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Bret Michaels Amends Autobiography To Include Health Scares!

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We're glad he went in to revise it! It's certainly an important series of events in his life!

Bret Michaels has revealed that after his multiple, terrifying health scares, he postponed the release of his long-awaited autobiography, Roses & Thorns, to add another chapter dealing with his brushes with death - the first one being the accident with a stage curtain at the 2009 Tony Awards!

He says:

"I don't think Simon & Schuster has ever had a book like this, where every day something else happens to me. This book was supposed to come out June 23 of last summer. This book is going to be like War and Peace times six. It's ridiculous."

You take as much time as you need revising it, bb - so long as you stay healthy and safe!

What do U think?? Would U read about all the craziness in the past year of Bret's life??

[Image via AP Images.]

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21 comments to “Bret Michaels Amends Autobiography To Include Health Scares!”

  1. 1

    Bret is so Hawt !!! Love him.. Its a miracle he is alive.. And look how good he looks.. He has alot of courage and strength.. I cant wait to read his book !!

  2. 2

    No one cares.

  3. 3

    That's one book that will end up in the 99 cent store. I could care less about him his life or his crappy music!

  4. 4

    NO I wouldn't buy OR read that shit.

    This guy has an over-inflated sense of celebrity. He thinks he's bigger than he actually is.

    And… I'm soooo getting tired of his rose/thorn references constantly… as if the lyrics from that song a million years ago are the ONLY creative nugget he ever gave humanity. As if that rose/thorn metaphor for life was even his original idea in the first place!!!

  5. 5

    This guy is SO FULL OF S**T…. I dare anyone show me one single solitary case where someone had a brain hemorrage, especially one at the base of their skull, who can just up and walk out of a hospital in less than 2 weeks.!!! It just does NOT happen! It`s literally like someone getting shot in the head and just walking away! Not to mention he claims he also had a stroke, his appendix removed and a hole in his heart. WHo is buying this BULL??? Are people THAT stupid?

  6. 6

    the sad thing here is there are going to be people that buy and read the book, although I am not going to be one of them….and can I just say ….ewwww, just take that STUFFED SOCK out of your pants already….don't get me wrong, I like dicks and all, but that's just gross and so obviously FAKE!

  7. 7

    better try to cash in before you kick the bucket bret. what a fucktard.

  8. 8

    i didnt know he had one out. but now that i do for sure i will get it. i think he is an amazing human being that does so much for those that made him what he his, HIS FANS!!! The Lord knows there is so much more for him to do on this earth, that is why he survived an otherwise unsurvivable condition!! KEEP ON ROCKIN BRET!!

  9. 9

    "What do U think?? Would U read about all the craziness in the past year of Bret's life??"

    Answer: No.

    Why? I dunno, maybe because of this: "This book is going to be like War and Peace times six. It's ridiculous."

    Come on Brett, get over yourself. A manufactured glam rocker tool from the 80s who became a desperate fame whore in the 2000s with his totally fake "Rock of Love" show. The only people who'll read this are older women who are in love with him because they were fans or groupies of Poison back in the day. I can think of a hundred other true rockers whose lives would be more real and interesting than this. I wouldn't have said something like this prior to "Rock of Love." But after that skank debacle……pssh.

  10. 10

    Re: hawtmomma

    haha I was thinkin the same thing. "Is that thing real??"

  11. 11

    Re: Naomid – whos stupid you? so the doctors and documentation are wrong? whats wrong today someone steal your pop tart?

  12. 12

    all of you that are hating on bret just need to GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! JEALOUS MUCH?

  13. 13

    Re: Q*bert – lol…seriously…but if it IS real…then hellooooooooooooooooooooooo Bret! ;-P

  14. 14

    Is that Jamie Grubbs (Tiger's mistress) behind him?

  15. 15

    Take off the hat and head scarf already! We don't care if you are a baldy. Get real.

  16. 16

    Re: alihalley – so true…

  17. 17


  18. 18


  19. 19

    Re: Naomid
    As an RN, I can say I HAVE seen it! It boggles the mind when we get pts like that, but it DOES happen. And a lot of us (med professionals) attribute it to a tremendous amt of "can do". Some people get hit with something like this, and just give up. Others, like the pt I have seen and Bret from the way it sounds, absolutely REFUSE to give up!!
    But, I can honestly say it CAN happen. And good for Bret for pulling through this!

  20. 20

    Re: Naomid – I totally agree with you 1000%. It's all bull shit. He may have had some sort of surgical procedure but he wouldn't be released in just 2 weeks for a brain bleed.

  21. 21

    I would sooooooo read about his life!!!!! GO BRET!!! BE WELL AND TAKE CARE!!!