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Talking Miley

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Watch Perez's appearance on Joy Behar's CNN Headline News Show (above).

It's the first time we've talked about this Cyrus photo "controversy" in depth!


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756 comments to “Talking Miley”

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  1. 601

    If you hate Perez so much then get off his website..seriously!! Love you Perez!!

  2. 602

    Re: Iibran – If you watch the video he says that it is fake fur and you can tell by just looking at it.

  3. 603


  4. 604

    Re: bvang – What do you not understand about them being fair game? If they didn't want people to talk about them, they would not be in the public eye.

  5. 605

    u know what perez..im proud to say im falling for u after this..ur the greatest douchebag on earth, love u:D

  6. 606

    TEAM PEREZ! the hole issue of miles is STUPID!

  7. 607

    …and he isn't a pedophile just because he posted a pic that didn't even show miley-minor vay-JJ, and speaking about the birdie girl, she is loving all of this, is just the move that she needed to kill once for all "hannah - "money-cow" - montanna, now she has "THE WHOLE WORLD", discussing if she is or isn't a child anymore, is a genious move, at the legal point, neither perez or miley's father will be facing criminal charges over this, i wouldn't be surprised if miley's birdie fingers are behind this chiz…..smart girl(but she still is a terrible singer)

  8. 608

    If Perez get's charged with child porn with that photo, then everyone who seen her recent proformances and music video should also be charged.

  9. 609

    lol damn 611 comments…

    damn i missed it .. too bad teh cops were not waiting outside to arrest u.. guess u paid them off fat fuck.. dont worry u will be in jail soon enough

    i hate cyrus but TEAM MILEY

    fuck TEAM PEDO

  10. 610

    People are trying to assume that their morals should be the law. Perez, you are a gossip blogger so of course you are going to post the picture. Behar may not want to read about Miley's cooch, but a lot of other people do. You won't go to jail. People are dumb and just looking for a reason to give you shit.

  11. 611

    He says the coat is fake in the video if you listened.

  12. 612

    Perez your such a douche bag!

  13. 613

    Ok, so, I could careless about Miley or Perez, but I do think he has one point. He did not post the image on his website, he just posted a link to it. Oh, and what is happening to the agency who actually had the image posted on their website. Shouldn't they also be charged. I'm just saying. Perez had to get it from somewhere. Also, Miley has been acting like she is older than 17, so she should be treated in that fashion. If you think you are already grown then be prepared to handle some grown up situations, little girl. You are only 17 not 27, so stop dressing and acting like you are older than what you really are. Act like a skank, be treated and have comments thrown at you like a skank. That's all I'm saying.

  14. 614

    you are a liar and just trying to cover your ass because you know you are wrong..
    disgusting piece of sh*t… Hope you get charged pigface

  15. 615

    people keep saying miley is a minor, she only 17 blah blah blah but does she act like a normal 17 year old NO does she act like your typical minor NO she should no that all these adult like things she keeps doing(eg pretending to kiss another woman on stage on uks britans got talent) are going to make bad press and things like this to happen perez is just doing his job!!!!!!!

  16. 616

    i love perez! hes HIlarious…

    keep up the good work XO

  17. 617

    Wow. Americans have got TIIIIMMMMMMEEE on their hands to make this 'news worthy'.
    Going so in depth like its a disastrous political scandal that would affect millions.

    Actually shocked….lmao

    So dumb

  18. 618

    this is so ridiculous!!! how about calling the 20 something year old man she dated a pedophile? how about her parents exploiting her!! her dancing around a stripper pole is alot more provacative than anything perez posted! i love you perez……so glad ur not an asskisser and have the balls to tell it like it is!!

  19. 619

    She clearly was not impressed by you. She thought you were an idiot.

  20. Jdcaf says – reply to this


    You're such a fucking idiot!!!! And what the hell is wrong with your speach pattern?!?!? lol You don't speak very well, you sound like an idiot!!! I hope they throw your ass in jail!!!!! You're fat ass wouldn't do so hot in jail!

