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Check out this sizzlin' performance of the Scissor Sisters' latest hit, Fire With Fire, live on the Jonathan Ross show (above)!

9 comments to “Fuego!”

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    Is Fuego Spanish for poo? If so, I agree.

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    Wish Ana had a bigger part in this song. not that i don't love Jake soooo much.

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    Great!! I love them! so glad they are back, I can´t wait to see them 5th of july in Amsterdam!!

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    ´fuego´ is a global word for ´jerkstore has no taste´ :)

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    WTF was that? It sucked!

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    Wake me when it's over .

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    "Filed under: Anglophilia> Scissor Sisters"

    It's unfortunate that this band is from New York City and they are branded as a UK act. While it's known that they are hugely successful across the pond, it's a shame they are not recognised on their home shores. Anywho, it's no surprise they don't do well. Americans hate good music. Sometimes I am ashamed.

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    I like them but what is up with the intense look on his face like he is on crack lol I like the song as long as I look down and not directly at him singing. Very nice voice though