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Obama To Get An Internet Kill Switch??

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This is SO not cool!

U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman is proposing a new bill, which will give the White House and President Obama "absolute power" to shut down the entire internet if there is "a cybersecurity emergency."

The bill, which is formally titled the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, or PCNAA will require that "broadband providers, search engines, or software firms immediately comply with any emergency measure or action put in place by the Department of Homeland Security, or else face fines."

Lieberman defends the bill, saying:

"For all of its 'user-friendly' allure, the Internet can also be a dangerous place with electronic pipelines that run directly into everything from our personal bank accounts to key infrastructure to government and industrial secrets. Our economic security, national security and public safety are now all at risk from new kinds of enemies–cyber-warriors, cyber-spies, cyber-terrorists and cyber-criminals."

He has a point, but this also sounds like just another Big Brother tactic to limit our free speech. If there is a cyber emergency, would shutting off the internet be the wisest choice??


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241 comments to “Obama To Get An Internet Kill Switch??”

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  1. 101

    Sounds like they are preparing for worst-case, "unforeseen" scenarios to me. the internet could definitely come back to bite us, you never know. Would've been nice if they had a plan in place for a big oil spill.

  2. 102

    As if this is gonna happen

  3. 103

    In some ways I support it. You know what, I remember when there was no internet. You know, it was great. We actually did things, met people, talked to them, interacted with them, and dare I say it we didn't bully them in hiding behind a computer screen. If it shuts sites like this down, then it's for the better of humanity. The internet only ruined us by driving us apart and making us big assholes, cause online we feel we can say whatever we want. Best of all just use an EMP on the world and we'll start all over discovering it all again. Maybe this time using solar, wind, and hydro power. Purify mother Earth why don't we.

  4. 104

    It is funny that all the libs would be crying about their first amendment rights. Boo Hoo! They are only concerned when it is THEIR rights. Regardless of whether or not this happens it will still be Bush's fault in their minds.

  5. 105

    Re: rayna – Maybe you should read my entire post… I have studied politics for years, Lieberman is a democrat in name only. A conservative would have proposed this as well… Think after 9/11 the Patriot Act? Wire Tapping, allowing torture? all CONSERVATIVE in the name of National security. He lost the senate bid in the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES a few years back and had to run as a independent and got more votes from Republicans, than he did Democrats but yes he did win. Which means technically he is a Independent. And maybe you should watch your spell check? morn? lmao— Name calling only shows your true majority ;)

  6. 106

    Re: TheBraveOutside
    Good for you, seriously. If every American was like you we'd be in a lot better shape, pull your own. I hope you excel and get everything you work hard for, if we stopped giving shit away to lazy slobs that won't lift a finger because govt. will give them all they need, watch how fast the welfare people would take those jobs that "Americans won't do." Thank you, and best of luck to you.

  7. 107

    Re: ShoeWhore – Well, thankfully for us we don't do anything so you people in the 1st world like us.. If you don't like us then f.u.. Anyways if you're in your way to become the next Venezuela (according to you) then you're going to hate your country in the future (if you're from the U.S.) and you're so ignorant you don't know his name is Chavez and not Chevez.. Of course i make a lot of mistakes when i write in english but i bet you can't say 10 different words in spanish.. There's a lot of buzz of Chavez planning to control the internet in Venezuela but it looks like Obama is going to do it first! HA!

  8. 108

    Re: kriskriskris – Felicitaciones!! Sabes insultar a la gente en español y en ingles!! Lo digo poeque vi solo una fraccion tu historial aqui en Perezhilton.. Debes de tener una vida triste y patetica, probablemente chupandole las bolas a los gringos aunque lo mas seguro es que jamas en tu vida te vean como su igual porque para ellos nosotros somos seres inferiores.. Eso explicaria porque escribes comentarios tan negativos en la internet.. En vez de mandarte a la mierda espero que mejores todos los problemas mentales que tienes!

  9. 109

    Re: rayna – I'm not going to argue with you about that because i think Obama sucks too.. I agree with some of the things but i don't really care if he's keeping his word.. I only know he's creating more and more wars just like Bush did..

