think he handled himself very well even though Joy Behar tried to attack him. He held his own and I respect him."
    We must have not watched the same interview, then.

  48. 548

    Go Perez!!!! your right all you have to do is type in on google miley cyrus showing underwear and theres millions of pictures of her so i dont see why your the only one getting pulled for it and like that lady said she is with disney, so she should probably start acting like it!!! my little cousins watch her on the disney channel i dont want them getting ideas off miley fricking cyrus shes a fricking slut man shes needs to start acting her age and realsie she has young children watching her every move!!!!!

  49. 549


  50. 550


  51. 551

    miley did this to herself she keeps trying to tell people shes not so young anymore shes a dumb slut and i wouldnt be surprised if more photos showed up or a sex tape

  52. 552

    His biggest mistake here is acting as if he has done nothing wrong and trying to play the innocent.

  53. 553

    OMG how does this make Perez a pedophile?
    A. he is a gay man so im sure he has no interest in Mileys vagina.
    B. if this makes Perez a pedophile then what do you call the guy Miley rubbed her ass against.
    and C. i think it is sooo offensive to kids how have actually been victim to child pornography that people call it child porn because someone finally got a pic of that trashy miley's crotch. like hello shes just another lindsay lohan waiting to happen anyway.
    i feel soo bad for Perez he didnt even take the pic or post it on his site.
    pepole need 2 get over it its not even a big deal shes a slut anyway.

  54. 554

    Re: Michael Jacksin – what the fuck hes not a fkn pedo when did he touch a child?
    ur such a wanker dude and making fun of the dead thats beyond fkn low

  55. 555

    The way you speak is sooooooooooooooo annoying!! And who cares if she had underwear on, posting pictures of her upskirt is gross and perverted!! She is s child, get a life you pedophile!! I used to love you Perez, but this crossed the line. If anyone posted pictures of my kids like that I'd make sure they went to jail…..you PIG!!!!

  56. 556

    he's actually trying to say its perfectly okay to take pictures of a 17 year old girl's private parts, underwear or not? wtf? its still exploitation

  57. 557

    Re: Dejajealous25 – omg could not agree more i totally rkn a sex tape will be next 4 her shes trash

  58. 558

    so, abc dropped your dumb ass over that photo. hahahahahahshahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  59. 559

    Well now you did it, I guess you totally ruined your chances of being the new judge on American Idol. (not that you had a chance though) ps… that is one ugly suit Just like I said, the world is going to the $hitter. Pray people pray,,,

  60. 560

    its ridiculous how people keep calling Miley a child. Perhaps by some social norm and in a legal way but realistically she is far far from a child..

  61. 561

    Perez, I think this is a symptom of a bigger issue w/ your site. I have read your site since the beginning, and always found it to be dynamic and topical, very diverse and entertaining. But in the last year or so, it's really changed- the whole feel of the blog. It's now centered and focused on what YOU love (GaGa) and what YOU hate (Miley). There isn't as much interesting stuff as there used to be, and a lot seems like filler. YOU yourself are evolving, becoming more polished in interviews and such, but the site often seems like someone else is writing it. Doesn't even sound like you a lot of the time. (cont…)

  62. 562

    And as for Miley and your hatred of her, her fashion, her interviews, her music, her performances, her family~ I really don't get it. I wouldn't say that I am a fan or not a fan of Miley, but in reality, it's kind of weird that you are constantly picking on someone who isn't out there partying, doing drugs, being in bad situations like Lindsay is, or Britney used to be. Yes, she is making the transition from being a tween star to a more grown up entertainer, but Brit did that, Christina did that….all child singers have to do that if they want to keep on being relevant. She can't just be a bubble-gum pop singer forever. Yes, she got her own place, but so does every kid when they grow up. Her family still loves her, and they aren't out doing the partying that Dina L. does or anything like that- seriously, I just don't get the hatred and it's kind of creepy. We get that you don't like her, but let's hear about some new and really interesting stuff. Let her be, and if she ends up doing the crazy and ridiculous stuff like LL, then it's news and interesting, but so far- nada. I'd like the old Perez back, please!

