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Miley's Just Letting It All Hang Out!

| Filed under: CanadialandMiley Cyrus

She just really can't be tamed, y'all!

Watch Cyrus' performance of the title track off her new album, at Sunday night's MuchMusic Video Awards, above!


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213 comments to “Miley's Just Letting It All Hang Out!”

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  1. 201

    kinda just sounded like bad Karaoke she can perform but she needs some work

  2. 202

    she has completly gone insane
    she's like a lady gaga madonna mix

  3. 203

    Re: lalalahahaha

    What are you, one of her pre-pubescent fans?

    Miley is a terrible influence/role model for teenagers. I wouldn't dream of letting my children watch a girl like THAT, wearing clothing like THAT do anything.

    Remember Brittany Spears? She started out innocently. She was singing for Disney, for christ's sake. Then what happened? she slowly started wearing clothes that were more and more revealing. Next it was porn.

    Ms. Cyrus here is at the clothing part of that. Will I be surprised if she shows up in an issue of Maxim, or even Playboy, next year? Nope. Why? Cause she's headed down the road that seemingly all "popular" female teen singers end up on. That road is called corruption. Yup. Seen it before. Don't really care, it aint my life or career that's being thrown away. Could care less about a slutty teenage girl that can sing. I wasn't atrracted to sluts, or girls that wore clothes like those, when I was Mliley's age. I'm certainly not attracted to sluts now.

    "Miley Cyrus to pose for playboy after her birthday!"
    "Miley Cyrus, the teenage singing snesation, caught with marijuana!"
    "DUI: Miley Cyrus!"

    When she ends up another Lindsay Lohan, or another Olson, I'll be sitting here with a nod and a chuckle.

  4. 204

    You know she's not working for Disney anymore, and THAT'S why she's acting this way. Cuz as MANY of you know, when Disney hires a girl to work for them such as Miley here, the actress is suppose to ACT like a modeled-citzen, No provactive clothing, swearing, No gross dancing, you know…stuff like that!!Well now Miles doesn't WORK for Disney anymore, she JUST finished her LAST season of Hanna Montana and she's DONE with Disney, Now she's free to - do, say, wear, and ACT like SHE wants to.. I have a feeling were gona be seeing alot more of this kinda behavior from her, so brace yourselves…..

  5. 205

    I used to love miley but now she is dissapointing me. She has an amazing voice but this video does not show that… she is only 17 (not even an adult yet). she is going to be the next britney spears… this is how it always starts! her father doesnt even care about what she does, he has no control over her. next thing u know she will be pregnant or doing drugs. I wish somebody would just slap her across the face and change her into a normal teenage girl. She doesnt deserve a good guy like liam hemsworth. She doesnt understand that this sort of things makes her lose fans not gain them(except creepy pedophiles)! i do like her short hair but she needs to put on more clothing or atleast wear some underwear!

  6. 206

    shes just having fun and doing wut she does best..enteraining people

  7. 207

    Excuse me, JackieMichele..you should probably understand that Miley Cyrus is a skank. She is SO not appropriate for ANY age anymore. She sells SEX. And if you have a daughter you should know that this is a TEENAGER replying to you. Grow up and stop the "If you don't like don't look" crap. Because everyone knows we all look anyway. Thanks.

  8. 208

    Re: taegal77 – HAHAHA really? Entertaining people? More like making people hard.

  9. 209

    Re: StarAddict – I TOTALLY agree.

  10. 210

    Re: LadyM – Worked for them!? You clearly have no clue do you?

  11. 211

    i can sing that better than her with my Ipod in one ear and dancing much more than her. without getting breathy and rubish like her…
    she just has a record label as that is all disney do. create a singer but someone who sounds good on a record but shiz live… !

  12. 212

    I really like Miley Cyrus, I just feel she doesn't have her own way of doing things. First she went with whatever Disney Channel wanted now she's practically doing what all the other female singers are doing and copying Lady Gaga. I'm sorry Miley but you need your own look.

  13. 213


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