  10. 110

    There was a special about hackers on one of the national news programs on tv last week. Countries such as China and Russia are working to hack into our internet systems and are trying to find a way to shut down our electricity. If they do that, the USA is susceptible to attack without defense. Also, consider the monetary/banking aspect of our internet being hacked into. Why are people up in arms about an emergency/temporary loss of internet, in exchange for an entire country's safety and benefit?

  11. 111

    Why are people so angry?? Because you losers won't be able to access this blog and bitch and moan like kids about everything.. some of you need a life. The American government has always controlled its people so don't be soo surprised.

  12. 112

    Lieberman is C R A Z Y, no surprise here

  13. 113

    i've been trying to tell people about the illuminati and their new world order plans. illuminati is afraid of being exposed because there's too much information about them and their evil. shutting down the internet is one of them

  14. 114

    Re: nicklepickle5184 – Thats what the government wants people to think. That China and Japan are out to get us. Don't believe the shit you see on tv.

  15. 115

    Ooo, lucky us! Just like Iran!

  16. 116

    I am so glad that I can proudly say that I didn't vote for Obama. I read his books and it was very evident that he doesn't like America and he would implement laws and regulations taking away our freedoms and liberty. They need to be saving the gulf!!! Does it upset anyone else that Obama has refused help from 13 other countries on the oil spill?!?! :(

  17. 117

    Fuck that. If this happens I'm moving to Europe.

  18. 118

    Can someone please explain to me why so many people are attacking the president over a bill proposed by an independent senator from Connecticut?

  19. 119

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – every time I read something that you write on this blog it confirms my belief that you are an idiot. Learn the definite of a sociopath and do your research on where people come from and what they believe you racist fuck. You're comments are one of the reasons I have such a bad impression of Americans.

  20. 120

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    You're being a fucking idiot, the man is doing his best to support his family WITHOUT taking shit from the government, he should be applauded, not ostracized. Reread his post because I'm sure you misread it, otherwise you're a phoney. He was talking about the middle class that are fucking the taxpayers whereas he's working two jobs and not taking a cent. And it's none of your business if he has 20 kids, if he takes care of them without a fucking government handout, that's his business, you should be ranting about the crackwhores that are pushing puppies out to get a bigger welfare check.
    You owe him an apology.

  21. 121

    I am absolutely against this, it gives one person too much power. If this goes through what's going to happen to our freedom of speech? Before we know it we will be living in 1984 and we will be imprisoned for speaking our mind or thinking our thoughts. We need to stand up as the people of the world and fight for our rights. We vote in our governments and should have the right to take them out as THE PEOPLE.

  22. 122

    sneaky bastards

  23. 123

    So, he's proposing that the government, AKA Obama, can have complete and utter control over the internet, when he couldn't even be bothered to go visit the gulf for 5-6 weeks and talked to the CEO of BP days later? This is the man that everyone put in control.
    And to all you people crying about how this isn't Obama's fault or idea, you're right. Obama has nothing to do with it YET, but you know he's going to be all over this like white on rice. He's already taken control over several other things, why not the internet? So shut up, you know he's going to love this and do everything in his power to get it done. And you cannot sit here and tell me that you think he's doing a good job. Maybe you do, in which case YOU calling US morons has no meaning to me at all. I find it comical. Have you seen his approval ratings? Devastating.

  24. 124

    Not cool at all…

  25. 125

    Re: festus11 – Asshole, I addressed the fact that I'm pissed at all criminals including the middle class people criminally taking freebies/handouts. Does he want a fucking cookie for taking care of his kids? He sounded like he was bitching about it. Chris Rock has a skit about people who want credit for taking care of their kids. I suggest you go look up the skit on You Tube. I owe no one an apology and that's why no one will get an apology.

  26. 126

    Re: JRodFilms – Bush was a puppet.

