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Obama To Get An Internet Kill Switch??

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This is SO not cool!

U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman is proposing a new bill, which will give the White House and President Obama "absolute power" to shut down the entire internet if there is "a cybersecurity emergency."

The bill, which is formally titled the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, or PCNAA will require that "broadband providers, search engines, or software firms immediately comply with any emergency measure or action put in place by the Department of Homeland Security, or else face fines."

Lieberman defends the bill, saying:

"For all of its 'user-friendly' allure, the Internet can also be a dangerous place with electronic pipelines that run directly into everything from our personal bank accounts to key infrastructure to government and industrial secrets. Our economic security, national security and public safety are now all at risk from new kinds of enemies–cyber-warriors, cyber-spies, cyber-terrorists and cyber-criminals."

He has a point, but this also sounds like just another Big Brother tactic to limit our free speech. If there is a cyber emergency, would shutting off the internet be the wisest choice??


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241 comments to “Obama To Get An Internet Kill Switch??”

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  1. 201

    Everyone in this country is so fucking pathetic. First of all, with a bill like this, there would be so many restrictions on when and how it was used. It's not like Obama can shut down the internet any damn time he feels like it. The point is to protect us from other countries who might try to harm us using the internet - which isn't an idea that's far off the mark, considering the entire world knows how much America relies on the internet. It's a safety precaution, not a chance to ruin your lives. This "internet shut down" would rarely, if ever, actually happen. The only reason people believe that Obama is ruining the country is because, for so long, we have dealt with Presidents who couldn't care less about the state of the country and the safety of its people. Now that we actually have a President who is trying to maintain some sense of order and dignity for the US, people think we're all in for a "new world order" or some other bullshit. Don't get your fucking panties in a twist.

  2. 202

    Why are people surprised? I hope anyone that has supported Barack Obama will finally see (through a small glimpse of this) who he really is. He is a communist. I will say, though, in his behalf he NEVER lied to anyone about being one. People just never wanted to listen to the fact that this man wants to be a dictator. Also, I am a conservative but I also believe in FREE speech even if I DON'T like it because that is what makes America great.

    I don't know. Maybe other people want to have their rights stripped from them never to return but I am NOT one of those people and this man (nor anyone for that matter) should ever have these types of powers afforded to them. Not even for a second.

  3. 203

    Obama is all for this to pass, if anyone bothers to read any other news than this site. THAT IS WHY EVERYONE IS RELATING THIS TO BARACK! He takes his marching orders fro 3 people… Andy Stern, George Soros, and Saul Alinsky. Corrupt and evil.

  4. 204

    wtf? Is this just for America or is it a worldwide shutdown?

  5. 205

    Hey guys…take a look at the SOURCE ARTICLE…Perez got it WRONG!!!! First of all it is not for all of the internet, secondly this has been proposed in the past, once by a REPUBLICAN, third the power to do so would require dire circumstances, just like those required to instate Marshall Law and finally, the bill is very unlikely to past since changes to the presidents emergency powers are frequently shut down by congress…

    And really, enough of the shouts of "Muslim foreigner"…people who say that just sound ignorant since pretty much everyone with a brain knows it is not true…even the opposition. Go hang out with the delusional birthers!

  6. 206

    obamarabia power

  7. 207

    Well, implementing such a policy would just give terrorists (or any foolio who felt like raising hell) another easy tool to use in being able to easily cause mass confusion and to further batter our already beaten-up economy. Lieberman better run to his proctologist's office to have his HEAD pulled outta his ARSE, ASAP and on the double!!! He sure has scat for brains!

  8. 208

    Re: MP – yessss i was scrolling down the comments, and this is the first that isnt completely ignorant! people need to click the link to the real article and not just read the entry from perez and form an opinion

  9. 209

    People, wake up. I have a errible, terrible feeling that this is tied to the eco-disaster in the gulf, which they are lying about through their teeth. This gusher- it is NOT a spill, as spills end- may go on for years, according to scientists in Europe. If it does, the entire eastern seaboard will become a dead zone. Not to mention where the f*ck else. Maybe the entire hemisphere. Did it strike any of you that this is coming now, nearly two months into an unchecked national disaster that the press is not even being allowed access to? No one is allowed to get on these beaches to take photos. The press is completely shut out. Bp is controlling EVERYTHING. even the health care of the clean up workers. Something is afoot. I feel it in my bones. They will make a false flag cyber terrorism alert in the coming months, no doubt about it. So none of us will be able to access the independent news site. I have a terrible feeling in my gut about all of this. You should, too.

