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Lady Gaga Gives It Up For The Yankees!

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Lady Gaga was looking delicious wearing nothing but a black lacy bra, panties, and a Yankees jersey at the Yankees vs. Mets baseball game on Friday.

Before the game, she Tweeted:

"I just kicked my ass in the gym, time to wash it down with an ice cold NY beer."


[Image via Getty Images.]

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304 comments to “Lady Gaga Gives It Up For The Yankees!”

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  1. 1

    completely unattractive.

  2. 2

    I love her but please tell her to put some clothes on :)

  3. 3

    god she is a fuckin loser, going to baseball games dressed like a fuckin douche, she dresses like you.

  4. 4

    jeez i love gaga but shes in ppublic she could put some clothes on… u no kiddies around

  5. 5

    Don't get me wrong, I love Gaga, but what the hell is she doing out in public with her bra and underwear showing? I know she likes to be different and all, but come on Gaga. If this were anyone else, Perez would be calling them a slut and making fun of them.

  6. 6

    She really tries sooo hard to get noticed, doesn't she?

    Where as Katy Perry doesn't have to.

  7. 7

    really..what an example for youth today..NOT

  8. 8

    how is this celebrity news? If it was anyone else, there wouldn't be a post about it. And she needs to put clothes on.

  9. 9

    its ok she showed her bra at a yankees game? buuuttt its bad when lindsay shows her panties at a night club??? doesnt make sense. perez just admit you would suck her cock no matter what she does, i mean, its obvious she can do no wrong in your eyes.

  10. 10

    thank God shes taking a break i love gaga!! anyways check out my music at www.myspace.com/ozonnamusic xoxox

  11. 11


  12. 12

    I agree she looks pretty rediculous in her undies at a sports game. At least put on a mini skirt. You aren't at the beach or pool my dear.

  13. tasha says – reply to this


    There's nothing HAWT about not wearing clothes in a public place during the day. She just looks stupid and inappropriate.

  14. 14



    I'm a gay guy and as such, can call myself a fan of her. But I have to admit that as of late, all this bra & panties sh*t at baseball games is just a bit too much. It screams, "look at me! look at me!". I have ONE thing to say: UGH!!




  15. 15

    Lady Gaga half naked in Pubic according to Perez "Hawt!"

    Anyone other female half naked in Public according to Perez "Slut!"

    I used to like Lady Gaga, until Perez felt the need to shove her image down everyone's throat.

  16. 16

    i adore gaga but there's a difference between performing and watching a baseball game with children around. maybe she'd be more shocking on stage if she covered up in public.

  17. 17

    how is this allowed?

  18. 18

    Um, I think this was about a week or two ago and they made her go up to Jerry Seinfeld's unoccupied private box and he was kind of none too happy about it, but gracious. So, this is REALLY old "news" all the way around.

  19. 19


  20. 20


  21. 21

    raunchy attention whore livin it up haha. sorry but she totally resembles madonna circa 1990. lady gag-me is a total wannabe that has to copy other whores and stars. nothing new and original here.

  22. 22

    I think you mean disgusting…

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Could she be any uglier? No wonder she's always wearing heinous costumes- to distract from her face.

  25. 25

    If I tried to go through security to get into a Yankees game, and I was only wearing underwear, they wouldn't let me in.

  26. 26

    so sad that people get sucked into her. she's a fad. she will fade away. take away the weirdo outfits and she's nothing special. if you are out in public, put some fucking clothes on. that she was even allowed to enter the park is ridiculous.

  27. 27

    this is a good example of why christina DOES NOT copy gaga. gaga has no class or self respect whatsoever. just a tramp.

  28. 28

    I'm sure New Yorkers love it when Stephani shows up to Yanks' games in a bra and flips off the fans. When Gaga says she kicked her ass at the gym, isn't that code for snorting shit up her nose? Gaga is so skinny that she makes Angelina Jolie look like Perez.

  29. 29

    She is d list singer at best, the only way she grabs attention is her outlandish er clothes or lack there of; sounds like every other top 40 flash in the pan out there. She just needs to GO TO SLEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30

    I LOVE GAGA BUT! hmmm… she is hawt but if someone else does that is a skank…. DOUBLESTANDARDS!! ake up your mind fat ass

  31. 31

    I love her music…. But she needs to put some freaking clothes on! And Perez needs to stop saying that it's ok for her to be dressed like this! It's not hot at all! If it was Lindsay or Micha or anybody else he will be freaking hating on them! I hate his double standards!!!!!

  32. 32

    I hate this woman.
    when you see her in the normal world, you realize how completely retarded she really is.

