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More Miley!

| Filed under: Miley Cyrus

In case you missed it….

Check out Mileybird's performance of Can't Be Tamed, live on Letterman last night, above!

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71 comments to “More Miley!”

  1. 1

    WTF y is she wearing pants? uhh this is weird

  2. 2


  3. 3

    1. her dancing is awful 2. she tried wayyyy too hard to sing that song

  4. 4

    dear lord, she is a terrible singer
    who ever is back-up vocals should take the stage
    i don't know why this child thinks she deserves to be famous lol

  5. 5

    WTF??? Perez…you are already in trouble and you keep blogging about her.

    The fact that they haven't filed charges yet, I am suspecting all this was a publicity stunt. Come on she is out promoting her stupid CD during all this conterversy.

  6. 6

    I'm giving her credit where due - she looks good, was appropriately stage-dressed and I like this song. I'll admit it's more fun when she's got her feathers flying, but she's trying to evolve and that's what a good performer is supposed to do. go, Miley, go!

  7. 7

    obnoxxxx. and those lights gave me a seizure

  8. 8

    people say what they want… this girl can sing.

  9. 9

    eww what the fuck is that voici!!! her singing is awful!

  10. 10

    i don't see why ppl say she's such a bad singer. she sounds good to me.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    my goodness Perez, you are totally overdoing it !! i'm so embarrassed for you !

  13. 13

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – it definitely is a publicity stunt! on her interview with ryan seacrest, she even said "can you believe all this is happening right before my cd comes out"..

    HA she loves it, it was all planned

  14. 14

    Any day now, we're going to get the "I don't know, my boobs just grew to D cups over night!" Also, her singing is atrocious.

  15. 15

    sucking up much?

  16. 16

    Hate her all you want but you cant deny that she can sing and shes a great song writer as well. Just admit for once. there aint no denying it.

  17. 17

    im glad shes starting to dress more appropriately, but the fact remains, her voice sucks..

  18. 18

    Oh right, so after all the bitching NOW you love this girl? UGH.

  19. 19

    Re: nkhan086 – you cant possibly say her voice sucks and then compliment Selena the queen of autotune and crap. Have you heard Selena live?Shes so bad that she has the audience sing the hig notes for her in her songs. Look it up on youtube. not to be mean to Selena bu tif You think Mileys bad and Selena is good you may be …. tonedeaf

  20. 20

    Shes N DEmi lovto thats for sure. but she sounded ok

  21. oandc says – reply to this


    horrible song!

  22. 22

    mario, you are officially the biggest suckup on the planet.

  23. 23

    Can you say talentless hack?

    American's should be ashamed that we encourage this kind of crap behavior and try to pass it off as entertainment.

    What's worse is we let the youth listen to this poorly written crap.

  24. 24

    Mario you are the biggest KISS ASS in town, now get your ass to jail you pedo

  25. Nikk says – reply to this


    i think it was a good performance

  26. 26

    Wow. This music is so amazingly original and provocative. Give me a break. The lyrics sound like something a Jr. high student would write on their book cover. Such a hard life she lives that she can't be "changed" or "tamed." Can't wait for her meltdown.

  27. 27

    dont care if she is 17 i still would tap that ass

  28. 28

    she is an epic fail. i dont know why people let her sing. singing is meant to be enjoyed…that was not enjoyable.

  29. 29

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – TOTALLY AGREE

  30. 30

    Lol can you say legend?
    And people, if you don't like her, fine. But to say that she can't sing? that just makes you sound stupid. You just don't like her style.
    Lol you guys are addicted to haterade, no matter what she does. Millions of people love her, get over it. She isn't going anywhere =]

  31. 31

    isnt the first time shes used scandals as a publicity stunt
    not surprised she had a hand in her inappropriate photo

  32. 32

    Glad she decided to wear clothes for once.

  33. 33

    i'm embarrassed for her every time she performs. good god, she really has no talent.

  34. 34

    WE get it, Mileybird. You can't be tamed.

  35. 35

    Re: Mags84 – fuck you !!!! YOU make it sound like she enjoys it, but she said "i can't believe this whole negative publicity comes out right before my record" as a fucking BAD thing

    you know what, i'm great full to Perez for making such a mistake only days before CBT come on store, cuz it got her GOOD publicity, she looks like an innocent victim, and Perez like a heartless fucking old prig, and this got people to talk about her POSITIVELY which is gonna get her more sales, which means MORE MONEY

    and you'll be… well here, desperate in front of you're computer, watching her getting richer and richer, and flying all around the world (on her private plane) and doing sold out shows or festival where she performs and has FUN in front of 90 000 people !

  36. 36

    her performances of this song are slowly getting better(:

  37. 37

    @Miley's BIGGEST fan
    i totally agree. People are fucking retarded.
    Keep PWNing the haters

  38. 38

    I've become a Miley fan, love that song.

  39. 39

    Who is this? This can't be Miley!!!! I know that for a fact because Miley doesn't wear pants, only shorts that could be classified as underwear and a bodysuit! This is an imposter! Still a bad voice though.