  10. 210

    Hell, you're not crazy. I, for one, believe you. It's the NWO. We are all in for a ride over the next two years. Mark my words. First this spill, and now, the internet may go bye bye, to protect us from knowledge, and to protect them from the outouring of rage and rebellion that results from this knowledge. Start packing for the mountains now. It's on.

  11. 211

    Please im pretty sure if the government wanted to shut off the internet at this very second its possible. I rem when all that crap came out wit south park having a cartoon deplicting the islamic god and a terrorist website was talking about them. The link to that website was every where but when I tried clicking on it, it would not come up and would say explorer wont bring it up. Already the govnt can listen to phn calls, read emails, and know exactly what you are googling. Its ok because of "terrorist". I dont kno if I agree with this or not I guess I would have to kno the circumstances, but if you think that things like this havent been already happening for years now then you are niaeve.

  12. 212

    Re: festus11 – You advised me to "buckle up" for that? Is that what you call bringing it? You're pathetic. I'm an anthropologist. I'm not Chinese. And that chicken scratch you managed to post means jack shit to me. I'm sure I could copy that shit and find out what it means but I don't care about some stupid Chinese saying. You probably think that Chinese shit = wisdom. I don't. You called me a fucking idiot. I called you an asshole. You got pissed. I gave you two black eyes. You asked me to meet you outside school at 3pm for a re-match. I told you I'd be there but might be a little late. You stood outside the school (with your two black eyes I gave you) for hours waiting to fight me. I went surfing and did a bunch of other stuff because I don't fight people who already have black eyes. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. By the way, I stand by all the shit I said about Barry and his anti-American wife. If you don't like it then call me a fucking idiot or a racist. See if I care.

  13. 213

    Re: Bored As Hell – He's not a CONGRESSMAN he's a SENATOR and don't think for a minute that Obama wouldn't sign that into law asap, I can see him rubbing his evil power hungry hands together already

  14. 214

    I think the huge problem is everyone expected whatever person was voted as president to come in and fix EVERYTHING. This country didnt all of a sudden go into a reccesion. Lots of factors and time went into that. There is no way, not even if Mccain was president, that our economy would be any different. Its going to take time. And how the hell do you guys think Mccain/ Palin would have handled BP? Rem palin donned the quote Drill, baby, drill. It would have been a massacre! The point is there is no winning party or person out there that is going to magically get us out of where we are. Its going to take time and for Americans we dont like that. Everything is instant gratification. Every thing is now the blame game. All these conspiracy therories about our president just makes us look really stupid to all the other countries. The man isnt going to take over America in just 3 years. If you dont like him than vote him out in the next elections but please quit with this illumunati and NWO bs. Hes not the damn antichrist!

  15. 215

    Re: repeat_9792 – Yes I agree so much! PPL act like hes just going to shut it dwn whenever he feels. There will be so much redtape to go thru first it wont even be funny.

  16. 216

    I can't believe this guy is president, what a loser!

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Lieberman is going to lose a lot of X's at voting venues, imo.

  18. 218

    No, Obama shouldn't have that kind of power; no one should for that matter.

  19. 219

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Just for the record… I have ONE child and do not complain about supporting him on my own. I think it's great. I complain about people who already have enough and then jump on the "I'm poor" bandwagon without merit and tell government agencies they don't have a male figure in their household making money when they clearly do. They do not get caught. While I dislike the system giving out too much money so some can remain unemployed, I get more fired up about giving out money to those who ARE employed but take advantage of the fact that no one checks as to whether or not their information is real.

  20. 220

    Re: TheBraveOutside – Duly noted. It looks like we can both agree that the system is broken and it bums us out. I'm glad you enjoy taking care of your child and I'm not being a smart ass. Take care.

  21. 221

    This is insane! What if you don't live in America??!!!! I mean i live in Ireland and i don't want my internet shut down whenever there's some security issue on the other side of the world! No offense to any americans, i love you guys, but we shouldn't have to deal with that kind of thing!! If it's your problem, fix it without affecting all us other countries! All I'm sayin!

  22. 222

    obama is doing nothing but fucking up our country thanks all the dumb ass people that voted for him!! your sprry ass mf's!!!