  63. 563

    I'm with you, Perez. If you are a worldwide celebrity, people have the right to get into your personal space(false angle photos, etc) and it shouldn't be seen as illegal.

  64. 564

    i hope that crap was real fur, seriously

  65. 565

    Joy is a shitty interviewer. It looks like she is taking cues from the producer to keep badgering, when she should be listening. Good job Perez…I think if people had a chance to see the pic, then it would be easier to understand what the hell is going on. But really, all this drama wouldn't happen if Miley would just get out of a car properlly.

  66. 566

    Thoughts? You ask. Our thoughts are that you are a vile, nasty, cruel person Perez. You say and write the most horrible things about people. You area hypocrit and you are just a terrible human being. There…our thoughts.

  67. 567

    Perez, I love to visit your website but I still can't understand why you hate Miley Cyrus so much. Give her credits. She is only 17 years old. She is trying. Its 2010 and every 17 years old tend to dress like that. Gaga shows her ass all the time and you give her credit for it. You dress crazy and what its ok for you to do. I know you hate people but I can't understand how you go to sleep with so much hate in you. You did the same thing with Michael Jackson when he died. You mentioned that he was calling for attention. You say that people are in show bizz and that gives everyones right to invade their privacy, no they are also human being. They deserve to have some privacy just as you do too. Like I said I visit your website just to read about the new shows and music. I think you post good music videos. The hateful stuff I try to avoid. Specially when you are talking about minors that are trying to make it in this crazy world. Life is not that easy for them. Yes they make good money but that doesn't give you or anyone the rights to hate them. Need to get out more and see how 17 years old are behaving. There are worst things that 17 years old are doing. Wish you luck with this and hopefully you will learn your lesson.

  68. 568

    HAHAHA. Joy is dumb and trying to get better ratings. Perez hahaha I would do it too but sadly it too taboo for hypocritical America. Especially ABC. lol

  69. 569

    Re: JohnnyLaw – Miley is sexualizing herself she she was 14 by wearing and behaving like a whore.

    A 17 old girl does not wear what she wearing when going out of the car, she knew it an did not care like when she was dancing with that old guy.

    Let's not make Miley a victim, she is not.

  70. 570

    Nice suit, you look like a used car salesman

  71. 571

    Perez I love you!! and if that hoe hoe is old enough to not be wearing guchies then she's old enough to have a picture of her not wearing guchies!!

  72. 572

    hahaha oh my gosh, all these people are constantly hating and yet they repeatedly come back to the site and read your articles! interesting….
    Joy was RIDICULOUS! Could she be any more extreme?! Somebody's hungry for ratings I think… Totes on your side Perez, you were doing what you do- being a celebrity blogger (NOT publicist people)! And she was like, "well it could be arousing…" um excuse me, then dont watch any award shows in case there are low cut dresses. anything can be arousing!! sheesh.

  73. 573

    Funny. Blame Miley and then make fun of the situation. I am happy that you are having fun with all of this and not scraed. Maybe looking forward to going to Jail and getting to be some dude's bitch? Dude, you look like a midget Frankenstien is a bad suit. I am glad that Joy Behar Supports you.
    Joy said : Your solwly digging out. I hope it helps you. Well… Joy, I hope that you get a pubic hair a mile ling stuck in your teeth that can never removed.

  74. 574

    Wow, Love the directness of Joy, she killed u there Perez :D

  75. Rosh says – reply to this


    I feel like your a giant sexist bully. NO I am not a feminist. But by you saying she got out the car in an unlady like fashion is wrong. I'd love to see you wear a dress and heels and try get out of the car without "opening" your legs. Its not easy. You are totally taking the paparazzi side of this saying that its all Mileys fault because she knew they were there. Yes she may have known she was there but its not like she can tell if shes flashing anything. Its not like woman can tell if people can see up their dresses for a second. You're in trouble and you don't like it. Maybe you should just quit this whole gossip thing and find something better to do with your life because it seems like the only reason you have so many hits this week is because of this and people showing hate towards you. There hass been a giant drop of comments in your posts this week and I wonder why.