  27. 127

    Re: disectgaga – Right, because not liking a president makes someone racist. Good God, what is wrong with people? People JUST SO HAPPEN to not like certain black people (which, by the way, he's only half black, so wouldn't that make him half-racist?) and because they don't like a black person, that's racist. Then fuck it. I'm racist because I don't like our president. EVERYONE LOOK OVER HERE!! I DON'T LIKE OUR PRESIDENT!!! I'M A RACIST FUCK!!

  28. 128

    Re: disectgaga – Ok, I'll learn the "definite" of a sociopath. Fucking idiot. You can't even spell correctly in the same post where you are calling me an idiot. I'm not racist and I don't care if you call me one. I tell the truth and, apparently, it hurts. Lastly, you aren't from America and you don't seem to like Americans. Americans don't give a fuck what foreigners think about us. That is a good thing. Only Barry cares what the world thinks of America and that is why he went on his apology tour soon after getting elected. Look how well it worked. Everyone loves Americans now.

  29. 129

    Re: Captain Canada – cheers!

  30. 130

    White people and their anxiety to anything! People are still worrying about the Red Scare? Oh God.

    Anyways, this was Joe's idea, not Obama. Exactly why are people talking about Obama, I'm not sure.

  31. 131

    Are we not Americans anymore?… Are we blind? How can those of you who still support this mindset not see the road we are going down.

  32. 132

    i actually think its a good idea.. if a cyber emergency would really be a big threat. dont worry guys, if it passes its not gonna be used for something stupid or the government will be heavily panned by it

  33. 133

    Thank you Perez for posting this. What's also scary is that I haven't heard anything about this on the news, wtf is that about? We're left to hear about major changes in our govt via gossip sites and word of mouth? These are scary times, and we're def in danger of "Big Brother" with this bill if it passes as you mentioned. I already emailed both of my Senators to urge them to vote NO on this bill. I suggest you all do the same!

  34. 134

    Re: Missysimpson – thank you. But really, you can't expect much from these people. But, of course the day that there's a big internet attack with viruses effecting their bank accounts and porn, they'll be screaming about why nothing was put in place to prevent such widespread mess.

  35. 135



  36. 136

    Hey you're the douche bag who voted for him…..what did you think you were going to get?

  37. 137


  38. 138

    Wow, I'm not even American and i'm outraged. This will set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the world. For all the talk about China's Great Firewall even they don't have the power to shut off all your access.

    Imagine you're about to make that big stock market score, kill that level 900 troll boss or jsut download some juicy porn when BZZT the internet goes dead. There's always hackers…so will you have rolling internet blackouts?

  39. 139

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver

    Wow, your going there? Bad move. You called me an asshole? You went from a coherent poster to a total drunken fool. I replied before but it didn't come up and I want to rip you a new asshole so I'm going to post this and see if it comes up. Buckle up, douchebag, and let the games begin.

  40. 140

    Hey Ding Dongs, It's JOE LIEBERMAN, NOT BARACK OBAMA who is proposing this new "internet shut down" bill. People are hating on Obama as if it was his idea. Did we just read the same article? Lieberman is a "democrat" in name only. He speaks @ REPUBLICAN conventions, votes like one and now is proposing a bill that shows what he's really about. To me, the comments on here are proof positive that the ignorance is not coming from the White House, it's coming from stupid ass Americans who have spent years being shuttled through crappy schools. Read the god dammed article you idiots.

    This has nothing to do with Obama being elected president. And don't forget, the expensive wars we are currently in, the first bailout…and all the nonsense that went with it…was started during the BUSH YEARS. God damn people in this country are dumb. Almost unbelievably. I feel good about myself, I can read.

  41. 141

    This scares the CRAP out of me! I agree with you. If we have a national emergency, the internet is the LAST thing we want to shut off. Yep, this is Big Brother at work.

  42. 142

    See Mario? See what happens when people don't pay attention to politics? When they pay wages to the foxes in the hen house? When they pay attention to your bullshit instead? I've known about this for years now. As Has anyone that listens to Alex Jones. It's true, the government does want to censor the internet. Big brother is well on it's way.
    Everyone look at their built in camera on their laptop. How do you know it's not recording right now?