  21. 621

    Does no1 remember that Miley herself posed NAKED for a photo shoot!!! come on people shes the 1 that wants to be seen like this….remember "she cant be tamed" now. Shes putting herself out there 2 be seen as this new "sluty" women…wearing body suits w/ no pants, kissing girls, dancing on poles and giving lap dances!! She got what she asked 4 Perez didnt do anything but keep it real

  22. 622

    Perez.. stop making fake accounts and supporting yourself
    were not dumb all those accounts were just registered.
    fukin gayass

  23. 623

    i find it extremely baffling how many stupid motherfuckers are out there. this is not a controversy. god i wish people would wake up and pull their heads out of their fucking asses. i think people should have to take an IQ test and score high enough before they can reproduce… and if their score is too low (not because of a disability, but b/c their motherfucking ignorant and stupid) they should be shot. if you steal something you get your hands cutt off, if you kill someone you get killed, if you're a huge company and you fuck up big time b/c you cut a shit ton of corners just so you can make more money, fuck you, you go to fucking jail. people now a days think everything is a right rather than privilege. fucking morons. oh and get off your motherfucking cell phone when your fucking drving!!!!!! and stop driving slow in the passing lane. stupid fucks. oh and celebrities should be allowed to pepperspray paparazzi if they invade their personal space. WHY THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE SO FUCKING STUPID??!?!! i can tell by all these posts i've read that 99% of you fuckers are stupid as shit.

  24. 624

    you are a sick fuck and you should go to jail!

  25. 625

    IMO it's not pornographic. It's not child porn. But Perez should have still not posted it with the comments he did. On the flip, Miley has been acting too old for her age for some time now. I have found it disgusting and appaling that her parents think it's okay. If she (and they) think that she's not doing anything wrong or isn't being too provacative/sexy, then they are all f'ing nuts. My 9yo was a huge fan awhile back, and now doesn't like her at all, with absolutely NO influence from me. Miley is trying to get away from the younger crowd and break through into the adult scene. YUCK!

  26. 626

    All of this is SO stupid! I'm sure he would not put a picture, even censored, of an underage individual on anything with his name on it. A picture of her crotch getting out of a car is just as "innocent" as her stupid ass video "Can't Be Tamed", which IS overly sexualized. I mean she is wearing a leotard which has a crotch profile identical to underwear. Miley and her camp do a great job of overly sexualizing a minor. Perez is a media outlet…media is all sensationalism now, so get the F–k over it! He hasn't done anything wrong. Would he be accused of being a pedophile if he post a pic of her in a bathing suit at the beach? Would he be accused of the same of posting her shit storm video "Can't Be Tamed"? People should familiarize themselves with the law or not try to judge people when it is not their place to do so. Can you be upset that he posted that, yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion…just make sure your opinion is informed. RyRy Out!

  27. 627

    Once a douche bag always a douche bag, that's YOU!!!

  28. 628

    Wow all this about a pic… the way this lil girl acts in sure she didn't do it by accident, she promote her self as a wild teen… she put her self in this image. she promotes her self in erotic ways from the way she dresses to the way she dances to the pics that came out a few year back… y wasn't a big deal made about those… because she released them herself… that was child pornography and she should have gotten in big trouble for that. i know plenty of parents that do not allow any miley music or products due to what she has done all on her own!

  29. 629

    I love ur blog even when u piss me off with Chris Brown jokes. But ur right and this is whats wrong with KiDS today. Yeah she's 17 OK. But what is 17? She does things like she's a grown ass woman. Getting a tattoo before her legal age. Dresssing Provocative COME ON JOY really. And she say DISNEY their Alumni is Britney, Christina, Britney sister (I dont know her name and so fucking what she had a baby at 16 or 17). Disney don't have a leg to stand on. U did the right thing by standing up for yourself and not let the media try to prove a none point!

  30. 630

    Oh please! people need to backoff and stop acting Like Miley is an "innocent child" She is 17, not 10! remeber she would post pics of herself in showers and underwear for the world to see when she was 14! 17 is just one year froom 18! I was already fucking by 17 and I bet she has to since she dated someone 21 years old WHEN SHE WAS 16 and she must likely fucked him! That guy was a pedophile! If it was a picture of a 17 year old brown skin latina or black girl it would be different, the word child would be mentioned thPerez you keep on being your annoying self cause the rest of media is just RETARDED!