  76. 576

    Denial, denial, denial! OMG Perez! What were you thinking? At the end of the day she is "A CHILD" and you are "AN ADULT" (supposedly)! How can you find a picture of a 17 year old getting out of car "FUNNY"? You defend your actions by saying that you posted the link to show how "unladylike" she was getting out of the car. You are the one acting "unladylike" by even posting that link. At the end of the day it does not matter if you love or hate Miley, this is an invasion of privacy of well….her private parts! I think that you even posting that link is vile and disgusting. It just speaks volumes about you as an individual - oh and to add insult to injury you don't even seem sorry for your actions. You continually try to justify them by speaking a bunch of gibberish. I just hope there are some kind of consequences for you - As I truly believe that you do not understand or care just how wrong of you it was to post that link in the first place!

  77. 577

    why would people who do not like perez come on his website, it makes no sense!!!

  78. 578

    Joy is an obnoxious bitch, can not decide who is more annoying her or Bethenny Frankel + Miley is a skanky attention whore give it 4 more years and she'll be down the Britney Lohan Path, Team Perez!

  79. 579

    Oh good God Joy, shut your pie hole! I can't stand you on the View! Why you have your own show baffles me… quit beating a dead horse… it's NOT child pornography. That white trash skank MILEY knew exactly what she was doing when she got out of that car and she's building the imagine SHE WANTS! Perez is innocent of all and any charges. I don't even see Miley's family trying to charge him with anything; so quit trying to invent things that aren't! Ms. Shit Stirrer… can't stand that big haired, big mouthed, heffa! ENOUGH OF THE MILEY B.S.! It's so easy to go after someone like Perez, but enough, move on… everyone!!!

  80. 580

    also people have been talking about how this is an invasion of privacy, why would people come to a gossip column if they didnt want to invade peoples privacy?

  81. 581

    Here is an angle to take. If they charge PH with pornography, shouldn't they charge the photographer as well? PH DID NOT TAKE THE PICTURE, NOR DID HE POSE HER FOR THAT 'CERTAIN' SHOT. If it's wrong, then why did the site choose that particular photo? They, not PH, selected a "shocking" photo they knew would raise eyebrows. PH…stop saying you posted the picture. YOU DID NOT POST THE PICTURE…YOU PROVIDED A LINK TO THE PHOTO. Your choice of words will get you in trouble. Stay with the posting of the link. I think this is just a way for those media who have beef with PH to stick it to him. Come on…this is not out of the ordinary for him. This is so PH!!!

  82. 582

    How funny Perez comments on the media is the same thing he does to everybody else. What an idiot. Perez go back to doing Travis in the ass. You knew what u posted you do it all the time.

  83. CAM5 says – reply to this


    You are eternally right and never wrong. I really hope a judge throws your ass in jail. Also, get a new PR team. When these situations happen…Apologize. Admit you made a mistake. You sick fuck. Only Perez focuses in on teenage boys and how hot they are. Im not surprised you show a minor's private. Go to jail. Your PR team IS AWFUL! AWFUL!

  84. 584

    Re: Iibran – Perez said in the original video that he's not going for two controversies at the same time so he wanted everyone to know that he's wearing fake fur :)

  85. 585

    I hope they make a lesson out of you!! I think you post things for attention and rating and don't care about someone else character and what you might be doing to them. You Self person! I hope they make a law for photographers against those kind fo angle shots cause that is no way fair for celebrities to be focused in on their private parts. It's just a disgrace to society that they do that to people who entertainers. No really cares about that, they personal stuff. We pay for them to sing, act or entertain us!