  43. 143

    Someday we will all be reminiscing about when america was…america. I completely understand the allure of having you gov't do everything for you. I don't understand the complete lack of understanding that the government is NOT supposed to be a surrogate parent. I have parents. I don't need my gov't being one as well. Far from it. I spent a good portion of my life trying to get independence from the parents, actually. I've had about enough of this administration playing dad. I don't need to be taken care of. A safety net is fine. Coddling…so not down with.

  44. 144

    No one read that "eldrige" person post, that's a sad pathetic internet tough guy with no friends. That person has no life, and only lives for this blog..

  45. 145

    Unfortunately most of you here are too dense to have even thought of doing your homework on this subject…but in short, this is old news. Think of it this way; you know how BP is currently controlling what you find under google search regarding the oil spill? You don't think that other media outlets or high officials are trying to do the same with other major issues (ie an internet kill-switch?) Stop being sheep and do some research for yourselves! Currently the internet is the most uncontrollable resource in the world. It is the most unregulated form of free speech out there. Look at social media; in the matter of SECONDS a tweet, a fb post can make or break you. BUT imagine if the internet had a kill switch…We've come to rely on social media and technology so much that we wouldn't know what to do without it….don't take away our free-speech! It's not only free speech, but it's linked to our bank accounts, cell phones, and any important records. Think about that for a moment. It'd create chaos! not prevent it!

  46. 146

    Re: festus11 – LOL I'm not going there. I went there. And bring it, bitch. You called me "a fucking idiot" and told me I owe someone an apology. LOL I can only imagine you thought you would get away with that shit because you also talked smack on Barry. You thought wrong, baby doll :)
    Don't trip if I don't reply right away. I'll handle you in the morning.

  47. 147

    Re: kimboik – that was the last book a had to read at school :/
    I don't think he'll shut it down unless it was the end of the world our something

  48. 148

    Hell no. I thought we lived in America, not in sum third world country. If i didn't have my internet i really think i would die. no joke. So they better not take it away!!!!

  49. 149

    Hello, morons! Mario (and ghost writers), stop trying to induce panic. The "entire internet" is virtually impossible to shut down. You may think that the world outside your borders is irrelevant, but the internet is connected through thousands of nodes across the globe. Even if all the nodes in the US are somehow made inactive, or your ISPs are all shut down, the internet world will simply go on around you and still be available to your more enterprising citizens who know their way around satellites and server systems.

    By the way, all these racist haters here sure do say a lot about your country. They're just waiting to pin this crap on Obama, who, just to be clear, DID NOT propose the bill. LIEBERMAN, the famous turncoat, did. I know a lot of you are angry about your financial situation (care of Bush, by the way, not the new guy), but the blatant racism and hatred only makes you less likable, and thus less investable, to the rest of the world.

  50. 150

    Re: Welcome to Costco. I love you – Go away troll, just checking, I have bigger fish to fry.

  51. 151

    Although it might be better for our society if the internet was never invented, it would be so fucked up if they took it away. Imagine all the people that would lose there jobs. So many people run websites, web stores and other things.. Also kids get information here for school, some do online schooling.. Some stores registers are run by a computer. There's so much the internet can do. It's really powerful and it would be really disappointing if they just shut it all down. Also, bravo white house. Now that you pointed it out, people will probably try and find a way to hack the system.. And yes I agree lots of bad things are on the internet, such as porn and cyber bullying but I think porn should be banned and then cyber bullying should be enforced. Little things could be fixed but I find it stupid for them to ever take it away.

  52. 152

    I say, ship the Jew to Gaza.

  53. 153

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    您是笨蛋 Okay, Mr. Anthropologist, that is what you told everyone on this board that you were, right? Well, every anthropologist knows what I started with. I tried to put this up before but it doesn't work, if it does I'll get back to you.

  54. 154

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You're a racist pig. I hope you never step beyond your borders because your angry ignorance is toxic to everything around you. Considering the racist environment people like you create, it actually amazes me that there are still illegal immigrants sneaking into your country just to hang out with the likes of you. You don't care what we think? Well, who do you think your country does business with? Whose resources do you think your country exploits? Without the rest of the world to trade with, you don't even have enough oil to power your cars. You're the "ugly American" the rest of the world talks about. If I promise to stay out of your country, will you promise to never leave yours?