  23. 223

    now i get it, as soon as Obama takes something like this away from the citizens everyone finally hates him. All who commented and are viewing you should watch FOX news sometime. They actually keep all the "bull" Obama is about that NBC and all those networks leave off. Sorry for the harsh words, but all the mess was bound to happen. I wish America could have seen how tricky his words are and how he manipulates before he became president. I just hope all the problems that are going on get resolved. It already been 1 1/2 years since he has been president. So, far I can't think of anything he has done exept the absurd health reform. Thank you… that is all.

  24. 224

    1st of all in case none of you know your net could be knocked out becuz a whale hit one of the wires on the bottom on the ocean>.>…and since this is a US thing I cant say I really care but um Obama did NOT propose it..it's tht Lieber dude..and so you know as smart as the authorities are getting the villains are getting smarter -.-….dont fool yourself nothing is free in this world not even your speech or what you're viewing on the net any1 who uses Google should realize tht google SAVES every thing you search for and archive it sooo yea every dirty thing you ever looked at they know ^-^..nice thought eh and it's based in China :o ..big bad China knows our secrets runnn…gosh ppl act as if being different from capitalism is bad if the ppl of the country agree to it let them deal with it cuz f they dont it'll be overthrown eventually -.-…not every1 is out to get America..wait…no I'm wrong..even your "allies" want to destroy you :S..which is kinda sad when you look at it o.o'..Like a smart man said b4 you form an opinion let the thoughts and ideas swirl around in your mind b4 you make a dumb assessment on sumfin and make yourself look silly>.>..anywayz I'm sure in US great wisdom tht bill will be kicked out so fast Lieber's head will spin straight into his ass so chill US ppl you're still on top…for now ^^

  25. 225

    To those who think this is all Joe Lieberman's idea, you are wrong.Obamanation will be the one who says OK pull the switch!!!

  26. 226

    Seriously?! This can NOT happen! No one should have THAT MUCH power! The internet is a free world. No one person should be allowed to decide over it. Effin big brother ideas!

  27. 227

    and people wanted him to be president…what a joke.

  28. 228

    Would the kill-switch be temporary or would it be permanent.

    But there are people who DO need the Interent.
    Like they truly, and really need the Interent.

  29. 229

    Most of you need to take a Klonopin and start, you know, READING. One, the "kill switch" is the result of a BILL that Joe Lieberman is trying to pass. If you do not understand what a bill is, look into Schoolhouse Rock- you know, the little movies they show to children to get them to understand simple, key concepts. And I heavily doubt that on the off, OFF chance this get passed, it will allow Obama to hold absolute power–at the most, it will allow him to shit down internet connections in times of extreme (read: wartime) strife. Calm down.

  30. 230

    Re: mustbenargles

    YOU are an idiot!!

  31. 231

    Re: boiledchimp

    Seriously. Are you dumb?

  32. 232

    Re: JRodFilms


  33. 233

    Obama rocks!! Learn your history kids of SFTU. Thanks.

  34. 234

    Re: gwsgr168

    Can you chew bubblegum and walk at the same time? Duh?

  35. 235

    That's what China is doing to there people. That is totally against everything that America stands for

  36. 236

    Why would this ever be necessary or a good idea?? It would cause mass hysteria.

  37. 237

    What is wrong with all you people? The purpose of this act isn't to edit or censor the content of internet pages. It's a measure to stop terrorists from flooding the internet with viruses to corrupt banking records (meaning, YOUR checking accounts), investment and stock trading sites, in addition to hacking into companies key to national defense. It would take a threat of major castastrophy for the government to "pull the plug" on the internet. How anyone confuse this with "big brother" trying to censor internet sites? Get a clue you dummies

  38. 238

    Re: Malfinnien – Right. Because Obama would have the ability to shut down the entire internet, worldwide.

  39. 239

    Re: Isabel5Justice – Who the hell else were they supposed to vote for??? McCain??? Either way - there really was no option. And it doesn't matter who the person is, he doesn't make the agenda. He's just the figurehead. People blame him because he's the "face" of the country, but it's all the guys in the background (the guys who never change, and who we know nothing about) who make the decisions. This has all been planned for years.

  40. 240

    This is just another way to stop the spread of information. The illuminati own nearly all radio/tv stations, so now they need permission to go in and shut down the internet (they don't really NEED permission, they'll do what they want anyways). When the news starts to spread that the concentration camps are opening and people are being mass murdered, they want to make sure that information can't get out to the rest of the world and cause an uprising.

  41. 241

    Idiots, America thinks they can control everything!

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