  31. VGirl says – reply to this


    Thi is ridiculus!!! LOL but I agree that we have seen worst pictures from Miley herself…I mean a paparazzi picture of her getting put of a car is pedophilia but a magazine cover of a 15 year old who seems to be naked on a bed, with just a sheet is art…..I'll never get the art thing

  32. 632

    Ol' Perez better watch out for Daddy Cyrus!

    Even though Miley is a little skank-ish, for her age.
    I wouldn't want my daughter to want to dress like her.

  33. Bogi says – reply to this


    PEREZ. I don't always like what you put on ur site, but this one is SO not ur fault u did NOTHING wrong. ur right Miley should know how to get out of a car with out flashing her girl parts. shes 17 and like u said she has been in the biz for a long time she should have known better. Not ur fault u didn't take the pic u just sent a link there a HUGH dif there. and if they are gonna try to give u jail time for that then they need to give jail time to EVERY person who took her photo that day.

  34. jbuke says – reply to this


    perez, ilyyyyy. when they play the video clip of
    you in the fur coat i almost died laughing.
    kathy looks so pissed and ur trying so hard to not laugh. ahaha

  35. jbuke says – reply to this


    or joy rather… whatever

  36. 636

    So everyone who watched Miley's stripper pole antics are also pedophiles. Watching a then 16 ( or 17) regardless, watching someone underage grinding on a stripper pole, makes everyone guilty. Everyone who watches her music videos or see's her in concert, I"m sure you get a vag slip every so often…… and yet no one says anything about that……. I guess everyone needs to pick their battles and sadly they picked Perez…. he's an easy target, in the sense that he's controversial so of course he would post a picture like this. I'm not going to lie, those of you who think Perez is scum and you never regularly read this website are a bunch of sad pathetic people with nothing better to do with your day but create profiles and avatars and comment rude, mean and disgusting things. Please, get a life and stop hating on others because of your own low self esteem :)

  37. 637

    Re: JohnnyLaw – She's not under 17, she is 17.

  38. 638

    I'm with Joy on this one. Tacky, tacky, TACKY, Perez.
    She's 17 years old and you are encouraging photographers to take pictures of her crotch? Absolutely disgusting and pathetic.

  39. 639

    "I'm glad I have the chance to speak about this for the first time?"….what about your dumb-ass fur coat appearance with your gay out-of-shape crossed legs???
    "sha-king- be-hav-ior-of-late"? can't u fucking speak properly. do you think ur idiot explanations have more gravitas if you speak in staccato?

    Is that the ugly little gay suit what you plan to wear in court?

    "it is insulting to children to accuse that of child pornography"…can't you fucking string together a sentence "…to accuse that…"??? what the fuck is "THAT". They shouldn't have let you out of high school with your shitty grammar and use of language. Fool.

    By the way, you look like Herman Munster.

    Joy basically blew you off at the end…..telling you that you were wrong — no matter what your pig ugly face says.

    All I think when I see you is the kind of big-mouthed idiot kid in high school who everyone actually hated (even the nice kids) who tried to compensate by being "outrageous" and trying to get more and more attention.

    Basically you need psychotherapy in spades.

  40. 640

    not team perez . . .

  41. 641

    Yea what a way to TRY to cover your ass! You're a perv.

    AND YES - you are THAT stupid to post a picture of Miley not wearing underwear because it probably slipped your mind that she is only 17 and when that was brought to light you went scrambling to find excuses to justify what you did!

    This interview doesn't help you, you just sound desperate and your explanations are lame. I hope you are punished. Although, soliciting child pornography is a little much, you shouldn't get away with this scot free!

  42. 642

    let that be a lesson to you perez,dont pick on girls that are under 18.Joy Behar didnt let you get away with anything did she!

  43. 643

    you are a disgusting excuse for a person. how can you think that posting a picture of anybody in their underwear is OK, mature, or funny?

  44. YUCK says – reply to this


    omg pls get a voice coach, I had to turn off this video seconds in to your comment because your voice is even more annoying than mileys. you are ugly and disgusting and those jackets you keep wearing for these interview are totally hackish. I want to slap you!