  55. 155

    In case you guys don't remember - technically the US government invented the internet during the Cold War, and thus, whatever they do to it really is under their jurisdiction. we're all lucky to be able to use the internet. Also - wtf guys, what if China hacks into the CIA? What then? Are you okay with the US being unable to protect sensitive information from combatant countries? think, dimwits.

  56. 156

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    Good, what I wanted to post finally showed. Tell me what it says Mr. Anthropologist and tell me why they say that. For all our followers, it's post #153. You see, in previous posts, Mr./Ms. Cleaver stated he/she was anthropologist. My first cousin, and my best friend, has a doctorate in anthropology and he told me everything about the Chinese that I posted @153. Unfortunately, he ended up dying here in Seattle as an engineer for Boeing. If Mr. or Mrs. Cleaver can tell me what it is, and what it means to ALL anthropologists, then we can carry on with the battle. Either way I'm going to rip him/her a new asshole. You should never fuck with someone who is doing everything to take care of his family without taking SHIT from the government. So, scumbag Cleaver, I'm middle class and do what I can for people that are working their ass of to take of their family's, I'm guessing you're a middle class piece of shit that the hardworking people below you hate. I'll fight for the working man, and fuck you.
    Let's go Mr. Anthropologist, it's you and me, not Costco or whoever, you and me…you're the one that called me an asshole. I want to rip your fucking heart out…bring it.

  57. 157

    This administration is fucking ridiculous and obama is just a puppet with false promises. What about healthcare, the 2 wars, the oil spill, the banking crisis. Obama is the worst president bar Nixon and he will be lucky to get another term. We had such high hopes but every issue he deals with is "complex". I for one suggest anarchy and dismay against this totaritarianist regime !!

    - The Judge.

  58. 158

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I usually agree with your comments, but that is disgusting. You think Obama is the worst president in history, when Bush was in office for 8 years?!? Obama didn't bring us into an unnecessary war that is killing our country's young servicemen and women. Obama has also been PROVEN to be a US citizen, when the state of Hawaii showed the press his original birth certificate, but that's not enough for you people. If you weren't ignorant, you would know Hawaiian law regarding birth certificates. But, no, you still insist he's a foreigner and a Muslim. What would be the issue if he was a Muslim? You people disgust me, throwing a man's religion around as an attempt at an insult. You're just another ignorant redneck, pissed off that a black man is in the White House. You'd rather keep the office white. Bigot.

  59. 159

    Re: seespeakhear

    He actually belongs to the independent party.

  60. 160

    Obama is a Communist Ghetto Thug!

  61. 161

    Re: Serena Loves Mario
    Go away, you're an idiot.

  62. 162

    omg perez you're retarded. just because your LIFE is based on the internet, doesn't make it so for the rest of the world. chill out everyone! it's just the interent, if anything we should try to be a bit liess dependent on it (including myself)

  63. 163

    Re: the squirrel

    Europe already has internet "kill switch" legislation passed and in place for their border routers. You'd be moving directly into what you're trying to escape.

    I've been an internet traffic engineer since 1997. This won't happen. Even if he said to turn it off, I will disobey the order and do everything in my power (which is root access to hundreds of core routers) to make sure traffic keeps moving. so piss off with this legislation.

  64. 164

    I am sure 99% of you people commenting VOTED for him…… SO SUCK IT UP IDIOTS !

  65. 165

    Alex Jones has been talking about this for 2 years. i stopped watching tv a year ago and get all my info from a computer, this bill will never gain traction.

  66. 166

    This could not/ would not ever happen as it would cause the collapse of the worldwide banking and SEC institutions. This is just a rumour to instill fear into foolish people.

  67. 167

    Dude, that's as bad as the Bill they're trying to get passed in the UK right now. We're all doomed.