  40. 40

    Idk how some people think she CAN sing…. She CANNOT. Some listeners are tone deaf. You'd have to be to enjoy her voice.

  41. 41


  42. 42

    in the end with the adlips was the only moment I thought she did good. But I'm sorry she's not THAT great of a singer… She's ok but the high notes she bearly gets, Its a shame because I do like the song and she does write cute things, but here vocals aren't that great…

  43. 43

    Wow she's actually wearing clothing… And FYI the girl cannot sing…

  44. 44

    Re: Soda-Pop-Lover – Didn't you used to be a fan? If you hate her now, then you were never a true fan.
    She CAN sing. But since you started hating her you changed your tune? pathetic. I guess peer pressure's a bitch, huh?

  45. 45

    The only reason i logged on to this stupid site was to say perez hilton should be charged for acting like a pervert the girls only 17 he did this cause hes a loser and needed attention i hope u go to jail then u will get what u deserve.

  46. 46

    Perez is a pervert that should be thrown in jail posting pics or "LINKS" whatever this guys got no talent for nothing just talking shit i hope u get gang raped in jail

  47. 47

    she should hire someone to teach her how to dance because that was just awful and extremely creepy.
    … we can say that at least she was wearing pants this time.

  48. 48

    oh my god! why does she think she can sing a hip hop pop song? She should save her voice for country. She's not hot, shes just cute, thats all folks!

  49. 49

    At best, it'sa very lame song with really no musicality. I hate it, but then I hate all her music

  50. 50

    Something I never understand about Miley's live performances is how on earth can she sing the higher ablib parts bang on tune but she somehow struggles with the rest of the melody?

    Whereas it's usually vice versa for majority of female singers..

  51. 51

    Mario, its so funny how you keep blogging nice things about, normally you would have called this shiteous, or whatever other gay term you use. Scared much huh?! LMAO :p

  52. 52

    I love singing along to Miley. I always sound better and I am by no means a good singer. Ha I don't understand why some people can actually say she has a good voice. I am embarrassed for them.

  53. 53

    When is some one, anyone (I'm saying something like a public back lash or riot), going to say "No, wait, stop! This girl CAN NOT sing."? My lawd that is some horrible singing. This always amazes me, and not in a "You're so AMAZING" way.

  54. 54

    Personally, i do think Miley has potential as a singer, ateast for a Disney star. But she is not PDiddy or JayZ, her posture is atrocious. I know she has been nicknamed "MileyBird" but she looks more like a wild cat going in for the kill.
    And this hand thing? She looks like she is swatting a fly or has ran into a glass revolving door.

  55. 55

    Re: brydenpearce – pdiddy or jay-z..ughh.. u make no sense.

  56. 56

    OMG that was painful to hear and even more painful to watch. She's straining so bad to get the song out I was afraid she was going to shit herself.
    And this is considered "talent"???????
    Makes me sick that this twit was handed this on a platter but TRUE talent out there can't catch that break. Why doesn't the "entertainment" industry open it's doors to those that can actually entertain people.

  57. 57

    I like Miley… she's always been a cutie and I've always (embarrassingly) enjoyed her music. What I find odd is that you've been REALLY positive about her music for the last two weeks. I mean, I think it's wonderful, but it's just odd. YOU WENT FROM NOT REALLY LIKING HER MUSIC to calling it the best thing ever. Are you ok, babe?

  58. 58

    Hm… she does have potential. I don't like knowing how hard it is to sing (her straining) but like someone said, how is she tuned correctly for the higher ad lib parts but not for the reality of her song?

    As a fellow Sagittarian, I can relate to the lyrics of this song, but the music is horrid, her posture is horrid, her 'dancing' and strange hand movements are horrid. Basically, most of the practical stuff that makes a great entertainer is horrid.

  59. 59

    since wen do u like slutty cyruss
    n her music and her face luks and sounds like shittt

  60. 60

    i love her shes amazing! so shutt up

  61. 61

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – i think like you

  62. 62

    This was one of her worse performance. It she is going to sing this song then be dressed so that it looks like it belongs with the song and fix her hair so it won't mess up. I just didn't like this performance but i like the lyrics =]

  63. 63

    i don't dislike her… but who does she think she is? she is not steven tyler so she needs to get those scarves off her mic stand asap. she's trying way too hard to be rock/edgy… she needs to start with being original!

  64. 64

    Ugghhh… what sharp marketing won't do for basic ordinary talent in America.
    What an unattractive voice… I had to turn it off.

  65. lonnn says – reply to this



  66. 66

    o gosh, she haven voice, a fucking shit :S

  67. 67

    whutta skank bagg

  68. 68

    she is totally lip syncing

  69. 69

    I like this song………..sorry miley not a fan of yours though! Does your daddy know you cant be tamed?

  70. 70

    I think its funny when the backup singers sound better then the singing star. Mileys voice sucks. I can't stand this kind of stupid pop. Its meant for 12 year olds, but then again, that is her demographic.

  71. 71

    she looks like she's having a seizure.