  45. 645

    If Miley behaved like a Disney-employed 17 yr old, instead of a sexual vamp, no-one would care to take a photo of her exiting a car in an unladylike manner. She can't have it both ways - either she's underage and behaves like it, or she's a woman flaunting her sexuality and if she wants the paps to take photos of her lest she be forgotten, she'll have to take the bad with the good.
    It is NOT child pornography nor is Perez a pedophile, but the photo was unnecessary. It should be a lesson for both, but this typical overreaction is SO stupid.

  46. 646

    @ RawrI'maRobot wow u come on here to hate on him lol you seriously have too much time on ur hands, i think the one who needs a life is u.

  47. 647

    I like perez! Hes cool. People are just jealous!!!

  48. 648

    Perez, I think, is lying and trying to cover up why he really posted that picture. I think he did post it because of the underwear thing. You're sick, Perez. I'm 17, too. :\ I go with Miley on this one. You shouldn't post these kinds of things.

  49. 649

    Well i guess everyone has their own opinion on this, but we all have not seen the photo? maybe some have, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether you think its porn or not…….moving on…..have you heard the real news you know like oil spill, sink hole….n e thing?

  50. 650

    staceylynn8 says –

    Perez, I do not think you did anything wrong. You work hard and its amazing. All the haters are ridiculous for posting on your site, but the thing is, you win, because they are still reading what you have to say. So, they can hate all they want, but the fact is they are all still coming to your site and supporting it on a regular basis… keep doing what you do!

    ^^^^ Posted by Perez. What a fucktard

  51. 651

    Way to stick it to them perez!! I'm not a celebrity and even i cover up when exiting my very low car, she should know better. What's the difference between underwear and the leotards she wears onstage anyway?

  52. 652

    To me, it's not about the pictures, but how you've been picking on this girl for the last two to three years. Sure we all have our opinions on her, but when you're a famous blogger constantly calling a 15, 16, 17 year old "slutty," that's where the problem lies. It's like being that someone in a room with the microphone on calling other people "phags" or worse. You always demand respect for yourself or your "friends" and fly off the handle when someone says or prints something derogatory about you or them. It's one thing to mock famous people, and Miley/Hannah Montana shouldn't be immune to that, but to constantly harass and pick fights with a young teen whom, by the way, has always shown you the utmost respect, is just wrong.

  53. 653

    HE didn't take the stupid picture and HE didn't post it on his website. Why isn't anyone going after the people who posted and took the picture?! Perez this whole thing is bullshit and I don't understand why people who hate you so miuch support you by creating accounts but also responding to these posts. Ridiculous. Team Perez!

  54. 654

    i dont think you did anything wrong.

  55. 655

    dude. she is such a jerk. love you perez :)

  56. 656

    Exactly what JohnnyLaw said!!!

  57. 657

    If Miley acts like a whore she will treated as such. She said she still wants to be a kid???? kids dont dress nor act like that and her dad and mom should be ashamed but like she stated "she is to bad to be TAMED"…….whatever! Miley you are trash and a BAD EXAMPLE for your disney crowd whom by the way made you who you are because your not that hot you look like a monkey and tat on your EAR???? i like tats but that is a stupid ass place. Then again what to expect from a 17 year old who knows "everything" you have been given everything your entire life. doors opened anywhere and everywhere you went kinda like angie jolie. you will be forgotton because as jolie is finding beauty fades with time and your NOT THAT HOT. you also have a big head, you should be ashamed you knew you were a role model that is part of being disney "STAR". I bet you do nothing useful with all that sin money either. Party it up. Being your intelligent do you tithe?do you give to charity? do you help others? what do you do with your life besides being slutty? bash country music bash pop music WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT DO YOU EVEN KNOW, SEE THAT IS PART OF BEING SO YOUNG AND STUPID. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU WANT OR LIKE. meanwhile talented people will never see that open door. what a shame

  58. 658

    god, joy is retarted and obviously has nothing better to talk about!! perez IM ON YOUR SIDE

  59. 659

    do i think Perez should post a pic of a 17 yr old girl in their underwear no, i do not.
    Do I think Perez should post a pic of Miley in her underwear- YES- your damn right. The girl behaves like a stripper, dresses like a stripper, grinding middle-aged men, and pole dancing in stilettos and lingerie- so yes Perez, if you posting that pic is 'pornographic' well then lets haul in the paddy-wagon and chain up innocent Mileys management team, video director/producers, stage hands, parents and so forth–because THEY are the guilty ones here. Miley is just a puppet on a string.