  68. 168

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You obviously know shit about the rest of the world's opinion of America. The world hated America because of Bush. The world now likes America a bit more and you will never hear a bad thing about Obama on a foreign news station (maybe with the exception of North Korea). Why don't you leave your little ignorant middle America bubble and travel outside the US and actually ask the opinion of others, rather than assuming that because bigots like yourself hate Obama, that everyone hates him, too.

  69. 169

    Re: festus11 – I'd love to know exactly how I'm an idiot. Before you go around spewing insults about someone's intelligence, learn proper grammar (your and you're aren't the same words, sweetie). It will make your point seem more valid.

  70. 170

    Re: festus11 – You obviously never took a history class to learn the definition of a dictator, moron.

  71. 171

    Also, how the hell did this turn into a debate about Obama? Joe Lieberman is proposing the bill. Jesus, you people are idiots.

  72. 172


  73. 173

    this is priceless 'imagine 'all the little fat net addicts stuffing their faces with macdonalds and playing their games or chatting or downloading illegal stuff and then pow they cut off the net and the parents (who all think the kids are some kind of computer geniuses force them out to get actual jobs!! AT MACDONALDS! simply being they have no actual skills… besides being good at some wancy computer game or being like zorac in some fantasy world

  74. 174

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I think you've really misunderstood that quote by Michelle and the reasoning behind it. No doubt you get all of your news from one (very biased) source, but that's an issue for another day. You can disapprove of the actions that the government takes and be disappointed in decisions made in the White House and still manage to take pride in your country for its best traits, such as freedom of speech. The US has a history of being overly aggressive and many countries are tired of dealing with the spoiled brat that our country has become. That is why they are turning to China to do more and more business.

    True patriots are the ones willing to voice their concerns because to remain silent is to suggest deference. And before anyone says it, Sarah Palin is not a true patriot. The Republican Party touted how much combined experience they had as compared to Obama and yet Mrs. Palin couldn't even manage to stick it out through one whole term as governor of Alaska. If she's willing to quit at that level, can you imagine what would happen if she were to be elected President?

  75. 175

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Michelle Obama is beautiful and you completely misunderstood her, as the above poster has pointed out.
    I knew Obama personally when he was a state senator and he is a wonderful person. Until you meet the man and actually speak to him, you have no right to judge what kind of person he actually is.

  76. 176


  77. 177

    Fuckin Obama…quit fucking up everything you moron!!!

  78. Logan says – reply to this


    Re: kriskriskris – thanks for the advice…. i bet it will too!

  79. 179

    This is WRONG and it only further proves that Obama's priorities are not in Americans' best interests.

  80. 180

    Hmm I'm a little worried by that. Not that it will effect me, I don't live in the united states, but for all of them it will effect. I think it can be exploit. I don't think President Obama will, but who knows with future presidents??

  81. 181

    The first rule of the Ass Kickers Club is that you don’t talk about the Ass Kickers Club.
    This means finding someone else’s ass to kick…right under a bus…today, it’s BP, tomorrow the Internet and every day will be
    George Bush.
    "What you goin’ to do, when they come for you?"

  82. 182

    Make a law that companies and gov't agencies aren't allowed to put things on the internet that could theaten nat'l security.

  83. 183

    Don't worry, Perez. If the internet shuts down and you're not able to post one of your thousands of lady caca suck ass posts, I think we will ALL survive.


  84. 184

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You dumbass' how is Obama a foreigner? He's from Hawaii-a state in the U.S.. Racist punk noted.

  85. 185

    I love how people are jumping on Obama. DID HE SIGN THE BILL!? NO HE DID NOT. I think he's doing a great job-such as healthcare. People are so quick to jump on him and all it is rascism. JOE is the one we should jump on for proposing it. What a bunch of retards you people are.

  86. 186

    You idiot, rad "Cyber War" by Richard Clarke. If we don't have this "kill switch" we are fucked. This is necessary. Believe it or not, there are things more important than your stupid pedophile site.

  87. 187

    Oh my god, you illiterate conservative bandwagon idiots, please shut up and READ the article. It says JOE LIEBERMAN is suggesting the bill, NOT Obama.