  86. 586

    Well i don't think that pedophile behavior first pf all and idk why yall are trying to dis perez and everything when he isnt even the one to take the picture anyway. I don't think the situation is really that bad and if the picture is as bad as showing a little croch then what has Miley been wearing at her performances recently isnt that showing a little something? I don't see what everyone is attacking him for. People are just pretty stupid these days

  87. 587

    Miley Cyrus has been sexualizing herself way before Perez did so. Taking a half naked picture with her dad is one example, dating men who are too old for her, and her slutty behavior on the stage. And now exiting a car in a very unladylike manner. It's obvious from Miley's behavior, she wants to be sexualized, she probably enjoys it. Yes, Perez is at fault, but Miley gave him plenty of ammunition. She makes it easy for people to take advantage of her.

  88. 588

    Re: jackharry – Hilariousssssssssssssssss! Rock on ABC!!!

  89. 589

    I can see both sides of it, because yea,h it's not a great idea to post a crotch shot of a minor but Perez is right: Miley has been acting for how long and she still doesn't know to keep her legs closed when she's getting out of a car in a mini-skirt? That's just trashy on her part, and Perez wasn't the first to post the photo. Shouldn't the original poster get in trouble or be a part of the controversy rather than have all of it fall on Perez's shoulders?

  90. 590

    TEAM PEREZ 100% ! i love how she kept on saying perez a pedophile, like no. perez did nothing wrong.

  91. 591

    i saw this interview last night and found it very annoying. i love Joy and understand she is just asking what all the talking heads would ask, but PLEASE! this is the dumbest conversation ever. miley is selling herself as a sexual being and then when she is treated as such by the media (duh!) everyone is up in arms because she is 17 years old. really? really? who cares! she rides poles like a stripper, she makes out with people on stage, she squat and grinds and so on and so on. big fucking deal! pedophile? how ridiculous.

  92. 592

    Seriously? Why would you post this. You perpetuate the image of DUMB GAYS!

  93. Tahoe says – reply to this



    Thought you handled this really well. Miley is really acting like a slut-she's 17 for god sakes! My daughter is 17! Would I let her do shit like that? No! I like Joy B. and obviously she wants to bait you for good tv, but I was impressed. Way to go.

  94. 594

    Re: douseekamy – FFS look up the freakin' definition before you throw it around! What Perez did was without class, rancid and vile, but it's not pedophilia. And PLEASE stop referring to Miley as a child, she is 17 years old for God's sake, a couple of months shy of 18. That's not a child, it's an (late) adolescent, she's allowed to drive a car, she's almost allowed to vote, stop turning her into some sweet little innocent 4-year-old!

  95. 595

    How many of yall jerked off to britney spears????!!!!!!! This chick is wearing lingerie on stage. Doesnt matter if she is 6 months from being 18. Do those 6 months really matter, all the while she is grinding on old guys?

  96. 596

    Re: festus11 – "About 75% of all the perverts that support PorkyPedo are 1st time posters, nice try douchebag" And you know this how? You single-handedly checked every poster's profile? Are you psycho? One thing's for sure, you are dumb seeing you refer to Perez as a pedo. Go back to masturbating over Miley's raunchy videos.

  97. 597

    Perez I think you are hilarious!! I loved the parody of you doing Miley! I think you have a great sense of humor..I also think you do not let people push you around even when the going gets tough! You are a breath of fresh air!! Keep doing what you do best!!! F the people who don't like it!! You can't please every moron that walks by…

  98. 598

    Re: JohnnyLaw – she sexualizes herself. If she wears the short skirts, the leotards, the low cut tops and grinds in all her music videos and on stage–that's fine. But she can't be surprised when the media also begins to sexualize her. She started it.

  99. 599

    what the fuck happened to you as a kid? face the facts asshole, you made a big mistake

  100. 600

    If you hate Perez so much then get off his website..seriously!!

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