  33. 33

    God is she desperate for attention.

  34. 34

    oh now I wish this show off would just go away

  35. 35

    Left breast exposed black glAsses- blatant illuminati symbols

  36. 36

    What a cheap skank!

  37. 37


  38. 38

    What the fuck is wrong with this woman? That's not being "unique", it's being trashy. Thinking you're so edgy when you're just in a bra, underwear and a jersey.

  39. 39

    not a gentlemans club..

  40. 40


  41. 41

    Looks like a cheap whore. She makes Miley look saintly and proper.

  42. 42

    Why do they even let her in dressed like this?

  43. 43

    i believe you made a mistake. you said "hawt" instead of "whore." and she's a mets fan. ew. they're terrible.

  44. 44

    i like her but that's just trashy.

  45. 45

    i was beginning to wonder where all the people were that like to drink beer and go the a mets game, now i know!! come on, is she the only one that can be shown enjoying a game and a beer? she only goes for the publicity and to make an azz out of herself, her 15 are almost up. and what no complimentary skybox? jeez………….

  46. 46

    perez, you are such a f-ing HYPOCRITE!!! You go on and on about Miley bein a slut for wering belly tops ON STAGE but this, this you approve? seriously?
    Sort your life out.

  47. 47

    U're a little late, Perez. By the way, she looks LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  48. 48

    She is never appropriate. There are children there, you know, young children who are told to wear clothes when they go outside. We all know Lady Gag Gag is a whore, she does not need to remind us of it daily.

  49. 49

    I've had her cd almost as soon as it came out. But lately I've been obsessed with,'Dance in The Dark'. I usually skipped it because the beginning was weird lol, but I really like it. I wanted her to do a video for Teeth next, but I think I prefer this.

  50. 50

    Are you kidding me? Isnt that public indecency or something?

  51. 51

    Ahhhhhh get the Yankees off your body! They probably lost that night because she was a JINX. I love my boys, don't make them look like this ugly bitch!

  52. 52

    Re: Betty79 – Yes!!!!!!!! you said it perfectly betty! thank all of you, this broad needs to go away, far far away. everyones right those costumes are to distract from the fact she cant sing.

  53. YUCK says – reply to this


    Can we say l o s e r! Omg she's better off being mysterious. She's so fucking ugly!

  54. Bytch says – reply to this


    She's such a poser. What happened to the girl with brown hair a few years ago that wore normal clothes? Oh wait…this is the "Real" her??

  55. 55

    She is honestly a turn off.

  56. 56

    disgusting and completely unflattering did she REALLY have to dress like that at a ball game-americas pastime-were tons of parents take there kids?
    i question society why was she even let in? lets face it she lives for other peoples attention and is a whore

  57. 57

    that is NOT appropriate!

  58. 58

    Skank. She is disgusting. What a horrible example she sets for all the young girls that adore her. She is the next one that is going to end up locked up like Britnay. She is out of her mind. And yeah..she should have been arrested or at least kicked out of the park of dressing like that. If it was anyone else, they would have been.

  59. 59

    she's like Madonna but much much uglier

  60. 60

    God, she is one ugly human being… And gurrrl, stop stealin' from M!


  61. 61

    dirty, slut, man/women?, gross, slimy, std's, sti's, ugly, manish, whorish,

    shall i go on?

  62. 62

    gurl, put on some clothes!

  63. 63

    i like a couple of her videos but i am getting SOOO sick of her.

    Agree with meadjl…take away the odd outfits and childish behavior and she has nothing to offer. I do however, give her credit as a talented actress. Let's face it..she's been able to convince some people to label her bratty behavior and crappy songwriting as "edgy and original". What is it with female "singers" thinking they are original and merely expressing their sexual confidence by parading around half naked. What qualifies as original these days is keeping your clothes on and expressing your talent with ACTUAL talent!! Especially Xtina. Although I hate her new album…she and Beyonce don't need to lower themselves to the level of Gaga, Britney and Rihanna because Xtina and Beyonce can actually SING.

  64. 64

    ewww at least she put a shirt over this time

  65. Fabu says – reply to this


    wow… she looks like a total skank… unbelievable…

  66. 66

    she looks awful

  67. kikik says – reply to this


    like a true prostitute

  68. 68

    She's gross to me. There are also families with kids at those games. No respect…dayum shame!

  69. 69

    She is gross. I'm suprised she didn't just show up naked and show everyone her dick

  70. 70

    It looks like she had a wonderful time. Good for her, it's about time she did something fun. And she looks great!

  71. 71

    She needs to take a bath and put some clothes on.