  60. 660

    Re: JohnnyLaw – excuse me?????she dresses like a whore dances like a whore she has brought it on herself. If she is putting herself out there then its fair game. what kind of parent would allow their so called "underage" daughter to act that way? it is what she wants to be known for and as. so then when sombody says something "were all in the wrong" DONT THINK SO! SHE EXPOSES HERSELF! that is what whores do. 17 or not she knows exactly what she is doing - should she be allowed being she is only 17? its a two way street people!

  61. 661

    still love you rezzie

  62. 662

    You would think that anyone exiting a car while cameras were pointed at them would have the common sense to keep their legs closed.

  63. 663

    If Miley wants to act older than her age, then she should accept being treated like one. Her new video, dancing around a stripper pole..I mean the girl is absoultely no role model for minors so why should she be treated as one!? If you act like a minor, you wear a longer dress. She deserves it!

  64. 664

    Well shes a celebrity and she knew what she was doing just like when she showed her nipples and just like when she took pictures of herself in her bathing suit and just like when she was grinding on a man and pole! so she and noone else should be surprised if things like this happen! its absolutely perezs right to post the pictures because she was in PUBLIC! and she does want to be looked at as a sex symbol obviously by her cant be TAMED video and her performances so its her doing not his!

  65. 665

    First you say you don't have the picture then you say you sent it to Joy so she could see it….you are a fucking lying piece of shit I hope it ruins you.

  66. 666

    Sheesh that fat Joy lady is a bitch.
    I agree with Perez. And quite frankly,I think the only reason this is a big deal is because well,everyone hates him. Miley has a lot of history where things she does could be considered "child pornography". Vanity Fair for example. The twat was naked! And she was what,15?! Yeah I bet that issue sold really well and most of the people that bought it were nasty old men.
    Idk. I don't think he should go to jail. I mean what would you losers that come here to bash him all the time do with yourselves? ;)

  67. 667

    Perez, I LOVE you! Seriously, you're awesome, and you didn't do anything wrong. That lady Joy seems like a bitch, and it would be utterly ridiculous if somebody tried to charge you with anything. Really. People these days have become whiny, scummy, attention-seeking bitches, who cry about the smallest, stupidest things, and everyone's so self-inflated and thinking their God's gift. People need to stop giving slutty cyrus, OOPS I mean miley cyrus, attention. SHE'S NOT TALENTED. She's just a little slut who's over-sexualing herself. Trust me, she doesn't need anyone to do it for her, she's doing a great job of it without Perez's or anyones elses help. Perez you better keep doing what you're doing because it makes you happy and people are interested, (obviously otherwise they wouldn't come to your site, so all you haters need to STFU or leave). Love ya Perez!

  68. 668

    Re: LizardKinG – He said he doesn't have rights to the picture or he would put it up.

  69. 669

    This entire controversy is ridiculous. Cyrus made a personal decision to go out in public dressed like that, or at least to get out of the car in that manner. Yes, she may be underage, but she's not two years old. She knows she is an idol to kids across the nation and with that comes responsibilities. Such as, say, wearing underwear in public??? I knew how to put on underwear AND properly get out of the car by the time I was five. And if I knew people were going to take pictures of me when I got out of the car, I would be extra careful not to reveal anything.

    Regardless, the real message here, is that Miley needs to tone it down, as far as her provocative/trashy behavior goes. She's pulled stunts recently that are way worse than that picture. Let's start with Vanity Fair, anyone? Or perhaps grinding on poles… and men over 40? And what about one of her concert dance moves where she simulates kissing another girl?

    Perez didn't even post the picture. He just brought it to our attention. Let's think, if he didn't do anything about it, how much longer would that "child pornography" have stayed on the web? I think he deserves a big Thank-You from the local authorities for his assistance with uncovering "child pornographers."

    You go, Perez. Fight for yourself. As far as this situation is concerned, you did nothing wrong.

  70. 670

    That lady was a bitch! I do think miley has that right of privacy though like that's personal information if she was wearing underwear or not, the world doesn't need to know if miley cyrus wears underwear.