    Also stop whining about the government's hands-off reaction to the BP spill- You want the government to have no control or power, right? Oh, but you also want the administration to sweep in and magically make all your problems go away, how hypocritical.

  88. 188

    damn it's another way to stop communication between people…like all the illuminati bullshiz comming out on obama…obama isn't his real name it's "Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama Exposed…(look up on youtube). Alex Jones exposed the bohemiem grove with the cremation of care. They are all reptiles in the whitehouse. The NWO is taking over ALLL BIG businessess…..that means more ways for the crappy government to track us down. We are actually owned by the evil Queen of England our birthcirtificates are found on the stack market exchange. The freemasons. illuminati, satanists…people they are one in the same the "elite" want to do what Hitler did and exterminate the unwanted people—a.k.a Jews and Christians cuz the goverment is full of satanic corrupt muther fuc–ers!!!

  89. 189

    Scary thought to where this country will go with Presidents like Obama in office o.0

  90. 190

    PEOPLE STOP DEFENDING THE satanist Zionit president that we call Obama—-he is a fake and a fraud and is doing NO GOOD for the U.S. He's not even african american people wake the fuck up!!! He is another puppet in the big scheme of things…he wants to depopulate hense the 600 plus concentration camps throughout the us and alaska and canada….Alex Jones along with many others are saving our asses by exposing these assholes and you want to tell me obama is good?? He is a freemason….heartless satanists that wants to microchip everyone. God will turn Obama into dust. LONG LIVE JESUS CHRIST!

  91. Ron says – reply to this


    This guy has turned into the worst-case scenario for the US. We all bought that change bit, but his kind of change in destroying this country. Can't wait until he is going in 2012 if we last that long as a nation. He is worse than any president we have ever had in history. What a joke he is.

  92. Ron says – reply to this


    Re: kriskriskris – agree 100%. This guy is a joke and the joke is on the US people who bought his bag of fancy speeches.

  93. 193

    Re: mm1234
    I agree. They want corporations to be free to do whatever they want meanwhile it is the corporations who run most things as well as lobby for them. They want to fight for the "corporations" as if they are fighting for free enterprise which it totally comical. The corporations are a HUGE problem we have right now and people are too blind to see it.
    Yet when they corporation fucks up, Government has to step in NOW when it's too late instead of BEFORE to look over their shoulders and make sure everything was done right?
    Totally hypocritical. Totally makes no sense. Typical Right wing.
    Corporations don't look out for us. They look out for themselves. Their pockets are what matter to them. They will do anything to just suck out any last dollar out of US THE CONSUMERS and supply you with low quality products so you always have to replace them.
    Yet these right wing conservatives who AREN'T on the wealthier side are fighting for CORPORATION RIGHTS who wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire. LMAO.
    Yeah, let's fight for the rich corporations who run everything and are rich as fuck while we apply a social darwinistic view against the citizens in this country who have very little.
    Smart. Real smart…..

  94. 194

    Thank you, Perez for the Internet 411. I am against Joe Leiberman's bill for the president to control the Internet incase of cyber emergency.

  95. 195

    this is the most awful thing that I have ever heard of. Over the course of Obama's presidency, he has won a noble peace prize for absolutely nothing and put us into so much debt that our great grand children will still be worrying about it. He is terrible and all of the people that voted for him because of his "hope" need to open their eyes to the bad decisions Obama is making. This would be another one. There should never even be a conversation about limiting our freedom of speech.

  96. 196

    Re: festus11 – If crack -whores are having 20 kids then it's none of your business either.
    Do you see the irony in your post moron ?

  97. 197

    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. 198

    No this isn't ok but then again I can't see this passing it's to dictator for them to show us but doesn't mean they won't do it behind our backs it's not like it would be the first thing But what would crashing the Internet do for them they also use it even when ther is some crisis going on

  99. 199

    Communism! Called it a while ago now.

  100. 200

    Re: justtfax – That's why I didn't vote for the FOOL. They were warning people about this guy. No one listened.

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