  72. 72

    Completely tasteless and inappropriate. You want to do this crap at your concerts, fine. But this is a public event where parents bring children. Where are the cops and why is she allowed to get away with indecent exposure? I don't mean to sound like a prude, but this is just way over the line. Enough with the shock value lady, we get it, you don't care and that's why I don't like you.

  73. 73

    P.R. STUNT to make you think she is unilateral and edgy to the dumbed down. sorry it didn't work on me.

  74. 74

    seriously you attention hogging whore….

  75. 75

    I like her but, the combination of yellow hair, pale skin and harsh make up look horrid on her.

  76. 76

    perez if that was britney ,miley or xtina u would call them a slut and make fun of them.ur are and will always be a hypocrite!and there is nothing hot about her or her outfits she is ugly plain and simple.gaga dont need to work out she needs some food IMMEDIATELY if she gets any more skinny she going to fall through her asshole.

  77. antom says – reply to this



  78. antom says – reply to this



  79. antom says – reply to this



  80. antom says – reply to this



  81. 81

    I have to say Mario, you've truly made it when you can just pick people out of a crowd, build them up into mega-stardom, only to see them fall flat on their face. I know Stephanie is trying her hardest to be the exception, when in actuality she's just like every other aspiring "artist" out there, whoring themselves out for a buck. Plus she's all studio :\

  82. 82


  83. 83

    i LOVE GAGA but seriously,

    those glasses,


  84. 84

    Shes a loser like perez hilton, No wonder WILL AIM slapped him

  85. 85

    i find it funny that if this was kristen stewart, or someone else you tend to not like, you would be commenting on how trashy it is to dress like this. you are a hypocrite.

  86. 86

    and who the fuck are the yankees anyway. Brooklyn represent!

  87. antom says – reply to this



  88. antom says – reply to this



  89. antom says – reply to this



  90. 90

    PS - you're really late and she got booed hard, so it wasn't anything fabulous lol

  91. 91


  92. 92

    isn't it considered indicent exposure to be this undressed in public? this woman is a total slut. i don't understand why Perez trashes others but congratulates her trash antics. pathetic.

  93. 93

    Hmm by the looks of it,when she stands up that Jersey is mid thigh. When she's sitting down its obviously going to ride up. Mid-thigh isn't bad. It's the length of most shorts. The only thing that is quite revealing is her bra. Quite frankly,I see nothing wrong with it. I like it. It's who she is. And as far as the brown haired "normal" clothed GaGa from a few years back? Um does anybody here dress exactly the way they did a few years ago? I know I don't. My wardrobe has been reinvented more times than I can count. If I all of a sudden had millions of dollars,you can bet I would have a much edgier style to rival the likes of Chanel,Jeremy Scott, and Alexander McQueen to name a few. Why the heck would I want to look like most of the population!? Ugh. Idk, I see nothing wrong with GaGa and her outfits. They are her and while she might have drawn inspiration from others before her(Madge?) she still makes them her.

  94. 94

    Hot? I think you mean hot MESS. That stupid outfit says "Look at me look at me! Do you guys see me? See I'm just like you guys, sitting here drinking a beer like a badass." Desperate, pathetic, talentless…just read her terrible lyrics. A 10 year old child could easily write something more profound and meaningful than the shit she comes up with. Please stop posting pictures of this disgusting disgrace to women.

  95. 95

    stupid fucking psycho bitch! You're desperation for attention makes me puke! You're fucking ugly, and why do you talk like you're brittish?! UR NOT! And you're such a poser…like you're SUCH A BEER LOVER….god…are you even from new york?! DO I CARE?! The only REASON YOU HAVE A CAREER IS CUZ OF YOUR SYNTHESIZER! U CANT EVEN SING….RETARD.

  96. 96

    and THIs is lady-like!?!?! You are SOOOO affected!

  97. 97

    Re: antom – dude… you are making all the Christina fans look stupid. Stop spamming the topic. Comment on it or leave it.

  98. 98

    Oh and it isn't the same for Cyrus and GaGa. GaGa debuted her career singing at clubs and then making POP/dance music which is played mostly where? Clubs and clubs are attended by? 18+ people. So who is her target audience and biggest fan base age group?…..

    Cyrus on the other hand got famous on what network?…. The Disney Channel. On what show? Hannah Montana. And what is Hannah Montanas target audience?…. pre-teens. And lastly,how old is this girl? Exactly. And thank you.

  99. 99

    Damn, next time I go do groceries I am going to wear my bathing suit. If this crazy beotch can do that so can I.

  100. 100

    Perez she is white trash. SO UNATTRACTIVE. Sorry kids that were at the game. She is a LOSER.

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