  71. 671

    Go to hell perez

  72. 672

    I don't think you're a pedophile, i think you're a moron. Unfortuntately, many people fall into the same mistake. I'm not defending them, but they don't avoid jail time because of their celeb status. THink about that the next time you bash Lindsay. Hypocrite

  73. 673

    Re: Lunacy – She didn't post them moron!! she was hacked!!!
    Fucking dipshit.

  74. 674

    I don't understand why people who hate Perez even read his blog, if you hate him so much why are you wasting your time reading and commenting on his stuff??? I also think Miley is a slut. You're 17 you shouldn't be wearing a skirt that short anyway!! She should know that paps are everywhere she is and so she should already know after many years of being in the buisness how to get out of a car and/or act in public. If you don't want people taking pics of you getting out of a car, wear shorts or jeans! If any child porn charges are going to be pressed, it should be done to the paps who took the picture. After the picture is posted, I think it's fair game to anyone who wants to see/use it!

  75. 675

    i may kinda hate you now for saying "Burn baby burn" to the religous statue (which is drawing the line)

    but i agree that you didn't really do something wrong. heck, i would have done the same thing if i were you..

  76. 676

    Re: R0cky9 – Yes, i do. My life is currently on hold right now. So i will post whatever i damn well please. And i will do so as many times as i want.
    Just curious though….How many times have YOU posted? A lot? Lol everyone who comments on this site has too much time on their hands. So that argument is not valid.

  77. 677

    Re: DJMIKEINTHEMIX – shut the fuck up.

  78. 678

    It IS an invasion of privacy. But, you're good, Mario, you're good.

  79. 679

    Okay, Miley may be a minor and only 17 but she is creating all this herself. She wants to have that "edgy" image, she dresses very slutty and her performances with "Can't Be Tamed" are ridiculous. It is funny to me when I see all these people having problems with perez for having a link to Miley looking slutty. Hello?!?!? She loves it, otherwise she would be more careful on how she presents herself in public. She absolutely knew what she was doing and probably loves the attention that everyone is talking about her privates. Almost everyday a new story about Miley Cyrus comes out and makes me cringe for all the tweens and teens who look up to her as an idol. Miley is damaging to people and nobody sees it.

  80. 680

    'Miley should act in ladylike fashion' … ok Perez, how about YOU start acting in MALE LIKE FASHION ???
    Why is it ok for you to act any way you want according to your sexuality and Miley isn't ?
    At the end of the day she just got out of her car, accidents happen, she didn't flash the paps on purpose. Go fuck yourself.

  81. 681

    Re: hellohellohelloperez – Not as funny as it is to see people calling Miley a slut and every name under the same for acting sexy but not calling Zac Efron a whore who also poses sexy and other teenage guys.

  82. 682

    I know a publicity stunt when I see one, and THIS is DEFINATELY one. What a coincidence that this happens RIGHT before her new album drops… trying to be this woe is me little girl that got abused over the computer. Miley Cyrus, your 2 minutes of fame is over and has been for the longest time…GET OUT OF HOLLYWOOD YOU SLUT.

  83. Hun says – reply to this


    EEEEkkk! Scary situation. I do feel people maybe taking this too far …. just a little mistake … Ya know ya got a lot of haters right …. But, Miley is protraying herself in a provocative light …. "and she is only 17" … but still, the stupid person who took this picture really shouldn't have. best of luck

  84. 684

    You know, when I read all the preposterous comments about how Perez is a paedophile (UK spelling) it makes me very smug right to my core to think how much more intelligent amoebas are compared to you.

    You're no better than the villagers in Frankenstein out with their pitchforks and torches.


  85. 685

    Perez- loved you on joy's show last night. you were very well spoken and calm. joy was way off the mark. miley must have done it for the publicity- she went to work with no underpants on in a SHEER white dress. she's a skank. perez rocks!

  86. 686

    In the same way that some of you think that he will get charged cos he posted the link to the picture and therefore he "published" the picture. If Perez chose to go after and lets face it a lot of you for the libelous comments you have posted. A lot of you could find yourselves in deep shit. Some of the comment on here have been so out of order they are tantamount to racial abuse and anti-gay abuse. After all your account can be traced back to your own IP address. I would laugh my ass off if he picked a few of you at random and took you for everything you had in court.

    Perez- You did nothing wrong, they're all scandal whores.

  87. 687

    WOW. Joys a dumb btch. Perez wasn't the one taking the photo, posting it on the internet, or making it appear 'provocative.' All he did is make it more publicized. In no way is this child pornography and Joyce or Joy whatever is probably just taking out her anger on Perez because she is against what he does. She probably doesn't like him in the first place, and she wants to make him appear like he is in the wrong. All she's doing is making herself look like a psycho bit*h

  88. 688

    i dont think you did anything wrong, she is over reacting. first of all that photo is not even that inappropriate compared to other pictures floating around lately of miley. she must not realize the way miley now portrays HERSELF, no one is making her out to seem peracotive and sexy, miley is chosing to display that kind of image herself. and as for it being an "invasion of privacy" that the paprazzis took pictures of her setting out of a car, HA please…thats just part of being a celebrity and miley has chose to be in the spotlight, so she has to deal with it and learn to adapt to her surroundings.

  89. 689

    You obviously do not have children and hopefully never plan to have children. I am apalled at fact that you would post a link to picture of a 17 year old girl's crotch.
    What are you thinking or do you even care?
    I have 3 daughter's about the same age as Miley and if that were one of my children I would find you and you would think twice before you ever did the same to anyone else's child.
    Your comments are BS and don't have the sensibility to realize the true issues your actions create.
    I would support ANY action Billy Ray would take with you. You deserve to be taught a lesson.
    Mad Dad

  90. 690

    Lmfao, why is it such a big deal? Perez is obviously not even a pedo. And he's gay, so why would he want miley cyrus? haha. Get it? Ohh, and I never actually saw the picture, but i dout its any worse then the provocative photos she takes of herself. (:
    Get over it people.

    Keep doing what you do best, Perez.

  91. 691

    Perez why are you denying your actions. Bottom line is she is 17 years old and you are not suppose to post provacative pics of minors NO MATTER HOW SHE BEHAVE'S IN PUBLIC OR VIDEOS!!!! Just own up to your actions and apologize-I am sure if you had a daughter (ha ha) you would not want anyone posting pics like that anywhere!! So be a man (ha ha) and say you are Sorry!!!!

  92. 692

    The girl is creating the image of a raunchy slut for herself, so of course everyone would jump to the conclusion she was going commando, but I really doubt she would be that stupid. The thing that annoys me the most is the amount of website trashing Prez and saying how awful and perverse it all is then in the same article putting a link to the original picture. Why? Clearly they should be subject to the same criticisms that have been thrown at Prez.

  93. 693

    Tell Miley to ask Lady Gaga for some of her clothes and she will be fine. ;)

  94. 694

    who cares….he didnt host the pic, he got the link from another site….if thats true than perez is safe

  95. 695

    First of all Perez is not a pedophile so the moron who keeps posting that needs to consult a dictionary.
    Second of all, Perez did nothing wrong.
    It, all of it, lays @ Miley's door and that of her parents.
    If they are going to go after Perez then they need to place the parents in the cell w/him for allowing their UNDERAGE daughter to pole dance on several occassions and to give a lap dance to a man old enough to be her father.
    So please lets cut the shit and place the broorahrah w/the situation in the proper place.
    Oh and Perez didn't take the photo nor did he tell this little slut and her hillbilly parents to go out w/o underwear.

  96. 696

    Re: JohnnyLaw
    Get real Miley and her parents have been sexualizing her for quite awhile now. from pole dancing to lap dancing to suggestive sexual moves on stage. So shut the fuck up.

  97. 697

    Striped tie with a plaid jacket? Whether you're dressed up or dressed down you always look terrible. You have nothing but bad taste in clothes.

  98. 698

    Re: OhBigDeal – Lol you obviously don't know what pole dancing is.

  99. Whitt says – reply to this


    Wow..didn't have to work hard to make Joy look like a tool..hahaha. Trap questions are a sure sign of lower intelligence in my book. But, Perez, sir, I feel you are a mastermind. Look at all this crap stirred up over nothing..LOL. You have got to be sitting back and having a good chuckle about this. And this is why you are famous. Ya point out the obvious and people piss on you for it. Ahh well, screw em. Hahaha.

  100. 700

    X-TINA Aguilera is now laughting…

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